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Adding to that I admit that I've messed up here. With Maya's tragedy being averted, Miya should be the 3rd Head of the clan but due to some poor planning I didn't foresaw this. Haha... Oh well, I will just roll with the default setup than to change it. Besides, it would be logical for Maya to have Tatsuya as her child due to both of them having MCAs with warped powers.

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Third, I will revised some of the characters abilities. I want to exploit the Abe lineage of Miya, Maya, and their children Tatsuya and Miyuki. I mean these people legitimately are mixed bloods through their ancestor Kuzunoha and I might want to pull an "Atavism of the Kitsune" thing similar to Yu Yu Hakusho in order to release those foxy ears on their heads. Who wouldn't want to see a kitsune Miyuki? Or a kitsune Maya or Miya?

Also starting this chapter, I will label Modern Magic under the Mystery of Code Cast seeing that MKnR's Modern Magic are somewhat similar to Code Cast. Ancient Magic will still be labeled as Magecraft.

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CHAPTER 8: ARC 1 -First Order- (Part 4)

At the Yotsuba Main Household, Yotsuba Maya's room were filled with silence. The last episode's revelation were somewhat mind-boggling, disturbing even. The occupants; Yotsuba Maya, Shiba Miya, Mugura Asumi, Hayama Tadanori, and Sakurai Honami, were perturbed about the fact of vampires' existence.

There were not the only ones startled about this information though.

The newcomers; Mashiba Shinsuke, Shiiba Hidetsugu, Kuroba Mitsugu, Shizuka Haruto, Shibata Osamu, and Tsukuba Touka, which were both heads of the Yotsuba's Branch Families were also affected by this revelation. Yesterday all of them were invited by Maya herself to discuss about the attacks made by Blanche members in Tokyo, mostly First High School. After their discussion, the Yotsuba Head showed them the black flash drive and its contents to her Branch Heads.

Most of them have mixed feelings.

Kuroba Mitsugu, Shibata Osamu, and Shizuka Haruto were a bit skeptic about it, Mashiba Shinsuke and Shiiba Hidetsugu were open about it, remembering how their fathers and grandfathers would tell them of a man they truly respect and fear at the same time, and Tsukuba Touka was perplexed on how the contents weighed on her.

Out all of the Branch Heads, the Head of the Tsukuba Branch Family was a bit more affected which to Maya, Miya, Asumi, and Honami had suspicions as to why.

Moreover, the doubts in the hearts of these newcomers and especially to those who previously watched the contents of the memory stick rose slightly when they heard Tatsuya saying how vampires were real.

"Not to be rude, Maya-sama but I find it hard to believe all of this." Mitsugu said as he waved his hand towards the television.

"So you're saying that my son is lying?"

Though somewhat calm, Yotsuba Maya was a bit annoyed. Though her son didn't actually told it himself, the action of him grasping his neck was a viable proof for Maya that her son had already been bitten by a vampire in the past. And she wasn't even there to prevent it.

And that's why she was irritated.

"You already saw Tatsuya's actions in the video right, Mitsugu?" Mashiba Shinsuke spoke in behalf of Maya. "And that giant thing back at the first episode... I don't know about you guys but I am inclining to believe that the things shown to us in this clips are real."

"I'm with Shinsuke in this one." Hidetsugu backed up, supporting the Mashiba Head's statement.

"Anyhow," Osamu spoke up. "Does anyone of you have any information with that black titan?" The Shibata Head still couldn't believe that the supposed father of her niece was the man responsible for obliterating Dahan.

He couldn't picture himself fighting that thing alone or toe-to-toe. If he by any chance, accept that what reel showed to them was real then it would mean that the father of most Candidate Generations of the Yotsuba is a monster or a god.

That thought alone is ridiculous!

Her sister Asumi responded with a shake of her head.

"Although we find something similar basing on the descriptions provided to us by the video."

If Asumi had to be honest, she was still bewildered by the fact that her daughter alongside Miya's and Honami's had brothers. From what she learned through the clip, it would appear that Hakuno-dono was in a sort of polygamous relationship... Or maybe the mothers of those male Kishinamis were on the same situation as her?

The same thought also occured to Sakurai Honami as she stood by her Mistress side. Though he had to wonder if, and only if, that the father of her child was indeed in a polygamous relationship, then how many wives does he have?

An image was then uploaded on the television screen by Hayama.

"Ravana?" Haruto raised his brow. "As in Ravana from the Ramayana?"

"Not 100% sure about it but it's the closest that we can get our hands on." The Shiba Head Family, Shiba Miya responded. Truthfully she was still a bit surprised about her nephew being the brains of Taurus Silver. As the CEO of the illustrous Four Leaves Technology, she knew that Taurus Silver was just a "nom de guerre" used by the company to described the collective work of two individuals.

She was proud of Tatsuya for being a genius in such a young age. While she know that her twin sister was also proud for her son, that boasting feeling was eclipsed by worry and uneasiness.

She can't blame her though. To learn that your son had been bitten by a blood-sucking creature would surely enveloped all parents, herself included, in anxiety.

"I'm still finding it hard to believe to be honest." The Kuroba Head crossed his arms.

"But if you think about it, something like that is bound to happen." Tsukuba Touka replied, earning some looks from her fellow Branch Heads. "I mean magic is already recognized around the world for 50 years now so who's to say that vampires or even that black giant who were supernatural in nature does not exist?"

The Kuroba Head wanted to retort but couldn't for a part of him was agreeing with Touka's words.

"Anyway, I'm eager to see the next episode." Touka said, her hand grasping her left shoulder in a tight grip. "And besides, I want to know if that man is..."

The Tsukuba Head wasn't aware that her simple gesture was noticed by the other females. They wanted to ask their female counterparts for some confirmation but in the meantime, they should watch first the next episode.


With Maya's words, the butler nodded and pressed the remote's play button.

EPISODE 4: ARC 1 -First Order- (Part 4)

Somewhere in Metropolitan Tokyo, Midnight...

"Are we about to see Tatsuya in action?" Shinsuke asked while looking at Mitsugu as the site of metropolitan Tokyo came to light.

Mitsugu just shrugged in response. However he was eager to see Tatsuya's combat prowess after 12 years. He was there when his father personally trained Tatsuya at an early age and now he wanted to see how the lad improved.

"Haa... Haa..."

A female in her late teens breathe heavily as she scampered in haste through the hallways of an abandoned building. Her semi-long dark brown hair done in ponytail swayed in each hastened step she take. Her Course 2 First High School uniform were dirtied, torn, and tattered, showing much of her exquisite skin that was now riddled with bruises. Her right hand was grasping on her bloody neck, applying pressure against the aching wounds to mitigate the pain while her left hand clutching a shinai that she used often during her Kendo activities.

As the face of the girl came to view, most of the viewers couldn't help but widened her eyes. To them, the overall appearance of the girl can be mistaken as if she was harassed or abused. Not to mention that they recognized the teen especially Kuroba Mitsugu.

Looking at the female teen, the women couldn't help but to symphatize at her condition.

"Was she..." Asumi trailed off, unable to finish the words that was in her throat.

"We aren't sure Sister." Osamu replied to his sister. "But if we look closely at her neck, we could only speculate what happened to her."

"Vampires.." Most of them thought.

Her bluish eyes, albeit its portrayal of shakiness and desperation, radiated the will to push onward despite the bloody state she was in. When her orbs registered a staircase not far away from her, it glimmered with hope and due to her instinct to survive, her body moved on its own.

"I need...to get out of here..."

The viewers wondered why such girl was in that kind of place at that time as they watched the girl struggling to climb up the stairs.

This girl was Mibu Sayaka.

Daughter of Chief of Foreign Affairs Mibu Yuuzou and a sophomore of the prestigious First High School. As for why she was in this kind of place in this particular time, it had to do with the beliefs she was fighting for and also being abducted against her will.

"So she was kidnapped? By whom?"

"That is something I want to find out too, Haruto." Hidetsugu replied as his eyes went back to the screen.


Hearing the voice calling the teen Mibu's name sent some shivers to Honami's spine. Their was some sort of eerieness to it. Something dark and malevolent.

The playful tone of a male voice echoed throughout the entire building that it brought some shiver and fear to her core. She forced her battered frame to move quickly as possible along the rugged stairs. Once she was on the rooftop, the kendo practitioner immediately scanned her surroundings for any escape route but there was none. Realizing that she was already trapped, Sayaka faced towards the door she exited with her shinai aiming at the particular silhouette that was already standing at that place.

"It looks like she resorts to fight."

"Though I had to wonder if she has the capability to do so."

"What do you mean, Mitsugu?"

"In my line of work Miya, I collect information of valuable people including her since she is the daughter of Chief Mibu Yuuzou. And from what I have gathered, the girl is highly skilled in swordsmanship and won several kendo championships." The Kuroba Head paused a bit before continuing, "Though I can't say the same for her magical ability."

"That's bad." Maya commented. "While having such sword skills are amazing, it won't do any good against an opponent that isn't human."

The others couldn't help themselves but to agree with the Yotsuba Head. They heard of stories how magicians of the old era fought face to face with demons and every evil creatures in the past. They had to wonder if such creatures are still present, are the magicians of the modern age have what it takes to face them?

Most of them couldn't give a solid answer to that.

As the face of the man came to light, Sayaka had to distance herself away as far as possible though she had to halt when she realized she was already standing on the edge of the building. She winced with a growl as a sensation of pain engulfed her entire body, as if it was burning inside.

"What will be your answer Mibu-san?" The man said with a sneer as his demonic eyes watched the female teen grunting in pain. "Would you live as a vampire or die as a human?"

Seeing the man who by his appearance alone was somewhat vampiric, the magicians of the Yotsuba Family tensed up mostly when they saw those red eyes of his. Miya and Maya, who was eyeing the vampire intently could feel their body shaking as their heart beat faster.

It wasn't out of fear but something else that they can't explain.

Clenching her teeth, Sayaka made her decision.

She jumped off the building.

"She chose to commit suicide."

"Well I would do the same thing." Shinsuke replied to Touka. "I want to die as a human than becoming a blood-sucking monster."

As she falls to the ground, Mibu Sayaka closed her eyes as tears of regret, anger, and fear made themselves known. All she wanted was to demolish the discrimination between Blooms and Weeds, that's why she agreed to attend a joined meeting between the Alliance and Egalites sponsored by the Egalites themselves.

Most of the adults knew such kind of situation well, in every Magic School across Japan. They also have knowledge that Egalites was a subsidiary of Blanche, mostly operated by young members of the society.

But she wasn't expecting...this.


Blood sucking creatures from myth and fairy tales, and the Egalites were full of them. There real, so real that her still bleeding neck was the proof of their existence.

"You're not the only one, Mibu-ojousama." Hayama whispered softly as if he was sympathizing with the girl.

Images of her parents and friends resurfaced in her mind as she awaits her demise. Then as the ground was already a few meters away from her, an image of a male teen appeared at the last second in her thoughts whom she has feelings for.

"I love you, Senpai..."

When Tatsuya's face was shown, Hidetsugu couldn't help himself but whistle.

"Who would've thought that Maya-sama's son caught the heart of the Foreign Affairs Chief's beautiful daughter..."

"Well my son has his ways." Maya smiled slightly though she was concerned for the young Mibu approaching her death.

Though seeing how she was alive after the Blanche incursion against First High School, Miya knew that the girl was saved by someone.

And she just had a hunch who it was.

As she whispered those words, she felt a soft thud embracing her entire frame instead of an expecting a loud and hard landing. Wondering what was going on, Sayaka opened her weakly eyes. What she saw was a familiar visage of a man she recognized too well. The only difference is that the man was wearing an Indian silver earring on his right ear, his eyes were glowing blue with silver shimmerings around his irises, and a pair of fox ears protruding on his head.


As much as she wanted to stay awake, Mibu Sayaka's consciousness fade to black.

As the video clip ended, the viewers were stunned and unable to speak. All of them questioning one another on what they just saw.

"My Tatsuya...has fox ears...?" Maya said between bewilderment and disbelief, her jazzberry jam eyes blinking on the sorcery she had witness.