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Chapter 29


I was pleasantly surprised at how well the rest of the day had gone. Emmett and Rosalie were mildly amusing. My big oaf of a brother was obviously taken with the woman and while she wasn't my cup of tea, she had a sweetness to her that hadn't been immediately apparent. I was slightly fascinated by their ability to act as if they were the only two people in the room, even in a crowded restaurant. She clearly doted on him and they didn't seem to mind calling each other pet names, touching each other and even feeding each other in public. After my parents left the restaurant I was finally able to relax a little. I wanted to touch Isabella but my natural reserve kept us sat side by side, close but not touching.

I hadn't wanted my family to know about Isabella for a while, preferably she would have had a ring on her finger so that I could stop my mother trying to meddle. I could understand why Emmett was keeping Rosalie away from our mother; the poor girl would be eaten alive. Isabella, on the other hand, would hopefully be able to hold her own. I wasn't letting my mother get anywhere near her yet and I needed to address that situation as soon as possible.

Finally Isabella and the other two finished eating the pile of fat and grease they had ordered. Emmett and Rosalie decided to make the most of his day off and go to see a movie. I could tell Isabella wanted us to join them but I was sure Emmett would be happier without me there so I suggested to Isabella we do something else. She was torn and for a split second I nearly gave in and offered to go and see whatever Rosalie was gushing about. Although why anyone would want to waste a couple of hours watching animated dogs and cats run around was beyond me.

"Isabella and I have something planned I'm afraid." I caught Seth's eye and motioned for him to find a server and request the check.

"We do?" She looked at me questioningly, raising one eyebrow just a little.

"Yes we do." My tone was firm but bland."We do?" I'm not sure whether she saw something on my face or not but she took a second and then nodded. "We do apparently," she told Emmett with a cheeky grin.

"You really are fucked man," Emmett roared with laughter and leaned across the table, patting me hard on the shoulder. Despite Emmett's protests I paid for lunch. Rosalie's eyes widened when she saw the size of the tip that I left. I wasn't sure whether she just wasn't used to having money or, more uncomfortably, whether she had formed an opinion of me that made her surprised to see me treating the serving staff well. We said out goodbyes while Seth brought the Range Rover around to the front of the restaurant.

"Where to boss?" asked Seth as we got in to the back of the car.

Before I could answer Isabella answered him. ."Don't ask me,"

I looked at Isabella and she shrugged her shoulders, "you're the one who said we had plans." I could see Seth's smirk in the mirror.

"Home then Seth," I barked in my business tone.

"Which one?" he said

"Don't be fucking smart," I growled, "it doesn't suit you." What was it with these people and their smart ass comments?

We started to drive. I glanced at Isabella, wondering how we had managed to find ourselves sitting side by side again. I was aching to touch her. How would she react if I kissed her in front of Seth? I frowned to myself, thinking that Seth and the other guys knew too much about Isabella and I already. That thought led me to think about buying a new car that had a privacy screen and that in turn led me onto the prospect of a limo that could actually have enough room in the back so I could do all sorts of things to her. The thought of driving through town while she was sucking my... I shut the thought down quickly as I felt my pants tighten. The last thing I needed was to come in my suit pants while sat in the back seat of my car. What on earth was she doing to me? I should have been checking e-mails or scanning stock reports but all I wanted to do was find a way to spend more time with her.

"Whatever you're thinking about right at this moment," she whispered, in a low husky voice that held my attention more than a louder tone could have, "hold that thought, because when we get home I'm going to ride you so hard you will wonder how you will ever walk again." I could feel her breath caressing my ear lobe as she whispered against it. Her hand moved slowly up my thigh and innocently across my now rock hard length with the back of her hand. I don't think Seth noticed anything but I was hyper aware of her every movement and had to take a deep breath and hold it in. Thankfully we were only a few blocks from home.

The smile on her face was glorious, even a little smug. I knew she could see how affected by her I was. I was hoping she wasn't joking about riding me but her next words pointed to her doing just that.

"So," she said, in a more normal tone, "what do you have planned for us for the rest of the day?" She sank back into the seat, seemingly intuitively giving me space to calm down.

"Well we can go back to doing what we were doing before we went out? " I was certainly ready to go again and hopefully so was she.

"We could, have I unleashed a monster be any chance?" She smiled and leaned over, putting her hand on my thigh again. "Or you could take me to one of your clubs so I could have a look at some of your empire."

"Isabella," I snapped, suddenly angry at a single thought of work clouding this wonderful afternoon, "even I don't go to most of the places. I have managers and area managers for that. Plus, I'm certainly not taking you into those dives."

"I thought your places were classy?" I ignored her, letting the words hang between us. This was taking us squarely towards territory that I didn't want to be getting into, at least not until we were married. I reached over and grabbed her hand, trying silently to let her know that it wasn't her, it was me.

We sat in silence for the rest of the drive home, both of us seemingly deep in thought. Being a total dick I was thinking mainly about her riding me until I couldn't walk. Rather selfishly I hoped that my refusal to answer her question hadn't dampened her ardour. There were other thoughts in there as well, thoughts that surprised even me. Isabella in an apron, making apple pie, little Edwards running around the house, playing in the grounds, maybe even taking over from me like I had done from my father.

A quick nudge to my ribs bought me round and I quickly realised Seth was standing with my door open waiting for me to get out. How the hell had I missed the rest of the journey home?

"Will that be all for today Boss?" Seth asked.

I was undecided. I wanted Bella to stay the night but if she wanted to go back to her apartment I would need him later. I looked at Bella. "Will you stay here tonight with me?" Her responding smile was affirmative and as I turned to tell Seth he could go he was already getting back in the SUV.

"Call me if you need me Boss." He started the engine and tossed the words out the window as he put the car into gear. Did he know something that I didn't? I watched the vehicle start to pull away.

"Oh don't worry sweetheart," said Bella with a smile, "I'm sure you won't need any help from him. After all, you've coped admirably so far," She turned and walked into the entrance hall but all I could hear was Seth's raucous laughter as he sped off down the drive.

"You have spent far too much time with Emmett lately."I screamed after the vehicle.

"Edward get in here!" Bella must have hot footed it into the house.

I had to smile as I made my way through the entrance hall, trying to find her. "Where are you?" I shouted when I saw her jacket just past the bottom of the stairs. She had gone to either the den or my office. If she was in my office it was the only room not covered by the house security system. I needed some privacy in this fortress. I stopped and checked the den but it was empty so I opened the door to my office. There sat on my chair in just her panties, was the most beautiful vision I had ever seen. Her legs were extended and crossed at the ankles resting on my desk top. Her bottom, covered only in the briefest of lace scraps was pressed again the chair where I did my taxes and looked after business. I would never look at that worn soft brown leather in the same way again. I quickly stepped in and closed the door, locking it out of habit.

"You do know this is the only room in the house that doesn't have cameras, don't you?"

"Emmett told me when he gave me the tour," she replied smugly, "he told me how to stay in sight so the security team could track me if they needed to."

"Clever Emmett," I mused, "he does have his uses every now and again."


I was nervous for some reason. Why the hell did I let my mouth run away and say something so vulgar and suggestive? Truth be told I didn't even know if I could ride him until he couldn't walk. My thigh muscles weren't in bad shape. I did some running, yoga and Pilates but prolonged sexcercise, well that was another matter. The last bit of the journey after my comment was quiet and charged. I could see Seth trying to understand what had happened, his eyes flicking between me, Edward and the road. I looked at Edward and it was quite easy to see what he was thinking about. He had a sort of glazed weird blank smile and I don't think he even registered that his hips were moving slightly backwards and forwards. I thought for a moment that my question about his club was going to ruin his mood. My sense of relief when he reached out and grabbed my hand was palpable. Well it seems all systems are go. I'm sitting in his big brown leather chair with my feet on the desk in just my panties and by the look on his face he is up for this. A quick glance down to the important region and that is definitely up for it, ready for action.

After exchanging some pointless chat I untangled myself and he started to walk towards me. I got up and as I got to the corner of the desk I stopped him.

"Strip Edward," he looked at me, a little confused. "Now." Shit it felt good to say that!

He reached up and took off his tie, his jacket, his vest and finally his shirt. This man wears far too many clothes. He just literally dropped them in a pile at his feet and I had to stop the person inside of me that wanted to pick it all up and fold it carefully. Finally we got to the good stuff and he unzipped his pants, pulling off his shoes and socks all at the same time. They joined the pile and he stood before me in just his tight navy blue Armani boxers, the wet patch already visible where the pre cum was seeping through.

"You seem to have forgotten an item," I said as I trailed my fingers over the ever growing bulge nestled tightly in his boxers. I desperately wanted to sink to my knees and take him in my mouth but that could wait till later. I had a vision now of being sat on his lap and I needed to try and recreate it.

He just looked down at me, his eyebrows raised as he started at my panties, I knew what he was getting at so for the sake of getting things moving along I wasted no time in just hooking my thumbs in the waistband, pushing my panties down and stepping out of them.

"Fuck Isabella I don't think I'll ever get bored or even used to seeing you like that," his voice was neither low nor quiet.

"Shhh, do you want the security team rushing in here to save you again?" I said slapping his chest.

He was still staring at me, you would have thought as he'd seen me in several different positions over the last day or so he might actually be used to the sight of my naked body but apparently not.

"Edward take off your underwear and go and sit in your chair." I was still touching him, soft gentle strokes as my fingertips made the hairs on his arms stand up and the goose bumps appear.

He did as he was told and I finally decided to look at the logistics of actually been able to ride him successfully in that position. I slid my first leg over his thigh and down under the arm of the chair so it was hanging down the side and my foot was on the ground. So far so well so I did the same movement again with the opposite leg and found myself sitting astride him as I'd planned. I loved the position I was in. I could feel his solid length beneath me and our chests were level, my nipples brushing against his soft chest hair. I leant forward to capture his lips, just a peck to start but I couldn't resist for long. Soon we were engrossed in a full out make out session, I had my hands in his hair as I pushed my tongue deep into his mouth.

"Ohhh, fuccccck, oooohhhh, shit."

"Problem Dear?" I said as I finally stopped to draw breath.

"No no problem," he said, in a strangled tone, "but can you sit still or I'm not going to last long enough to actually get inside you." His groan as I moved my hips proved he wasn't joking.

"I think the time has come to test your resolve," I murmured, "you have to start building up your stamina Edward. I wouldn't want to have to call you 'hair trigger Ed.'"

I went back in for another kiss but this time I made sure to rotate my hips in a figure eight. Slowly I moved hands from his hair and down his chest then started to gently tug on the hairs and brush my fingertips across his erect nipples.

"Shit I didn't realise my nipples could react like that," his words were soft and almost garbled. I'm sure I wasn't even supposed to hear them.

I raised myself slightly with the attention of finally sinking down on him but Edward had other ideas. My nipples were at the right height for him to latch on, and he did quickly, taking the whole of my nipple and most of the surrounding areole as well. I could feel his teeth as he teased my skin, his bite was hard, almost too hard but he soothed it with his tongue at the same time. I could feel the pull every time he sucked hard on me, the sensation racing from my nipple all the way to my clit and exploding like fireworks. I was having mini orgasms from his sucking and all I could do was try and force more of my breast into mouth.

"More, harder, fuck harder," I could feel my juices bubbling between my pussy lips, the smattering of pubic hair keeping it in place for the time being.

"Fuck Isabella, really," his eyes quested upwards, meeting mine, "could you take more?"

I moved, offering him my left nipple. It needed the same attention the right one had had. This time he really went to town and I knew I would have bite marks and bruises later on today. The more I moaned, the more it spurred him on. His lips were stretched as wide as they could go as he took more and more of my fleshy breast into his mouth. His teeth and tongue worked in tandem as my poor nipple grew more and more tender. Each flick of his tongue both soothed and excited me, while each nip and painful bite pushed me nearer and nearer an incredible orgasm.

"Have you ever come just from breast stimulation Isabella?"

I didn't have time to answer before he was back tormenting my right nipple. The pain was becoming unbearable but the orgasm that was building was going to be incredible.

"I need to come!" I screamed as I tried to pull away from him. His teeth stopped me moving too far as he clamped down on grossly enlarged and swollen nipple.

He lifted me at the waist and manoeuvred me until I could feel his erection underneath me. As he pulled once more on my nipple he slammed me down on his length and I screamed. I screamed at being filled with his length, I screamed at the pain he'd inflicted on my poor nipples but most of all I screamed at the explosion that over took my body. My clit throbbed, my pussy walls clenched around him and juices poured out of me. I wanted to cry out, I wanted to curse but most of all I wanted to keep this feeling going on forever.

"Are you okay angel? Did I go too far?" His voice was calm as he stroked my hair. I raised my head and looked straight into his eyes and for the first time I had an understanding of the real Edward Cullen, the one that had been kept at bay for the last few years.

"No it wasn't too much it was incredible." I kissed him gently on his lips. I could feel he was still solid inside me, he hadn't come.

"Don't take this the wrong way but I'm surprised you haven't come yet." I didn't want to break the spell but it was different from the last few days.

"Let's just say that I'm finding my feet and already starting to trust you enough that I can let go and be myself, it's been a very long time since I've felt like that." He kissed me again, hard and deep as his tongue explored my mouth. "These last few days have been about us connecting and me getting back in touch with my own body never mind yours."

I pushed myself up on my toes and started to work his length. It was an amazing feeling, feeling him slip in and out me. I controlled it well, never actually allowing him to slip out of me altogether.

"Fucking hell, fuck, fucking hell, fuck, shit, so good, oh fuck, bastard, ahhhh," the stream of language coming from Edward could probably only be heard by dogs and satellites at the moment, he was trying so hard not to make too much noise but he didn't seem to have any control.

I started to move my hips in the shape of a figure eight and I interspersed that with pushing myself up and down every so often. I was getting incredible friction both inside and on my clit but I was concentrating so hard on what I was doing I was managing to keep my next orgasm under control.

"Edward Cullen I knew you would have a dirty mouth in the bedroom, I even wondered about it that first day in the penthouse, I just didn't know whether it would be the language or your words that would be filthy." I knew he was listening me, but I don't think he was able to put words into sentences, I could see the confusion on his face as he wondered what I meant. "Well, I wondered Edward whether you would just swear constantly like you have done so far or whether you would like to talk dirty to me." As I said that I felt his cock judder inside me.

"Oh so you like the idea of talking dirty to me do you or do you want me to talk dirty to you?" All the time I was talking my hips never missed a beat, my yoga and Pilates classes were finally paying off.

"Do you want me to describe to you how I can feel your beautiful solid cock rubbing against my pussy walls? How my juices are making me all wet and that I can feel them running down the inside of my pussy and they are collecting on you balls and round my assh..."

Before I could even finish describing what was happening he roared with the loudest noise I'd ever heard come out of a human being. I quickly smoothed his mouth with mine as plunged my tongue into his mouth I stepped up the pace of my rotations and let myself finally feel everything. I came soon after, still kissing him.


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