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"You think that little note will do?" Deckard asked, as Letty arched an eyebrow at him.

The piece of paper that she had stuck under Hobbs' windshield wiper said that she needed some time alone to deal with everything that had happened, and that she would therefore stay behind and not go with them to Russia.

Please bring him home were her last words, and that was all she had to offer. She really didn't have anything else to say to them nor did she want to talk to them face to face about any of this. She didn't want to explain to the team why she was suddenly leaving, let alone tell them about the boy she was doing it for.

"It will," she answered, as she boarded the small plane that would take them up in the air.

Letty knew that getting on Cipher's plane wasn't the difficult part, it was getting off. Deckard had a plan, but they had no idea what to expect. They didn't know how many people were really there, they didn't know what Cipher would do, and God, she didn't know what she would do, seeing her son again after all these years. Her emotions were already running wild.

As the cargo door was hacked open, they entered the plane, wearing their glider suits. The wings came off with just a little push of a button, but Letty had underestimated the speed with which they were flying so when she set foot on the ground she almost stumbled and fell. She took off her helmet and looked around, noticing that they were completely alone. Yet she was sure that the pilots had informed Cipher about the breach.

"Okay, let's go. These assholes aren't gonna kill themselves," Deckard said, as he positioned himself in front of the door. Letty nodded towards the security camera, which was definitely following their movements now, and he turned his head to look right into it. "Surprise!"

Deckard knew Cipher must be stunned to see him alive. After all, she had seen Dom shoot him. But she was probably even more surprised to see Letty there, which made it impossible for the Latina to hide the little smirk that was creeping up her face. She was so ready to kick that women's ass, to do more than that, actually. She was absolutely willing to put an end to that woman's life for everything she had done to her in these last few days—to her, to Dom and to their son.

"I'm gonna get to the pilot," Shaw told her, "He's got the second key. You find your son, and when you're at the door, give me signal."

"Give Cipher my regards," Letty rolled her eyes.

They began to move through the plane and took down everyone that came in their way. While Deckard tried to reach the cockpit, and threatened to shoot the pilots if they didn't comply with his orders, Letty looked for the place her son was being held—not a very hard thing to do if all she had to look for was the room that had the most guards in front of it. But she was surprised how easy they made it for her to take them out, completely underestimating her strength as a woman.

After the last one was down, Letty bent to get the key card out of his pocket and radioed Deckard. "Shaw?"

"In position."


They both slid the keycard through the reader at the same time, and the display shifted from red to green with a loud beep. Then the door opened.

"I'm in," she let him know. "Tell Dom I got the package."

So, this was it. If she was going to go in there she would have to face everything she had given up. She would have to look at the child she had given birth to, so many years ago, and try to keep herself together, because this was still a very dangerous situation and certainly no place for a long and heartfelt family reunion. But with every step she took, her heart seemed to beat right out of her chest.

When she spotted him, sitting on the floor, right next to the bed, she gasped. He turned to her, and Letty's eyes immediately filled with tears as she looked at her ten-year-old son for the first time. He was the perfect mix between her and Dom. In fact, he had a rather goofy-cute look to him: a round face with a prominent nose—definitely a Toretto nose—and curly brown hair. His brown eyes were as lively as his body was weak. He looked so small, so fragile, but he had such a strong demeanor at the same time, she could barely find words for it.

"Who are you?" he asked, his voice speaking of fear, and she got down on her knees and cautiously reached out her hands to hold him by the arms, to make him feel safe, not frightened.

"I'm Letty, I'm..." She checked him, making sure he was whole. He had a few bruises on his arms, but she was glad that nothing else seemed to be injured. "I'm Dom's wife." It still felt weird to say that out loud, but it instantly put a huge smile on her face. "And I'm gonna get you out of here."

"Where are we going?"

"Somewhere safe. Somewhere where no one can ever get their hands on you again. We're a team now, but as part of your team, I need to know your name. So, will you tell me your name?"

"It's Adan... My name is..." He paused, swallowing what seemed to be a lump in his throat. "Why didn't Dom come to save me? Is he... Is he okay?" he asked, worrying about the man he had already grown fond of.

Letty jumped to her feet, telling him, "Don't worry about Dom, Adan. Your father is pretty tough."

The second she realized what she had just said, Letty turned on her heel and looked at the young boy, who stared up at her through eyes that were so much like her own that it kicked her in the gut. Adan didn't look surprised, he looked shocked; his face strained, and it seemed to her that her son was not breathing.

Letty was holding her breath, too. She had been so alarmed the entire time, only focused on finding a way out that she hadn't thought about the words she'd been saying. Now she had told him the worst possible thing she could have—the truth.

"We gotta keep going, buddy. Dom wants you to be safe. C'mon," Letty said in the dual hope of recovering her balance and pulling herself out of the deep hole her loose tongue had dug. She gave him a pleading look and was glad to see him move—what she didn't expect was for him to throw himself against her.

As if a button had been pushed, Letty dropped to her knees with a sob and folded her arms around him. She folded her body over his like a human shield meant to protect him. Having her son stripped away from her had broken her, but now she had him back and no one was ever going to take him away from her again.

Tears blurred her vision of the boy as she smothered him with kisses all over his sweet face, as she breathed in the scent of him. If she could smell him, this had to be real, right?

She didn't want to let go of her son, but he didn't seem to want to let go of his mother either. His arms were tight around her neck, pulling her hair, and his body pressed into her ribs. Letty cradled him in her arms, battling back the resentment she felt for the time the people in his life had spent with her child that she hadn't.

She wanted to know every detail of the last ten years, wished she could at least ask someone about everything she'd missed in her son's life. It was so hard and painful having to realize that she didn't even know the most mundane things, like at what time her son usually went to bed or what he craved for breakfast.

"Are you really my mom?" Adan whispered into her shoulder.

"I am, baby... I'm your mama." She released herself from the hug and looked directly into his eyes, tears still running down her face.

Her son placed his fingers softly on her cheeks, his touch like satin, and Letty had to swallow hard. She had never imagined she would ever get to feel her beautiful boy touch her face—and with such gentleness, it reminded her of his father.

Thinking of Dom pierced her core so deeply that even more tears erupted over from her eyes. He should've talked to her, let her know that every bad thing he'd been doing was for the sake of their son. They could have been together now. But instead, it was just her. She was on her own, left with a job she wasn't even sure she could handle, because her emotions were a total mess.

Her son stared at her, cupping her face, as Letty stared back at him, shivering when his fingers stroked gently over her skin. Adan brushed away her tears with his thumbs and she couldn't help but smile.

She reached out and smoothed a strand of hair away from his eyes, still completely overwhelmed by the fact it was the face of her son she was looking at. Leaning forward, Letty kissed her son's forehead, closing her eyes.

"You're such a brave little boy," she said softly, sighing.

Adan flung his arms around her again., feeling a sense of comfort knowing the truth that she was his mother. "I'm scared," he whispered as tears rolled down his cheeks, his arms tightening their grip.

Letty rubbed his back, trying to calm him down. "I know. I know you are, but I promise nothing's gonna happen to you."

She was admittedly surprised how quickly the boy had adjusted to the fact that he had just met his birth mother, but figured it was due to the emotional situation he was in right now. Adan clung to her as if she had been in his life forever. It was like he had always known he belonged with her.

It felt strange and yet so amazing, Letty never wanted this moment to end. She had never gotten to be with him, not even on the day he was born, because she simply had been too afraid to fall in love with him and have her heart broken giving him up, and now she knew it had been the right thing not to get attached to him, because she was already head over heels in love.

If she had held that boy in her arms that day, like Dom had wanted her to, there would've been no way for her to be able to go through with the adoption, because her son was the most precious thing on earth, a gift of life which she finally—after ten long years—had received.

She still didn't know a thing about being a mom, but she promised herself to learn to be the best mother to that child that she could ever be. When she had gotten to know about him, she had wondered how she would feel if she saw her son for the first time, but she hadn't thought it was even possible to feel so much love for him after such a short moment.

She loved him with all of her heart, knowing nothing about him but his name and age, and Letty couldn't even imagine how much more she would love him if she learned what kind of person he was. She had to protect him, had to do anything to save him, because if she didn't make it out of this alive, she'd at least die in peace knowing he was safe and reunited with his father, the love of her life.