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The blaring of my brother's alarm cuts through the morning fog, jerking me awake. We share a room in our small house, and I crack my eyes open to see him stumbling out the door, leaving the alarm on. "Caleb," I mumble. "Turn off the alarm."

He pops his head back into the room. "You still need to wake up," he points out, ever selfless, but today it's just annoying. My family moved here to Chicago over the summer, and today is mine and my brother's first day at the large Faction High School. I had wanted to have a restful night's sleep on the first day of school; I had even gone to the trouble of laying out my clothes last night. But, apparently Caleb had other plans.

"I have my own alarm, you know," I grumble, but he's already gone. I swing my legs over the side of my bed, sighing and turning off his alarm. As I shuffle to the kitchen, trying to blink the sleep from my eyes, Caleb rushes past me several times, running back and forth down the hallway to find all his school supplies.

I sit down at the dining table after getting cereal, milk, and some orange juice from the kitchen. I stare sleepily at the juice, contemplating emptying the whole thing over my head to wake myself up faster. Before I can finish my musings, my mother and father come into the room, and sit down with me. "Early start?" my mother says questioningly. I grunt, which she takes as a yes. "Don't worry," she says. "Caleb won't be like this every day. It's just, the rush of the first day is getting to him." I grunt again, and take a bite of my cereal.

An hour later, I'm waiting for the bus with Caleb, who checks his bag every ten seconds to make sure he still has all his things with him. While less sleepy than I had been in the morning, I'm still almost falling asleep on my feet. My bag feels heavier and heavier on my shoulder every minute. Just as it starts slipping off, the bus pulls up, and I force myself to sling it back over my shoulder and walk onto the bus.

My brother immediately goes and sits beside our friend Susan, who we had met in a summer camp we had both attended. The only other empty seat is beside a dark-skinned girl with dark, curly hair, who seems to be falling asleep on the windowsill. When I sit down, a blond boy behind her pokes her shoulder, and she sits up with a jerk. "Huh? Wassgoin'.. We there? You're supposed to wake me up when we're there, Will!"

The boy, apparently named Will, gestures to me, and the girl's bleary eyes focus on me. "New?" she asks. I nod slightly, surprised by her openness. She holds her right hand out to me, her other hand rubbing the sleep from her eyes. "I'm Christina," she says, yawning.

"Bea.." My voice trails off, and I realize, I don't want to be known as Beatrice my whole life. I need something new, different, for this new place. "I'm Tris," I say firmly.

"Tris.." Christina repeats. "Nice to meet you. Welcome to Faction High." She moves her outstretched hand slightly, prompting me to shake it, and I hesitate. Back in Virginia, my brother and I had both been homeschooled, almost never leaving the house. Even when we did, we almost never spoke to anyone or shook anyone's hand. We would take hour-long classes with other homeschoolers, but we would always greet them by nodding our heads, never by shaking hands.

I focus back on Christina's outstretched hand, then take it, saying, "Nice to meet you too."

When we reach the school, Christina turns to me and asks, "What locker number d'you have?"

I pull a scrap of paper out of my pocket, where I had written everything I needed to know last night, and squint at it. "Uhh..274."

"Awesome, that's only three down from mine!" she says energetically. But then, she seems to remember something that instantly kills her cheery mood. "That's also the one right next to Peter's," she adds, in a much darker tone of voice than before.

"Who's Peter?" I ask apprehensively.

"Secondary Jackass of the school," she replies immediately. To answer my questioning look, she adds, "Eric's the Supreme Jackass, he's the assistant principal. They're both complete jerks, pretty sure Peter's going to work for Eric whenever he finishes school."

"Ah, ok."

She leans in slightly and speaks more quietly. "Don't look now, but there's a jackass reunion goin' on over there," angling her head to the side instead of pointing.

I glance over to see a tall guy with dark hair talking with a blond guy with way too many piercings to be healthy and several tattoos on his neck. They both seem high school age. "Sorry, which one's Eric?" I ask.

"Blond, piercings, tattoos."

"That guy's the assistant principal? Isn't he way too young?"

"Well, he finished high school when he was 15, and did all four years' worth of college in three years, so.. According to the principal, that's not too young."

We reach our lockers, and I start to put away my textbooks for the last three classes. Christina does the same, then she turns and asks, "What classes do you have first?"

"Umm.." I start, trying to remember. "Math, Honors History, AP English, Spanish."

"Awesome, so I've got Math and Spanish with you, and.. Shit, you've got English with Peter. Will's in it too, though, so that's good.." Her voice trails off, and she seems to be thinking about something. Thankfully, she didn't see me flinch at her use of the swear word. My parents never let us swear, or watch anything with curses, so I'm still unaccustomed to it. "Oh, and you're gonna eat with us at lunch, ok?" Christina adds, tearing me from my thoughts, a grin appearing on her face.

"Well.. who's 'us'?"

"Oh, it's just me, Will, Uriah, Zeke, probably Shauna and Lynn, definitely Marlene.. Oh, and.. Wait, no, he left."

"Hang on, who left?"

"Oh, just some friend of Zeke and Shauna, he was always mysterious and weird, never knew him that well. He graduated last year."

"Ok.." The bell rings, interrupting our conversation and leading Christina to grab my arm and drag me at a run to our math class.

Five minutes in, Christina passes me a scrap of paper with her phone number on it, and I pass mine back.

Maybe, just maybe, I've made a friend.

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