Chapter two! How exciting! Time to find out why -if the Daleks are supposed to be so smart- did the Daleks choose to use a toilet plunger as an arm? Ha! This isn't really about that, and I think it's more exciting! Come along Ponds!

Math and History pass surprisingly quickly, considering my past of spending nearly two hours on each a day. Just after Math ended, she showed me to my history classroom, and found Will, who was in both History and the upcoming AP English class, and who was, according to Christina, "the only thing that'll keep you from killing yourself after English with Peter." Needless to say, my worry only spiked after Will started nodding vigorously.

Will walks with me to AP English, and sits at the desk to my left. We talk together for a few minutes, with me telling him about homeschooling and him asking a seemingly infinite amount of questions, before the boy I recognize as Peter enters the room, looking over the other students with disdain before dumping his bag at the desk to my right. His eyes sweep up and down me, before he smirks, and turns to Will. "Fresh blood, eh? I like it," he says, his voice shockingly high-pitched for a guy's.

Will glares at Peter, who turns to me swiftly. "So what's your story? Just move here?"

Caught off guard, I nod mutely, and open my mouth to add that I was homeschooled when I see Will shaking his head at me out of the corner of my eye. He glances down at his phone, then back at me, giving me a significant look. I pull my phone out slowly, and see a text from Will, saying, "Don't give him fuel against you."

I give Will a quizzical look, and he types, "Later."

Peter shifts his gaze between us, his eyes narrowing. But before he can say anything, the teacher walks in and starts class.

I reunite with Christina outside the Spanish classroom. She's with a girl only a few inches taller than me, her blond hair kept short in a pixie cut. As we wait to enter the classroom, Christina says, "This is Lynn," gesturing to the girl at her side. When she sees Lynn looking at the other students, a bored expression on her face, Christine elbows her in the ribs, and, wincing, she looks at me, eyeing me up and down in a similar way to Peter. Unlike Peter, she gives me a nod, then holds out her hand to me.

"Name?" she asks abruptly.

"Uh, Tris," I answer, taking her hand awkwardly. I have got to get used to saying that name. And to shaking hands.

She nods slightly. "Tris. I dig it." With that, she turns away and continues her watching of the passing students, eyeing a few of the girls surreptitiously.

I turn to Christina. "Is she-"

"Always like that? Yep," Christina interrupts, misinterpreting my unfinished question. When she sees that she got the question wrong, she tries again. "Gay? None of us really know, she tends to keep to herself about pretty much everything."

I nod, though it's still not the correct question. "Okay.. But is she in Spanish?"

Christina's eyes widen. "Ohh.. No, she's in the 3rd period AP Spanish, but she stuck around so she could meet you before the rest." To answer my questioning glance, she adds, "She doesn't like meeting new people when there's others around, it's a quirk of hers."

I nod slowly, and before I know it, it's time to enter the classroom.

Like the rest, Spanish passes quickly, and Christina walks with me to lunch. She shows me to a table with three other people already sitting at it; Will, Lynn, and another girl I haven't met yet. She has long brown hair, and looks remarkably similar to Lynn. Will gestures over to her. "Tris, this is Shauna. Shauna, meet Tris."

Shauna glances up at me. "New kid?" I nod. Christina sits down next to Will, and I take a seat on her other side, appreciating the fact I don't have to sit with Caleb for lunch. Suddenly, a tall, dark-skinned guy runs across the cafeteria, sliding into a seat across from us.

"'Sup guys? Who's that?" he says energetically, pointing to me while facing Christina and Will.

"Um, this is Tris. Tris, meet Uriah," Christina says.

"And Zeke," Will adds, as another boy plops down next to Uriah.

"Hey bro, new kid, name's Tris," Uriah says quickly to Zeke.

He nods at me, then turns to Shauna, saying, "Hey, did you hear about Four?"

Shauna looks up. "No, what about him?"

"He's helping out Lauren in gym, to get extra money and such."

She smiles. "He definitely needs all he can get, now that he's living on his own. Remind me, why'd he move out of your place?"

As their conversation continues, I lean over to Christina. "Who's Four?"

She turns to me. "Oh, he's that weird friend of Zeke and Shauna I mentioned earlier. Him and Zeke met when Four was a sophomore and Zeke was a freshman. They became pretty much best friends, to the point where Four actually ended up living with Zeke's family for two years, until he turned eighteen."

"Why'd he have to move in with Zeke, couldn't he just stay with his family?" I ask, slightly confused.

"Family drama," Uriah said, butting in on our conversation. Christina looks at him oddly. "What, I had to live with the guy for two years, you think I didn't find out stuff about him?"

"No, I thought you told us all the stuff you found out about him. You never told us about family drama," Christina says, her eyes narrowing.

"Well, I just told you now, didn't I? If I'd told you before, Four woulda found out and killed me." When he sees the skeptical expression on my face, he adds, "Like, literally killed me, he's crazy strong, like you wouldn't believe. Anyway, now, I know he won't find out I said that unless one of you lets the beans outta the bag. So don't open the bag, okay?" he wraps up, his eyes shifting between me and Christina frantically. "Like seriously, I don't want to be killed in my sleep. He already knows where I live, he just needs to get in the house and slit my throat." Clearly, Uriah had put a lot of thought into how this 'Four' guy would be able to kill him if he spilled his secrets.

The bell rings, and Christina turns back to me. "What class d'you have next?"

"PE," I answer.

"Great, same. And I think Uriah and Lynn do too," she says.

"Hooray, you get to meet the guy himself!" Uriah says, a cheery grin on his face. All of a sudden, his face becomes deadly serious, all traces of a smile gone. "But remember, don't tell him I said 'family drama,' I don't want to be dead tomorrow."

Christina and I nod, and we leave for the gym together.

A/N So, this chapter was mainly the "meeting people" chapter, not much happened. I won't be going into extreme detail for the classes, because I actually don't know what high school classes are like.. In the next chapter, Four finally enters the story! It took him two whole chapters and 2,241 words, but he finally made it! (I'm being sarcastic, if you can't tell, that's a really short time) This is going to be a Fourtris story, so hooray for that!