Ruby kept slicing down endless amounts of grimm trying to find the rest of team RWBY after being separated by the mass amount of grimm that suddenly appeared from a red portal. Ruby kept running and slicing through grimm, that was until she swung her scythe at a heavily armored Beowulf which shattered the blade, said Beowulf swiped at her sending her a couple meters away from her now broken scythe and nearly knocking her out."Yang... Weiss... Anyone help me... please". Ruby coughed out trying to stay conscious. The grimm were closing in fast and all hope seemed lost for the huntress in training when suddenly the world around her began to shift and change colors and her wounds began to heal when the she finally noticed the shift in scenery she tried siting up but noticed the sounds of water and that the supposed ground she was on began to rock side to side."ugh...what happened?...Wha?".She noticed a cloaked figure was using a paddle and she finally figured out she was on a boat in the forest."Excuse me sir?Where am I and who are you?". The cloaked figure replied."There is no need to learn my name but if you must know then you may call me Deus we're almost there".

"Ok Deus but where are we going and how did I get here? ".Ruby was skeptical about this man since he never turned to look at her nor did he specify where she was going she was confused and scared wondering how the rest of team RWBY was doing and if they survived the horde of grimm; her thoughts where stopped when she felt the boat stop and noticed Deus stepping of the boat.

"I'm afraid this is as far as i can take you miss"

"wait what i don't know where I am an-".Ruby stopped mid sentence when she saw that under his cloak was a face wrapped in bandages."How was he steering the boat if he is basically blind stranded me in a forest!?".Ruby din't even notice when he tapped her on the shoulder until he shook her slightly."If you where wondering i am not blind I can see perfectly".

"H-how did you know what I was thinking and can you at least tell me where I am please!".The man just shook is head "...I'm sorry, anything close to the city is too dangerous. Surely,that shouldn't be a problem for a priestess like you".

"wait... what i'm not a priestess I'm a huntress in training and I need to get back to Vale to help my friends".Ruby was starting to get annoyed with the man as she went to reach for Crescent Rose forgetting it shattered and was sent away from her when the Beowulf attacked her but instead she pulled out a giant maple leaf the size of her face and then some."Fighting using a leaf must be difficult for a huntress like yourself eh?".Deus teased while chuckling to himself while Ruby pouted."hmph...I can handle just fine Deus, I'll have you know i drink milk". Deus began chuckling again and thought he could lift her spirits before he set off again."Heh ok? Well I have faith in your ability to seal the curse has spread to your land after all".Deus sighed and started again."While I don't know where this so called town if Vale is I can tell it is going through the same curse this place is going through I can see that you have many more questions but for now, maybe the best thing you can do is seek an audience with our Queen."Deus said before walking off to his boat leaving ruby to her own devices and millions of questions."Um...Thank you Deus for whatever you did to help I guess?I...I don't know but thank you anyways!".Ruby sighed flopping on to the ground not noticing the rose petals floating around her feet when she layed down."where even am I and why do i have a giant leaf for a weapon like seriously how am i going to get back home this doesn't look like any of the places i saw in the history books back at signal or beacon...UGHHH".Ruby huffed in defeat before standing back up again to begin walking deeper into the forest to find the queen and ask her how to get did she know that the queen has been long dead and a new one has taken reign mentally of course the queen has been taken over by darkness and is slowly spreading her evil to neighboring lands but ruby? ruby was taking a nice stroll through the forest currently listening to the serenity of the forest she's in.

"It's so nice here...though I wish the gang could see this Blake would've loved it here".

Ruby kept walking until she noticed a belllike plant and wondered what it was doing there since it was the only actual plant that grew bigger than the other's she's noticed."Hmmm maybe i could bring this and ask someone about it; maybe it could be useful but for now i'll call it a bellflower seems like a fitting name?".Ruby picked the Bellflower and put it in her skirt pocket and continued onward.

"Aww it's so cute".Ruby began walking towards a small purple creature not noticing the club in it's hands until it was too late and it swung at her barely missing her as she used her semblance to back away from the monster she sighed knowing she'd have to kill the cute monster so that they wouldn't kill her; she sidestepped the monster's attack grabbed her 'Leaf' and went to hit it noticing how the leaf grew in weight and size before hitting the monster and knocking it continued to sidestep it's attacks and hit it with her own before it was had continued this before reaching a broken bridge with spikes at the bottom and a crystal ball at the other side.

"OH COME ON! who does this?!Now how the heck am i going to get across".Ruby cried before remembering her semblance didn't work after a failed attempt with the cute monsters she called squish's in which she tried to use her semblance to go behind said monster only for it to bonk her knee with it's club. Remembering that moment only made her pout more until she noticed the crystal ball on the other side."Hmm seeing as i'm stuck here might as well play a game with myself lets see if i cna nail that ball over there heh".As she began to collect the rocks around her she noticed grey slabs on the ground where the spikes where as well but shrugged it off and began throwing rocks at the ball until her last rock nailed it and the ball began glowing blue and those slabs began to rise up creating platforms for to jump across."oh I should've known something like this would happen...well guess i should keep going".she began to jump from each platform making it to the other side and continued walking until she saw a wooden post with a bell rang the bell and suddenly she was encased in light and began to feel all her wounds being healed she also heard a voice in her head which at first startled her."Use the Bellflowers they help more than you think little one".and as soon as the light came it was gone and she wondered where the voice cam from and realized that it must've been from the bell because she noticed on the bell was an engraving saying.'though who ring thy bell shall be given the guidance they seek or may need'.after reading she made sure the bellflowers in her pocket where still good before walking deeper into the forest not knowing of the darkness that wanders in the deepest parts of the forest.