When Ruby and Askorn reached the front gates of Karst City it was night time and a blood red full moon was out. Sticking to his word Askorn parted ways with continued going down the path taking in her surroundings and nearly bumped into the belltower.

"well hopefully this place is much nicer than the forest and maybe i can get a guide to help me find my way around the city".Ruby was about to ring the bell when she heard footsteps behind her and turned around.

"You came from that imp infested forest...? heheh interesting...Oh where are my manners i'm Tina The Merchant it's a pleasure to meet you heheh...How can I help you miss...?".Tina bowed and set down her bag which was on her back and took out a few items, a seed a tear shaped item and a ring.

"um my name is Ruby and I was wondering if there would be someone to guide me around this place it's my first time here and all also i don't have any money on me...sorry".Ruby waited for the girl to reply but after a minute it looked like she wasn't going to get one,The girl began to pack her things then looked up at Ruby smiling then began to laugh at her.

"Oh...Oh man I haven't heard anything this funny Duquess Lupiar was here...".Tina sighed in relief and snickered when she noticed Ruby was pouting and continued talking.

"but seriously no one is going to give you a guide around the city because mostly everyone is dead but there is refuge in a church somewhere but maaaan your funny any who... watch your back in karst city you'll never know who'll take it".With that the girl walked off leaving a slightly scared and now paranoid Ruby behind.

"Thanks...For that".Ruby sighed and turned around to ring the bell and when she rang it she felt the same warmth that the light gave her once again make her confident she would find the voice came back and sounded different like it was mourning but still gave her cryptic advice as usual.

"Witches,Blood wolves,Blood Pyro's,The Witch of decay, None of them will be friend towards thy and shall be slain do not hesitate to kill them or they will take thy life first. Darkness lies ahead for thy be wary".

Ruby gulped and began walking towards the building nearest to her and stopped when she heard laughing but didn't know where it was coming from so she continued onward.

"This place is starting to creep me out more and more...".She stopped when she saw a red wolf thinking it was a dog she went up to pet it but it looked at her and growled. Ruby noticed that a red liquid obviously blood was dripping from it's moth but more importantly she noticed that the wolf was entirely made out of blood, Ruby drew her hand back and took out her maple leaf and swung at it hitting it in the face it faded away.

"Huh...one hit for the wolves to go away at least that's one thing that's easy".Ruby continued until she reached an iron door and a set of stairs, assuming the door was locked she went upstairs and she heard the laughing again and began running up the stairs until she nearly bumped into a person but it laughed and turned towards her and began to walk towards noticed this and charged at the thing which she assumed was a witch and hit her with her leaf knocking the supposed with back.

The "Witch" began waving something in the air before pointing at Ruby and a fireball flew towards her,Ruby's suspicions was right when she thought this thing was a witch she dodged the fireball and charged the witch again nailing the witch with her leaf and the witch slowly dissapeared. Ruby let out a sigh of relief then walked up the flight of stairs and saw a door at the top.

"That witch wasn't so bad now time for some fresh ai-".Ruby opened the door and stopped mid sentence when she noticed she was in a old timey house and wondered why i was there. Walking in to the house she heard someone crying and began walking towards whoever was crying but little did she know she was currently being followed .

Once she reached the next hallway she heard moaning behind her and she quickly turned around to see a blood monster with a scarf and a fire ball in his hand;and he hurled it at her,she dodged it before going in to attack but when she went to swipe at it with her leaf it teleported out of the range of the leaf and went to throw another fireball at teleport fireball cycle continued until Ruby cornered it and swiped at it killing it,She was sweating profusely but also noticed that the crying was louder than usual.

She began walking towards the source of the crying she noticed a women on the ground and seemed to be the source of crying,Ruby ran up to her but the girl didn't seem to notice her and just kept crying, Ruby bent down and patted the women on her back to try and make her feel better but she was still ignored but heard the women mumbling something.

""Make It Stop".The women's voice was shaky and still ignored Ruby even though Ruby was trying to comfort her and was patting her back.

"It'll be ok soon I promise i'll make sure to get rid of whatever darkness is here".Ruby was confident and she wanted to see the women smile but the women never looked up but she slightly nodded and kept crying and mumbling incoherent words.

Ruby stood up and continued down the hallway behind the crying women and was thinking to herself about what she was going to call her new weapon."Oh maybe i should call it hmm why is it so hard to name a leaf ugh".Ruby was stumped thinking about what to name her new weapon and failed to notice the giant trapdoor she was walking on until it was too late, The trapdoor opened and she fell through and down into who knows where.