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Eight-year-old Harry Potter ran through the woods late at night. To most, this would have been cause for concern but in the small town of Little Whinging, it was just that Potter boy and everyone knew he was trouble. The truth that he was just an innocent child never even crossed their minds. The howl of a wolf made the run even faster; his cousin had refused to let him in the car after a parent-teacher conference in which Dudley had been scolded for causing trouble in class. His aunt and uncle had been furious at Harry lying to the teacher to make himself seem better ignoring the fact that all the teacher had said about Harry was that he was a quiet child who stayed out of trouble.

They decided to take Dudley out for ice-cream to lament of their son's 'unfair treatment' he had been told to be home before them or they were locking him out of the house. The school was four miles away from the house and while this wasn't the first time he had been forced to walk home from school this was the first time it was this late. Making his normally bright and cheery path through the forest dark and scary. Not to mention he wouldn't put it past his cousin to leave without eating as much ice-cream as usual just to get home before him and get to lock him out of the house.

The wolf's howl reminded him of the stories the older kids told the younger students about how if you stayed out late enough the wolves in the forest would come and eat you. Now if Harry had been older he would have realized this was just the bigger kids messing with the younger ones but to his childish mind that howl meant the wolves were coming and against all odds it was right.

Harry used every trick he knew to try and outrun the wolves many of them worked on his cousin and the wolves couldn't be that much smarter than his cousin.

Suddenly a giant black shadow cut off his path. "Not bad child," the black shadow said, Harry felt the power in those words, yet it's presence reminded him of something long buried in his memory of infancy.

"Moony." He said without thinking and the creature looked surprised for a minute before it let loose a bellowing laugh that came out as more of a howl than anything else.

With it's head thrown back Harry could see it better in the moonlight it look kind of like a wolf that stood on two legs much like how werewolves looked on the Telly 'but' he thought looking up at the wolf. 'They never mentioned it being so big.' It was easily as tall as the garbage truck that came through town every week.

"I thought thou smelt familiar pup." The enormous wolf said looking at him closely. "I smell one of my blessed on thou and he has marked thee as pack." Harry didn't understand what most of that meant but knew that packs were like a wolf's family so maybe this one would let him go.

The wolf's next words dashed that hope. "Sadly my pack has already begun to hunt thou and I will not rob them of the hunt." Harry felt crushed and fear began to overwhelm him. "However if thou manages to survive the night than I shall give thine mine blessing I swear this on my divinity." Harry didn't know what that meant but it sounded like the creature was saying it he made it to tomorrow he would be left alone. Knowing that when you were being chased- or rather hunted in this case, any hesitation would get you caught.

He dashed through the wood like the hounds of hell were at his feet which it seems like they very well were. As the howls got closer Harry panicked before suddenly he felt like he was being squeezed through a straw and ended up in the clearing where he once saw an older boy hide a knife, saying he nicked it off a rich prick. Praying it was still there he threw over several rocks before he found the dagger it had a strange gleam to it looking nothing like the knife Uncle Vernon once showed Dudley. Seeing a shimmer of fur he prayed the wolf didn't notice him as he jumped out and slashed at the creature only to pale when he realized it wasn't any of the wolves that were chasing him but rather the big man like wolf from before.

The creature let out another laugh. "Thou hast courage, few dare to try and fight rather than run. Sadly I can not let such an attack upon mineself go unpunished, do not worry though I will ask mine sister Hel to grant thou a place in Valhalla challenging me has earn thou a warrior's death." Harry didn't consider that much of a reward. The wolf opened it's jaw and spoke once more. "But I must ask thine name child."

"H-harry Potter." he stuttered out nervously.

The wolf let out a huff of air. "My name ist Fenrir God of the hunt and king of wolves!" he said letting out a howl with that last word, which was returned in kind by the wolves around them. Harry looked around surprised when he noticed the other wolves had arrived, he didn't even notice them. Seeing his fear the self-proclaimed god spoke. "Do not worry pup they will not interfere in our battle." that wasn't what he was worried about. "Now begin!" Fenrir howled before charging the boy, Harry panicked and twist out of the way in an impossible maneuver.

The wolf laughed once more. "I see thine hast many tricks, good I would not want this bout to be boring." the wolf charged once more intent on killing and Harry brought up his knife to defend himself. Normally a god's divinity would have ignored this but there were several things unusual about this. One the dagger was silver, two the boy had magic of his own to defend himself and three he was under the blessing of another god or in this case goddess. The blood wards that protected the boy were meant to hide and protect, it was why the wolves didn't immediately find and kill him as they would have with any other mortal target. Now that they could no longer hide him they decided to protect channeling the full power of the protective wards in the knife it managed to pierce the gods divinity normally this would have still barely affected him even with the silver dagger, the wolf's hide was too thick for such a dagger to do anything but this was were the harry's insane natural luck came in. By a literal miracle, the dagger nicked a fatal artery on the wolf. Make what would otherwise be a harmless flesh wound a lethal strike.

The wolf stumbled and fell to the ground blood gushing out of its neck. Fenrir let out a gurgled laugh. "Thou hast surprised this god, it is not often one can claim to have beaten a god." the wolf seemed to take a deep breath before bellowing. "Let all beings know this young one hast defeated the great wolf Fenrir in combat! He has claimed dominion over all my blessed and has claimed the title as the Alpha! The King of Wolves." the call of the wolf seemed to echo for miles, then Fenrir turned to Harry now. "I look forward to a rematch, try to not be defeated before then."

Harry felt cold, exhausted, relieved but it was only after looking down did he realize that Fenrir had cut him, his entire shirt was blood red. With that Sherlock level observation he collapsed to the ground.

In a seeming endless void a female voice giggled. "The black art that Epimetheus and I left behind. The sacred birth of an illegitimate child shrouded in darkness, born of a fool and a witch. A secret right usurpation only possible through the sacrifice of a god. In short all the required conditions have been met and you will receive a gift from the heavens." the female voice laid a kiss upon Harry's head. "Well I guess another gift, I don't think I have ever had a child who used divine protection as a weapon. But then again only a fool would try to do so." She said with a clear tone of fondness.

He opened his eyes. "Who are you?" Harry asked looking up at what he now saw was a light purple haired girl, sitting over him.

"I am Pandora the all giving woman." The girl smiled. "I guess in a way I'm now your mother." Harry's eyes widened.

"Really?" he asked quietly, he never had a mother. The only memories had of his own was a flash of green light.

"Of course." she nodded cheerfully. "All Campione are my children and now that you have become a Campione that means you are my child." she said as she stroked his hair, Harry closed his eyes and leaned into the touch. It felt nice, soothing.

Suddenly the feeling began to fade and Harry looked around confused. "It's time to say goodbye my child." the woman said as she faded away.

"Mom!" Harry called out not wanting to leave her presence, the comfort of being near her.

Dumbledore had moved with speed that defied his age when the alert went out that the wards at Privet drive shattered, he nearly wept when he saw that a heretic god was there as well, Hogwarts just like many other magical institutions in the world had means of tracking heretic gods when they appeared in the mortal world No man could ever hope to beat a god, but against all odds the boy had won. As the god vanished Dumbledore saw the orb that monitored Harry's life force grid to a halt, Dumbledore was never a man to pray despite knowing that gods existed he never prayed but in that moment he prayed that Harry Potter met the requirements, that he achieved the impossible. His prayers had been answered the device began to spin at such speeds that it exploded from the sheer amount of power and life energy that Harry gave off.

Dumbledore would admit his first thought wasn't impossible or it's a miracle it was 'it seems love was not the power he knows not.' After that he quickly made his way down to the floo network heading straight to Arabella Figg's home.

As soon as he passed through, Arabella rushed towards him. "Oh thank God Dumbledore you're here." the woman sighed in relief, Dumbledore absentmindedly noted that the woman used muggle vernacular rather than wizarding. "There's some-some-something in the woods." she said much like how a squib could see a dementor they could also sense divinity, not that it was that difficult to do so, one would have to be the most ignorant stubborn magicless idiot to not sense it.

"it was a heretic god." Dumbledore told her. "Not to worry it has been dealt with."

"Dealt with?" Arabella questioned wondering if perhaps the rumor were true and maybe Dumbledore had gone senile. She may not be a witch but she was raised as one, the basic wizarding world way of dealing with a heretic god was get the hell out of dodge and don't look back. A battle between a Campione and god would have leveled the small forest and likely some of the town at least.

"There is a new Campione." Dumbledore simply said it took a moment for that to sink into Arabella's mind.

"Harry?" she asked Dumbledore nodded and the woman nodded letting out a soft 'oh' in surprise before she collapsed in a dead faint, Dumbledore caught her with a spell and placed her down on the couch before walking out the door and heading in the direction of the newest Campione, the seventh if he was correct there was that boy Doni Salvatore in Italy and the other one in America John Pluto Smith. They were gaining quite a few new Campione in these last two decades alone. There was also the one in France the Black Prince Alec But if he was correct that boy was being kept in line by Nicholas, the boy had for a while had quite the kleptomaniac streak, right up until he tried to steal the philosopher's stone. Nicholas had educated the young man on exactly why that despite the fact that people had known about the existence of the Philosopher's Stone for seven hundred years it had never once been stolen.

While it was true that no human could hope to match the raw power wielded by a Campione he knew power wasn't the only way to beat someone; besides most didn't even consider Nicholas to be human anymore, some even thought he was a Campione in hiding, saying that explained his immortality.

Dumbledore knew that rumor was false but he did see where it came from, several times over the years he had managed to either seal away a heretic god or hold it off long enough for a Campione to kill it. He had sealed away about eight gods and several divine beasts. Being one of the few people who could claim that the Marquis treated them with respect.

He arrived at the clearing and wasn't surprised to see the newest hime-miko of the Witengamot already at the clearing the girl had made a name for herself involving her second sight.

"Hello Albus." the girl greeted with a nod. "I assume that his majesty is a wizard; if you are here." she said pointing to the boy.

"Yes Harry Potter." the girl's eyes widened in surprise and she let out a chuckle that ended in a cough. Dumbledore looked at the girl sadly knowing what was happening to her, her power was too great and her body too weak to match.

"Wow no wonder he survived a killing curse, compared to killing a god that must have been child's play." Dumbledore nodded not in agreement but rather to just get the conversation moving.

Harry woke up with a start he was in a beautiful and ornate room. That most likely cost more than the entire Dursley household. Something that would no doubt make them green with envy.

"I'm glad you like the place." A feminine voice spoke from off to the side.

Harry turned his head and looked at the girl she was a beautiful young woman with long platinum blonde hair and green eyes. "Hi." he greeted shyly.

"How are you feeling?" she asked, Harry took a deep breath and noticed something strange.

"You're sick." he said.

The girl eyes widened slightly in surprise before she nodded. "Yes I have more power than I know what to do with." she said with a slight grin. "How did you know?" she asked looking at him with a strange gleam in her eyes.

"I smelt it." he said without thinking before he adopted a confused look. "How did I smell it?"

"It must be one of your authorities."

"Authorities?" Harry wondered aloud and the girl explained in detail about Campione, devil kings, heretic gods and magic in general.

"Well that would explain a bit." the girl raised an eyebrow and Harry shifted uncomfortably.

"Explain what?" she asked and he looked down embarrassed.

"Don't be mad." he muttered and she moved forward placing a single hand over his.

"I promise."

"I can smell you."

She let out a giggle. "Is that it?" she asked laughter dancing in her eyes. "I don't care that you think I'm smelly but it might be a wake-up call."

But the nervous look remained. "I mean I can smell you, you grew up in a house a lot of things in it were old and there was behind it a large forest and you often rode the ponies."

"That is an interesting ability Mr. Potter." a voice came from the door and with speed that surprised everyone in the room Harry was out of the bed and facing a man who looked kind of like how you would imagine Merlin to look. Longbeard, snow-white hair and the most colorful and strangest set of clothing he had ever seen. He was pretty sure his aunt and uncle's heads would have exploded if they saw him.

"That's quite an impressive show of speed Mr. Potter." the elderly man complemented, and it was just now what he was sunk in, he had moved fast than anything else he had ever seen, he wasn't wearing his glasses but his vision was a hundreds times better than before.

"Who are you?" Harry asked there was no heat in his voice but Dumbledore still felt a glimmer of fear, it was small but the amount of power the boy unconsciously let off reminded him greatly of the last time he met the Marquis. The oppressive presence, that knowledge that if he wanted to everyone in that room would be dead. "And why are you scared?" he seemed confused by that last observation wondering how he knew that.

"My name is Albus Dumbledore and I was merely reminded of a man I once knew." he said vaguely. "But that is not why I am here." Dumbledore took a seat next Harry. "What do you remember?" Harry explained that he was walking home, leaving out that he was forced to walk home because he didn't want his relatives to be angry at him. And that halfway home that Fenrir found him the hunt, running, finding the knife, accidentally attacking Fenrir fighting him and falling unconscious. He left out the part with Pandora he didn't want to share that with them, she was his mother not theirs.

"I see I assume Miss Louise explained what a Campione is?"

Harry nodded. "Am I really one of those?" He asked in slight awe and Dumbledore couldn't blame him the idea that just yesterday he was a normal boy and today he was a god killing king must of have been overwhelming.

"Yes the god you killed was known as Fenrir at least that was one of his names."

"What were his other names?" Harry asked.

"Well before I tell you that you must understand that many gods take new names become new gods to reinvent themselves but at their core they remain the same."

"Like Miss Welty from down the street?" Harry asked innocently. "Aunt Petunia said she may have gotten a facelift but she was still a hag." Miss Louise giggled and nodded.

"Yes exactly like that." she said and she and Dumbledore shared an amused look at the idea of a god getting a facelift.

"Well originally he was known as the white wolf, he came from northern Canada. A god who guided the people on how to hunt and heal, when the Vikings came with their religion he was absorbed into the religion becoming Fenrir the son of Loki, he is also known as Sirius the dog star. Supposedly he is the perfect hunter always blending in with his surroundings. In time he merged with Lycaon the father of werewolves."

"Wow." Harry said that was a lot of names. Then a thought occurred to him. "I don't have to go back to the Dursleys do I?" he asked fear returning to his voice.

"No, the protections granted to you by your mother were shattered against Fenrir."

"Pandora protected me?" he asked a smile sliding across his face as he remembered the motherly woman.

"No, your…" Dumbledore paused trying to think of the right word. "Birth mother, she used the power of Hestia the goddess of family. To give you extremely powerful protection so long as you remained with those who shared your blood."

Harry frowned and huffed. "Didn't do much good." he muttered angrily.

"It was not meant to protect you against a god but rather against a very bad man who tried to hurt you when you were a baby."

"Tried to hurt me?" Harry asked confused as the memory of a flash of green and woman's scream went through his mind.

"Yes, tell me harry have you ever wondered how you got that scar?" Dumbledore asked.

This is a rewrite of the first chapter and I am about three hundred words into the third. Harry won't have more than three authorities from Fenrir but they may be broad. But there will be a theme for his powers. So see if you can see it, it's not very subtle but you might not notice it until he gets a few more authorities. Also timeline of Campione

Around seven or six years ago john pluto smith

About four or three years ago Salvatore Doni

Three or two years ago the black prince alec

And this year Harry.