Greenwich assembly report on the newest Campione:

His majesty Harry Potter has quite the unusual relationship when it comes to his fellow Campione, rather ignore them as they normally do with each other. He seeks them out, but not for combat. It seems the young Campione sees his fellows as siblings as they are all children of Pandora. He has a fairly good relationship with almost all his fellows from what we have been able to observe.

Unsurprisingly the boy gets along very well with the Italian Campione Doni Salvatore who is well known to be a friendly if destructive individual. More surprising is his positive relationship with the Marquis Voban, we believe it may have to do with their similar natures as both have killed wolf gods. There are several records of when a divine beast appeared of the two of them 'hunting' it down for sport, in a competition the boy seemed to take it well when he lost. Acting much like how a normal child would when losing to an elder sibling disappointed but also accepting.

His majesty also seems to have the ability to turn into a wolf as well as a werewolf like form. As well as give complete control over the werewolf transformation to someone who has been 'blessed' with lycanthropy. As noted when he gave one Remus Lupin a childhood friend of the boy's parents the ability to transform at will.

The boy also has a notably wolf like mentality, calling the people closest to him pack rather than friends. Whether or not this is a mental side effect of his majesty power or merely an after effect of being raised by a werewolf is unknown.

His relationship with fellow Campione Black Prince Alec has proven to be quite hostile as he seeing the constant entering of his country without permission to hunt on his land as an insult. Saying that Britain is his and he will not be hunting in his land.

Harry's annoyance with Alec came from his relationship with the divine ancestor Guinevere and her protector Lancelot. Harry literally ran into them while hunting a deer, it was his way of relaxing, not worrying about anything but having fun stalking a prey till the time was just right then swooping down and finishing the job.

Harry looked at the deer that was drinking from the stream with a smirk he moved to strike only for the deer to look up moving it's head, meaning he was now headed for empty air. He tumbled through the underbrush till he crashed into someone he rolled to a stop and they fell to the ground.

"Owie!" they both muttered, the person got up and Harry saw it was girl about two or three years older than him, at least physically, his other senses told him she was a lot older.

"Campione!" An armor knight off to the side said drawing a weapon. "Get behind me my lady." the girl quickly moved behind the knight. "Have thee come to claim mine power?" the knight growled.

"Hmm?" Harry said tilting his head in confusion still lying down on his back. "No I was hunting a deer and I missed." he pouted stupid deer he nearly had it.

The knight's posture relaxed slightly barely but it was noticeable. "Than will you leave us?" the knight asked.

"Can we play?" Harry asked, he couldn't play with other kids his age they were too fragile and he might hurt them but she should be strong enough.

"Play?" the girl behind the knight said looking at him curiously. "You don't want to claim my knights authorities."

He shook his head getting up. "Nah I already have a bunch of cool powers so unless you can make Ice-cream I don't want it." he looked at suddenly. "Can you make Ice-cream?"

The knight spoke amused. "Sadly this knight can not make Ice-cream." the knight relaxed, this was clearly just a child even if he was a Campione. He cared more for having fun and playing around than fighting.

"So can you play?" He asked again and the knight considered it.

"Will you give an oath that you will not attack us while we… play?" the knight asked.

"Sure." he said quickly giving the oath which the knight returned, both were aware that their divinity would now make them keep their word. A divine version of the wizarding unbreakable vow.

As soon as the oath was given the boy launched himself at the knight. For a moment the knight was caught off guard believing he had somehow circumvented the oath and several time threw the boy back, the oath still holding the knight from truly fighting back. Did the boy have some kind of oathbreaker authority from Odin or the like.

Then she saw the grin adorning his face, "this is fun!" he exclaimed before launching himself at the knight again. Then the knight realized to the child this was playing around. Much like a wolf pups who often fought with each other as a form of playing it was the same for him. With a unseen smile the knight 'play' with the boy for several hours till nightfall.

He found the knight and it's charge several times after both by accident and on purpose, learning their names were Lancelot and Guinevere. He had been surprised to find out Lancelot was a woman, and the knight had been surprised when he mentioned, wondering how he could have known. True she didn't exactly have an authority that hide her true gender nor did she truly care if one did know, if her opponents were foolish enough to think that because she was a woman she was less of a threat they would join the long list of gods and Campione who had fallen to her.

He had told her his nose told him. After that Lancelot had shook her head and muttered something about beast gods always being a troublesome. Guinevere had explained it as in her past she had nearly been beaten by a beast god, who had managed to blend in with the surrounding forest and catch her unaware.

Eventually he had invited the pair to his house (mansion) for dinner. They had been reluctant to accept but he eventually managed to convince them by swearing they would be under his protection and thus anyone who attacked them attacked him.

"This are your friends?" Remus Lupin asked looking at the strange duo a woman in a full knight's regalia and girl who wouldn't be out of place in an ancient kingdom as it's princess.

"Yeah!" he nodded cheerfully. "This is Gwen and Lancelot!" of course he would make friends with britain's two greatest myths, if he didn't know Merlin was a Campione and dead he would have expect him to waltz in as well.

Remus pinched the bridge of his nose. "Forget just as much trouble as a James, he is worse than all four of us combined." he muttered before turning to address them with a smile. "Welcome." he said with a slightly exasperated smile. "I'm sorry for my behavior but when he said he was bringing a two friends he met near town I thought he meant human children." he said with a small bow, after a few months he was getting used to such formalities. Admittedly normally he had the advantage being the one who was representing a Campione

"Your apology is appreciated but unnecessary, this one also knows the troubles that a child can get into." the woman said shooting a look directly at Guinevere who pouted.

"Sir knight is mean." the woman just laughed, before entering the house Harry leading them away.

Remus closed the door with a sigh, honestly when Dumbledore contacted him saying that he needed someone to watch and help guide Harry. He had been skeptical as to why. Both why what ever was going on before was no longer an option and why the ministry would let a werewolf take care of him.

"Dumbledore I don't see how the ministry would let me take care of Harry, not to mention I can't exactly support him, or protect him." he didn't like to admit but for all his skill with charms he wasn't the best in the world, plenty of 'former' death eaters would be able to afford someone to break past his wards. It was why he didn't put up a fight when Dumbledore said he was going to put Harry with Petunia under blood wards, he understood how powerful those could be.

So when Dumbledore contacted him saying the blood wards had been broken and he needed his aid to help Harry; he had dropped everything and rushed over to help in any way he could. "I do not need you to do any of that I need you to guide him and do not worry about the ministry they will have no objections."

"Guide him? Why?"

"There is a new Campione." Dumbledore said turning to look out the window. "He is the youngest Campione in history merely seven years old." Dumbledore said giving Remus a significant look.

Realization dawned upon him. "Harry is a Campione?!" he exclaimed in disbelief. "He killed Fenrir!"

Dumbledore seemed slightly surprised that he knew who was slayed. "How did you know that I believed it was being kept quiet." Right now both the ministry and the Witengamot working together to keep it quiet for once and not in a you can buy it for the right price kind of way but a Top Secret you tell anyone you lose your job and go to prison kind of way.

Remus couldn't help but snort. "Maybe for wizards but among werewolves we all heard Fenrir's proclamation of his defeat."

Dumbledore turned around and looked at him worried. "Should I be worried about an attack on him by the werewolves." that would set every positive move he had managed to make on behalf of werewolves back by centuries.

Remus shook his head. "No Fenrir's last words were to proclaim him the newest alpha over all wolves, many were muttering about going to join up with him, claiming he couldn't be any worse than the ministries." that would actually be a good thing might even help out wizard-werewolves relations.

"You have the best claim for guardianship over him Remus." Dumbledore told. "You are a close family friend of the Potter's their will stated you would get guardianship if Sirius and Peter were unavailable." of course the fact that he had been a werewolf would have shot down immediately but Lily and James had always been optimistic. "As the Campione of Fenrir the main objection of your lycanthropy is useless he was potogenier of the curse and as a Campione the curse can not affect him anyway. Your loyalty will not be in question." Remus felt hope bloom in chest for years he had resigned himself to the fact that he wouldn't be able to truly form a connection with him that he would have if James and Lily lived. While that still held true he could still be close to him, helping him when he could guiding him.

"I'll do it." Remus said nodding and Dumbledore had his typical twinkle. He realized the old man most likely knew he would accept from the start.

"Good, I am glad." Dumbledore smiled.

It had taken him awhile to get used to being the guardian of a Campione but in many ways he was better suited than anyone in the world. When he first began to spend time around people he often accidentally used far too much force in his every action. Shaking a hand hard enough to crack bones, patting someone on the back with enough force to crack one's spine, giving hugs that were literally bone crushing. As a werewolf he was far more durable even as a human than anyone else, meaning that luckily for him it just meant a sore hand or a sore back rather than death. He also had an emotional connection to the boy in the form of his parents, a small part of him was sad that Harry considered Pandora more of a mother than Lily but understood is was because he had a tangible memory of Pandora.

One of the biggest concerns were how he would mature, as most Campione aged so incredibly slow they might as well not age at all. So it left them wondering if they would have an immortal seven year old Campione for his entire kingship, but it seemed he was not yet under the effect of whatever made Campione age so slowly, it was believed it would kick in when he turned seventeen or so maybe younger.

He heard a scream of rage and rushed into the room half expecting to see the god-slayer and god fighting each other, which they were just not in the way he expected.

"Curse this infernal Machine it can keep up with this one's skill!" Lancelot yelled as she glared at the game controller, her character in the game laid defeated.

"You just can't admit you're terrible at this." Harry teased.

"Tis the device not me!" the knight objected immediately. Remus sighed in relief a fight was not about to break out. Harry may have allowed him full control of his transformations and removed the pain he felt when transforming but something told him raising him would still turn him grey very young.

King of wolves:

This authority gives it's bearer the ability to to command wolves of all natures. This includes werewolves; allowing him to grant them control over their transformation though unless they are a member of his pack they are limited in power by the stages of the moon. Being at their weakest on the new moon and strongest on the full.

A Wolf's Pack:

Protection of the Pack:

This authority gives all those who the bearer claims as pack enhanced abilities. Including; faster healing, enhanced strength and speed, greater resistance to magic, including divine magic. It is also able to affect pre-existing diseases.

Strength of the Pack:

This authority allows for those claimed as pack to increase in strength as the pack grows in both numbers and power. While the benefit to a Campione is negligible, the individual members of the pack can find their power doubling as the pack grows.

Spirit of the Pack:

This authority allows for the sharing of power between members of the pack, as the bonds of the pack grow closer it can also allow them to sense what the others are feeling and even share senses. With this ability the bearer can draw on the skills and strength of their pack members, including unique abilities though it takes practice to be able to use them as efficiently as the original bearer.