It was a world of unending chaos. Towering waves crashed down on a battered shore. Glowing rivers of molten fury erupted forth from spires of blackened rock. The skies tore with lightning emanating from roiling inky black darkness. What manner of beings could survive in the midst of such destruction?

A dark haired girl shrouded in shadow, who wore a twisted maniacal grin. A man in a pinstripe suit stood atop a mountain with his arms outstretched. An arena filled with the cheers of thousands of people sat in encompassing bleachers. Multiple images flashed by too quickly to made sense of, increasing in frequency and in speed, until finally…

The moving truck shuddered and shook violently. One wheel sunk into a pothole for a brief moment, shaking awake the young man in the cargo trailer. He inhaled sharply and rested a hand on a nearby box to steady himself. He blinked to the sleep out of his eyes as he took in the interior of the trailer. He recalled quickly that he was in the back of his family's moving truck that was currently en route to Littleroot Town, which was to be his new home.

The young man recently turned nineteen, yet he was blessed with a youthful appearance. His face had rounded cheeks and a pointed chin, as well as a small sharp nose. Additionally, his face was clean shaven and devoid of stubble; he never had been able to grow any kind of body hair. His head was swathed in a mess of silky black hair that extended to his shoulders, framing his face and blending well with his baby blue eyes to complete his youthful look.

He was dressed in a loose biking outfit that was colored an orange red and decorated with black stripes, as well as a tight set of black shorts that stretched down to his knees. Beside him was a green pouch upon which the name "Seth Rhines" was sewn in white thread.

Seth yawned softly and adjusted himself into a sitting position. He rested his head in one hand, attempting to remember what he'd been dreaming about. He remembered some sort of natural disaster, as well as people and Pokémon that he was certain he'd never met. Yet, even though he knew that, the vague recollections of the people he'd seen instilled a strange nostalgic feeling in him, as though they were important to him. He shook his head, deciding it wasn't worth worrying about. It was simply a dream, and now he had more important things to worry about. The truck seemed to be slowing down, and it was making more turns than before. That meant they were off the highway.

The truck coasted to a halt and idled for a few minutes before the vehicle powered down. Seth slung his bag over his shoulder and got to his feet, using the boxes as leverage. He felt excitement growing in his chest at the thought of seeing his new hometown for the first time.

The shutters of the trailer rattled briefly and then rose to reveal an older woman in her early forties. Her hair was reddish and tied up in a tight bun, and she wore a bright smile that betrayed her equal excitement. Seth's expression soon mirrored hers.

"Come on out, Seth! We're finally here!" she announced cheerfully. Seth wasted no time in leaping out of the back of the truck, landing on his feet onto the soft grass. "You're probably all cramped up from sitting in the back all that time. You should have made the moving guy sit back there instead."

"It wasn't too bad. Like I said, it was an adventure," Seth assured his mother light-heartedly. Her name was Caroline, and she was wholly devoted to his father. He turned his attention away from her, looking around the town that he now found himself in. "So this is Littleroot Town, huh?"

According to the brochure, Littleroot was the smallest town in Hoenn, yet it was also home to one of the region's most well-known scientists: Professor Birch. Looking around, Seth noted that he stood in a grassy clearing that was encircled by a dirt path and decorated with a mixture of birch and oak trees. Bird Pokémon of a type Seth didn't recognize flew from branch to branch, or even descended to the clearing to hunt for worms.

"Yes, this is our new home! I hope you'll like it here," Caroline confirms. She steps around the side of the truck, meeting up with the older man who was an employee of the moving company that owned the truck. "Can we get the bedrooms set up first?"

While his mother converses with the employee, Seth takes a walk around the clearing, looking at the different buildings. The most obvious one is the house at which they'd parked. It was a simple two story house made from wood and plaster with a shingled roof. Seth hummed approvingly.

There were several houses around the edges of the clearing that looked visually like this one, with one exception. At the southern end of the clearing was a path that led directly to a longer building with a taller roof made of wooden slats. There was a sign out front that labeled it as Professor Birch's lab.

"What do you think, Seth?" Caroline caught up to him, having finished her conversation with the employee. From here, Seth could see the employee calling out multiple strong Machoke that started to unload the truck. "I know it's not as urban as Olivine City, but…"

"That works for me. Olivine always felt somewhat stifling. The streets were too narrow and the rooms were tiny; there was just never enough space," Seth related after cutting off his mother's pandering tone. "Plus, if I wanted to see nature, I had to go all the way to the beach. If it weren't for Jasmine, I'd have gone stir crazy."

Caroline laughed at his explanation. "I suppose you're right. So you do like it here?" she insisted.

Seth shrugged. "It's too early to tell for sure, but it definitely feels homey. I don't think I've ever seen so much green before," he answered, and he started to walk the perimeter of the clearing. "So how long do you think it'll be before I can get settled into my room?"

"I tried to get the movers to unload your boxes first, but it might be a while," Caroline admitted ruefully, causing Seth to sigh. "Why don't we go visit the professor's lab? We're just waiting around anyway."

"Might as well. I'm going to want to explore the town too at some point." Seth fell into step beside his mother, his hands resting in his pockets.

"Don't go getting lost just yet. We've only just arrived," Caroline laughs.

"That's early enough. You know I'm not one to sit around the house all day," Seth remarked. While they walked, he noticed a thick red wormlike Pokémon inching along the brush beneath one of the trees. "You know, I haven't recognized a single one of these Pokémon since I got here. It's kind of cool."

"Your father said that this region has a lot of Pokémon that can only be found here," Caroline replies with a nod. She then shakes her head. "It's probably one of the reasons he pushed so hard for us to come here."

"Apart from becoming able to be a Gym Leader you mean," Seth quipped just as the two of them reached the front door of the lab. "I can't wait to see him battle. Anyway, it looks like we're here."

"Let's hope we're not interrupting. I know Norman said that the professor wanted to meet us." Caroline reached out her hand and knocked on the door firmly. After a few moments, the door opened to reveal a thin woman in a white lab coat.

"Hm? Oh, are you Norman's family?" the woman asked as she adjusted her glasses with a slender finger.

"That's right. My name is Caroline, and this is my son, Seth." My mother briefly shook hands with the scientist. "Is the professor in?"

"Unfortunately not. He's away on field work, and likely won't be back until tomorrow," the scientist divulged. "Still, allow me to welcome you to Hoenn. Would you like to come inside for some tea?"

"Oh, that would be wonderful," Caroline accepted. Before stepping inside, she turned to look at Seth. "You don't have to come inside if you don't want to. I know you're dying to look around the town."

"You know me so well. If you don't mind then." Seth took the opportunity to head back towards the center of the clearing, leaving his mother to socialize as she pleased.

Excited, Seth rubbed his hands together and set off on a walk. Ever since he was a kid, Seth had always enjoyed exploring; a habit that often led him into trouble when he inevitably stumbled upon restricted areas. This habit had never died, and the first thing Seth did upon finding a new place was explore. His new hometown was no exception.

Seth noted that Littleroot was very nature-friendly, in that all the roads were dirt and the well-tended grass was a vibrant green. Trees filled the empty spaces between houses and roads, causing a mottled pattern of light to fall upon the streets below. He took in a deep breath and then released it. The air was much cleaner than it had been in Olivine.

The town was small, however, and it only took him about an hour to fully explore it. Eventually he found his way back to his new house. Seth noticed an unfamiliar middle-aged woman watching the Machoke carrying boxes and back and forth with a curious gaze.

"Are you our new next door neighbors?" the woman addressed him after Seth called out to her. When Seth nods, she smiles warmly. "It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Janessa Birch."

Seth shook her hand, taking note of the name. "I'm Seth Rhines. Birch, huh? We were just looking for your husband."

Janessa's smile turns apologetic. "Mm, Adam is very busy, and is never in the lab if he can help it. He prefers to do all of his work out in the field," she revealed.

"Yes, that's what his assistant said. Is that woman his assistant? Or is she just an employee?" Seth inquired curiously, placing his hands back in his pockets.

"Oh, Ms. Li is one of his aides. They take care of the lab whenever he's gone," Janessa explained. She then changed the subject. "But I doubt you want to talk about how his lab works. You should meet our daughter!"

"You have a daughter?"

"Mhm! Her name is May, and she's an aspiring Pokémon trainer. Isn't that amazing?" Janessa gushed, her face glowing as she talked about her daughter. Seth's interest was slightly piqued as well, at the mention of her being a trainer. Seth didn't have any Pokémon, but he'd seen his fair share of trainers thanks to his father. He'd never spoken to one, however. "She was excited to hear that someone else her age was moving into town. She'd be delighted to meet you!"

Seth turned back to look at the lab. His mother didn't seem to be coming out just yet, so he decided it wouldn't hurt to go along with the Birches. "Sure, I'll bite. I haven't spoken to many other trainers," Seth confirmed. "Let me just tell my mother where I'm going."

He pulled out his phone, which was an old box-shaped piece of machinery that had only two functions: calling and texting. It had three numbers in it: his mother's, his father's, and Jasmine's, who had been his best friend back in Olivine. He typed out a quick message to Caroline, and then he pocketed it again.

Janessa gladly led Seth back to her house, which was directly next to his. She continued to talk about May all the way to the front door. "She hasn't earned any badges yet, but she's good at battling, so it's only a matter of time!" she continued as they entered the front room.

"No doubt," Seth agreed, choosing to take her at her word. It's not as though he would know whether a trainer was good or not. "That aside, where is she? I don't see her down here."

"May's upstairs, likely in her bedroom. It's the one all the way at the end of the hall," Janessa revealed. She then raised her voice, causing Seth to wince. "May! You have a visitor!"

"Okay, mom!" a faint voice sounded from upstairs. As expected it sounded like a young female. Seth made sure to straighten the tangles out of his hair. He wanted to make a good impression on his next-door neighbors. Jasmine wasn't going to be around anymore, so if he messed this up, it would get very lonely around here.

"Go on, she's waiting for you. Feel free to stay as long as you like! Dinner's at seven!" Janessa directed him, and then she sat down on the couch, turning on the TV to the Hoenn News channel.

"Alright. Thanks for the hospitality, ma'am," Seth replied politely, and then he excused himself. He walked up the narrow stairwell, wondering what kind of person May would be. He couldn't tell anything from the two words he heard a minute ago.

When Seth reached the room he was directed to, he found the door open. He became aware of the familiar rapid clacking sound that usually corresponded with a gaming system. "Hey, come on in! I'm just finishing up a game," May called out to him. That sounded like an invitation, so Seth entered the room.

He immediately froze at what he saw. May was sitting on her bed and looked to be the same age, if not a bit younger than Seth. She had a cute rounded face, her expression set into one of determination. Her hair was a light brown, and hung down the sides of her head in two distinct bangs. Her form was clearly feminine, with a slim curved waist and slender legs. Her breasts were rather small but noticeable. Additionally, she was wearing nothing except a pink lacy bra and a matching pair of panties.

Seth yelped and immediately retreated out of the room. May blinked and watched him go. "What are you doing? I said you could come in," she repeated, perplexed.

"I'm sorry! I didn't realize you weren't dressed," Seth apologized, already cursing his lack of sense. This was hardly the way to make a good impression.

"Of course I'm not. It's springtime in the south, so it's very warm. Plus, I'm not going anywhere for the rest of the day," May responded as though nothing was wrong. Seth wondered if he was hearing her right. She was talking as though she was okay with the fact that he'd walked in on her in her underwear. "So are you coming in or not?"

"Are you going to get dressed?" Despite her words, Seth was not comfortable at all with this.

"No," May answered promptly. When Seth still didn't enter the room, she sighed. Seth's eyes bugged out when May walked out of her room, still wearing her underwear, and pulled him by the arm into her room. She walked back towards the bed, her butt shifting appealingly with every step. It was difficult for Seth not to look, due to the way her underwear accentuated it. "You're so weird. Sit down! I heard from my dad that your family was coming in today, and I was hoping we could be friends. I'm May."

"I-I'm Seth. It's nice to meet you," he couldn't help but stammer, even as he sat down beside her.

The room itself was spacious compared to the apartment rooms to which Seth was accustomed. The bed upon which they sat was queen-sized and decorated with images of cute Pokémon that Seth didn't recognize. There was a desk across the room tucked up against the wall, atop of which was a computer complete with a storage access device that would allow the storage of objects or Pokémon. Beside the desk was a TV stand, where a gaming system was hooked up.

Seth easily recognized the game she was playing. Pokémon Super Contest was a game that simulated contests that took place in some of the regions in the country. He'd never played the game nor had he ever seen a contest, but he knew that it was popular with girls.

"I heard you're a trainer from your mom. What kinds of Pokémon do you train?" He did his best to keep eye contact with her, trying as hard as he could to avoid looking at her breasts.

"Whichever ones catch my eye, really. I don't go for a specific type," May answered eagerly. "I like ones that are cute, personally. Hold on, I'll show you mine. Come on out, Cruxy!"

At first nothing happened, and Seth was beginning to wonder if something was wrong. Then, he spotted a wisp of darkness breaking away from the shadow cast by the TV. Seth watched in awe as the wisp formed into the hazy form of a small black robed figure wearing a skull mask. Its arms trailed away into nothing, and its legs combined into a single wisp. Its eye sockets were empty save for a glowing red orb that hovered between the two holes.

"What is that? I've never seen anything like it before," Seth asks, leaning into get a closer look. Crux mirrored the motion, appearing to be just as curious. May was only too happy to explain.

"Oh, this is Crux. He's a Duskull, a ghost-type native to this region. He's so adorable with his little skull mask," May commented, brushing her face up against Crux, who seemed to tolerate her affection.

"You think the skull is cute?" Seth couldn't help but remark.

"Yes! Just look at it! It's not like it's a real skull or anything; it looks all cartoony and it's cute!" May explained, pouting a bit at Seth's disbelief. "I caught him a few years ago, in the forest at night."

"That must have been tough. I heard ghost types are difficult to even find, to say nothing of catching," Seth deduced. He was starting to find that it was easier to ignore May's near-nakedness if he had a conversation to focus on.

"He led me on a chase through the whole forest until I finally caught him. Now he's stuck with me," May related as she cradled Crux in her arms. The Duskull let out a faintly audible sigh, much to Seth's amusement. "What about you? Do you have any Pokémon?"

"No," Seth admitted.

"Really? Even though your father is going to be a gym leader?" May pressed, looking surprised. When Seth confirmed with a nod, she became curious. "I'm surprised. With a father like him, you'd think it would be easy for you to get one."

"I'm sure I could, if I asked him for a spare poké ball. But I've never really been interested," Seth confesses, causing May's jaw to drop. "I've always been interested in exploring, and seeing Pokémon out in the wild. I never felt the need to take one away from its home."

"I think you're missing out. They're wonderful companions," May commented. Her expression then grew bright as she started to talk about herself. "As for me, I like to battle, but really I want to be a Pokémon contest star. I've been working on routines with Crux here, but it's a work in progress. You should see the outfits I'm buying for the day when I go out on stage!"

"Contests, huh? I guess that's not surprising, considering you're playing Super Contest." Seth pointedly avoids the subject of clothes and instead turns it onto the game May was playing.

"It's so much fun. Have you ever played before?" May questioned as she picked her controller back up. When Seth shook his head, she offered him a second controller. "Do you want to learn?"

Seth looked over at the screen and decided that he had no reason to refuse. After all, it would be a good way to salvage his failed attempt to make a good impression. "Sure, why not. I've never seen a contest for myself." Seth accepted the controller, much to May's delight.

"Yes! If you like it, we'll get along just fine!" May proclaimed, and then she proceeded to set up a new game for two players. "Now, let's appeal!"

Seth found Pokémon Super Contest rather addicting, even though its target audience was girls. It offers a wide selection of Pokémon to choose from, though the choice of player avatar was rather limited to three select characters.

To win, it required gaining the most Heart Points over the course of multiple randomly selected challenges, beginning with a set dress-up stage and a set appeal stage. It also required the player to keep track of their Pokémon's condition and protect them from the attempts of other Pokémon to distract or unnerve them during the appeal stage.

May was very good at it, unsurprisingly. She consistently outperformed Seth in every challenge, but it wasn't as though she didn't try to help him. Seth soon started to enjoy himself, despite how abysmally bad he was at dressing up his chosen Pokémon.

Time flew before he knew it, and before long, Janessa called them both down for dinner.

Seth sat down at the table looking at the spread set up before him. Janessa had put together a large salad filled with various fruits and vegetables. The sight made his mouth water. Before serving himself, he typed out another message to his mother, stating that he wasn't going to be home for dinner.

"How are you two getting along?" Janessa inevitably asked once she sat down with the two of them at the dinner table. She didn't seem to notice or care that May still remained mostly undressed. Seth figured it must be a common occurrence if her mother didn't even bat an eye. Crux hovered near the chandelier, watching over them all in silence.

"Really well! I think we'll be good friends!" May replied. Hearing this made Seth feel at ease, as it meant that he had succeeded at making a good impression. She then gave him a coy glance. "I have to say, I didn't expect him to be so cute."

Seth nearly choked on the food he was eating upon hearing that. He pounded his chest to clear his throat, though May and her mother weren't paying attention to him.

"I did. Have you seen his father?" Janessa returned. She then gave Seth a discerning look, making him shift uncomfortably in his seat. "You're lucky; it seems like you got all of his good looks."

"Thanks, I guess," Seth replied uncomfortably. His embarrassment caused his face to heat up, and the two women to laugh. "How do you both know so much about my father?"

"He never told you? My husband and Norman have known each other since they were in school, and they've kept in touch ever since," Janessa answered.

"Well, I suppose I did never ask," Seth admitted.

"Anyway, it's good to hear that you two are getting along so well," Janessa returned the subject back to its starting point. She then gave May a knowing look. "Just don't get too crazy."

"No promises," May retorted as she finishes the rest of her meal. She stood up from the table and placed her dishes in the sink, and then headed for the stairs. "Alright, I'm done down here. You coming, Seth? We still have a contest to finish."

"One second." Seth finished the rest of his salad and disposed of his dishes the same way. "Thanks for the meal, Mrs. Birch."

"Anytime! We are neighbors now, after all," Janessa replied graciously. "Don't worry about cleaning up, I can handle that. You two go have fun."

"Thanks, mom! Come on, Seth." May stepped back and grabbed Seth by the hand, pulling him up the stairs after her. He stumbled at first due to her urging, but then he eventually allowed himself to be pulled back into her room. Unlike before, May closed the door to her room. Even though Seth hadn't seen him follow, Crux faded into existence above the television, watching the two of them quietly. "Shall we finish up this contest?"

"Sure! I'm ready to finish losing," Seth joked, picking his controller back up. May gave him a deadpan stare. "What? I'm kidding; this game is fun."

"It totally is. I've spent so many hours on it. They keep adding content, so I keep playing," May agreed.

She un-paused the game, and the two of them spent about ten more minutes finishing up the game. Near the end, when the points were being tallied, he become suddenly aware of May's increased proximity. He didn't remember her being this close to him when they'd started. She was so close, her arms touched his, and he could smell the perfume she wore.

"Alright, that's enough of that." When the game ended, May got up from the bed and switched off the game. Seth watched her with bemusement, as she hadn't given him any indication that she was ready to stop.

"We're done? I was just starting to get the hang of it," Seth questioned. When May nodded, he grew confused. "So what are we going to now? Do you want me to go?"

"No, it's still early. I just wanted a change of pace," May answered, even though it was getting close to ten o'clock. "As for what we're going to do…"

May placed a finger on her cheek as she thought. A mischievous smile crossed her face, and she looked at Seth with what he could only describe as predatory eyes. She leaned over, resting her hands on her knees. "Want to have sex?" she asked as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

"Sure, that sounds like…" Seth began, and then her words fully registered in his mind. He practically choked on his tongue, and his face heated up like a furnace. "W-Wait, w-what?! You're kidding, right?!"

"What? No, I'm…oh wow, you're turning so red!" May laughed at his reaction. She drew closer to him, slowly brushing a hand across his thigh. "You heard me right. Like I said downstairs: I think you're cute. Want to have sex?"

"B-But…we've only just met…and your mother is downstairs…and…we just met! I…I…" Seth's train of thought not only came to a shuddering halt at this situation, it ran into a second train of thought and promptly derailed both at the same time. He trailed on with his protests, but then before he realized it, May swooped forward, and a pair of silky soft lips pressed up against his, effectively silencing his protests. Seth's eyes shot open wide and he fell over backwards as May pressed her body weight against him. When May broke off the kiss, Seth found himself lying on his back, with her straddling his chest. "May…this…I…"

"Shhh, relax," May whispered to him, placing a finger against his lips. A realization then seemed to strike her. "Oh, I'm so dumb. You're from Johto. That explains everything."

"W-What does me being from Johto have to do with anything?" Seth managed to find his voice, despite the fact that his mind was racing after being kissed by such a pretty girl.

"I hear they're really uptight over there. Let me guess, you've been brought up to think that sex is wrong and that you should only do it with one woman that you really trust?" May proceeded to summarize Seth's upbringing quite succinctly and accurately. When Seth nodded, she sighed. "I feel so bad for you, and everyone else that lives over there. In Hoenn, it isn't like that."

Seth was having difficulty believing that he was having this conversation in the first place. Yet, he couldn't stop himself from asking. "What it is like in Hoenn?"

"There are no unwritten rules that restrict your sexuality over here," May started to explain, tracing Seth's collarbone with a finger. "While I wouldn't say it's as casual as a greeting, sex is as simple as doing someone else a favor, that's all. If you find someone attractive enough and you like them, why hold yourself back?"

"That's…very laid back. Is this for real?" Seth questioned, finding this way too good to be true. "You really want to have sex with me?"

"Yes, silly! I've been trying to say that for the past five minutes," May remarked with some exasperation. As Seth watched in shock, she reached behind her back with one hand and undid the clasp to her bra, letting the garment fall from her chest, letting her small perky breasts hang free. Now that May was being so open about her intentions, Seth couldn't stop himself from staring. "Don't tell me…have you never seen a girl naked before? Is this your first time?"

May's grin returned when all Seth could do was nod mutely. She reached her arms back and pressed her hands against her breasts, pushing them together. Seth's breath caught in his throat at the rather appealing sight.

"You are just so cute," May teased him, pressing a finger against his nose lightly. She sat up and shifted back a bit, her butt brushing over Seth's crotch. He suddenly became very conscious of how hard he was getting. He started breathing faster, conscious thoughts falling apart the moment they were formed. May's slender fingers traced down his chest. "You know, you're very lucky. You didn't find a girl who likes it simple and boring. I like to keep it spicy in the bedroom."

"Oh…y-you do?" Seth managed to get out as he tried to gather his thoughts. May smiled and shrunk back just enough that she could tuck her fingers beneath the hem of his shorts. When she started to pull them down, he freaked. "Wait…hold on…"

May paused, her lips forming a pout. "What? You're not going to tell me to stop, are you?" she asked, sounding somewhat upset. "You don't want this?"

"That's not it…it's just…I…too much…too soon…" Seth did his best to explain how he was feeling, even though he was uncertain how he was feeling. May seemed to understand, as her eyes softened.

"Stop thinking about it so hard. Just let your instincts take over, and you'll be alright. As a friend of mine once told me…" May continued tugging down Seth's shorts as she spoke. "It's only weird if you make it weird. Just relax and leave this part to me."

Seth's cheeks felt as though they were on fire, and it only got worse when she managed to remove his boxers as well, sliding them and his shorts off his legs and letting them hit the floor. His entire lower body was now exposed, and he began to feel self-conscious as May inspected his halfway hardened length. May's eyes widened, and then she made an approving purr.

"Ooh, yes…we are definitely having sex," May declared, the girl looking very pleased. She wrapped one hand around Seth's shaft. The new sensation caused Seth's breath to catch in his throat. May seemed to know what he was feeling; she placed her left hand on his chest. "Breathe. You'll never enjoy it if you're this stressed."

Seth forced himself to breathe, and he started to feel a little better. May, satisfied, lowered her hand to rest just above his crotch and began using the other to slowly stroke his length. He bit his lip, finding it hard to watch. When he tried to look away, May used her left hand to force him to look at her.

"Don't look away. That's how things get weird," she teased, never once pausing her stroking. Seth did his best to watch her like she wanted. He couldn't help but let out a grunt every so often, which May seemed to enjoy. Every so often, she'd switch hands to let the other rest. This went on for around ten minutes before May noticed it. She gave an excited giggle. "You last so long. Most people would have cum by now. Are you close?"

"I think so…I've never done this before," Seth admitted. May stopped stroking, causing him to look at her, perplexed. "Why did you stop?"

May didn't answer. Instead, she stood up from the bed, turned around, and bent over. She hooked a finger into the hem of her panties and let them drop to the floor, revealing her bare butt for Seth to admire. From this angle, he could very clearly see her slick and clean shaven slit, as well as the darker divot just above it. Seth bit his lip; he was still a man. He felt the sudden urge to take her right now, but it was overpowered by his shyness.

"Because, I have a better way to finish you off," May finally answered. She slowly sauntered over to the desk and sat down on the armless chair. She spun the chair around to face Seth, and then she beckoned to him with a single finger, a seductive smirk making its way onto her face. "Come here…"

Seth stood up from the bed, finding it awkward to move with his length as hard as it was. "What are you…?" he tried to ask.

"I told you, I don't like doing it simple," May responded. When Seth drew close enough, she spread her legs for him, once again revealing that enticing opening to him. "We're going to do it right here."

"On the chair?" Seth queried, as he came to a halt just in front of her. May's response was to lower a hand between her legs and spread her lower lips with two fingers. She then grabbed his hand, pulling him forward. "Whoa!"

Seth reached out his hands to steady himself. The only place to rest his hands was on the back of the chair. Therefore, the chair rolled back against the wall and he would have lost his balance if May hadn't caught him. She helped guide him down, using her hand to grasp his shaft and position it at her entrance.

"Are you sure I can…" Seth began, but May was out of patience. She grabbed his butt and pulled him forward, such that his tip sank into her entrance. Seth gasped immediately at the feeling, and he couldn't help from going in deeper. May squeaked and let out a long exhale, a blush forming on her face.

"Mm…that's what I wanted. You know what to do from here." It wasn't a question. Seth looked up at May, who was sucking her own arousal from the finger she'd used to spread herself previously. At this point, Seth couldn't deny it to himself anymore. There was a pretty girl sitting before him that clearly wanted him, and he finally couldn't keep resisting. He planted his hands on the back of the chair and started to thrust, letting instinct guide him. The moment he gave in, May let out a short cry, and her blush intensified. "Ahh! That's more like it!"

May reached out her arms and locked them around the back of his neck. She pulled him in for another kiss, breathing quickly through her nose as Seth continued to rock his hips up against her. Seth found it hard to keep a steady rhythm at first, but the more he pounded her, the better he got, until he finally found the right position that gave him steady leverage.

It was a strenuous activity, and therefore a good number of his grunts were half made from exertion as well as pleasure. May, on the other hand, when she wasn't kissing him, was squeaking and moaning, finding it very difficult to keep quiet. Every so often, she'd give him little directions with her hands or with single words, helping him find her most sensitive areas.

"Oh! Keep going! I'm gonna cum!" May implored him, the girl using her hands to steady herself. Seth quickened his pace. He could hear her squeaks and moans grew increasingly louder, so he assumed he was doing something right.

"I…I think I am too," Seth admitted. He couldn't tell for sure, but he could feel a pleasurable tingle in his shaft that grew increasingly more intense, making it difficult for him to keep from moaning. Suddenly, it reached a point where he couldn't hold on anymore. "Ah! Ah! May, I…!

"Me too! Do it inside!" May directed him, wrapping her legs around his waist. Seth looked alarmed, knowing what that meant. When May noticed his expression, she smiled and indicated a bottle on the desk nearby. "Don't...ahh! Don't worry! I'm on…nngh…birth control!"

Thus reassured, Seth let himself go. What followed was what he could describe as the best feeling in his life. "Maaaay!" he groaned, and he felt himself squirt inside of her. His shaft throbbed and shot forth his creamy white seed. At the same time, May cried out, and her inner walls clamped down on his length, milking him for every drop.

Seth held himself there until exhaustion took over, and he staggered somewhat. May caught him and hugged him. "Whew…that wasn't bad for your first time," May teased him, one of her hands caressing his butt. "I even came from that."

"Only because you were so patient with me," Seth finally managed to get his words back, his mind gradually slowing down as he came down from his orgasm-induced high. He hesitantly made eye contact with May, remembering her words from before. "That was incredible…what have I been missing out on all these years?"

"Hey, if it's any consolation, you've only missed one year. The laws on age of consent haven't changed," May retorted. She gave him a light tap on his chest. "Get off me, I need to clean up."

"Oh, sorry," Seth did as he was told, making a small moan as he pulled out of her. He winced when he saw how much he'd filled her up. That reminded him of something very important. As May got up from the chair, he picked up the half-empty bottle from the desk. Sure enough, it contained very powerful birth control pills. "If you don't me asking, why do you have these?"

"The pills? They're so I can have safe sex," May answered as she headed to the bathroom. There was a click as she turned the light on, and then the sound of running water ensued. "Given how lax our laws are, lots of girls have them."

"That's good to know." Seth replaced the bottle, feeling reassured. Due to his upbringing in Johto, he felt a sense of shame, as if he'd done something wrong. Yet, behind that feeling, he felt a naughty thrill at the thought of what he'd just done. Additionally, he felt a strange sense of physical contentment. "Do you think your mother heard us?"

"She wouldn't care if she did. I'm a grown girl," May answered. She gave a chuckle. "She did say not to get too crazy, but that was more directed towards me rather than you. I can be insatiable."

When May returned from the bathroom, Seth took his turn in there, as he needed to clean off the assorted fluids from his crotch. It only took him a few minutes. By the time he returned, May was sitting back on the bed with a controller in her hand, dressed back in her underwear. The TV was back on, and the main menu of Pokémon Super Contest was displayed upon its screen.

May looked up as he entered. She smiled and patted the bed beside her, the second controller already waiting. "Come on, let's play some more before bed. I want to try playing as Shroomish for giggles," she offered. Seth didn't know what a Shroomish was, but he guessed he'd find out. When he grabbed the controller, she gave him a pointed stare. "No more playing as Pikachu. Pick someone else this time, you Champion Red fanboy."

"There's nothing wrong with liking Red!" Seth protested, but he was grinning now. He plopped down on the bed beside her, and together the two of them started to play.

Authors Note:

Hey! If you're reading this, you've made it through the whole chapter! Thank you so much for taking the time to read through this.

I'll let you all know that this isn't going to be a realistic story. That's not to say that I won't do my best, but this is pure wish fulfillment. My goal in writing this was for cute little Seth to go out on a journey like in the game, but have lots of sex (with both trainers and pokemon) and explosive battles along the way (I'm a sucker for shy well as stupid anime explosions). To clarify, when I say unrealistic, I mean that at some point, assuming you stick with me that far, you should give up on trying to rationalize how he's managed to screw practically every major girl he's come across.

Thanks again for reading this, and please leave me some feedback so I know someone else is enjoying this besides myself! After all, degeneracy loves company! ...or was that misery? Details.