"Hiccup you have done a great deed to the dragons. You have also made midgard stronger, and will be better ready for ragnarok."

"Thank you, but who are you?"

"Oh Hiccup, I am "Odin all-father.""

"Odin… I feel so unworthy to be talking to you."

"Oh such a small human, but a big destiny awaits. Though you may be a hiccup, the next time you touch your dragon you will be bonded. Also there will be gifts for you to get closer to your dragons. All you haft to do is place do is place it on their chest of your six dragons. Also when your team touches their dragons you will all gain a skill for battle. "You will be the leader, and strategist. Astrid will be the weapons expert. Fishlegs will be information expert. Your cousin will gain a brain. Then the twins will be the explosives expert, and a you will gain the most hiccup. Your body will be stronger. Though you will gain the ability to become a Night Fury."

"Why will I become a Night Fury?"

"Your Dragon is the last female Night Fury in existence. An if she dies without having any children. Then the Night Fury's will cease to exist."

"So you want use to continue their existence?"

"I do Hiccup but it's your choice. You're waking up now tell others what I've said, Though my son Thor will be keep watch of you young one. I have more to tell you and your team when you have grown up. Just protect each other your world and others depends on it. Good bye Hiccup."

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Hiccup opens his eyes. He remembers everything. He looks around and sees toothless looking at him.

"Toothless why are you in my house?"

Toothless jumps around and then jumps on hiccup. Hiccup puts his hand on toothless, and there's a bright light.

"Hiccup I'm so happy you're awake we can go flying again?" a very female voice says

"Toothless did you just talk?"

"Hiccup can you understand me?"


"Hows this possible?"

"The gods gave me and my team blessings."

"This is awesome. Hiccup is that why you look so strong and sexy?"

Hiccup looks down at himself, and is surprised he looks bigger, and stronger. He goes to stand up, But something falls on the ground. He looks down, and finds a metal prosthetic.

"Why was this in my bed?" he shows it to toothless

"That's your prosthetic."

He pulls the blanket away and sees his feet.

"You have a new leg!"

"What you mean toothless?"

"When you fell out of the saddle unconscious I had to save you but I had to bite your leg to pull you into my wings, Then we crashed, and the vikings cut of the leg. Then I licked it and your leg healed right before their eyes. Gobber made you the prosthetic."

"Toothless can i see your tail?"

They look and see its healed too.

"This is a blessing from the gods."

Hiccup gets up and puts on a new set of boots. Since he only had one boot on.

"Man my clothes are a lot tighter now."

"Well you have gotten taller, and stronger my rider."

Hiccup looks over to his bed and sees gold. 'The medallions' he runs over and sees all six. He sees one that has a Night Fury, and a note "All you have to do is think of changing to human or dragon". He grabs it and places it on toothless chest. Her scales fuse with it.

"Toothless think of changing into a human?"

"Okay hiccup"

She closes her eyes and thinks. There's a flash, and there's a naked Toothless on the floor. Hiccup grabs a blanket to cover her. She wraps it around her.

"I'm Human." she jumps up into hiccup's arms, and she kisses him. He's shocked, but kissed her back with all the passion. They separate hiccup looks at the beautiful women in his arms. Toothless has black hair and emerald eyes.

"You're beautiful Toothless." She smiles at him

"Thank you Hiccup. Can I have some clothes to put on please.?"

Hiccup grabs her a pair of clothes. "Here Toothless". She puts on the underwear, and pants and a shirt.

"You have any more shoes.?"

"My old ones, but they should fit you."

She puts them on.

"Do you want to go see everyone, and give your team there medallions?"

"Yes let's go see what's changed since i've been unconscious."

They open the door and see lots of people on dragons working together.

"Wow, Things have changed a lot since that battle. Man it feel like I died."

Stoick hears his son. "No you didn't die, but you gave it your best shot." Stoick smile at his son.

Gobber walks over with something in his hands and gives it to hiccup.

"Well that's my…. How do you have your leg back?" Gobber asks

Everyone looks and sees hiccup has his foot back, and that he has no prosthetic.

"Odin said i was in the gods favor after freeing the dragons from the queen. He gave me some gifts too. You can tell I'm taller, and stronger now."...

"That's impossible your a demon." Mildew throws a knife at hiccup.

Lightning zaps and the knife is just a pile of ash falling to the earth.

"Oh I forgot to say Thor is watching over me now. Hiccup says with a grin. Also in his mind he's thanking Thor.

"Did you just try to kill my son?!" Stoick barks

"Take him to the cells to await punishment."

A group of men grab mildew and drag him to the cells.

"Demon's! Demons these blasted dragons, and this traitorous son. Be gone foul demons" mildew yells a he is being dragged away.

"Dad I would like you to see a blessing that Odin did for us teens." Hiccup opens the door and a human Toothless steps out.

"Dad this is Toothless."

A black haired women with green eyes steps out.

"Hello Stoick." Toothless says

"Hello Toothless."

Stoick pulls her into a hug

"Thank you for saving my son"

"I would do anything for hiccup. I love him."

Astrid runs up and is surprised what she sees and hears.

"Dad I gotta go I'll see you later." He walks up to Astrid "Astrid get the rest of the gang and bring them to the arena with their dragons, and a lot of blankets and extra clothes."

He walks off to the arena. Toothless walks beside him.

At the arena few minutes the gang arrives with everything.

As the group enters we see Astrid is acting normal. Though the rest of them have changed. Snotlout's hitting on Astrid, though he's being more romantic, but you can tell he's still more about his ego. Astrid throws him across the arena into the wall. The twins were playing with metals and fire and they blow themselves up. No change in them but that was definitely more dangerous. Fishlegs is writing everything in books but it seems like he's now a walking encyclopedia.

"Gang would you like to know why I got us together?"

Everyone but Astrid is looking at Toothless.

"Who's the beautiful women next to you?" Snotlout says and he starts to act like he's going to touch her.

Toothless kicks him between the legs. He curls over. An she grabs his head and knees him in the face. Snot falls back seeing dragons fly around his head.

"Never touch me snot face. Hello everyone I'm Toothless.

"Awesome can our dragons change too."

"Put this medallion on your dragon's chest. A tell them to think of being human.

Hiccup gives one to each rider, that the medallion matches.

Stormfly is first she changes into Astrid's twin with some blue in her hair. Stormfly drags Astrid to Toothless and they start talking. Meatlug next she kisses Fishlegs. She like Fishlegs are chunky with muscle. The twins get twins that look just like them. One male one female. Then Snotlout's dragon is is tall with red street in his hair. He acts like his older brother. Toothless, Astrid, and Stormfly walk over to Hiccup.

"Hiccup my love" Toothless says gets his attention. "We need to talk."

"What is it Toothless?" Concerned Hiccup asks

"Well me and the girls have been talking and we want you to be our mate. "Well in Astrid's case your husband."

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