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"You three want me to your mate? I understand Toothless loves me, but Astrid you never showed feelings that you liked me and Stormfly you have other Nadders you can still mate with. Why me? Why not Snotlout or Hookfang?"

Astrid comes to him "You know I don't like Snotlout, and I kissed you on the cheek after you took me on my first flight. Then Hookfang is like more hot headed than Snotlout."

Stormfly used her hand to bring hiccup into a kiss. "I have liked you ever since you started to scratch me in my dragon form. You were the first human to be my friend, and you gave me a sister." She smiled at Astrid.

"Okay I understand but I need to show you something first that Odin did for me, and Toothless."

He thinks about changing into a nightfury, and like the other dragons there's a bright light and hiccup is on all fours and he's a male night fury. His clothes disappeared.

Seeing hiccup as a nightfury. Toothless changes as well, and her clothes disappear. She jumps on him, and they start to play fight.

"You're a nightfury!" Toothless says excited, and she keep trying to dominate Hiccup by trying to pin him on his back.

Hiccup with is knowing the knowledge of dragons the male was suppose to show he was dominate to be a good mate. So he smacks her with his tail hard stunning her. He flips her on her back and hold her down. She is surprised by this.

Then she says to him "Take me my mate".

"Not here let's run to the cove and I'll make you mine forever." They run to the cove

Begin Lemon. Skip to next line if you wish.

When they get there Toothless lifts her tail to be mounted.

"I want our first time to be more romantic my love."

Hiccup pushes her on her back and lines up and enters her. They both moan in joy. Hiccup starts licking, and nipping Toothless around her jaw.

"What are you doing my love?"

"I'm kissing you." Hiccup says then he moves to her mouth and pushes his tongue in she likes this and starts liking his tongue in her mouth.

Then he starts moving inside her and she lets out a growl of pleasure.

"Faster harder my mate." Toothless asks

Hiccup goes harder, and she puts her hind legs around Hiccup's back make him go even harder. She's in bliss. After not having had a mate before she is enjoying this immensely.

They keep at it for a few more minutes and Toothless lets out her first orgasim of her life. She moans and starts to nip at hiccup. Hiccup feels she getting tighter, but he works through it he wants this to be special for is love.

He goes even faster, and she throws her head back in bliss. She's having the best orgasim in her life. She doesn't know how hiccup knows how to do this. She enjoying herself too much. She feels another billed up come she feels so good.

Hiccup bites down hard drawing blood and Toothless lets out her second orgasim much harder then the last. Her body clamps down hard. And she roars

Hiccup can't take it any more he roars out as he orgasims.

End Lemon


"Odin is that you?"

"Yes Hiccup. I did not know you would start a family this early in your life."

"What do you mean Odin?"

"Did you not just breed with your dragon Toothless?"

"Yes, wait do you mean she's pregnant!?"

"Yes dear hiccup your dragon is graved. In other words she has your offspring. Waiting to be born. I did not know you would start so early. There will be enemies you will face that will target you and your nightfury family.

"What do you mean who will try to hurt my family!"

"That you will find out in time just know this. I have given your dragon the ability to still change forms will graved. But she will change back to give birth in dragon form. Also from now on all nightfury including you will have magic. You must hide your family from your enemies so with this magic in the nightfury blood all nightfurys will be able to turn human."

"Hiccup you must learn how to fight from Astrid. I'm giving you some magical armor also for your team, and their dragons. Also yours and the dragons armor can change shape from human to dragon, and the armor will change as you grow. So it will always fit. Good bye Hiccup see you soon."

Hiccup wakes up with Toothless in the cove in there dragon form. Hiccup looks around and finds the 12 bags. He find out the armor is in them. The bags have their names stitched on them. He finds his armor it's in human form. He thinks about being human and with a flash he's human and has all his clothes on.

He's happy that he still has clothes on. He couldn't imagine how much clothes he would go through. He puts on the armor it's too big but then it shrinks to his body. Awesome he thinks to himself. He thinks about being a dragon and with a flash he is a dragon with armor. The only thing that is not armored is his wings and his tail fins.

"Toothless wake up" Hiccup says as he rubs her snout

She wakes up seeing her mate in armor.

"When did you have time to make dragon armor? How long have I been sleeping?"

"Odin gave us all armor. I did not make it. Watch."

Hiccup thinks about being human and with a flash he's human with his armor on.

"That's very convenant my mate." She looks surprised. Hiccup continues to tell her what Odin did for them and she thanks him.

"Hiccup I'm pregnant. That's amazing." She smiles, and it makes Hiccup smile too

They look around and it's getting dark.

"We should get back to the house. And get some dinner then we can go to bed."

He grabs the bags and lifts them up surprising they don't feel like they way anything at all.

He slides on to Toothless back and they fly back to his house. When they land they see Astrid, and Stormfly waiting sit on the steps. They get up and approach them.

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