Chapter 14 - Fool Me Once

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Abigail woke up the next morning to the smell of breakfast and an empty bed. She assumed it was Jenna, but when she goes downstairs she is surprised by Damon making eggs and bacon along with pancakes.

Jacob was playing in the living room.

"Morning." Damon smirked.

"Hi, you didn't need to make breakfast." she said.

"Well, I heard the kid wake up from a nightmare and he wasn't falling back asleep so I went ahead and brought him down here and figured you'd wake up soon. I wanted to let you relax this morning, after last night you need it." Damon said.

Abigail smiled gratefully and watched as he flipped a pancake on a plate and make a chocolate chip face he then grabbed whipped cream and added two fangs.

"Really?" Abigail laughed with a shake of her head.

"What?" he asked innocently.

Abigail smiled and started eating her vampire pancake, "So, Jacob had a nightmare?"

"He drew a picture of the old fells church so I'm guessing it'll be opened soon." Damon said.

Abigail nodded and looked over her shoulder at he son.

"I'm still worried about him." she said.

"Because you are an amazing mom. That'll never change." Damon said.

She blushed.

Jenna came downstairs and saw that Damon had made breakfast.

"Hello again, thank you for this." she said.

"No problem. I wanted to let Abigail sleep in." he said.

Jenna nodded, "She has needed it."

Abigail asked Jenna, "Could you watch Jacob today? I have work and then I was going to possibly go to this party in the woods tonight by the Falls."

"Of course, if you do end up going tonight just be careful." Jenna said.

Abigail went to play with Jacob for a little while before she had to leave for work. After a few minutes she went upstairs and Damon followed.

When Damon entered her room she was on the phone.

"Hey Bonnie, just wondering how your date went with Ben last night. I'm headed into work so maybe you could come by and fill me in." she left a voicemail.

"Everything okay?" Damon asked, seeing her furrowed brow.

"Bonnie had a date with Ben last night and hasn't called me back, I'm just a little worried… but I'm sure she's fine." Abigail said.

Damon nodded and smiled as Abigail shook her head.

"If you want I can look into it while you're at work." he said.

"No, that's alright. You should read through that grimoire. I also need to find Bonnie to ask her to do the spell though for tonight." she told him.

Abigail finished getting ready and left with Damon. He went back to the boarding house with the grimoire in hand and Abigail went to the Grill.

However, before she got there Bonnie texted her.

To: Abi

From: Bonnie

Hey. Sorry, had a crazy night ended up at Ben's motel room where he is staying. Could you come pick me up before you go to work?

To: Bon

From: Abigail

Sure. Text me the address.

When she received the text with the address she started driving that way. Abigail's gut was telling her something was wrong. Bonnie wouldn't go home with a guy on the first date. When she pulled up she took out her phone and called Damon.

"Hello. You've reached the immortal stud." Damon greeted, she could hear the smirk in his voice.

"Damon, I got a text from Bonnie saying she went home with Ben last night to his motel room but… I have a bad feeling." she said.

"What's the address I'll head over." he offered.

Once she told him he immediately recognized it.

"Abigail get out of there! That's Anna's room! LEAVE!" he shouted.

"What? Oh my god! Ben must be the other vampire… oh god… Bonnie's probably in trouble." she said.

"Get out of there. I'll get bonnie later but leave. NOW!" he said urgently.

"Okay." she said.

As she was about to start the car Ben appeared with his face burning.

Abigail screamed as he opened the car door and rushed her inside.

"ABIGAIL! ABS!" Damon shouted into his phone before dropping it and starting to run to the motel on the other side of town.

Ben was grinning, "Tsk, tsk, rsk. You should've just went to work but I couldn't help kidnapping you too. Those Salvatores need leverage."

"You have no clue what you just did." Abigail warned.

"Shut up. We just need to wait for Anna then we can call lover boy." he grinned.

He shoved her on the bed, then went to the bathroom and brought out Bonnie.

"Bonnie!" Abigail shouted, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Are you okay? Why are you even here?" Bonnie asked.

"He used his phone to message me, I thought you needed help and then he kidnapped me. Needs me as leverage against Damon and Stefan." she explained.

Ben kept making threats while he searched for something to drink.

Abigail scoffed, "Do you ever shut up?"

Ben's eyes darkened and he flashed over to her and grabbed her arm. She was in the air when the door was busted open.

Damon, he had come. Ben flashed to a corner with Abigail still in his grasp.

"Let go of her now and you might live." he said darkly.

Ben pushed her away and cowered.

"Smart move." he said then turned to Abigail, "Get Bonnie back to her Grams."

Abigail ran out with Bonnie in tow. Damon approached Ben, "You shouldn't have taken her, you shouldn't have threatened her, you shouldn't have touched her. I should probably let you live… but I won't."

Damon ripped his heart out then put the bleeding body in the tub.

When Damon knocked on Sheila Bennetts house, Abigail opened the door and she jumped into his arms for a hug.

"Thank you." she said.

"I'm just glad you called me when you did." he chuckled.

He pulled back to check her for injuries.

"I'm okay, a small bruise on my upper arm but that's all." she said.

While Damon was upset she was hurt at all, he was relieved it was minimal.

"Come in Damon."Sheila Bennett called to him, "My granddaughter has told me this is the second time you've helped her."

Damon entered the house with Abigail. The four of them sat around the kitchen table.

"Bonnie tells me that you want to open the tomb. To get your girl out." Sheila said.

Damon looked at Abigail, "Not exactly. That's what I've told my brother I am here for but truthfully… that woman ruined my life, my brothers life. She used us. As if we were toys." he said angrily.

He took a deep breathe as Abigail laid a hand on his arm,

"I want to open the tomb to get answers, to kill her, so she won't be a danger to anyone else ever again." Damon explained.

"Why haven't you told your brother this?" Sheila asked.

Damon sighed, "Because, Katherine may have ruined my human life but Stefan forced me into becoming a vampire. He forced me to drink. He doesn't deserve to know what I need to put my head and heart to rest. He was quick to assume I still loved her, so I played into it."

"And you've known this?" Bonnie asked Abigail.

She nodded, "He didn't want me to help. He didn't want to risk me or Jacob being in danger. But it's what friends do. Help each other." she said as she rubbed his arm.

"Could you help us? Can you help me?" Damon asked.

Sheila was silent for a few moments before she nodded.

"But you destroy the rest by fire. Agreed?" she said.

"Yes, absolutely. Thank you." he said.

"I need to get home, see Jacob. We will see you tonight." Abigail said. "Thank you for helping."

When Abigail And Damon were a few blocks away Abigail pulled over.

She turned to Damon, "You saved me again."

"I hope it won't become a habit; you needing saving." he said.

She leaned over and hugged him once again, "Thank you. My Dark Knight."

Damon looked into her eyes and whispered, "Anytime."

After a few moments of silence, Abigail started driving again.

"I missed another day of work. My boss is going to be pissed." she said.

"I could compel him for you." Damon said.

"It's okay. I can deal with it." she said.

"Alright. I'll see you at the tomb tonight right?" he asked as she pulled up to her house.

"Of course." she said as if it were a question.

Damon smiled, "Good. See you there Abs." he said before vanishing.

That night, Damon arrived at the tomb to see Abigail already there with Bonnie and Sheila Bennett. Surprisingly, Stefan and Elena were also there.

"What are you two doing here?" he asked.

"Making sure when you get Katherine, you leave and kill all the other vampires." Stefan said.

Abigail shook her head, "Whatever, you guys can stand guard. Anna is still out there."

She and Damon walked under the church and watched the witches set up for the spell. They lit the torches.

"Air. Earth. Fire. Water." Sheila said and poured water on the ground.

Damon stood by Abigail.

"When I go in, I want you to stay out here. I don't want any of those vampires to get to you. I'll just go in find her give her a drop of blood then take her to the boarding house for questioning." he said and showed the blood bag he had in his coat pocket.

"Are you sure?" Abigail looked at Sheila, "I don't fully trust that they'll let you out."

"Then maybe I'll just have to take in some collateral." Damon vanished and reappeared with Elena.

Stefan followed right after.

"What are you doing?" Sheila asked.

"He is taking Elena inside, encase he ends up trapped. So it's motivation for Stefan and you guys to help." Abigail explained.

"I just can't wait to be rid of you." Stefan sneered.

Bonnie and Sheila started the spell and after a few moments the door to the tomb slid open.

"It worked." Abigail said, gripping Damon's arm.

"Let's go." he said to Elena.

The two of them walked into the tomb while Stefan went to build firesfor the other vampires.

After nearly five minutes of nothing, Anna rushed down the stairs.

"Hey, you aren't going in there." Abigail said.

"You think you can stop me? I'm getting my mom weather you like it or not." Anna said before rushing Abigail and causing her head to slam against the rock wall.

Anna ran into the tomb.

"ABI!" Bonnie screamed.

"ABS?!" Damon's voice came from the tomb.

"I'M FINE!" she shouted back but held her head as it started to bleed and her vision blurred a bit.

Meanwhile, in the tomb. Damon has decided to leave Elena alone so he could look faster. However, he has yet to find Katherine. Plus, now all he can think about is if Abigail is alright.

Damon ignored Elena's scream and Stefan's shouts. He kept looking. Katherine had to be here. She needed to pay for what she did to him, to Stefan, their brotherhood, their human life, she destroyed them. He needed to know why. He needed to know she is dead.

After awhile he came to the last room and there was still no Katherine.

"Damon we need to barrier won't stay down much longer." Stefan said.

"She isn't here." Damon mumbled.

Stefan asked, "What?"

"SHE'S NOT HERE!" he shouted throwing the blood bag, letting his rage take over.

Everyone could hear him, even Abigail.

His anger must've been taken as heartbreak though or betrayal because Stefan responded by saying, "I'm sorry Damon. But we have to go."

"DAMON! Come on!" Elena shouted as she entered the room, "Please!"

Damon rolled his eyes but left. When he exited the tomb and it closed behind him, he looked to find a bleeding Abigail sitting on the steps holding her head in her hands.

"What happened?" he asked.

"Anna." Bonnie replied.

Stefan and Elena went above ground to get some fresh air and Damon just walked over to Abigail and squatted by her.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Yeah… vision is just a little blurry." she said.

"Here." he bit his wrist and she dutifully drank some of his blood.

"Thank you." she said.

Damon smirked, "Of course."

Abigail looked up at his cobalt blue eyes with her light blue and she could see the anger in them.

"I'm so sorry Damon. I can't imagine how you are feeling, but I hope you know, I'm here if you need me." she said and hugged him tightly.

He hugged her back, arm gripping her waist tightly and head burying into her neck.

"Thank you." he said.

They stayed like this for a few slowly letting each other go. He helped her stand and then they walked back up to the forest floor.

"Did Anna get Pearl out, her mom?" Damon asked.

"Yes." Abigail said.

Damon nodded, "I'm going to pay them a visit. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Damon." she said.

"Yeah?" he asked.

Abigail sighed, "Please don't push me away."

Damon grinned softly, "I could never."

At the motel, Anna entered with Pearl and turned on the lights to reveal Damon. He flashed over to Pearl and started choking her.

"You knew she wasn't in there, didn't you?" he asked.

"Yes." Anna said as she tried to pry his hands away from her mother's throat.

"Why do you get a happy ending when I couldn't get my answers." he asked.

"The guard let her escape. She promised to turn him. He was obsessed with her. She had him under her spell too." Pearl explained.

"Why did she do it? You are her best friend, you know! Why? Why did she use us, destroy us? TURN US? WHY?" He yelled.

"She was bored, she said it was fun." Pearl said.

"That's it?" he asked.

"She did love Stefan." Pearl said.

Damon dropped his hand, "But why… why do any of it?"

"I'm truly sorry Damon." she said.

Damon left shortly after that. He went back to the boarding house and poured himself a bourbon. He sat in front of the fire and watched it. Watched it burn like his hatred for Katherine Pierce.

Stefan eventually sat with him, believing his brother to have been heartbroken.

Later that night Damon got a call from Abigail.

"Hey Abs. What's up?" he asked.

All he heard was sniffling on the other end of the phone which had him on alert.

"Abs? What's wrong?" he asked.

"B-B-Bon-Bonnies grand-grandma p-p-p-pas-passed-passed awa-away. Sh-she-she's dea-dead and i-it's o-our fau-fault." She cried.

"It's not your fault. It's mine. I asked for her help. I had her do the spell. It was all for me, but even still she wasn't as strong as she could've been. It isn't your fault though." he said.

"I don-don't kn-kno-know wha-what to do." she said.

"Just try taking deep breaths and drink water. I'll be over in a bit alright?" he said.

"O-okay." she said before he hung up.

Damon rushed to the Gilbert residence and spent the night helping Abigail calm down while he too mourned the witch he knew so many years ago.