I had so much fun writing this chapter that I churned it out really fast... yesterday was a great day for writing, I wrote all of chapter 69 and most of chapter 70.

Mornings at Xavier's Institute are typically filled with half-awake teenagers groggily eating breakfast, while others, like Jubilee, rush to get ready after oversleeping.

"At least we don't have to catch a bus," Jubilee says as she shovels some artificial, sugary cereal into her mouth. Sirius cocks his head at this statement, brow furrowing.

In my day, we walked, Bucky's voice is tired in James' mind.

James, of course, has been up since O-Dark-Thirty with Harry, who had spent a good portion of the night speculating about how Loki will teach him and what Loki will teach him. He'd asked countless times whether Loki could start teaching him right away, rather than waiting until the morning.

Harry is still eagerly anticipating his magic lesson even now.

Rogue and Logan eat silently side-by-side, glaring at anyone they deem too happy for the hour; namely Steve and Thor. Neither direct their anger at Harry or his excitement.

James eats in similar silence. He methodically chews eggs while Harry eyes Jubilee's cereal, his green eyes filled with jealousy. Now that Harry is secure in knowing he'll receive food, he's far pickier. What to eat for breakfast is a frequent disagreement in the mornings.

"I'm going to learn how to turn eggs into Cocoa Puffs!" Harry announces pointedly to James without actually looking at him, since James hadn't let him have a bowl of processed sugar. Harry waves his hands wildly over his own eggs, obviously silently commanding them to turn into Cocoa Puffs.

The eggs remain unchanged, and James tells Harry. "Eat. They're getting cold,"

"We have charms for that," Sirius pulls out his wand, casting a look at Loki that says, Leave this to me.

"Turn it into Cocoa Puffs," Harry grins eagerly at the sight of Sirius' wand. James gives Sirius a warning look; Sirius had given Harry far too much candy when they played Candy Land.

Sirius simply warms the eggs, and Harry says again "I'm going to make them Cocoa Puffs."

"Why?" Sirius asks. "They look like dog kibble."

"I'll share with Snuffles," Harry smiles, then gestures wildly a few more times. His eggs turn brown, but otherwise remain unchanged.

Loki smirks as Harry whines "Show me how to do it!"

"There's nothing natural in those," Steve says with a shake of his head. "Food's gotten way more processed in the future."

The mission voice agrees with James that Cocoa Puffs are entirely unsuitable. HARRY REQUIRES PROPER NOURISHMENT,

Thor has claimed a whole box of pop-tarts and an entire box of Trix cereal for himself. "Midgardian food is strange, but greatly enjoyable. And now I am the god of tricks."

Loki shoots Thor a withering look. "I will turn you into that oafish Trix rabbit if you do not cease that pathetic joke."

"Silly rabbit," Harry corrects, having seen the commercial on television. He gives Thor his own judgmental look. "Trix are for kids."

"How many of these cereals are there?" Sirius mutters. "Back home, we have Cheeri Owls and Pixie Puffs."

"Those have berries," Harry points petulantly to Thor's Pop-Tarts. The picture of a berry on the box is likely the closest thing to a real berry in them.

"Aye, blueberries and strawberries." Thor nods. "I understand the blue, but why do you Midgardians call them strawberries? They are not made of straw."

Loki gives Thor another disdainful look as he spreads butter on toast he'd heated magically. Cyclops, too, had toasted his bread with his powers.

Thor offers Harry a Pop-Tart, but both James and Loki shake their heads at him.

"You need energy to properly perform magic," Loki tells Harry.

Harry nods seriously. "Pop-Tarts have energy."

"You don't need any more sugar. You're hyper enough as it is," Stark observes, rather hypocritically, as he tosses back his fourth cup of coffee since 0430. "There, see? I'm making the kid eat healthy. Take that, Pepper."

Harry eyes Stark as if he's stupid. "Pepper's not here,"

Harry's frustration with food ends at the same time breakfast does. As students head through the corridors to classes, Loki stands regally. "Are you ready?"

Sirius stands with his wand, clearly planning on teaching Harry as well.

"Remember, this might not work. Most children only cast magic accidentally when they're feeling especially angry or scared."

"It will work," Harry sounds entirely too confident. "My godfathers are teaching me!"

Stark sticks around, seeming just as eager as Harry, though he has already questioned Loki and Sirius extensively about the workings of their forms of magic.

Harry runs to grab his Wii wand, "just in case."

This should be fun, Bucky's laugh echoes in James' head. Trying to teach Harry letters when Harry's thinking about sports is no easy task.

Harry bounces around impatiently. Loki pulls a large tome out of thin air and holds it out to Harry.

Harry eyes the giant book. "Are we going to make it come 'live and eat stuff?"

"Not now," Loki says. "To be able to cast magic, you must understand the theoretical principles governing it."

Harry stares at him blankly, and Loki huffs. "You must understand how magic works,"

"I know how it works!" Harry flings his hand up in the air. He must have seen older students raise their hands. "You want something to happen, so it happens."

Loki sighs deeply.

Harry's smile falters. "Only it doesn't work for me because I'm too little,"

"That is not how magic functions," Loki says. "Magic is not your willing servant ready to solve your slightest problem. At least, not until you learn to control it."

Harry starts to look apprehensive. "Like taking over a brain?"

"No," Loki tells him flatly.

"You did make it sound like that," Stark mutters.

Loki thrusts the book out. "Magic has rules. Read this."

Harry takes the book, almost collapses under the weight, and drops it on the floor with a thud. The floor shakes. Harry plops down and flips through the old, musty pages, frowning in confusion. James does not recognize the words, written by hand in ink.

Harry squints at the words and wiggles his glasses around. "I can't read it,"

With a sigh, Loki waves a hand, and the words morph into English. Harry stares at them without comprehension. "Does it say how to turn eggs into Cocoa Puffs?"

Harry seems to have forgotten all about yesterday's promise to learn how to unfreeze James.

Harry was more focused when we taught him how to punch, Bucky notes.

HARRY HAS LOST HIS HYPERVIGILANCE, the other voice references a term Professor X had used in James' therapy sessions.

That's a good thing, right? Bucky pauses for a moment. Can't seem to kick the habit ourselves.

As the voices converse in James' mind, Harry pretends to read the page in front of him. "Wave your wand and say Cocoa Puffo."

"Cocoa Puffo!" Harry waves his Wii wand with no result.

"That's not a real spell," Sirius tells him.

"Yes it is! It says it there!" Harry jabs his Wii wand into a passage about energy.

Loki is incredulous. "You can't read at all?"

James is equally incredulous that Loki hadn't realized that during his time on Earth.

"Not all children are geniuses like me." Stark boasts. "No offense, Oliver. I'm pretty sure most children are older when they learn to read, and it takes years."

"Matilda can read," Harry says, unhelpfully. "What kind of story is this? Why don't the pictures move?"

"That's a rune," Loki tells him.

Harry runs off and does not return after 2.1 minutes.

Loki looks extremely miffed when he finds Harry kneeling on a kitchen chair, coloring. Stark can't contain his laughter.

"Focus, Harry," Loki admonishes.

"I'm making pictures to make them move," Harry informs them without looking up from his art. Loki scowls and vanishes the crayons with a snap of his fingers.

"You said you'd teach me magic," Harry scowls back, unfazed by Loki's annoyance. "Not reading. And if I can make pictures move, I can make Dad move if he freezes."

Harry looks to Sirius, but Sirius is on Loki's side. "Even in Hogwarts, we have to take a bunch of notes before we can do anything. And we start out with stuff like turning matches into needles and levitating feathers."

"I can't take notes, 'cos he took my crayons."

Loki lets out a long breath. "You cannot write,"

"I know all my letters." Harry says defensively.

"I hope you do not plan on stopping there,"

"I can write my name, see? H-A-R-R-Y." Harry traces the letters in the air with his Wii wand, frowning in disappointment when the letters don't materialize. He shakes the Wii wand vigorously, like Thor swinging Mjolnir.

"You look like me and are gifted with magic, yet you take after Thor, preferring brawn to brains." Loki is clearly disappointed.

"I want to be like you," Harry insists. "But Thor's cool, because he can fly,"

"So you want to be me," Stark grins. "I'm the best of both of them. I'm a genius and I can fly,"

"You do not possess an iota of magical ability, Stark."

Stark waves a hand. "Pfft, who needs it?"

"I do!" Harry shouts. "I want to learn magic."

"Magic takes discipline, focus and rigorous study." Loki tells him. Harry jumps at the word discipline, and Loki clarifies "It takes a dedicated mind."

James scowls, his metal arm whirring. "I make sure Harry has intellectual stimulation,"

"Yes, you're doing a tremendous job." Loki rounds on James. "He cannot read, knows no arithmetic. Are you telling me he knows nothing?"

"I can count," Harry argues.

James remembers Harry's attempt at counting cards during Go Fish. Harry really isn't arguing his case well.

Loki is entirely unimpressed with James and Jarvis' attempts to educate Harry.

"You know, exercise helps your brain." Stark uncharacteristically tries to end the argument rather than fueling the fire. "At least, that's what Jarvis keeps telling me when I'm in my lab for four days straight."

"I'm here to teach you magic, not exercise you like a dog," Loki scoffs.

Sirius protests in mock offense.

"You're not teaching me magic," Harry says.

James sits down, pulls Harry onto his lap, and starts to read about a tree called Yggdrasil. He butchers the pronunciation the first time, much to Loki's dismay.

"Can I climb it?" Harry asks.

"No. It is a world tree. You can traverse it. I know many hidden pathways. It is not a tree for climbing."

"I can reach any branch with my moto-broom." Harry says, having not heard a word James read. "Is that… traversering it?"

"Yggdrasil is a tree that links the realms." Loki tells him. Stark looks incredibly intrigued. Harry is completely unimpressed.

"When can we make Cocoa Puffs?"

"We are not making Cocoa Puffs," Loki's patience seems about to snap.

"Are we going to make other Harrys?" Harry pumps his fists in the air and runs off toward a mirror. He places his palm against his reflection and shouts "Come out, mirror me! We can make a whole hockey team of us. And we can learn to unfreeze the rink. And then we can unfreeze Dad."

Harry's reflection continues to copy him. Harry darts away, turns, and tells his reflection. "Don't run away! Follow me, like a train."

Loki folds his arms. "Mirrors are only used by Midgardians who pretend to wield magic."

"That's not true," Sirius argues. "James and I- your first dad- had a special set of mirrors to talk to each other in detentions, though your… Stark phones do the same thing."

"My phones do way more," Stark sounds vaguely offended that his phones would only function as a phone.

Harry isn't listening, too absorbed in his game. He creeps towards the mirror, trying to be as stealthy as James. He tags his reflection and runs away. "Come on, Mirror Me."

"There's not really another you in there," Loki tells him.

"Yours aren't really you," Harry replies with an equally exasperated huff.

Harry flails wildly in front of the mirror, shaking his chin-length hair. He stills his body completely then suddenly lunges, as if to trick his reflection into being unable to copy him.

"Sit down," Loki snaps, and Harry drops to the ground. "Good. Close your eyes,"

Harry places his hands over his eyes, as if playing hide-and-seek.

The next five minutes involve Loki trying to teach Harry a sort of meditation. James knows Harry had once been capable of remaining still and silent for an extended period of time, much as James did as the soldier. Now, Harry is flighty and impatient, constantly asking when they're going to get to real magic.

Loki has evidently reached his limit.

"You're impossible. I'll teach you when you can read. And focus."

Loki turns on his heel and stalks haughtily out of the room.

Harry pouts at the door. "He didn't even teach me anything."

Sirius snorts and ruffles Harry's hair. "I knew there was a reason we don't start schooling until we're eleven."

I can relate a lot to Loki in this chapter.