The following day, Black invites Harry and James to accompany him to Hogwarts, on a mission to retrieve his flying motorcycle from Hagrid.

"Hagrid won't attack you now," Black promises, having heard Harry's stories of the giant that James fought.

WE BEAT HIM. insists the mission voice.

"No." Harry says, completely unswayed. Black offers candy from Honeydukes and a flight on the Quidditch Pitch.

Pulling out the big guns, are we? Bucky says. James doesn't voice this aloud but stares at Black, unimpressed.

Harry folds his arms along with James, and Black shakes his head. "You have Lily's stubborn streak."

Cooper and Lila beg to go, but Black leaves them behind.

"It's not fair!" the whine, until Stark pulls out a Wii game featuring the Olympics.

"There's mutants on this!" Harry exclaims, pointing at the blue creature on the cover, next to the cartoonish man in overalls and a red ball cap. "See? Mutants can play in the Olympics!"

"He's a hedgehog!" Cooper laughs. "It's Sonic."

The game is filled with a wide variety of cartoonish characters, including a rainbow of hedgehogs and cats, a monstrous creature with a spiked shell, four mustached men in overalls and different colored baseball caps, and a fox with two tails.

"A mutant fox!" Harry insists.

Harry proudly waves his Wii wand to make the two-tailed fox throw a hammer or discus, swing an epee, or dash in a race. Thor plays with equal enthusiasm, using a gorilla as an avatar.

Harry quickly realizes there's no Quidditch in the game, but rejects Stark's offer to program it in. "I can just fly my moto'broom," he says.

Stark programs it regardless, along with the ability to play as anybody on their team.

James chooses to observe, flipping a knife between his fingers as he pulls it out. He begins whittling a block of wood; the professor has suggested he create something with a knife.

James finds himself carving the shape of Harry's mutant fox while Lila plays as "Auntie Nat".

Lila hands her Wii wand to the real Romanoff during the gymnastics games.

Romanoff wins, as James expected. Lila cheers for her, bouncing on the cushions.

Barton grabs for the Wii wand and tosses one to James, who tucks his knife back with the others.

Romanoff pulls out her own knife and takes over James' carving. She gives a smile that most would find unsettling and says "I need to keep my skills sharp."

Barton rates her pun five out of ten.

James and Barton both have no difficulty with the pistol shooting minigame, hitting the bullseye every time, and earning straight tens.

Rather than watching to cheer on their fathers, Harry, Lila and Cooper tumble around on the couch and somersault over the armrests. Lucky darts around them, barking.

Steve shifts from sketching the characters onscreen to capturing the children playing on the couch. Romanoff watches with a carefully blank face, and James doesn't need all his memories to know he'd never once heard the children in the Black Widow program laugh.

"It's time to take Lucky out." Barton stretches. "We can do some sightseeing."

Steve eagerly agrees. Harry grabs a Wii wand and waves it at the screen.

Lila tugs Harry's hand. "You can show us magic stuff!"

"I don't know where magic stuff is." Harry tugs back towards the Wii.

James tells Harry to put his shoes on, and Harry sighs but complys. "Should we bring my cloak?"

James still has skills from his time as the Soldier. He knows how to go unnoticed in crowds, despite his recent media attention. Romanoff has similar skills, but they both disguise themselves regardless.

Steve attracts attention, even with his disguise, and veers away to divert attention from the rest of the group.

Cooper declares himself Sonic and challenges Harry to a race, but James holds Harry's hand, unwilling to let him out of arm's reach. Harry pulls, wanting to run around the park with Cooper and Lila while Lucky relieves himself.

James is still watchful of passing civilians. His gaze sweeps for threats continually, but still enjoys his freedom to go on a walk with his friends and his son.

Harry keeps asking to go to Tesco, even though Stark and Professor X have been providing them with food and anything else they need or want. They pass a Tesco Express, but eyes it as if it personally betrayed him, no doubt remembering the much larger store they'd broken into.

They head towards the location of Big Ben, which is far enough for Lila to complain about being tired. Harry points at the passing red buses, the red telephone booths and street signs.

As soon as the clock tower comes into view, Lila's complaints stop, and she talks wistfully about flying up to the face.

"I can fly you up." Harry offers, and Lila grins. On the way back, she's suddenly tired again, and Barton carries her on his back as they walk back to the mansion.

Black returns later, riding his flying motorcycle.

"Did you get me a flying bike for my birthday?!" Harry asks, as soon as it lands.

"This is mine." Black tells him. "But I'll take you for rides."

Someone else is riding the motorcycle; a man who, like Black, looks extremely worn down for his age. The man reminds James of Doctor Banner; rumpled, old clothes, a tired face, seeming uncomfortable in his own skin.

James recognizes the man from the photos in Harry's album. Remus Lupin.

Harry clearly recognizes him too, because he says, without preamble. "You're in my photo book. Sirius says you have a furry little problem. Do you like riding his bike?"

Banner, Beast and Stark emerge from inside, and Stark raises an eyebrow. "Your furry little problem is hardly noteworthy here."

"I wouldn't put it like that." Lupin shifts uncomfortably as Stark strikes over to inspect the motorcycle.

"Your wolfy moments are conveniently scheduled. I had no idea what would set them off."

Stark nods towards Banner and James, and Banner's expression is something between a smile and a grimace. "You tried bringing the Other Guy out on purpose."

Lupin studies Banner for a moment. James suspects he'd work it out, but Stark interrupts before he can, clapping Banner on the shoulder. "Brucie Bear turns into a giant green rage monster, but Hulk's really not a bad guy."

Stark's eyes flick between Banner and Lupin, and he smirks. "It's like you were made for each other. Go, shoo, take your self-loathing and rip it to shreds."

Neither of them leave.

Stark rounds on Black. "You didn't ask before bringing your old buddy Remus here, but that reminds me, I should call up Rhodey and really make this a party."

Stark whips out his phone as Harry throws a pillow at Black. "Turn it into a wolf toy, please!"

Black waves his wand, and the pillow morphs into a large plush wolf.

Harry glances between the large plush dog he gave Cooper and the television screen. "Make it a mutant wolf!"

Black waves his wand again, and the wolf grows a second tail. Much like the fox Harry's controlling in the Wii game, the wolf spins its tails like helicopter blades to hover in the air. Harry laughs, jumping to catch it, then thrusts it at Lupin. "Happy birthday!"

A small smile crosses Lupin's lips. "You keep it. It's almost your birthday."

"I'm almost five!" Harry boasts. "Sirius made a Beast toy 'cos we didn't win any at Coney Island. He doesn't bite."

Lupin shifts uneasily at the mention of biting.

Still on the phone, Stark throws another pillow at Black and tells him to make it a platypus. Black hesitates until Stark projects a photo from his phone.

"That looks like a niffler." Lupin observes. He waves his own wand to transform the pillow into something similar to a platypus.

Harry looks at Lupin, awestruck. "You're a wizard and a mutant."

"You're okay with that?" Lupin asks slowly, like he thinks Harry doesn't grasp the severity of the situation.

"What else do you expect from James' son, Moony?" Black asks. "We weren't bothered, were we?"

"That's putting it lightly, Padfoot." Lupin replies with a trace of a sad, fond smile. "You and James made those nights adventures for me."

"We saw his statue with my mummy, and baby me." Harry shares. "And the rocks with their names. They're buried, not turned into mummies."

Black ruffles Harry's long hair, then turns to Lupin. "Have you been?"

"Do you have claws?" Harry asks eagerly, staring intently at Lupin's hands.

"I do when I transform." Lupin answers.

"Can I see?" Harry grins, likely expecting claws like Logan's.

"It only happens on the full moon." Lupin tells him. "I almost couldn't make it for your birthday this year."

Harry shrugs. "You didn't come to any of my birthdays."

Lupin and Black both wince.

"He's here now." Black says, as if trying to confirm it, himself. "We both are. James was our best friend, and you're all we have left."

James is strongly reminded of Steve, and the Bucky voice says "They're all left with someone else."

"We'll be able to see the ceremony better this way," Barton says as they settle in the theater in Stark's London mansion. Even Potts and Stark's friend Colonel Rhodes have joined them. Colonel Rhodes leans against the niffler-platypus pillow that Lupin made.

"You are supposed to have the eye of a hawk." Thor tilts his head. "Seeing such a distance should be no issue for you."

"It's not. And the carnie in me says live shows are always better. But not for everyone here."

"This is easier for Harry to see." Lupin points mildly.

"We are heroes. Should we not have the best seating?"

"They wouldn't let Gepetto in with his knives anyway." Stark gestures at the knife James is using to carve a wolf. James frowns. He's perfectly capable of hiding knives so security couldn't find them.

"I could remain undetected." James says as he shapes the wolf's second tail.

"You fear an attack." Thor says gravely. Onscreen, tens of thousands of people sit in the stadium, waiting for the ceremony to begin. "We should be there to defend the innocent and vanquish the enemy."

Steve's brow furrows. "It should just be a show."

The stadium for the opening ceremony is set to resemble green pastures. People dressed as villagers work as children sing a song for Northern Ireland.

James turns to Steve. "Your mother's name was Sarah. She was from Ireland."

Steve smiles and nods like James is more fascinating to watch than the performance.

The music gets more intense, the set fiery to represent the industrial revolution as steam stacks rise from the ground.

James finds himself missing the green pastures and the soothing songs sung by the children's choir.

Harry turns back to James and shouts, hypocritically, for Jarvis to lower the volume.

Jarvis doesn't comment as he dutifully reduces the noise, but Stark says Jarvis is above being a glorified remote control.

"Might I remind you, sir, that you use me as an alarm clock and music application."

"You're a DJ, Jay." Stark replies, before Romanoff sends him a look to be quiet.

The performance lasts for 16 minutes.

Barton grins during a video in which a spy named James Bond escorts the Queen out of her palace and into a helicopter. The helicopter travels across London before Bond and the Queen skydive towards the stadium.

At 21:35, children in hospital beds are wheeled out into the stadium. James frowns and glances over at Steve.

None of the children are coughing or gasping for breath. They get up and dance on the beds, alongside dancing doctors and nurses.

Steve never did that, Bucky says.

At the same time, Harry says "I didn't dance when I was sick."

He runs out of the theater, and James follows him to the bedroom, where Harry proceeds to jump on the bed. Jarvis turns the bedroom television on to the broadcast of the opening ceremony, and Harry dances with the children on screen. Lila and Cooper still join him, and the rest of the group trickles in.

The children in the show hide under their glowing covers. In the darkened stadium, shadowy figures arrive with iron cages.

Black lets out a ragged gasp.

Harry shouts "You have to save them! Where's my broom?"

"It's part of the show." Romanoff assures him, though she offers a hand to both Harry and Lila.

Large puppets of fictional villains trail after the child snatchers. An evil queen, a lady surrounded by spotted dogs and a pirate surround a girl whose bed has been lifted, not by strings, but by magic.

More dark child snatchers rush around the stage, and then a team of women float down, using umbrellas as parachutes.

"Mary Poppins!" Lila cheers.

The team of Mary Poppins drive the shadowy figures away with their umbrellas, and James suspects the umbrellas conceal wands, like the umbrella belonging to the giant at Hogwarts.

The children return to dancing on their glowing beds, and the doctors, nurses and Mary Poppinses dance alongside them.

Lila shakes Barton's arm. "She should have helped you guys fight, Dad."

Afterwards, a mute man named Mr. Bean plays one note on the piano and imagines winning a race on the beach. Cooper laughs, but Harry is already asleep.

Stark refuses to watch any of the swimming events taking place the following day, but it hardly matters since Barton insists on watching the gold medal archery event.

Harry seems confused over which country to support and cheer for; he looks between Steve and Stark rooting for the United States, Lupin and Black rooting for Great Britain, and Professor Xavier, who supports both equally. Logan mentions he's from Canada, and Storm shares that she's a Kenyan princess, like her mother.

Lila's eyes widen, while Harry merely looks confused.

Romanoff offers silent support for the Russian gymnasts, which confuses James because her memories of the Red Room can't be any better than his time under Soviet control.

"Why can't they all win?" Harry asks, clearly not wanting any of his family to be upset about a loss.

"They ain't giving participation trophies, kid." Logan grunts.

"They give medals here." Harry says slowly, as if Logan was unaware.

After the event, Black says he has to go to the magic shops to pick out a present for Harry's birthday. Lila and Cooper beg to accompany him, and Lupin agrees.

To James' surprise, Harry insists on going along.

Black takes them to a dingy pub on Charing Cross Road that James hadn't noticed until Black led them there.

More magic, he presumes. The pub's name, The Leaky Cauldron, further solidifies that theory.

James also notes that Thor had been able to see it all along.

"No peeking when we pick your presents." Black warns Harry, who looks around dubiously.

"I can't drink brandy." Harry says. "Or Mr. Stark's scotch."

"I can." Logan is clearly content to spend the afternoon in the dingy pub, but Black hurries them through, perhaps reminded of his cell. Stark doesn't appear particularly at ease either, despite his love of alcohol.

Thor promises to join Logan for a drink later. Logan merely grunts as Thor stays with the rest of their group.

Black leads them to a small, enclosed courtyard behind the pub.

Cooper looks around accusingly "You're tricking us. You aren't really taking us to magic shops."

"I wanted to see magic shops." Lila pouts.

"This is how we get to Diagon Alley," Black explains.

At the word alley, Bucky's voice says it sounds like a place Steve will get punched.

The other voice blares PROTECT, but it's really Bucky's voice that's more protective of Steve.

Til the end of the line, Bucky assures.

Lupin begins tapping bricks with his wand. A hole appears, growing into an archway. It leads to a cobbled street that looks nothing like the alleys James remembers Steve picking fights in.

Bucky's voice is long-suffering when it says, That won't stop him.

The archway instantly shrinks and disappears after they've stepped through it, and James instantly starts taking note of exits and hideaways.

The street is cobbled and twisted, leading out of sight. Shops sell cauldrons, strange instruments, owls, robes, books and wands. Lila points to everything and asks "Are you getting him that? What about that? What about that? Are you getting Harry a wand?"

"We don't get wands until we're eleven." Lupin says. He patiently answers every question the children throw his way, but says he can't hear when they shout at the same time.

When she sees a store selling owls, Lila begs Laura and Barton to buy her one.

"Who would you send mail to?" Lupin asks curiously, and Lila looks taken aback.

Stark mutters that wizards need to "get with the times and use email already."

A family full of people with bright red hair, more vibrant than Romanoff's, comes out of Eeylops Owl Emporium. One of the boys is carrying an owl in a cage.

"They're sure this one isn't a man?" asks another boy.

"Animagi have to register." their father reassures them.

"Yeah, well, Scabbers wasn't registered." another boy mutters.

Black makes a noise that's almost a growl as the father attempts to change the subject to the innovation of Muggle games. Several of the boys say that Quidditch is better.

They're too focused on their own discussion to notice them, until a pair of twins stops and says "It's Harry Potter!"

"Where?" shrieks the youngest child, the only girl among the children.

James has already pulled Harry behind him, and the girl doesn't spot him.

"You didn't really see Harry Potter." scoffs the youngest boy, who appears to be Harry's age.

"We did, ickle-Ronniekins." says one twin.

The girl tugs her mother's hand, trying to turn back towards them. "I want to see him!"

The mother chastises her daughter, saying Harry isn't something to watch in a zoo. "He's been through so much."

The father says "He's in a good place now."

Harry pulls James towards a shop called Quality Quidditch Supplies to look at the broomstick in the window.

"You already have two brooms." James tells him. "It's too big for you."

Black drags Lupin off to pick out Harry's presents, while Cooper and Lila make gleefully disgusted noises at spleens and eyeballs in barrels.

James is used to the sight of organs.

Stark moves through the alley like he owns it, inspecting items and pelting shopkeepers and passersby with questions. A few of the wizards and witches sneer at him being a Muggle, but Stark is quick to inform them how he saved the world.

Steve, far from lecturing Stark, almost gets into a fight with a blond wizard until James hauls him away.

Lila begs for a magic storybook, and the Bartons take their children into a bookshop.

Lupin and Black return with several packages in brown paper. Harry guesses they're a broomstick and a motorcycle, despite none of the packages being long enough. The Bartons return empty-handed; the shops only take wizarding money. Black says they can exchange it at Gringotts, but Stark waves a hand.

"They'll take my money." Stark leads the Bartons back into the shop, and Lila is hugging a storybook when they re-emerge. Cooper has a book about spells he likely will never cast, but he's determined to help Harry cast them.

James doesn't remember any birthdays growing up, but they are evidently an elaborate affair. Parents throw huge parties full of games and decorations for every birthday, and Steve seems taken aback by it all. There are pinatas, which children beat for candy.

Stark relentlessly teases Steve about how Pin the Shield on the Captain is everyone's new favorite birthday game. Stark shows them a picture of a paper Captain America with a shield instead of a head.

Banner says it used to be Pin the tail on the donkey, and Bucky's voice says he sees no difference.

Harry asks for "Pin the arm on Dad" but Steve disallows the idea.

When asked what he wants to do on his birthday, Harry answers with what he's been doing; watching the Olympics on the television and playing as Tails the mutant fox in the Wii game.

Stark, of course, goes overboard, and arranges for far more than James really thinks is necessary. James wants Harry to have everything, but three children do not need twelve inflatable structures to jump on. They jump on the couch and beds already.

"They aren't just for the children," Romanoff says, and Barton is almost more excited about them than his children.

Stark plans to turn the mansion's backyard into a carnival, until James says they could simply visit Coney Island again. Harry certainly would be amenable to the idea.

James and Barton plan a fake Olympics like the one Barton had started at his house.

Jarvis suggests a game called Pass the Parcel, and Barton says it must be a British thing, because he hasn't encountered it at any birthday parties his children have attended.

James insists on picking out some of the presents to be wrapped inside. Stark's overindulgence is starting to make James feel inept.

James scouts out a small bookshop before bringing Harry along.

A bell rings when James pushes the door open, but the shopkeeper is distracted by a girl Harry's age with bushy brown hair.

"Do you have the book Matilda? I got it from the library and I quite liked it. I could relate to Matilda because I love to read and I used telekinesis to pull a book from a high shelf. Can you believe telekinesis is real? And magic? I think I must be a witch."

The girl speaks very quickly without pause, in a way that reminds James greatly of Stark.

"My dad read me Matilda!" Harry practically shouts. "You could be a mutant."

"Mutant powers typically don't develop until adolescence." the girl says, like she's reciting from a book she's read. It's still strange seeing such a young child use terms like adolescence. "It's much more likely that I'm a witch. You shouldn't shout in a bookshop, you know."

James realizes Harry genuinely hadn't known.

The girl's mother sighs "Hermione,"

Hermione's mother looks at them, and recognition flashes in her eyes.

"Come on," James herds Harry behind some shelves. They select books for Banner and Beast, because Harry insists nobody should be left out of Pass the Parcel.

On the walk back, Harry stops and insists on getting a pair of cheap, gaudy sunglasses for Stark. They're vastly different from Stark's usual designer models, but James suspects Stark will wear them regardless.

When Harry wakes up on his birthday, he rushes to play Wii. It's nighttime still, and Dad's up too. Harry holds out a Wii wand for Dad, but Dad shakes his head.

"Try to get some sleep. It's going to be a busy day."

"But I like game night." Harry says.

"We'll play lots of games later." Dad says. Instead of making hot cocoa or tea, Dad leads Harry back to bed.

When Harry wakes up again, it's bright outside. Harry smiles and looks over to see Dad.

"Dad, I'm five! Like a high-five!"

Harry holds up his hand, and Dad smiles and uses his metal hand to high-five him. Harry beams. "I didn't have any bad dreams on my birthday!"

There's a knock on the bedroom door, and Mr. Stark jokingly calls "Room service!"

He comes in with breakfast on a tray. Harry sees pancakes and fruit and orange juice.

Harry stares. Why is he doing that?

"It's breakfast in bed." Mr. Stark explains.

"But I'm not sick." Harry tells him.

"I know, but it's a special occasion. Happy birthday, Harry!"

"Thank you. But I don't want to just sit here all day."

He's had enough birthdays just sitting there.

When they go downstairs, everyone they see tells him "Happy birthday, Harry." Even Logan.

Harry's never had people say Happy Birthday to him. He rushes towards the Wii, but Dad tells him to look out the window.

Harry runs over. The backyard has huge, blow-up castles and rockets. Harry doesn't mind these castles, and there's even a Quidditch pitch.

After a quick breakfast, Harry, Lila and Cooper run outside. They bounce around until it's time for Pass the Parcel.

Jarvis plays the music and makes sure it stops so Doctor Banner and Beast can unwrap their books, and Mr. Stark gets his sunglasses.

Everything in the parcel layers have been shrunk, and Lupin or Sirius make them big again.

Lila and Cooper unwrap their own motorbrooms for later.

Harry gets to unwrap the last part of the parcel. It's a toy whale, like the one they slept under.

They run outside to fly on the little Quidditch pitch Sirius made, and then it's time for the other presents. Harry has more than he ever saw Dudley get.

Mr. Stark gives him a dragon like the one from Coney Island, only it's metal like the Iron Man suits. Mr. Barton gives Harry an archery set that he says they'll use later. Sirius and Remus give him a chess game like Grandpa'fessor's, only the pieces move and shout a lot.

Steve gives him a comic book all about his adventures with Dad and his family, along with markers so Harry can color the pictures. Harry stares at the drawing of a tiny boy in the cupboard.

"That's me."

His photo book has pictures of when he and Dad first met Mr. Stark, but it's almost like looking at his baby photos or statue. He can't believe he was so tiny.

Dad gives Harry a bunch of wooden toys he made; Tails the fox, the wolf that also has two tails, a little train. He also gives Harry a knife and says he'll teach Harry to carve.

"You could have given him clay or Play-Doh." Doctor Banner says.

Harry's glad he got this instead because he wants to be just like Dad.

Harry turns to Logan after hugging Dad. "Did you carve things too?"

"Do I look like the type to make little toys?" Logan asks.

"Dad doesn't look like the type, and he does," Harry points out.

Logan grunts and says he'll make Harry a hockey stick. Harry throws his arms around Logan, too.

Harry gets a magic storybook from Loki, who's kept his word and hasn't shown up now that the Bartons are here, and Asgardian armor from Thor, who doesn't seem to get that Harry shouldn't fight.

Harry's surprised to see some of the big kids sent stuff. He gets a ball that makes ice cream with science, not magic, with a note from Bobby saying he can't freeze it for them. Harry unwraps cookies and a bunch of sparklers from Jubilee.

Harry even gets something from Mr. Coulson; a bunch of cards with Pokemon on them. Harry happily shares them with Cooper and Lila. There are even more dragons with fire tails than the toy he got from Coney Island, and Cooper says it evolves.

Harry doesn't know what that means. Grandpa'fessor talks about mutations and adaptability, but Harry already guessed they were mutants because of the fire. There are even mutant ninja turtles, except Cooper says those are different from Blastoise.

As Cooper and Lila sort eagerly through the cards, Mr. Barton declares it's time for the Birthday Games. They light a sparkler like the torch, and Mr. Stark carries it out.

They have a parade to the backyard, where a bunch of toys and Harry's photo album are set up as the audience. Harry makes sure the picture of his mummy and his first dad can watch as Sirius puts on a magic show. It's not as grand as the real ceremony, but it's lots of fun.

After the show, Mr. Stark announces "I declare open the Games of the Mansion, celebrating the first Olympiad of Harry's Birthday."

They do the high jump on the bouncy castle, and then flip and bounce to get points in gymnastics. Lila gets the gold medal for that.

Mr. Barton helps them shoot arrows for archery. Then they have a dash across the yard that Lucky wins, even though Harry didn't think he was playing. Lucky looks so happy with his medal, that Harry finds himself smiling.

Lila asks if there's horseback riding, but Mr. Stark didn't get any horses. Harry thinks riding broomsticks is better anyway, and they play Fly Away from the Dragons. After the chase, they toss around the ice cream ball. Sirius casts a spell to make it not as heavy, and easier to catch and throw while they fly around.

Harry throws the ice cream ball through the hoops, just like basketball, and wins a medal.

Lucky runs off with the Birthday Olympic Cup and hides it somewhere, but Lupin flicks his wand and it comes flying back, crashing through a window that Lupin fixes.

Harry tries to get Dad and Grandpa'fessor to compete in the Paralympics, but Grandpa'fessor says Dad would win everything with his super strength, even Ping Pong.

Mr. Stark says Team Barton wins the cup, but Mr. Stark and Mr. Barton are on the same team, so Harry thinks they all win, even if Logan grumbles about it.

After they hoist the cup, they go in to see the cake. It's part basketball court and part Quidditch pitch, with players moving between the five candles to shoot at hoops.

Harry blows out the candles with a secret wish.

They take their cake and ice cream to the mansion's theater to watch the real Olympics.

Harry tries to share his ice cream with Dad, but Dad doesn't want any. Harry takes a big bite. His brain freezes, and now he knows why Dad doesn't like it.

Dad tells him to take smaller bites.

Harry leans against his dad's shoulder and takes a small bite of ice cream.

When he turned four, he thought birthdays would always mean hiding in his cupboard, listening to Dudley's parties and presents.

Now he has his own birthday and presents, and homemade ice cream. Even better, he has friends and a super family, and they helped him grow up into a big, strong boy.

Bad things will probably happen this year when he's five. Someone will try to find them and hurt them, and they'll have bad dreams or bad days. Steve will get mad at Loki for mischief. Sirius and Lupin are leaving tomorrow when he turns into a wolf, but Harry always has Dad.

They're together after HYDRA and aliens and bad wizards, and they'll always be together no matter what happens. Dad is free, and Harry's five, and that means they can do anything.

Yay, Harry's finally five! It only took almost six years to reach his birthday, lol. Also, I managed to post on Bucky's birthday. Happy 106th birthday, Bucky!

I can't believe I reached the end of this story. Thank you so much to everyone who read and followed this journey. I have some ideas for one-shots or spinoffs I may add to the series, so it might not be my last time writing in this universe.