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Natsu Dragyama, a human who was raised and trained by the King of the Dark Dragons, Yoruyama, until he got killed by Acnologia, goes on a journey to find friends, adventures and a new life. Different Dragon Slayer Natsu, Harem. Later Lemons.

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Chapter 1: The Dragon Boy

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In the country of Alvarez, a young boy wandered around the lands. He was wearing a white t-shirt, red pants and black shoes. The most distinguishing thing was his pink hair and white, scaly scarf. His name is Natsu Dragyama.

"Where am I?" Natsu said to himself as he wandered around the landscape. He then looked into the sky. "You could have at least told me where I was going, Yoruyama." Natsu said while looking at the sky.

He remembered the day he saw his father, the Abyss Dragon Yoruyami, die.

A week ago, his father he knew since he was a kid was killed by Acnologia. The Black Dragon murdered his father as Natsu could only watch him die. As the Dragon of the Apocalypse then left, Natsu was in a broken state seeing his dad dying. Yoruyama said to him that he should still be going on instead of still crying. The great dragon would be more disappointing than anything.

After that, Yoruyama passed away, which Natsu, despite still crying, he knew he would to as he was told and swore to avenge him by killing Acnologia.

Days later after he buried him in a grave, he wandered around without even knowing where he was. As he wandered the land...

"HELP!" A woman's voice was heard with Natsu´s enchanted senses. He immediately sprinted towards where the voice came from. After a lot of running, he then was at a house, which were surrounded by over thirty bandits, its leader had white spiky hair, a black jacket with a red skull on the back, blue pants and a pair of sandals. His weapon of choice was a sword.

Two of the men were currently holding a woman, who had short green hair with her hair tied to a bun and had cross shaped accessories, a blouse with long sleeves, a collar and white cuffs at the end. Her daughter had matching green hair, as well as cross shaped accessories in her hair, yellow dress with green stripes and red shoes, was held hostage by one of the men, with having a knife at her throat.

"Please, don't harm my Brandish, Derek." The woman begged for her daughter to be spared. "Grammi, you are truly pathetic. I have heard of mothers fighting for their children, but you... I can´t truly describe it." Derek, the leader said.

"Well, I hope it doesn't make me a violent barbarian like you." Grammi said. "Please. Don't come up with any pathetic morals. You´re late with paying the money you're owning us, and since this is the last day and you have no money..." Derek said as he took his sword and pointed it at Brandish neck. " will have no daughter either..." Derek said evilly, much to Grammi´s horror.

"BRANDISH!" Grammi screamed at the top of her lungs. "MOM!" Brandish also screamed at the top of her lungs, with Derek then made sure to stab her, then:

"ABYSS DRAGON IRON FIST!" Natsu roared as he punched with his darkness coated fist at Derek´s face, causing him to cough blood and shock his men, Brandish and Grammi.

Before the men who held Brandish hostage knew, Natsu struck with a punch of darkness to their faces, while those who held Grammi hostage was sent flying as a massive black stream hit them.

Derek slowly got up. "ASSHOLE, WHO ARE YOU?!" Roared Derek with rage.

"Me? Natsu Dragyama. A Dragon Slayer." Natsu said simply as the men surrounded him with weapons such as sword, axes and maces.

"Men, take this punk down. We shall show him what the Derek Gang is made of!" Derek said as the men attacked Natsu.

Natsu simply grinned as he dodged a sword slash and punched the guy with it. "Don't get cocky cause you know magic." A guy said as he shot darkness from his hands. Natsu saw this and then, much for the gangs, Grammi´s and Brandish´s shock, he ate the darkness!

"Wow, that's a lame taste for a dark guy like you, I tell ya that." Natsu said.

"ASSHOLE, TAKE THIS!" Said a group of gang members as they sent magic beams, which were also darkness at Natsu, who simply smirked, opened his mouth and ate all of the spells like nothing.

Derek, his men, Brandish and Grammi were beyond shocked of what they saw, but not for long the members then charged at Natsu, who punched and kicked left and right with his attacks.

Derek, growing tired of this punk, he then put his hand on the ground and then plants raised from the ground.

"Plant Rise! Have a taste of my Plant Magic." Derek grinned as massive tower of a flower raised from the ground was about to slam to the ground, only for Natsu grin, coated his foot into darkness, which were in the shape of black smoke and then:

"ABYSS DRAGON CLAW!" Natsu said as he kicked a hole in the plant. The plants were withered as it turned to dust.

Without any seconds to waste, he dove towards Derek, who noticed him and then summoned walls of plants to protect himself, only to be in vain as Natsu sliced them all with a dark kick . After that his cheeks then enlarged and filled with darkness as he then:

"ABYSS DRAGON´S ROAR!" Natsu sent a beam of darkness at Derek, causing a explosion of smoke.

Natsu landed and the smoke cleared, showing Derek, bruised, wounded and unconscious. Natsu stood still at the spot and then glared at the gang.

"If you come and mess with these women or any others, I shall send you to hell." Natsu said with a demonic expression, striking fear into them, causing them to pick up their defeated boss and then run away while apologizing.

Natsu simply looked as they ran away.

"BRANDISH!" Grammi shouted as she went to her daughter and hugged her. "MOMMY!" Brandish screamed while crying tears of joy like her mother, giving the hug back.

Natsu looked at them with a smile. After a moment of crying, they finally let go of each other and then:

"Thank you young man. We are grateful for what you did for us." Grammi said as she bowed with her daughter doing the same. "Thank you so much." Brandish said as she bowed.

"It was nothing." Natsu said while scratching his head. "Derek and his gang had been picking on us for over a month. We were forced to pay debts beyond our profits." Grammi explained. "Well, don't worry. They won´t be attacking you anymore." Natsu said.

Natsu knew it would be the end of a family if he didn't do anything. He didn't want it to happen to them as it happened to him.

"Excuse us, but would you like to tell us your name?" Brandish suddenly said. "Natsu Dragyama. And you?" Natsu asked back. "Brandish Myu, and this is my mother Grammi." Brandish introduced. "Would you like to stay with us as a gratitude for saving us?" Grammi asked. "Sure, I don't see why not." Natsu had walked for a week in the landscape, so he knew he needed some hospitality before he went on.

Later, at night...

While Grammi was sitting on a chair and reading a book, Brandish and Natsu sat to each other talking on the floor.

"So, you're telling me that you were raised by a dragon?" Brandish. "Yep. I am an Abyss Dragon Slayer. I use the element Darkness." Natsu said as he coated his hand into darkness.

"Cool. I hope that I one day I can use magic." Brandish said. "I bet you can do it and even become a great wizard one day." Natsu said, making Brandish blush, which Grammi noticed instantly.

"It seems like you got both a savior and a boyfriend, Brandish." Grammi teased, making her even blush more.

"Shut up, mom." Brandish said embarrassed as she blushed, making Natsu confused.

Later, after a nights sleep, Natsu went off to go on his journey again in the morning.

As he was about to leave, Brandish and Grammi were in front of their house. "Are you sure you want to leave?" Grammi asked.

"Don't worry, I´ll handle myself. Also you won´t have to worry about having your food supply run out." Natsu said with black back pack with food and other supplies in it.

"Don't worry, and besides, it would´ve also trained Brandish to cook better as the future wife of you." Grammi held her hand in front of her mouth as she teased, making her daughter to turn crimson and yell at her to shut up.

"However Natsu, I have been thinking for the night." Grammi said suddenly with a serious voice, getting Natsu´s attention.

Without telling any further, she took a key out of her blouse, which was a gold key with the Aquarius symbol on it.

"What is that?" Natsu asked bluntly. "The Key to the Celestial Zodiac Spirit Aquarius." Grammi said. "Celestial Spirits?" Natsu said. He had learned some of it from the time with his father, but not enough how to use it.

"I want you to take it." Grammi said, much to Brandish´s shock and Natsu`s confusion.

"WHAT?! MOM, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Brandish screamed shocked. "What? I can´t do that. I am not a Celestial Mage, so I can´t use Celestial Spirit Magic." Natsu said. "I am asking you to give it someone, namely Layla Heartfilia." Grammi said, much to her daughters shock. "What...?" Brandish could only say.

"I know you are confused, Brandish. But during the month, I was unable to do anything to stop them from harming us. If I used the key, word would spread and more evil and powerful men than Derek would come and harm us. I couldn't even do anything when they held you hostage. I truly am a woman not deserving to wield this key." Grammi said.

"Mom..." Brandish said.

"Are you sure? If you give me the key, doesn't it mean you´re unable to protect Brandish?" Natsu asked. "Natsu, I love my daughter more than anything. If this was the only thing that could protect us from, then I wouldn't even think about giving it away. Besides, since you scared away Derek and his gang, I bet it will be peaceful. And plus, we are hoping to move away to a safer town in the future." Grammi said and then handed Natsu the key.

Natsu looked at the golden key he held.

"Natsu, I have one request of you. Deliver the key to Layla Heartfilia. Please forgive me I asked so suddenly, despite I don't have done anything in return yet." Grammi said.

Natsu gave a grin. "Don't worry. I hope I find her. Where does she live?" Natsu asked.

"She lives across in the country Fiore in Ishgar. You will have to take a ship to get there." Grammi said. "Ship, huh?" Natsu said. He never rode or even saw a ship in his life before.

"Well, I make sure to find a boat I can get to Ishgar." Natsu said. "Well, I hope we could help you, but we don't have any money, due to we had to pay for most of it to the Derek Gang." Grammi said. "Its nothing, I´ll find a way." Natsu said and started to leave.

"Hold it, Natsu." Brandish suddenly said and went to Natsu, who was confused. She then pulled a pair of necklaces with black crosses and the string was a red string. Brandish handed one of them to Natsu. "What's this?" Natsu asked. "The Necklaces of Promise. It's a traditional gear between two people in Alvarez. It´s worn by two people when they make a promise and they only take them off when one or both have fulfilled their promise. They say that if they break the promise, the one who broke it will have bad luck for the rest of their lives." Brandish explained.

Natsu examined the necklace. "I promise I will fulfill the promise. And if we ever meet again, I´ll give it back to you." Natsu said. Brandish gave a smile.

Natsu then turned around and then started to leave. He then waved back, which the mother and daughter did the same.

Natsu was soon out of their reach and then...

"My, you truly like him, giving him something to remember by." Grammi teased as she held her hand in front of her mouth.

"KNOCK IT OFF, MOM!" Brandish yelled with embarrassment and a huge blush.

Later, at the town at the sea...

After a trip to the port town Vozle, Natsu took the ship which would sail to Fiore the earliest. Since he didn't have any money, he made a deal with the sailors. If he could load the luggage to their ship, he would have a free journey straight to Ishgar. The sailors were shocked first, but then ridiculed him, telling him to go home his mom. They got shut up immediately after seeing Natsu carry the luggage like nothing, despite being a little kid.

Bet they don't see kids carriage package ten times the size everyday.

After that, they set sail towards Fiore in Ishgar, with Natsu happy he would be able to go there and fulfill his promise. If he only knew what was going to happen.


"I can´t take it anymore..." Natsu whined as he laid on his stomach on the floor of the ship, green as a broccoli. As he never went on a ship before, he never knew how it felt, and now got to know the answer when it was too late. And now he would go on a long time of one the most horrible moments of his life.

A long time later, on the port town Hargeon, Fiore...

"FINALLY FREE!" Natsu yelled as he was off the boat. As he walked the second after he got off, he promised he would never ride a ship again.

As he remembered the promise he made with Grammi and Brandish, he looked at the necklace before grabbing it in his hand.

"I will finish the promise, just you wait Layla." Natsu said and then went to the town to ask for information. After asking a old man in the city about where Layla lived, he left the town immediately to go then. Before he left, the old man suggested he should take the carriage to get there faster, which didn't seem like a problem for Natsu since it wasn't a boat.

He soon regretted it after a torturing ride with his motion sickness when he rode the carriage. When the first stop came, he decided to walk the rest of the way to Heartfilia Manor, the place where Layla lived.

"I'm coming. Please wait for me, Layla." Natsu thought as he walked into the forest.

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