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Chapter 53: Against your Cruel Reality.

Slowly, Happy opened his eyes, before then feeling great pain. He then realized he was in a bed and then looked around, seeing that he was inside a house, with furniture, bright walls, tables and chairs.

"What... happened?" Happy said, before then feeling pain again in his chest.

"Damn, how many times have I woken up in strange places today?" Happy said, before then hearing a voice.

"If ya keep moving, you are just gonna keep getting more injuries." The voice said, causing Happy to turn around.

Before him, sitting on a chair, and smoking a pipe, was a white furred Exceed, with black eyes, a black beard, and a monobrow. He wore black shoes, dark brown pants with patches on, a light-colored shirt, a blue vest and a straw hat on his face.

"What? Who are you?" Happy asked.

"Kaaah! Don't make me repeat myself, or are you that slow!?" The bearded Exceed shouted, causing Happy to comically scared as he jumped back.

But Happy immediately got back on track as he realized something.

"Where is Carla...?" Happy said, but stopped due to his injuries, causing him to clench and clutch his bandaged body.

"You shouldn't be so hard on them, Lucky. You may cause even more injury to them." A female voice said, entering the room.

It was female Exceed, who had blue fur and black eyes. She wore a white dress with the sleeves cuffed at the elbows, a yellow apron, and a yellow hood with holes that sticks out her triangle-shaped ears.

"Kah! I dragged both him and the girl with me for miles, after having to carry him through the lake!" Lucky said.

"But you still should harsh on them." Marl sighed; as she carried a plate, with has a purple bottle and white tissue at the side of it.

"And don't worry about your friend. I have made sure she is kept in good care like you." Marl said, as she walked towards the bed where a bandaged Carla was laying in.

"Carla..." Happy said, watching Carla lying in the bed beside him, and then the White Furred Cat slowly began to open her eyes.

"What... happened...?" Carla said in confusion and then looked around as she slowly rose up from the bed.

"Where... am I?" Carla said, trying to get off the bed, but felt great pain her bandaged chest.

"You shouldn't try to stand up like that, or you will only worsen it." Marl said, before she placed the plate on the bed table.

Marl then went on to place her paws on Carla´s chest, which then glowed a green light, healing Carla´s wounds.

Carla widened her eyes as she felt her wounds healed, and once Marl was done, Carla felt her bandaged chest.

"I shouldn't do that, you need rest some more. You got some serious wounds there." Marl said. "I agree. Your injuries were so serious, if I hadn't pulled out of the lake, you two would be have been goners." Lucky said.

"Luckily, Marl here used her Healing Magic once I took you to our house." Lucky explained, smoking his pipe. "Really? Thank you a lot...! Happy said, but Lucky quickly cut him off, by suddenly moving his arm, and pointed with his pipe at Happy.


"In other words, once you are healed, you are gonna make sure to do some work around here, do you understand?!" Lucky said. "YES SIR!" Happy saluted in fear, but felt great pain in doing so.

"I told you to stand still. But you were indeed lucky my husband found you in time." Marl said while walking towards Happy and used her Healing Magic on him as well.

Happy felt his wounds heal by Marl´s Healing Magic, and once Marl was done, Happy went on to ask. "But how long were me and Carla out?" Happy asked. "For about an hour. It took me about fifty minutes for me to drag you two here, and Marl here had to prepare for things before going to heal you two." Lucky explained.

"But these were some serious damage you got there. Luckily I healed you before I put the bandages on you as well, or else who knows what state you would be in right now." Marl said.

"And those injuries were no joke either. But then, you got struck by the Extalia Guards. You must have done something nasty to piss them off." Lucky said.

Both Happy and Carla widen their eyes in panic, as Lucky had seen them being attacked by the Extalia, thinking they would sell them to the Extalia Kingdom.

"Don't worry, we are not gonna turn you into the Kingdom. After all, Lucky and I are fugitives from the Kingdom." Marl said. "We got some bad history, so we ended up living here." Lucky said, taking out the pipe from his mouth, to then blow some smoke out of his mouth.

"And knowing these assholes, they won't tell the Edolas King of your deaths, so don't worry about that either." Lucky explained, his arms crossed.

Happy and Carla sighed in relief, as Marl was the next one to speak.

"By the way, I don't think we have introduced ourselves to each other. The name is Lucky, the one who saved you two." Lucky introduced.

"I´m Marl, his wife." Marl said. Seeing no reason to hesitate to introduce themselves, both Happy and Carla went on to do so as well.

"My name is Happy." Happy introduced himself. "I'm Carla." Carla said, which Marl smiled while Lucky crossed his arms.

"Nice to meet you. Feel to stay here as long you feel like it." Marl said.

"Kah! But you better make sure to heal up soon enough, cause you are do some chores here for repayment for me and Marl treating your wounds!" Lucky said. "Aye!" Happy said, and Carla looked down on the bed with shameful thoughts in her mind.

"Wendy... you guys... have me and Happy really betrayed you?" Carla thought.

Later, both Happy and Carla managed to recover from their injuries, thanks to the treatment of Marl and Lucky.

Happy were currently helping with Lucky to plow the fields, while Carla were at the railing of the house where Lucky and Marla lived in, hanging up the laundry on a string.

"KAH! YOU CALL THAT WORK?! I HAVE SEEN SNAILS WORK FASTER THAN YOU!" Lucky shouted in a comical tone of anger, while Happy worked with his hoe as if his butt were on fire.

"AYE! I AM DOING FAST AS I CAN!" Happy shouted, comical anime tears forming from his eyes, while continued to randomly hack on the ground with his hoe.

Carla was silent at the scene before, before then taking a deep sign and then went on to continue her chore of hanging up the laundry.

"What's wrong? Is there something the matter?" Marl asked, who came to the scene while carrying a basket of laundry.

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However, Carla´s eyes were shadowed, and was silent, not even a single sound coming from her mouth, until she then finally spoke.

"You could quite say that. Even if it was such a short time of me and Happy being on Extalia, we have had a quite tough time." Carla said, her eyes and voice filled with sadness.

Happy heard that as well, and instead of Lucky yelling at him, the bearded cat listened as well.

The blue cat looked down the ground in shame, as he remembered back when he stood against the idea that both Happy and Carla had betrayed their friends.

Carla then turned her eyes to Marl, who then spoke her words, knowing that she and Happy could trust both her and Lucky.

"Happy and I were sent on a mission. According to what he heard from the Captain of the Imperial Guards, and the Minister of State, the Queen sent 100 Exceed Eggs, including me and Happy to Earthland." Carla explained.

Marl listened to every word, and so did Lucky, who came into the scene with Happy.

"Our mission... was to eliminate the Dragon Slayers. I had a hard time believe that... I thought I could change my fate, as I couldn't stand to kill Wendy, a friend I had known since the day I was born..." Carla said, starting to shake, her eyes shadowed.

"I thought I could change that, that I had the upper hand in controlling my fate, since I could see future, despite being limited in use." Carla said, as there was regret in her voice. "But I couldn't change my fate, even I could see it. What kind of friend am I? Am I truly Wendy´s friend? Can I truly save her?" Carla said, her tears coming through her cheeks. Happy looked down on the ground, his eyes shadowed, as he remembered when he and Carla stood against the Extalia Kingdom, as he didn't want to believe they had turned against their friends.

And suddenly, Marl went towards Carla and hugged her, without saying any words. Carla was stunned and silenced, lost for words as then Marl went to speak to her.

"Things must have gone tough for you and Happy, am I right?" Marl said, and then let go of Carla from her hug.

"As we live in different lives, we have our own rights to do what we think we think is right, based on our feelings and bonds. Fate isn't something that controls you, but something you control, through your hardships, as it's a result of your own actions." Marl said.

"Kah! She is right, you know." Lucky said, stepping into the scene. "Besides, both me and Marl too went against the Kingdom of Extalia. Because among the one hundred eggs that were send to Earthland six years ago, were our child." Lucky said.

Happy and Carla were silence because of the revelation, while Marl was silent as she remembered the day their child was taken away from them.

"Yes, it was truly difficult for us to accept, as we begged the soldiers to keep our child, but it went to deaf ears. Because of that, we questioned the Queen´s actions, and even went against her. Because of that, we became Fallen, and were forced to escape from the Kingdom, which we were exiled from." Marl explained as she told Happy and Carla their story.

"But I believe, whatever we were gods or not, everyone should have the power to be able to bring happiness." Marl said.

"And I know you two can, as whatever you are Gods or not, I know that you will be able to save your friends." Marl said.

Both Carla and Happy smiled as they were moved by her words, as then Lucky were the next one to speak.

"Kah! Now that's my wife for ya, always knows when to speak the words for you." Lucky said, clapping Happy on the shoulder.

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"But for now, shall we aid you into saving your friends?" Lucky said. "What?" Happy said, as he and Carla were confused. "Don't think we will let you fail the same thing me and Marl did years ago. Whatever it is friends or family, we won't have you fail saving your friends." Lucky said.

"After all, we too became Fallen Exceed for going against the queen´s motives. So, we don't see a reason why we shouldn't aid you." Marl said and then turned around towards the doorway into the house.

"Follow me." Marl said, which Happy and Carla did, with Lucky coming as well.

Inside the house, Marl went towards the living room, having a round, small table, a rocking chair, a sofa and a bookshelf surrounding it. Marl went to the bookshelf, which she then grabbed a green book, and once she pulled on it, a click was heard, as the bookshelf then moved and opened, revealing a passageway with stairs going downwards.

Both Happy and Carla´s eyes widened as a reaction, while Lucky had his hands on his hips, and a proud smirk.

"Kah! Impressive, am I right? I built it all by myself. Quite the craftsmanship if I say so myself." Lucky said, scratching his head.

"Not to be rude, but we have seen bigger and more impressive things than this." Happy said. Lucky felt the words itself himself stabbing his chest, comically shocking him. "I agree with him. Trust us, we have seen more impressive things than this." Carla said, and once again, Lucky felt the words stabbing him in the chest.

"Kah! You ungrateful brats! I put my back, body and heart into this! What gives you right to judge me?!" Lucky shouted in comical tone, having his arms angrily.

"Now, now. We don't have time play critics here, are we? Both Happy and Carla need to move on to save their friends, right?" Marl said. "Yeah, you are right." Happy said. "Then let's go. Every second we waste is fatal." Carla said, and then they all went to run down the stairway. Once they did that, the shelf behind them closed.

Running down the stairs in a cavern-like tunnels lit by torches on the wall, and eventually they were down the stars, and walked through the tunnel before them.

"Man, it must have taken you quite some time for you to dig this." Happy said. "Kah! Well, as long you put your back into it, you can sure claim quite the ordeal!" Lucky explained, and after some time, they came to a large room, having boxes, barrels, some tools like pitchforks, hoes and even some swords, being in the barrels or hanging on a wall.

Happy and Carla looked around the room, seeing the objects while Marl went towards a lever on the wall.

"Take what you need from here. Its not much, but it should at least give you some aid. I made these weapons some time ago, but I am not quite a fighter with swords and weapons." Lucky explained.

Happy then walked towards the wall as he saw a sword hanging on it.

The sword was a singled edged katana, with its guard formed into the form of a snake with red jewels as its eyes, on its handle it had a red-black design, with the tip of it having a octagon-shaped bottom.

While looked at it, Lucky came at his side with his arms crossed and a grin on his face.

"Well, what do ya think? Quite the craftsmanship, if I say so myself. I named her Kusanagi." Lucky said proudly. "Yeah, it kinda looks awesome. Even if I doesn't possess great swordsmanship like Erza, I do have seen the way she fights, so I may can use a few skills." Happy said.

Lucky then went to pick it up. "Well, It is quite special, even among Edolas's weapons, because as you can see..." Lucky said and then the eyes of the handles guards' glowed red and then its blade suddenly grow and transformed into a snake! The snake was of the same material as the sword, being silver in color, but with scales now, had red eyes, long fangs going downwards, and was big enough to cut a horse in half in one bite.

"Holy crap!" Happy said as he jumped back in surprise, as Carla was surprised as well while Marl were smiling.

"Kah! You should have seen your reaction! But this baby here can transform its blade into a snake! It wasn't easy to make it, as it's blade was formed by the scales of a Orochi, an eight-headed snake that once terrorized a town years ago." Lucky explained.

"Wow, did you kill the Orochi?" Happy said in awe. "Kah! Of course not! But I got the scales from an old woman who gave it to me after I saved her from a tree that had fallen on top of her. And trust me, these scales were not easy to make. It felt like I was trying break an entire mountain, all by myself, but even through that, I was still able to make a decent sword of it. But sadly, I am inexperienced with swords, and never had a chance to show it due the Queen making me and my wife Fallen Exceeds." Lucky explained.

"However, I bet even someone like you will be able to handle it." Lucky said. "What do you mean `someone like you?´" Carla said sweat dropping, but Happy continued to smile, as the sword then became normal again.

"But make sure to not use it too often. It's bound to the Magic Power of the user, as it can sure be drained fast. Do be careful with it." Lucky said, as he handed over the sword to Happy. He looked at the blade that was currently in his paws, before then looking back at Lucky again.

"But how do I activate it?" Happy asked. "Kah! It's simple! All you have to do, it to think of the line `Awaken, Orochi´. Then the blade will turn into the giant snake-head-like thing from before." Lucky explained.

"And even I don't know the full potential of it, as I barely had any time to test it. Just make sure to be careful with it, alright?" Lucky said, and then handed Happy a brown-colored sheath with a leather strap, for Happy to put the sword in.

Once he sheathed the sword, Happy then placed the sheath with the sword by wrapping it on his back, after removing his green backpack.

Once Happy was done, he then turned towards Carla and Marl. "Alright, I got my sword now. And I think I know what we are gonna next." Happy said.

Marl then pulled a lever that was on the wall, which then opened a door, which Happy and Carla went to see that showed the sky view with clouds from beneath them, showing that the opening was from bottom of the floating island Extalia resided on.

Happy and Carla watched, before then Lucky went to speak.

"I am hope that you know what you are up against, as it will be no easy task for you to accomplish, but I sense you have it what it takes for you to do the right thing." Lucky said.

"And with that determination and will power, I am sure you will be able to do anything." Marl said.

"I see." Carla said and then turned towards Happy. "Then we shouldn't waste anymore time here. We better make a move right now." Happy said. "Couldn't agree with you more there, Happy." Carla said.

"Since the Kingdom think you two are dead, you will have a great advantage in escaping. You should make sure to take that risk." Marl said.

"We understand, thank you for the advice." Carla said, as she and Happy then sprouted their wings, as they prepared to take flight.

"Bye, and thank you for everything! I hope we can sure meet again!" Happy said, before she and Carla then went to jump, then flying into the sky, towards to save their fellow Guild Mates.

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Marl and Lucky watched as Happy and Carla flied into the sky from the edge, with the female, blue Exceed went to speak to her husband.

"Don't worry. We will meet again, that's for sure. After all, you came back after all these years..." Marl said with a smile, as tears began to form from her eyes.

"Kah! To think the day you would come back, I never imagined that you would be taking a girl with you... you are a hundred years too early to bring a girl here..." Lucky said, his arms crossed and tears streaming down from his eyes.

"Call me crazy, but do you think this all could be destiny?" Marl said, scratching her tears from her eyes. "Kah... I don't give a damn of how crazy that sounds. As long we are both glad that our son is safe..." Lucky said, remembering years ago, when he and his wife tried in vain to stop the guards from taking their egg, a large white one with a blue flame on, away from them.

"You bet damn we are gonna meet again. As your parents, you gotta make sure pay a visit to us soon, Happy!" Lucky said, as he and his wife cried tears of happiness of being reunited to their son after all these years.

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At the same time, with Happy and Carla flying through the sky, Carla then turned to Happy to speak to him.

"Happy, do you know advantage we have now that the Edolas Kingdom doesn't know we are dead?" Carla said. "Meaning...?" Happy asked. "It means that since the Edolas Kingdom doesn't know we are dead, and neither that we are Fallen! They doesn't know that we are criminals either! We can use this status to prevent them from executing our friends, even set them free." Carla said. "You think that will work?" Happy said.

"It's that or nothing. But if that works, may even have them release our friends." Carla said, making Happy´s face brighten up with a smile. "That's a great idea! Then we won't have to do any fighting." Happy said.

"But even if the Exceeds are Gods, there must be a limit of their power, as they have our friends in captivity for them to turn them into Magic Power." Carla said, causing Happy´s face to sadden. "What are we going to do then?" The blue cat asked.

"For now, we should stick with the plan to free our friends, but using our `Divine Status´." Carla said. "Alright, then make sure to move faster, as we don't know what will happen if doesn't hurry!" Happy said, and with that they fled in the air at a faster speed.

But unknown to them, in a tower, hidden by the threes, that were recently built, were a Extalia guard were currently watching the two Exceeds flying away in the horizon.

Through a binocular, the large, muscular, grey cat then turned to his companion, a brownish red with the same built.

"It seems that the Fallen are still alive! Report this to the Queen, Captain Nichiya and Panther Lily at once! The Fallen Exceeds are alive, and are headed back to the Royal Edolas Palace!" The grey cat said which the brownish red cat saluted in response.

In the Royal Edolas Castle...

In the large corridors of the Castle, Lucy, Yukino, Layla and Ur were in cuffs and chains, as they were forced to walk, while being dragged by the guards.

"Hey, where are you taking us?!" Lucy said, demanding an answer.

"It should be pretty obvious for you, Earthland Mage. Where your execution awaits." One of the guards who escorted them said.

"Can it be another way for us to pass this by?!" Layla said, but her words went on deaf ears on the guards, which they only responded in pulling their chains, forcing them to move against their will.

"You can't do this! We didn't do anything wrong, you are the ones who are doing the wrong things! You really think that turning our friends into Lacrima, for your own selfish deeds, will make it justice?!" Ur said.

Eventually, they came to a large wooden door, with the two guards at the front opened it, and a new scene was scene before their eyes.

A large group soldiers, each of them carrying a spear and shield, surrounded a square platform, and at the center of it, were a set of four guillotines, ready to set into action. Before the guillotines, were none other than Captain Knightwalker herself, a sinister smirk on her face.

Lucy, Layla, Yukino and Ur were paled and silenced with horror, as they were truly about to be executed.

The groups were carried by the guards, all of them trying in vain to break free, but the guards managed to hold them with ease while taking them to the executioners' platform.

Eventually, they carried the struggling group towards Knightwalker, as the guards then forced them to knee before her, by pinning them down.

"Well, isn't it wonderful? With clear and beautiful weather such as this, it will be sure one good opportunity for it to be your last sight, right before you die." Knightwalker said.

"You can't do this to us!" Lucy said, before she and the others were forcibly placed in the guillotines, each of them being tied and prepared to be executed.

"You are speaking with the Captain of the 2nd Magic War Division. I have the full authority to decide the fates of you criminals." Knightwalker responded.

"That's not what I meant!" Lucy shouted, as her eyes shadowed.

"What?" Knightwalker asked, and Lucy faced the Red Headed Edolas Captain, her eyes filled with seriousness, anger and sadness.

"There is no way our Erza would do something like this, executing innocent people for trying to save our friends!" Lucy said. "That's right! You people think that you are doing the right thing here?!" Layla said.

"You broke the law that makes it more than enough to make your guilty." Knightwalker responded.

"Yes, we may have broken the law, and we know you are doing it to save your world. But unlike you, we don't risk other people's lives against their will! You are gonna kill our friends, innocent people for your own, selfish gain! Are you honestly gonna make peace with that?!" Ur said.

"See it other as a sacrifice for the greater good. Don't worry; you will meet them soon, on the other side." Knightwalker said, before then walking towards the string that held of the blades of the guillotines, preparing to cut them with her spear.

"I never imagined the Erza's counterpart to be that way..." Yukino said, her eyes shadowed. In the next second, Yukino turned her eyes towards Knightwalker, her eyes with tears and rage in them.

"You are the counterpart of the Erza-sama we know, but unlike you, she is way kinder, lovable and far stronger than you could ever be! There is no way we are gonna like you at the same way we see our Erza-sama! She would never allow this to happen! In fact, she would make a much better choice than you!" Yukino screamed with tears flowing down her cheeks.

"That's right! The mere act of you sharing the same face is truly despicable! You are the one who are committing the crime here!" Lucy said.

Knightwalker simply scoffed and then held her spear in the air.

"It won't matter what words you will bring. The result will only be the same: Death. Now, if these were your final words, then let's get this over with!" Knightwalker said, as she then prepared to cut the ropes of the guillotines!

Fear could be sent in the air around the area, and in the next second...

"STOP RIGHT THERE!" A loud voice was heard, as Knightwalker stopped from cutting the rope in the last second. Knightwalker, the guards and even Lucy, Yukino, Layla and Ur turned upwards to see.

In the air, floated Carla, with her arms crossed, and at her side, were a panting Happy.

"Damn, at the last second... so glad we made it." Happy panted.

Carla had a serious expression on her face, which then Kngihtwalker, and the Edolas Soldiers gathering in the plaza, bowed down.

"Carla... Happy..." Lucy said, as she and the others looked up to see the two flying the air before their eyes.

"W-what brings you here, oh mighty Exceeds?" Knightwalker asked, having knelt before them.

"What else do you think? We´re here for one: That is for you to free our friends, that you were to execute." Carla said.

Her words made Knightwalker and the Edolas soldiers shocked, as the soldiers went to whisper to each other silently, speaking of what the Exceed could want with the Earthlanders.

Eventually, Knightwalker were the one to speak.

"But those are criminals, they had come to Edolas and attacked our Kingdom! They want to prevent us from having a bright future, by taking away the Magic Power! Even if you are Exceeds, there are limit to you power and authority!" Knightwalker said, still kneeling.

"I see. Then do that limits my status as well?" Carla asked, confusing the Edolas Soldiers, Lucy, Layla, Ur, Yukino and Knightwalker.

"As the Princess of Extalia, and the Daughter of Queen Shagotte?" Carla said, and shock were spread across everyone around her.

The shocked soldiers began to panic and talked in confusion of what were said before them.




Happy were shocked as well, but before he could speak any words, Carla went to whisper in his ear.

"Don't say or even do anything stupid. The memory of me being the princess just came up within my mind, so even I am surprised by that fact. So, keep quiet about that." Carla whispered. "Alright, I understand." Happy said.

With Lucy and the others, still in the guillotines, even they spoke to each other what Carla had just said.

"What's going on? Carla is the Princess of Edolas?" Lucy said. "It's hard to believe something coming so suddenly." Layla said.

"Whatever it is, I may as well be our ticket for our rescue here." Ur said. "Agree." Yukino said.

Carla, still her arms crossed, went to speak again.

"Well, are you just gonna stand there and do nothing, or I am gonna have to tell you twice? Release these people at once, and undo their chains as well."

"YES, YOUR HIGHNESS!" Knightwalker said, before she then turned around towards a group of soldiers.

"Men, release them immediately!" Knightwalker ordered. "But Captain Knightwalker, if we release them, who knows what consequences it will bring!" One of the Soldiers said.

"And we will reach far greater consequences if we don't do the bidding of the Exceed. Is that clear?!" Knightwalker commanded.

Without speaking any words, the Edolas soldiers free Lucy, Yukino, Layla, and Ur from their guillotines, before then taking off their Anti-Magic Chains.

Once they were done, Carla and Happy flowed down to the execution platform. Knightwalker and the Edolas Soldiers bowed down, while Lucy, Yukino, Layla and Ur were simply standing up as usual.

"You ingrates! You should be bowing down to the Exceeds! After all, they saved your miserable lives..." Knightwalker said, but Carla cut her off.

"It's alright, it's no problem at all." Carla said. "I understand! I shouldn't have been the one to spoke!" Knightwalker said, while she was still kneeling on the ground.

Carla then took the opportunity to then talk to the four women before her. "You may now have the permission to speak to me." Carla said.

"Carla, Happy! We´re so glad you are alright!" Lucy said in joy. "Yeah, we had some trouble, but we managed to come in the last second." Happy said. "But what are we gonna do now." Yukino asked.

"Well, I was just about to come to that..." Carla said and then turned towards Knightwalker and the Edolas Soldiers.

"Listen up, everyone. I, Princess Charla of Extalia, now command you to..." Carla said, but before she could finish her speech, a loud, male voice was heard.

"DON'T BE DECIEVED BY HER, CAPTAIN KNIGHTWALKER!" Panther Lily screamed, as he entered the scene through the doorway, leading a group of Edolas Soldiers from behind himself.

"I just got a call from Extalia! Those Exceed are Fallen! They must be captured!" Panther Lily said.

"What?!" Knightwalker said, before she and other soldiers raised up their weapons in the air, pointing them at Carla, Happy, Lucy, Yukino, Layla and Ur. Knightwalker had an angry expression as she couldn't accept to have been foiled by the enemy.

"EVERYONE, SEIZE THEM AT ONCE! AND MAKE SURE TO EXECUTE THEM RIGHT AWAY THIS TIME!" Knightwalker commanded, as the Edolas bimodality came running towards them.

The Edolas soldiers that were behind the four female Earhtland tried to capture them, but they were prepared as Ur then used her Ice Magic to freeze the Edolas Soldier that were behind, since she and the others were free from their Anti-Magic Cuffs.

But before they could attack the Earthlanders, a suddenly, large snake of iron came towards them, crashing and sending the soldiers at all directions. Everyone, even Lucy, Layla, Ur and Yukino were surprised, as they then looked at Happy who retraced the Snake blade, back into its original form.

Happy grinned and had his sword over his shoulder.

"What the hell was that?! What kind of blade do you have? Hell, when and how did you get that?" Lucy said, as she and the others had some many questions.

"I'll explain later, right now we have other things to worry about." Happy said, as he and Carla then flung towards their friends, but then several Edolas soldiers came in their way, with weapons in their hands.

However, Happy had the blade of his sword transformed into the head of a snake, where it then struck the Edolas soldiers, as the giant iron snake had the soldiers in its mouth, but quickly spit them out.

The blade then returned to its base form, as Happy and Carla then were with Lucy, Layla, Yukino and Ur.

"We are glad that you are alright, but what happened while you were away?" Lucy said. "Trust me, a lot of things happened, but for now, we have other things to worry about." Carla said. "She is right. We have a lot in our hands right now, one of them being the horde of these soldiers." Happy said.

"You are right, we should focus on our enemies that are before us, but I have feeling this won't be easy as it looks." Lucy said, taking out one of her Golden Keys, while her Mother Layla took out one of her Diamond Keys. Yukino took out one of her Golden Keys as well, while Ur prepared her Ice Magic.

The Earthlanders were not gonna be taken down without a fight!

Meanwhile, as Knightwalker just stood there, gritting her teeth in rage, spoke with her words filled with anger.

"You Pigs, you will regret trying to make a fool of me. For your crimes against that sin, I will make sure to give you an experience worse than any death imaginable...!" Knightwalker said in pure rage. Panther Lily came to the scene.

"Careful, Knightwalker, we shouldn't underestimate them. This will be the first time we get to see the Earthlanders Magic." Panther Lily said.

"As if I see mere Earthlanders could take me down, I am not any other fighter they had fought before in their lives..." Knightwalker said, her hand tightly gripping her staff, which Panther Lily reamined stoic. "It's just a warning. Keep that in mind." Panther Lily, as he saw the soldiers running towards the Earthlanders.

Back with the Earthlanders, they all prepared themselves for battle, each of them using their respective Magic.

"Be careful, even if we have our Magic back, we can never know what they will throw at us!" Ur said. "Yeah, as you can never expect what will come." Layla said, as she took out one of her Keys.

"I agree with you there, Mom!" Lucy said, taking out one of her Keys as well, and then:

"Open! Gate of the Maiden: Virgo!" Lucy said, holding out her Golden Key.

"Open: Gate of the Ocean King: Neptune!" Layla said, as she held out her Diamond Key as well.

Pair of bright lights was emitted, blinding everyone on the area, as Lucy´s and Layla´s respective Celestial Spirits were summoned onto the battlefield.

The pink haired maid, and the blue haired merman stood there, prepared for battle.

"What kind of Magic is this? I never seen anything like that in my life." Panther Lily, surprised to see what he was seeing before himself, but at the same time tried to keep his composure.

Knightwalker was surprised too, but she was silent as she didn't want lost her composure.

At first, the Edolas soldiers were shocked, but in the next second, the edolas Soldiers went to attack them, rushing towards them with their weapons.

"Don't fear! Whatever they throw at us, we won't be taken down that easily." A Edolas soldier said, as his fellow soldiers shouted in agreement.

With Lucy and Layla with their Celestial Spirits, Neptune had his trident in his hands.

"Let me guess, enemies incoming?" Neptune said. "You got that right. You have my permission to take them down." Layla said.

"Princess, I am here for punishment, or I am here to take down your enemies?" Virgo asked. "It's not for punishment I summoned you here for, but to take down these men. Think you can do that?" Lucy said.

"No problems at all, Princess." Virgo said, as she and Neptune then rushed towards for Battle.

Neptune, with his trident in his hands, used it to cover it with water and once he swung it, a stream of water was sent at the Edolas soldiers, sending them into the air.

Virgo jumped into the air as she then slammed with her hands on the ground, causing a small earthquake that shook and send the Soldiers in the air.

"Don't fall back! Whatever Magic they are using, do not let them escape!" Knightwalker said, as she and the soldiers saw Ur jumping into the air, charging her Ice Magic in her hands.

"Ice Make: Arrows!" Ur said, as once the ice arrows froze the soldiers once they were struck.

The frozen Edolas soldiers tried in vain to break free from the ice, but to no avail.

"Dammit, this Magic is way different from what we have encountered!" A Struggling Edolas soldier as he was stuck in the ice.

Yukino then came rushing in among the crowd of Edolas soldiers, one of her Golden Keys in her hands.

"Don't think I will just stand here and do nothing! Open! Gate of the Paired Fishes: Pisces!" Yukino said, as another light glowed brightly, as a pair of large fishes, one black and one white, were summoned into the scene. Yukino jumped onto the Black Fish, the Mother Fish, as she went on to speak their next orders.

"Pisces, we are surrounded! Take them down as quickly as possible!" Yukino said, as both Fishes nodded in agreement.

Pisces then plowed through the soldiers that came in their way, while Yukino rode on the Mother Fish, moving towards Neptune and the others.

Neptune sent several streams of water at the enemies, while Virgo made several attacks from underground, defending their Masters from harm.

More soldiers came for backup, only for them to be taken down easily by the Earthlanders and their Magic. However, they soon realized they would need to free from scenery soon as possible.

"Dammit, there is no end to them!" Ur said, as she slashed down a group of Edolas soldiers with her ice swords. Lucy, Layla, Carla and Happy were covered by Virgo and Neptune, defending them from the incoming Soldiers.

The hordes of soldiers were knocked away, and at the sight, Knightwalker sighed.

"Honestly, do I need to do everyone by myself?" Knightwalker said with an annoyed tone, before Panther Lily went to speak himself.

"I shall then join the fight. I shall take on these Fallen myself." Panther Lily said. "Fine, but keep them alive. I want to make sure teach them a lesson for fooling me." Knightwalker said, before she and Panther Lily ran towards the Earthlanders.

"Everyone, stand aside! We shall take them down myself!" Knightwalker said.

"Captain Knightwalker!" The soldiers shouted, as all moved to make way for Knightwalker, who came rushing, her spear twirling in the air.

As the soldiers were cleared of Knightwalker and Panther Lily´s path, Lucy, Yukino, Layla, Ur, Happy and Carla, their faces having serious expressions on them.

"I think break time´s over, because they are now throwing in their big guns." Ur said. "Which will be different than before." Layla said.

"Prepare yourselves, because you all going are to be executed, right here and now!" Knightwalker, as she and Panther Lily came both running towards.

Lucy, Yukino and Layla, with their Celestial Spirits, Ur with her Ice Magic charged, and Happy standing in front of Carla as he protected her with his sword.

But before either Knightwalker or Panther Lily could reach them, a large explosion went before them, as a large cloud of dust was raised in the air.

Before anyone could even ask, a familiar voice were heard, a voice which both sides recognized upon on.

"Well, well, well. I hope I didn't miss anything fun here." The voice said, as the smoke then died down, and showed that Laxus Thorson, had arrived at the scene.

Lucy, Yukino, Ur, Happy and Carla´s eyes widen in shock at what they saw, as the saw Laxus, with different attire, standing before them.

"Is that the Edolas counterpart of Laxus?" Yukino said. "It must be, even if he looks, or even feel the same aura around, I cannot find any other explanation." Lucy said.

"Do you mean that is the Edolas version of Laxus who used to be part of our guild?" Layla said, as she had joined the guild after Laxus was excommunicated, she was told of Laxus when working at the bar.

"Yeah, and I should have expected we would encounter him here." Ur said.

Thorson then looked around, and once he turned towards the Earthlanders, a grin grows on his face.

"So, these are the Earthlanders I heard about? To think that I would meet them so soon. I am overjoyed I came here before Knightwalker and Panther Lily got all the fun." Thorson said.

"Thorson! What is the meaning of this?!" Knightwalker said in an angry tone, pointing her staff at him, which Thorson simply responded with a scoff.

"Oh Please, don't be such a killjoy, Knightwalker. Every day, we fight the same enemies. You executing the Earthlanders is one thing, but once I heard the fight here, having you and Panther Lily have all the fun, wouldn't be fair." Thorson said, while Knightwalker and Panther Lily simply had their stoic expressions on.

"Oh great, now we have to deal with more now." Happy said, and the in the second, the wall suddenly burst open, getting the attention of those in the area.

"What the? What is it this time?!" A Edolas soldier said in confusion, as he and the others covered their eyes from the dust that came from the explosion.

A figure jumped onto the ground with a grin, before speaking with a voice the Earhtlanders recognized immediately.

"Well, it seems I came in the right moment." The Figure said, and then the dust died down, showing Natsu standing on the ground.

"NATSU!" Lucy, Yukino, Layla, Ur, Happy and Carla all shouted, as Natsu then turned to them. "Nice to see you are all fine. I hope I didn't make you wait for too long." Natsu said, as he turned to Thorson, Knightwalker and Panther Lily.

"So, these are the Edolas versions of Laxus and Erza, am I right?" Natsu said, with his tone filled with seriousness.

"Natsu Dragion? No, you must Natsu Dragyama, an Earthlander." Thorson said.

"That's right." Natsu said, as then, from the opening on the wall Natsu had made, Gil suddenly came flying into the scene.

"Finally, I caught up to you..." Gil panted, having been chasing after Natsu.

"GIL?!" Lucy, Yukino, Layla and Ur all shouted upon seeing the brown Exceed before them, as Gil then landed on the ground.

"I am so happy for the girls to all shout my name... must be my reward for my work." Gil said in a exhausted tone.

"And the work isn't over yet." Natsu said, pointing a finger at Thorson. "Cause I am not gonna be taken down without a fight, Thorson!" Natsu said, cracking his knuckles while they covered in darkness.

Thorson simply smirked, as he hadn't seen any foe who would directly challenge him. Normally any other foe would run before even speaking to Thorson, leading to their doom. But now, this pink haired Earthlander was now challenging him?

He sure wouldn't back down from a fight like this.

"Then, why don't you come at me? I am sure you can bring you some fun for the both of us, even if it means that I am gonna make this your last fight!" Thorson said.

"I am afraid I won't be able to fall that easily. But let's fight now shall we?" Natsu said, standing in a battle position, and his fists in darkness.

"It's time to taste the dark!" Natsu said, grinning as his battle against Laxus Thorson had started.

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