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Chapter 54: The Storm General

In the courtyard of the Royal Castle: Lucy, Yukino, Layla, Ur, Happy and Carla went on towards Natsu and Gil, reuniting with them.

"Natsu! Where have you been?!" Lucy said. "Hey, I am right here too you know." Gil said. "I think anyone would notice you, due to your lewd behavior." Carla said, her arms crossed. "HEY! I am not famous because of these traits, I tell you!" Gil said.

"But anyway, what happened? We thought you were imprisoned!" Yukino asked. "That´s a kind of interesting story, cause Gil were the one save me." Natsu said, making the others widen their eyes in surprise.

"WHAT?!" they all shouted at the same time. "Trust me, he really saved. It's a good story actually..." Natsu said, recalling the events from earlier.

Earlier, in the Prison Dungeons...

A door of one of the prison cells of the dungeon opened, where the guard with a mustache, carrying a plate of food in his hand, came in.

"Alright, you filthy fallen, here is your food..." The mustached guard said, but went immediately went silent in shock and dropped the plate on the floor.

On the floor, were Gil on the ground, still in his chains, but were now bleeding as puddle of blood were on floor.

Gil was lying on the floor, his back facing the mustached guard, who immediately came running towards the Exceed.

"Holy shit, what the hell happened here?!" The guard with the mustache said, who then went down to his knees on the floor.

"You..." Gil said, albeit with a weak tone, which the guard came closer to Gil´s face. "You, what the fuck happened here...?" The mustached guard said, but before he could finish his sentence, Gil grinned and then proceeded to head-butt the guard, right to his nose.

The bleeding guard held his face in pain, groaning and not noticing a grinning Gil then wrapping his chains around his ankles, and then twisted them, causing the Guard to fall on the ground.

Once the guard was down on the ground, Gil quickly went to reach keys on his wrist, and as if luck were on his side, he found the key for his chains immediately.

He immediately went to unlock his chains, and the guard tried to get up. But Gil was already free from his chains, as he then went to knock the guard out with a barrage of fists, before then slamming the food plate at his face, finally knocking him down.

As the unconscious guard lay on the floor, Gil then turned to heard voices and footsteps coming.

Gil then proceeded to take the Guards sword, and then sprouted his wings to then fly out of his cell.

Once he was around, he looked around, and luckily, only shadows of the guards were showing, as Gil took the chance to then fly up to the roof, and then hide behind one the wooden railings.

As the guards went into the scene, all of them going inside the cell to see the unconscious guard.

"What the hell happened here? I told him to just deliver the food, and what the heck happened here?!" The lead guard said, but then, the closing of a door was heard, causing the group of Guards turn around to see the door closed.

"What the...? Who closed the door?!" One of the guards said, as he and his fellow guards went to try to open the door, only for it to be in vain.

Gil, at the same time, had already gotten the upper hand as he flied through the corridors of the dungeons, as looked at different directions for guards.

"That will make sure to delay them for a while, but they will probably try to use Magic to bust the door open, and alert every guard." Gil thought as he then turned to a corner.

"Then, I need to make sure to find the pink-haired guy! Natsu was his name, right?" Gil thought, looking in the cells for the Pink Haired Dragon Slayer.

"He is not here! Knowing how big a threat the Kingdom sees him and his allies, he is probably seen in the lower parts of the dungeons." Gil thought, and then flied down the lower levels, down the stairs.

He continued to look after Natsu, in cell after cell, but in vain. He made sure to avoid encounters and hide from the guards, as Gil was currently hiding inside a barrel, where pair of two guards were now speaking.

"Is that infernal Exceed found yet?" One of the Guards said. "No, it hasn't been sighted yet. But eventually, he must show himself." The other guard said.

"We should be glad that at least the pink-haired Earthlander is still in his cell, located at the farthest to the left, two blocks down. Imagine what trouble that would cause us." The guard said. "Yeah, I do not want to deal with that either. I bet none of us would." The other guard said, before the two of them left the scene.

Gil put his head out of the barrel, with its lid on his head.

"Well, that was some good information. I better head there immediately." Gil said to himself, before then flying off to the directions where the guards had said Natsu was.

"But knowing them, Natsu must be well guarded, which will be harder than what I will imagine when I come there." Gil thought, as he flied through the corridors to find Natsu.

Eventually, once he arrived at the cell where Natsu was said he was kept, and four guards with staves were in front of the cell.

Gil, hiding in the guard from the guards, with the sword he stole from the guard he tricked and knocked out, in his hands.

"Judging from that it's the only cell in this area with guards guarding, and with that many, it must be the cell were Natsu is being kept at." Gil thought, and then looked at the sword he had in his hands.

"I took the sword for the guard I took down for him not to use, and due to the weight and my lack of swordsmanship skills, it would likely be that they guards will gain the upper hand. Not to mention, they would call for reinforcements, due to the fact it's the cell were Natsu is kept in. I don't know how important Natsu is, but judging from what I have seen and heard of the Kingdom hunting them down." Gil thought.

"There must be another way." Gil thought, before then seeing a chandelier of black metal, hanging from the roof, which gave him an idea.

He then flied up the roof, where he then went to the chandelier hanging. He put his sword in the sheath, which he kept on his back.

Quietly and slowly, Gil unscrewed the screws holding the chandelier, one by one.

Once he had taken all screw but on, he then tossed on of them, landing on the bars of the cell before the four guards, taking their attention.

The confused and suspicious guards then walked to where the sound came from, and before they could look up, Gil had now unlocked the last screw, causing the chandelier to fall right onto the four guards below!

A loud crash where heard, as all of them were knocked out and laying on the floor, as dust spread around area.

"What the hell is going on?!" Natsu said from his cell and saw the ruckus before him. He was still chained to the wall tried in vain to break free.

Then, Gil then flied down to the ground, and then went towards the cell Natsu were kept in. He then noticed a black key with similar markings that was one the chains Natsu had on, meaning that it was the key that kept Natsu in his chains.

Speaking of which, the pink-haired man had already noticed the small, brown Exceed.

"Gil, you came to save me?" Natsu asked, surprised to see Gil here so suddenly. "Yeah, and don't you worry, Natsu! Gil is here to bust you free!" Gil said, as he proceeded to use the other keys he had on the wrists, due to the fact the Key he took from the guard must be only for the Anti-Magic Cuffs Natsu were chained in.

And it was proven right as one of the keys that were on one of the guards that were knocked out by the black chandelier, and then went to immediately fly towards Natsu and used the key to unlock his chains.

Once they were unlocked, Natsu grinned as he felt his Magic returning to him, and then left the cell with Gil at his side.

"Thanks for the save, Gil. I grow tired of being in that cell immediately being put in." Natsu said. "You´re welcome. But for now, we should make a move and escape. There will be probably tones of guards coming." Gil said.

"But I won't go without saving Lucy, Layla, Wendy, Ur, Yukino, Happy and Carla first!" Natsu said, remembering the guards that mentioned being captured by the Edolas Forces.

"Then you better hurry, cause I heard that they are about to executed soon, by none of other than Knightwalker herself!" Gil said.

That mere sentence was enough to cause pure rage, anger and fury being filled within Natsu´s body, his tightened fists clenched hard, and darkness coated on them.

Gil was immediately frightened by Natsu, as his aura were rising, and the brown cat sweated more than if he was in a sauna.

"Yeah, I heard of that earlier too, and I am not gonna let that happen! NOT EVEN IN A THOUSAND YEARS!" Natsu shouted, his filled with pure fury.

"I am so happy I didn't evoke his anger, I cannot imagine what horror he would bring to his enemies." Gil thought, sweating like crazy and filled with fear.

However, Gil eventually managed to gather the guts to speak out. "Anyway, if we are gonna save them, we should make a move right now." Gil said. "Yeah, you are right." Natsu said, and then turned towards a group of Edolas soldiers, that came rushing towards Natsu and Gil.

Natsu's eyes were shadowed and in the next second, Natsu glared at the soldiers, striking great fear in them. He then charged his right hand in black smoke, and then went to punch a Edolas soldiers stomach, sending him towards the other soldiers like a bowling ball to bowling pins.

"Cause I am not gonna let these bastards kill them. You can bet my name on it." Natsu said, filled with rage, and determined to save them.

Natsu ran through the corridors, taking down horde after horde of Edolas guards, until he eventually came in front of a pair of large gates.

Without any further words, Natsu went on to punch the pair of large doors, with his fist covered in darkness, as it the pair of doors were taken down like nothing.

"Yep, definitely glad I am not his enemy." Gil thought, with a poker face and paled in fear.

Natsu went in with Gil following him, as the large room were filled with weapons of all kinds, from swords, spears, crossbows and arrows, in many different shapes and sizes.

"Good idea, we can find some weapon for us to use!" Gil said, as he ditched the sword, he had stolen from the Edolas guard, which he then went on to find himself a new weapon for him to use.

While Gil did that, Natsu looked around the room, and then a grin appeared on his face, as he found what he was looking for.

On the display, he found Kuroryuoken on a stand, which quickly towards and grabbed with the sheath still on it. He went on to slightly release it from its sheath, its black blade shimmering in the light that emitted from the lamp above the roof.

"Yo, Kuroshi! Are you alright?" Natsu thought, mentally speaking to the blade. "You really should be more careful. I really thought I was a goner back then, when I was taken by the guards from you. I have been left by others users before, but not in this world. It's not nice to leave a woman like that, lover or friend." Kuroshi spoke mentally. "Look, I'm sorry for that, and that won't happen again." Natsu thought, gripping the handle. "Don't worry, because the ones who should be sorry, are the enemies." Kuroshi said. "I see." Natsu thought. "But as much I hate to break the chit chat, we have other things to worry about." Nayoru mentally spoke, joining in the scene.

"You are right! Thanks for reminding me!" Natsu thought, and then turned towards to Gil, who had now found himself a weapon. It was a mace, a staff with a spiked ball on tip, and its handle wrapped in red bandages, with a red rem underneath. He had also taken a belt of grenades to wrap around his waist.

"Gil! It seems you have found a weapon!" Natsu said. "Well yeah, since you came were to take yours, I went to take some as well." Gil said. "Sadly, because of my size and structure, I could only bring these weapons." Gil said.

"I see. Then we need to make a move on. I can sense my mates are in danger." Natsu said, as he had marked his mates, being Lucy, Layla and Ur. "And we can still save them, and we will, because I won't let any of them die!" Natsu said in determination.

Back to the present...

"So, after I ran some places here and there, using my smell to find you, and it seems I made it right on time, gladly." Natsu said, as he then turned towards Thorson, his eyes filled with seriousness, before he turned towards his eyes to Knightwalker.

Gil, by merely seeing Thorson and Knightwalker, was filled instantly with fear open merely watching.

"Holy shit, they are Thorson and Knightwalker!" Gil thought, sweating like crazy as he now realized he was shaking like crazy. "What the hell?! This is the first time I see them in person, and haven't even seen them in combat! I have only heard them in rumors, and every time I laugh about it, thinking I´d never had to encounter them in my life, even after I was exiled!" Gil thought, gulping in fear. "Is it because of their mere aura? An aura made of the years of experience in killing that makes them merely enough to terrify anyone? In that case, these aren't normal!" Gil thought in panic and fear, before he then turned his eyes towards Natsu. Natsu´s eyes were stern and filled with seriousness, showing only a sweat on his forehead, but tried to remain calm without even saying a word, as even a single, simple word could make the situation worse.

"Even in this situation, he still focusing on this battle, even if he is struggling a little bit, he knows that it could the turn the tides. Yet, he has shown no sign of running away." Gil said, as he looked down the ground.

"During my life, I have spent nothing but chasing after women, whatever they were clothed, in their underwear or even in their birthday suits. I never understood why I craved and lusted for a species different than mind. It resulted to me being exiled." Gil thought, his eyes shadowed, and his fist gripped tightly. "But did that stop me from doing that? No, not at all. Yet why I am here, helping the people I just meet after failing in a peeping at some girls bathing? Is it karma? Or is it...?" Gil thought and then went to grab his blade.

"Perhaps, the time has come to me to fight. In my life, I have barely fought anyone, mostly fighting low-level thugs and used tricks on whatever the place I have been in. However, now I am fighting. Fighting for them, the people I found not so long ago, who dragged me into this! But they had a reason! To help their friends, and I should to the same!" Gil thought with determination.

"I may not be the top fighters, but I am gonna at least try my best." Gil thought.

Meanwhile, Natsu who was still looking at Knightwalker, as his eyes completely focused on her.

Knightwalker had almost a striking resemblance to the Erza he knows back on Earthland. She had the same face, appearance, hair and eyes. But there were differences, more differences than just her hairstyle and clothing.

Unlike the eyes of the Erza of Earthland, who were with seriousness, but also possessed the feeling that would warm any heart, fill hope in those who were in deep despair, and protect them from any danger.

However, this Erza, from Edolas, had eyes who could speak of emptiness, cruelty and fear, a fear that would any normal man feel as if all hope were ripped off their very souls, the second they saw her eyes.

"So that's Edolas Erza?" Natsu said, Lucy, Yukino, Layla, Ur, Carla and Happy had and the rest had serious expressions on their faces as Knightwalker, Thorson and the rest of the Edolas soldiers were watching over them.

"Yeah, and she is not the same as the Erza we knew at all back on Earthland." Ur said. "Trust us, because that crazy lady was about execute us, and she didn't show any hesitation in doing so." Lucy said, and as a result, Natsu´s fist were gripped tighter.

"Dammit, it's one thing for trying to kill my friends and lovers, but to carry the face of the same as one of the people I love... truly despicable." Natsu said, his eyes shadowed in rage. However, for him not to lose his focus, Natsu shook his head and came to his senses, and went on to watch the rest of the enemies.

He saw most of them as soldiers, other than Thorson and Knightwalker. However, when Natsu turned to Panther Lily, he was very surprised to see an Exceed of that size, as Natsu thought they were all at the same size.

"Damn, that is one big Exceed. Never seen one that big. I wonder how he became that big?" Natsu thought but went to focus on the enemies that were around himself and his allies.

Thorson then took out his hammer and pointed it at Natsu and his fellow Earhtlanders.

The Golden Hammer, with its headpiece being square in shape, having different, red runes on it, and its handle wrapped was in black leather bandages.

"So, you must be Natsu Dragneel, the Edolas Counterpart of Dragion. I have heard about you, and I imagined our first meeting would be in your cell, instead of the battlefield. I underestimated you." Thorson said.

Natsu simply had his stoic expression on his face, as he looked at the Edolas counterpart of Laxus.

"Yeah, and I have heard some rumors of you too, Thorson." Natsu said, which Thorson grinned and whistled as a response.

"Well, fate is kind enough for the both of us today. I have grown tired of fighting the same enemies' day in and day out. I had looked forward in fighting you before we captured you. Sadly, the Exceed butted in and ruined the moment of having a good fight, with you and that blue-haired girl taken prisoner for our Kingdoms use, and the others being executed." Laxus said.

"Don't even think for a second we would betray our friends like that!" Happy said. "Yeah, and where is Wendy! You better not have done something bad to her." Carla said.

"Heh, the hell if I know or care. But right now, that old geezer Byro must be taking her Magic Power right about now. Despite being a little girl, she did hold some great power." Thorson explained.

"Don't think I will let you bastards do your way with her!" Natsu shouted in rage.

"Then come at me then, and show the rumors of you are true!" Thorson declared.

"Thorson, you shouldn't butt in here. They are my targets." Knightwalker said, walking into the scene.

"Oh, want to be redeemed for being fooled so easily by the Fallen? Perhaps if you weren't so gullible, then the situation would be different." Thorson said, which in response, Knightwalker gripped her fist in rage while shaking.

Panther Lily was the one to speak next.

"We don't have the time argue, because right now, we have more things to focus on, such as stopping our enemies." Panther Lily said, his eyes focused on the Earthlanders.

"Lucy, I know we just reunited, but I need you to run. Go find Wendy and we meet up later. For now, we need to focus on our enemies we have right now." Natsu said, and then turned towards Lucy and Layla.

"You two should bring your Celestial Spirits along with you, as you will have them fight and protect you." Natsu said.

As much Lucy and Layla wanted to deny, they know for sure they would need to run to save one of their friends from danger, as they needed to be protected and their allies.

"Then we should split. One will go to find Wendy and save her. The other should go to find the King. We could still stick to the old plan." Ur said. "But what if they already know of our plan?" Yukino said.

"Then we can simply hold the King hostage, and force him to tell us. Even if it may sound cowardly for us to do so, what else choice do we have?" Natsu said.

"And don't worry Natsu. I shall fight by your side, while the others run." Gil said, as the others were surprised to hear Gil say that, despite knowing for such a short time.

"Gil, did the guards do something you while you were taken?" Lucy asked. "Hey, do you think that low of me? You should know even someone like me can change through time." Gil said while sweat dropping.

"Then make sure to be on your guard, you can never know what will hit you in a battlefield." Natsu said, his eyes still focused on the enemy. "Thanks, Natsu. I shall make sure to take those words in." Gil said, his holding his sword in front of himself.

"But now we better move on, who knows what will happen to our friends if we delay our time." Layla said, which her daughter agreed.

"We better then split up, because due to the size of the castle, it won't be easy for us to find the King." Ur said. "You are right about that. We should then split up, with one team to find the King, while the other find Wendy." Layla said. "I should go to find Wendy. Since you have Gemini, if you find the King first, it will be faster for us to copy and gain info as fast as possible." Ur said.

"I´ll go with you, Ur. I need to find Wendy as well and Happy, you stay with them to help them find the King." Carla said. "Aye, you got it!" Happy said as he saluted. "Alright, we better move on right now!" Lucy said, as she and her mother had called their respective Spirits to follow them.

Without any further words, the group of Lucy, Yukino, Layla and Happy, alongside the Celestial Spirits Virgo and Neptune, followed them.

"I shall follow them! I will not let them do as they please within the castle!" Knightwalker said, dashing towards them at great speed. "And I shall execute them the moment they are back in my hands!" Knightwalker said with a dark glare.

Panther Lily sprouted his wings, as he then went on to chase as well.

"Then I shall chase after the other group, of the Ice Magic User and the White Fallen! I will not let you escape!" Panther Lily said as he dashed towards where Ur and Carla were headed.

As the two captains of the Edolas War Divisions went to chase, Natsu were left to face off Thorson, the Edolas Captain had a grin on his face.

"Well, this is sure a surprise. I thought you were gonna go with them to help?" Thorson said.

"There's no need to. I know they are strong, strong enough to handle any situation by themselves. You shouldn't underestimate them." Natsu said.

"But then, you shouldn't underestimate me either, because me being the strongest fighter of Edolas, isn't just for boast you know." Thorson said, as his Golden Hammer, were glowing gold and emitted with yellow lightning.

"Don't worry. When I take your ass down, I won't boast about it. After all, no one would like to remember an asshole like you." Natsu said.

At the same time, in the corridors, Ur and Carla were running, while Panther Lily were at their trails.

"Dammit, what the hell does this big cat eat to grow this big?!" Ur said, running with Carla flying besides her. "If you wanna know about his personal life, then think about it another time! We should stick to the plan for now, if we want to save everyone!" Carla said, before then Ur took suddenly stopped running and turned around to face Panther Lily.

"UR! What are you doing?!" Carla shouted. "If we continue to run while him chasing us, he may call upon more forces to make it more difficult for us than it already is. Which is why I shall take him down right here and now!" Ur said, taking of her jacket and shirt, wearing only her black bikini top.

Panther Lily had stopped running as well, having a stoic expression on his face.

"Whatever if I am human or Exceed, your attempts of seducing won't work on me, Earthlander." Panther Lily said, his large sword within his hand.

"Don't get the wrong idea, cat. I am gonna make sure to take you down as quick as possible!" Ur said, her hands charged with Ice Magic.

At the same time, Lucy, Yukino, Layla and Happy, along with the Celestial Spirits Neptune and Virgo, ran through the corridors, with Knightwalker and a horde of Soldiers chasing them.

"Dammit, there is no end to them!" Lucy said sprinting, as Neptune then went on to act.

"Then, let me handle them!" Neptune said, he then took his trident, as a sphere of water appeared at the tip of it, and then fired it in the form of a blast of water!

The water blast came towards Knightwalker and her group, but she simply jumped away with great speed, managing to dodge it well despite the blast´s size.

"Dammit, she is faster than I thought!" Neptune said. "Don't worry, I got your back!" Happy said, as he then took out the Kusanagi, as it then changed into then a giant snake of steel, and then went towards Knightwalker and her group of soldiers.

As the steel snake went towards them, a group of seven soldiers went in front of her in a protective formation in front of their female Captain.

"Don't worry, Knightwalker! We won't allow them to even lay a hand on..." The soldier in the middle said, but was then struck by the giant steel snake, along with the other soldiers, but Knightwalker were fast enough to dodge it by jumping in the air.

"Fools... I wanted to warn you, but due to your stupidity, I thought it´d be better." Knightwalker said, as she then landed back on the ground once the blade was retraced back its Happy, in its normal form.

"She's fast!" Happy said in annoyance.

"Then allow me!" Virgo said, as her hands glowing in a sphere of light, before she then raising them in the air.

"Spica Shake!" Virgo said, as the ground shook, with going upwards the walls to the roof, which then started to crack and break, which then fell to the ground.

The debris fell on the ground, falling in piles as she was forced to stop, which she ordered the others to do so as well.

Before even a minute went down, a pile of stone debris was now blocking the between Knightwalker and the forces she was leading.

Knightwalker grit her teeth in annoyance, while the soldiers were silent in shock of having their path blocked, preventing them to chasing the Earthlanders.

Lucy, Layla, Yukino and Happy smiled as they saw what Virgo had did, as it had stopped the soldiers from following them.

"Nice work, Virgo!" Lucy said. "I am glad to hear that, Princess. Will you punish me?" Virgo asked bluntly and calmly, making everyone, even Neptune to sweat drop.

"Even in times like these, you still ask your master about it?" Neptune said. "But for now, we should be safe. Who knows how long it will hold them back?" Lucy said.

At the same time, with the soldiers struggling to carry the boulders, piece by piece, out of the way, for them to continue in chasing after the Earthlanders.

Knightwalker, her arms crossed and tapping her feet impatiently on the ground, had ordered them to move the boulders. However, as it seems it took them longer than she thought, she then went to speak.

"Enough! This is taking too long!" Knightwalker said, and took out her spear, much to the soldier's shock.

"Wait a sec, Captain Knightwalker! If you use your Ten Commandments here, you might bring the castle in pieces! Think of the other soldiers and the King's safety!" A soldier spoke.

"Shut your mouth." Knightwalker said, and then pointed her spear at the debris before her. "And if there is one thing, I am gonna deal damage, it's my enemies!" Knightwalker, as her spear began to glow in a white light, changing into a different form.

Her spear, the Ten Commandments, had now its tip in the form of a wide spearhead, with a sphere between it and then staff, which were surrounded by spikes.

It glows in a white light, before then a powerful shockwave was emitted and sent towards the pile of boulders and debris.

"Mel Force!" Knightwalker said, as the blast sent the boulders flight at a great speed, and a long distance as well.

Meanwhile, the Earhtlanders that were running down the corridors, until they heard a large boom, turning around in to see a group of debris flying at great speed at them.

The sight stopped them on their tracks, quickly trying to dodge the debris. But Neptune was quick to react, as she used his trident to strike the boulders to pieces, saving them from the boulders.

"Once again, I am grateful to you for saving me, Neptune." Layla said. "Don't thank me yet, Layla. Cause I think that wasn't even a warm up of what they are about to bring to us soon." Neptune said, as the Soldiers led by Knightwalker, who walked in the front, her spear in its regular form.

"We need to do something, and fast!" Happy said, however, as they ran, they eventually were front of a large wall, blocking their path from running further.

They then all turned around to see Knightwalker and her soldiers standing, their weapon all aimed at the Earthlanders.

"Surrender now, and be killed peacefully, or face your death in a violent way if you refuse. And don't even think of breaking the wall behind you, as I shall make sure you end your life,

The Earthlanders had expression of fear and worry, as they know they there was no escape from fighting Knightwalker.

"I hate to say it, and I know it's beyond foolish, but it would seem that we have no choice to fight her." Lucy said.

"Are you insane?! Even if it's another version of her, it's still Erza! Even if we work together, we have no chance of winning!" Happy said.

"I know! But it what our goal right now is to survive! If we don't fight, we won't able to be continue the mission." Lucy said. "She is right. Whatever we win or lose, we can escape the battle when the chance comes." Layla said stepping in.

"I see no reason to object here. If we fight together, then we should be able to at least survive this fight against her." Yukino said.

"But this is Edolas Erza we are talking about, and unlike our Erza, this won't even hold back fighting us. So don't lose focus because of cockiness." Layla said.

"We won't. After all, this is Erza we are now about to encounter." Lucy said, as she gulped. She and the others prepared themselves, with Happy holding his sword tightly, Yukino took out one of her Golden Keys, while Virgo and Neptune stood before their respective masters, with them all preparing to fight.

However, Knightwalker remained unfazed, stopped walked and then:

"Whatever if you fight me solo and all together, it won't matter. You shall all be taken down by me." Knightwalker said.

"Men! You are not allowed to interfere! I shall handle them myself! You are to make sure that now one comes and interferes with my battle! Do you understand?!" Knightwalker said, without even turning her head towards them.

"YES MA`AM!" All the soldiers said in unison, fearing what would happen if they rejected her order.

Knightwalker, brought her spear to point it at the Earthlanders, with her mind filled with the intention of taking them down.

"Now, lets begin shall we?" Knightwalker said.


Back at the Yard, Natsu sent a punch at Thorson, who blocked the punch with his shield, before then Thorson used his Golden Hammer to then try to strike Natsu with.

However, Natsu managed to dodge, as he then jumped away and in the air, he took a deep breath, and then:

"Abyss Dragon´s Roar!" Natsu said, as from his mouth, a large, thick stream of darkness were sent at a smirking Thorson, who then put his shield before himself.

Like a stream of water, the darkness beam engulfed the spot were Thorson stood on, and once Natsu were done, he landed on the ground.

In front of him, were the Shield of Thorson, with its user appearing to have shown to take zero damage from Natsu´s attack.

At the same time, Gil, with his sword used it to strike down guard after guard. Due to his small stature, he used it along with his speed and flight to go under their legs and cut them, having them fall down on their knees, before then slashing them, knocking them out.

Gil dodged the spears of three guards that tried to stab him, much to the frustration of the guards. "Stand still you bastard!" One of the Guards said. Gil then flied up in the air, as the three guards then tried to fire blasts from their Magic spears, Gil then took out one of the grenades he had around his belt. He pulled out the twig and then threw the grenade at the grenade. Just when the three guards were about to fired, the grenade exploded. Due to the spears being charged, the explosions were twice as powerful.

The explosion took in the form of a large cloud, rising like a tower into the sky.

"Damn, that was quite some fire power." Gil said as he turned around to see the Edolas soldiers beneath them. "I shall make sure to use them wisely, cause there will be more soldiers than I can imagine." Gil said, as he then took more grenades to throw at the enemies.

"But I won't be scared off that easily! Come on, I have a lot more coming for you!" Gil said, throwing the grenades down at the soldiers, as explosions were then made.

"What´s the matter? Don't tell me that isn't all you got! Cause I am expecting so much more of you!" Thorson said.

"Not even close, because if that was the only thing I have, even I wouldn't be able to call myself a fighter!" Natsu said, as he then charged with his fist covered in darkness.

As he prepared to send another punch at Thorson, the latter went to strike on Natsu, as he pointed his hammer at Natsu, which glowed in a golden light, covered in electricity. However, Natsu pulled back his fist in the last second, and jumped away.

But Thorson didn't move a bit and then, a large blast of yellow lightning came towards Natsu, large and coming at a fast speed!

"Volt Burst!" Throson said, as the lightning blast came towards him at great speed. Natsu´s eyes widen as he then used his Dark Make Magic to create a large, circular shield.

"Dark Make: Shield!" Natsu said, as the shield were twice was tall and wide as Natsu. The lightning blast came and struck the darkness shield. Natsu gritted as he used the shield to push away the blast, however, the lightning blast were struggling as well, and then, a large, yellow flash were emitted, lightning the entire area.

Thorson covered his eyes with his hand, and the soldiers around the area were either blown away by the shockwave, or blinded by the bright, yellow light.

Gil saw the light, but before he could be blinded, he closed his eyes tightly, and turned his head away, before he was blown away like the other soldiers.

The light died down, lightning sparks were everywhere as there black dust on the ground.

Thorson walked towards his opponent, as the large, round shield were still up.

However, the shield dispersed and Natsu were nowhere to be seen, but Thorson didn't change his expression, and then turned up in the air.

Natsu, who had earlier jumped into the air, then prepared his next spell.

"Dark Make: Crossbow!" Natsu said, as a crossbow of darkness was made in his hands. Natsu then proceeded to then shot a barrage of ten dark arrows at Thorson.

Thorson simply used his shield to block the arrows coming at him, doing little to do no damage.

Natsu landed on the ground, which he then went on to grab Kuroryuken out of its sheath, and then dashed towards Thorson.

"Are you ready, Kuroshi?" Natsu thought to his sword. "Ready when you are." Kuroshi spoke from within Natsu´s mind.

Natsu smiled as he ran towards Thorson, the blade being enveloped in a black smoke, which Thorson took an immediate notice of.

"What is that feeling?! That is completely different from any weapon than I have seen! It feels as if his Magic is connected to that sword!" Thorson thought, before he quickly got back into his thoughts.

"Why I am shivering? I am Thorson, the mightiest man of Edolas! There is no way a bastard like him can even stand on the same level as me!" Thorson thought, as he gripped tightly in the handle of his hammer, which glowed in electric sparks.

Natsu's sword and Thorson´s hammer struck, as the mere touch resulted in a violent a powerful clash of their weapons, struggling against each other for the upper hand.

The clash send shockwaves and darkness and lightning were spread around them, forming into an area that surrounded them.

But before a minute went by, and after some struggling, Natsu was then blown away from Thorson at the great speed. He landed with his feet on the wall, the impact shattering it into pieces.

Natsu looked up, his expression focused on Thorson, who was grinning as he held his golden hammer in his hand.

"Did that scare you, Earthlander? You should be, because my weapon, Blitz, is the latest of Edolas Technology." Thorson said, as he swung the Golden Hammer Blitz around.

Natsu however simply remained stoic and quiet.

"And it being infused with a Lightning Lacrima, is not all. Because of its power, only a few can wield and be worthy of its powers! Unlike the other weak men, I was the one who was able to carry Blitz, showing my worth." Thorson boasted.

"If so, then instead of talking, can you instead show me some moves? I have heard people talking more than fighting are those who lose." Natsu said.

Thorson felt the anger of being insulted, but quickly calmed himself down as he then grinned.

"Only a coward speaks those words, but since you asked for so desperately for your death, I shall grant it!" Thorson said, as his hammer was sparked with electricity.

Natsu gripped tighter and then ran towards Thorson, but not without Kuroshi speaking within his mind.

"You shouldn't underestimate him because of his arrogance, Natsu. That weapon isn't something you see every day." Kuroshi spoke. "She is right you know. Fighting with him and that weapon will be a challenge for us all." Nayoru said.

"Yeah, thanks for the warning. But I won't be taken down that easily by him!" Natsu thought, and Thorson then sent another beam of lightning at Natsu.

"Volt Burst!" Thorson said, as the lightning beam went towards Natsu, who managed to dodge it, then charging the blade of Kuroryuken.

"Abyss Dragon Blade: Nightmare Flash!" Natsu said, as he sent a powerful wave of darkness at Thorson, who grit his teeth in annoyance, and then used his shield to block it.

As the darkness wave hit the shield, Thorson which he has little struggle in blocking, before he then moved his shield at the side, sending the attack to strike a wall.

"It's useless! Whatever you throw at me, my shield, Donner will always be able to handle it! It all of its battles, it has never once been broken!" Thorson said.

But Natsu wasn't done yet, as then jumped into air and then went to send his next attack.

"Abyss Dragon Blade: Crescent Fang!" Natsu said, as a crescent-shaped blast of darkness was sent from the sword and onto Thorson.

"I told you, no matter what, you cannot defeat, even if you cut me a thousand times!" Thorson said, as he swung his Hammer.

"Electro Wave!" Thorson said, as a wave of electricity was sent towards Natsu´s attack. Once the attacks struck each other, a large explosion was made, a huge sphere of smoke in the sky.

In the next second, Natsu dashed through the cloud, landed on the ground, right in front of Thorson, and then swung his sword at him, only for Thorson to block his sword with his hammer.

Strike after strike, Natsu and Thorson flung their weapons against each other's, and were to be blocked. But even if it seemed first that Natsu had the upper hand at first, he gritted as Thorson pushed him back.

Natsu felt his feet moving without them lifting, which he then jumped back and before even Thorson could say a word, Natsu was already on to make his next attack!

"Abyss Dragon Blade: Cross Slash!" Natsu said, as several X-shaped slashes of dark energy were sent at Thorson, who countered it by swinging his hammer.

Natsu simply made another attack, this time it was a slash of darkness in the form of a wing, big enough to cleave an elephant in half.

Thorson dodge the slash, which instead struck the wall that was behind him. As the attack struck the wall, a loud explosion was made, and left a slash-shaped hole on it.

In annoyance, Thorson grit his teeth, which Natsu then went to jump at him with great speed, his blade charged in darkness.

Thorson simply charged his hammer, sending another wave of electricity towards Natsu´s attack, as another explosion was made.

Thorson then throw his hammer, which was still infused with lightning, at Natsu.

"Thunder Jaw!" Thorson said, as the hammer went towards Natsu, he dodged it, but the hammer caused many cracks on the ground upon impact.

The hammer then went flying back towards its owner, as Thorson grabbed the handle.

"The hammer came back to him, meaning it must be connected to him somehow." Natsu said and then went to rush towards him to attack him again, while Thorson got up. However, when Thorson just got straight up, Natsu was in front in front of him, ready for the next attack with his sword. But only Thorson grinned as he had already hammer raised in the air, with electrify surrounding the top of it.

"Let's see you try to dodge this! Hall of Lightning!" Thorson said, as the hammer he had raised in the air, several bolts of lightning were summoned from the sky above.

Natsu then proceeded to jump away from him, but even after he jumped away, the saw some of the lightning bolts coming down to him.

Natsu swung his sword, deflecting the lightning bolts that came after him, taking them off one by one. However, while he did that, Thorson then went to throw his hammer once again at Natsu, this time while he was distracted.

"Boss, hammer incoming twelve o´clock!" Nayoru spoke, which Natsu took notice and then to dodge the hammer in the last second. It had stopped falling thunder bolts, but even Natsu having dodged them, the hammer went back, straight towards Natsu.

"Now it's hammer incoming six o´clock!" Nayoru said, which Natsu turned around and this time blocked Blitz with the blade of Kuroryuken.

Natsu grit his teeth, as despite the hammer not being held by anyone, it was still able to push Natsu.

However, while Natsu struggling with the hammer; Thorson came rushing towards Natsu while holding Donner in front of himself.

"Thorson six o'clock, Boss!" Nayoru spoke, which Natsu, without turning around, jumped into the air.

Blitz was then sent at a rocketing speed towards Thorson, who tsched in annoyance and then went to grab Blitz once again. He then turned towards Natsu, who had already landed on the ground.

"Aren't you annoying little pest, Earthlander? I never imagined a stronger version of that coward Dragion, to have a stronger version of himself, but more annoying." Thorson said.

Natsu, still with his stern and serious expression, pointed his sword at him.

"If you think I am annoying now, then I am gonna be more than just annoying when I am taking you down!" Natsu said.

"I see. Then come at me, and show me what's more worse than being annoying!" Thorson said, as he rushed towards him, with his shield Donner and his hammer Blitz, while Natsu charged with his Kuroryuken, its blade covered in dark smoke.

Each of their weapons clashed, as another wave of darkness and lighting were emitted, as the forces of their blows send everyone close by flying.

"This is insane! I never seen someone to go on toe with Captain Thorson!" An Edolas soldier said, as he along with his other soldiers held on the ground for them not to blown away, much in vain to most of the soldiers.

"Whatever this Earthlander is, he isn't human!" Another Edolas soldier said, before he lose the grip on the ground, as he was send away with the rest.

Gil, were sent back as well, but his back struck the pillar that was behind him, preventing him from flying away any further.

"From this point on, thinking them as human are both would be completely impossible! What the hell have been in up for training and routines in their lives!" Gil shouted.

As Natsu and Thorson shouted, their weapons clashed before they were both sent away from each other. But they quickly landed on their ground, before Natsu and Thorson went to run to each other to clash again.

Neither of them knowing what was going to come next.

At the same time...

Lucy panted, as she and her allies had injuries from fighting Knightwalker, who had their upper hand.

An injured Happy held his Kusanagi in both of his hands, which struggled to even stand still because of his injuries.

Neptune, Virgo and Pisces, in their human form, could barely stand anymore.

"I am sorry, Layla. But I think this is what I can do for now." Neptune said, as he and his fellow Celestial Spirits started to vanish.

"I apologize, Princess, please punish me for my weakness later." Virgo said while disappearing.

"Yukino, my son and I are sorry for not being able to aid you." The Mother said.

"Don't worry, you did your best." Yukino said, and with both the Mother and the Son smiling, along with Neptune and Virgo, returned to their world.

"This is just great... I thought we could at least try to escape from her if we could distract her..." Lucy said. "Yeah, even if she isn't ours, she is still Erza." Happy said.

Lucy turned to a panting Yukino. Like Layla and Lucy, she had Diamond Celestial Spirit Keys, but like Lucy, she couldn't simply just summon them like her Golden Celestial Spirits.

Back when she and Yukino fought Sorano during the Oracion Seis Incident, Neptune brought himself, as Lucy didn't summon him by herself.

However, before either of them could make a move, Knightwalker suddenly ran, with her spear raised to strike Yukino down.

"You have tested the patience for the last time, Earthlanders! Now, face the consequences for making a fool out of me!" Knightwalker said, preparing herself to strike Yukino!

Lucy, Layla and Happy had their eye widened, and could only watch in horror, as Knightwalker was way too quick for any of them to react.

"YUKINO!" Lucy, Layla and Happy all screamed, and Yukino could only respond with her eyes widened at the spear that was right before her face.

As Knightwalker prepared to end Yukino´s life, suddenly the roof from above her, suddenly crashed and down came a figure, a sword in her hand.

Knightwalker, Yukino, Lucy, Layla, Happy and the guards have all their eyes widened, with Knightwalker stopping her attack and blocked the blade of her attacker with her spear.

But the force of the attack suddenly sent her back, towards her soldier, as the figure with the sword landed on her feet.

"Sorry for taking so long. This castle was like a maze, as I had to cut down roofs and walls for me to find you." The female figure said, as her comrades recognized her voice and long red hair.

"ERZA!" Lucy, Layla, Yukino and Happy all shouted, as Erza Scarlet turned to them with a smile and her sword in her hand.

But while her allies where happy about her arrival, Knightwalker, with an expression of anger and annoyance, had her eyes turned to her.

"Who the hell are you, and what are you doing here, you imposter?" Knightwalker said in a low tone.

Erza simply responded with a serious look on her face, as she then pointed her blade at Knightwalker.

"I am a wizard from Earthland's Fairy Tail. My name is Erza Scarlet." Erza said in determination.

At the same time, where Natsu and Thorson swung and sent parries to each with their weapons, with Natsu striking Thorson with his sword, only for it to be blocked by his shield, Donner.

Thorson grinned and sent Natsu away with his shield, sending crashing to a wall. While Natsu pinned at the wall, Thorson prepared to sent another blast at Natsu.

But before Thorson could do so, a suddenly blast of dark energy came from the sky, and right at Thorson!

Both Thorsons and Natsu´s eyes were widening, which Laxus was forced to jump back, as an explosion were made on the spot he stand on.

"What was that?!" An Edolas soldier said, as he and his fellow soldiers were confused at what was going on.

"What is it this time?" Another soldier said, and Thorson looked in annoyance at the one who sent the attack, in the air.

"Well, I hope I am not let for the part, am I?" A white-haired girl in her Satan Soul form said, who flied in the air.

Gil, on the ground with his sword, had his eyes widened at what he was seeing. "Holy damn..." Gil said.

Natsu immediately recognized her, as he walked out of the hole in the wall, and then:

"Mira!" Natsu shouted. Mira turned around to Natsu. "I hope I am not late for the fight, Natsu?" Mira said as she smiled.

Natsu grinned. "Not at all, Mira." Natsu said as he held his sword. "You came just in time." Natsu said.

The next was about to begin!

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