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Chapter 55: The Might of Thorson.

In the hallway, where Erza Scarlet, who had recently joined the fight, watching with her eyes at the enemies, led by Captain Knightwalker.

Erza glared at Knightwalker, who glared back at her.

The soldiers that were behind their captain, were silent with shock at seeing that were currently another version of their captain, right before their eyes.

Knightwalker ignored their chatter of what was going on, as she then to speak to her while pointing her spear at her.

"I can say for sure you must be the Earthland counterpart of me." Knightwalker said.

"You are quick to guess." Erza said, her expression and face still stern and serious.

Lucy and the others were silent at was happening before them, before then Lucy went on to speak next.

"Erza, is that really you...? But how are you..." Lucy said, which Erza then turned to Lucy, with a smile on her face.

"I bet you have a lot of questions right now. We'll make sure to aid you and the others." Erza said.

"`We?´" Yukino asked in confusion. "Yes, Mira is here too." Erza said. "Mira?!" Lucy said in shock, as she and the others got to know that another of their allies where now on Edolas.

"Let me explain..." Erza said, as she began to explain what had happened earlier.

Earlier, at the plaza...

The Edolas counterpart of the Iron Dragon Slayer was currently looking behind a wall to the see the Soldiers making their run to find their target.

Edolas Gajeel grinned as he adjusted his glasses, glowing in a white light.

"Just as planned. Soon enough, my counterpart should be able to have things done." Edolas Gajeel said, before then a large, towering flash were emitted.

"That's the signal. It's time for me to make my move." Gajeel said, as he took out a small, pipe shaped object from his coat, before then pressing the red button that was on it with his thumb.

At the same time, at the plaza, smoke began to erupt from the ground, covering the area before the bright light could die down.

A hooded Gajeel, stood before two women, being Erza and Mira.

The two female Fairy Tail wizards looked around in confusion, seeing nothing but smoke covering the area.

"What is happening?" Erza said, looking around. "Where are we?" Mira said, before both she and Erza saw a hooded man before them.

"I bet you a wondering what's going on right now, but for now, we need to escape." Gajeel said, which they recognized his voice.

"Gajeel?" Erza said. "What´s going on?" Mira asked, as she and Erza had questions to ask him.

"Look, as of now, we should be focused on escaping." Gajeel said, before he knelt. He searched after something on the ground, remembering the descriptions his Edolas counterpart gave him earlier.

Gajeel then grinned has he felt a small hole on the ground, big enough for a key to be fit in.

He took out a black key from his cloak, which his Edolas counterpart handed to him earlier, before then putting in the hole, turned it around and then pulled up that seemed to a trapdoor of stone.

The opening revealed a staircase that went straight down.

"Come on, this way." Gajeel said to the red-haired knight and the white-haired bar maiden. Without saying any words, Erza and Mira then walked down the stairway, with Gajeel following them after, closing the trapdoor behind him.

The smoke then cleared, having the citizens looked around in confusion, looking as if something had never happened. The same thing was to the soldiers who had arrived, seeing the scene as if nothing had happened at all.

At the same time, with Mira, Erza and Gajeel walking down the stairs, following the Iron Dragon Slayer.

Gajeel took off his hood as he then began to speak.

"If I remember right, it should be this way." Gajeel said, and then turned to Erza and Mira. "I bet you have a lot of questions to ask me." Gajeel said.

He was right on that, as with a lot going on had been happening. At first, Erza and Mira were just at the guild, the next second, were a bright light emitted everyone and before they know, they were in an area covered in smoke, with Gajeel in front of them.

They then realized something was strange, as they felt their Magic Power within them being weaker and low.

"Gajeel, do you have an explanation of what's happening right now?" Mira said, as they then went to down to a long tunnel, with openings to different directions, and was lit by torches that were on the walls.

"I know you want some answer. I shall explain to you now." Gajeel said, still walking with Erza and Mira through the tunnel.

As they walked, Gajeel explained every detailed, from the moment he had meet Mystogan, to the point where he had met up with them at the Square.

Mira and Erza´s expressions were with horrified shock of hearing what Gajeel had told them, even trying not to believe of what Gajeel had told them.

But due to how serious Gajeel´s tone was when he spoke to them about the danger, they know how serious the situation was.

"Yeah, I am surprised as you are. But with my Dragon Slayer Magic, I managed to free you two from the Lacrima." Gajeel said. "You freed us with Dragon Slayer Magic?" Erza said. "I did, and wasn't even sure myself it would work. But with what this Mystogan guy told me, I had no choice to but to trust him." Gajeel said.

Erza went silent as he heard say that name. Ever since that Battle of Fairy Tail affair, she hadn't seen any trace of Mystogan at all. So many thoughts had been in her mind since then and had wanted to know more answers.

But for now, she needed to focus was what happening right now.

"If our friends are in danger, we should listen what he says, and with Natsu and the others helping us, I know they will succeed." Mira said, and Erza smiled as they both know they could trust Natsu.

"Alright, we should be at the end of this tunnel. My counterpart uses this escape the Soldiers when he was searching for scoop after scoop." Gajeel said.

They suddenly came before a pair of large wooden doors at the dead end of the tunnel. As they stopped, Gajeel turned around to Erza and Mira, which he began to search for something in his cloak.

"This must be the end. This door leads to the castle. My duplicate used it a long time ago, as he wants to find a really good story within the castle. He found some interesting information there, but he underestimated the security within the castle, forcing him to run. Luckily, they never found the passageway." Gajeel told them.

He then took out a bottle containing of red pills. "Use these X-Balls. You will able to use Magic here." Gajeel said, handling the bottle to Mira.

"So, it's true what you say, about everything? Including that you met Mystogan?" Erza asked, recalling what Gajeel had told him and Mira.

"Yeah, and judging from the look of how serious he was, something big is about to happen for sure." Gajeel explained.

Erza and Mira then took each a pill, as they then felt their Magic Power moving through their bodies again.

"I can feel it. I can feel the Magic in my body moving again." Mira said. "Me too." Erza said.

Gajeel went to open the gates, showing a set of stairs before them.

"That's good to hear. Now you can make your move to the castle. I have heard that Natsu and the others are up there, fighting their way through there." Gajeel said.

"But what will you do?" Mira said. "As I mentioned before, I freed you two from the Lacrima with my Dragon Slayer Magic, and now I shall free the rest of them." Gajeel said as he ran. "Okay, we are counting on you, Gajeel." Mira said, she and Erza know they had to the trust to the Iron Dragon Slayer.

Grinning, Gajeel went off to run to corridors, while Mira and Erza then went on to run upstairs towards the castle, where fights were awaiting them.

Back to the present...

"And once we were in the castle, we overheard from the soldiers we eavesdropped, we heard that this Knightwalker were currently chasing after you, while this Thorson were currently fighting Natsu, as well Ur fighting this Panther Lily person." Erza explained.

"We decided to split up, with me going after Knightwalker, while Mira went to go after Natsu, since he was fighting Thorson, saying she was going to aid Natsu. And since Ur is strong, then we wouldn't have anything to worry about." Erza said.

"Well, that's good to hear." Lucy said, as of now, their situation now has gotten a grasp of hope.

"And you said that Gajeel-sama freed you and Mira-sama?" Yukino said. "Yes, he's currently on his way to free the rest, we have other things to worry about." Erza said and turned to Knightwalker.

"So don't have you high hopes just yet. I want to save my comrades, but we need to focus on the problems we have now, before we can move on to that." Erza said, looking intensely at Knightwalker.

"Scarlet, wasn't it? You don't look so different from me after all." Knightwalker said.

"Seeing you attack my comrades is truly an insulting. And the fact you share the same appearance as me, it does not only insult me, but makes me even more furious, than I already should be." Erza said.

"Is there a point of what you are speaking? You think that only we look alike, you think you can take me down? It won't matter what differences or similarities we have. As an enemy of Edolas, I shall make sure to kill you." Knightwalker said, her spear pointed at her, her grip on its pole tightly.

"Albeit if there is one difference, is that you are weaker than me. Unlike you, I am not bound those "bonds" or what you call it." Knightwalker said.

"Then shall we put it on the test shall. I know my friends can handle themselves." Erza said as she then turned to them. "I shall take care of her. You go on to save Wendy." Erza said.

"Don't worry, we will!" Lucy said, as she, Yukino, Happy, and Layla went to run in the corridors. "I won't let you…!" Knightwalker said as she dashed towards them, her spear thrust forward, but before she could even reach them, Erza used her dual swords, one in each hand, blocking Knightwalker´s spear.

"I won't let you." Erza said. "To think I see the day I am stopped by myself, literally." Knightwalker said, jumping back and then turned towards to her soldiers. "Men! You go after the Earthlanders, I will take care of her!" Knightwalker said, which the soldiers did as she ordered.

However, Erza was then covered in a bright, white light, which shocked the soldiers, and even Knightwalker, as none of them had seen anything like it in their lives.

As the light died down, it showed Erza in her Heaven´s Wheel Armor, with several swords floating around.

"I won't let you or the soldiers come forward!" Erza said, and Knightwalker, without turning to her soldiers, went to speak next.

"Soldiers! Take care of her if you must! These Earthlanders must be re-captured no matter what!" Knightwalker boomed, which the soldiers immediately ran towards Erza. Even if the Magic Erza was currently using was something none of them have seen in their lives, they couldn't risk it of facing the wrath of their captain.

Erza, who simply had her stoic expression, sent her swords towards the soldiers, having them fall like rain, taking them down.

Another group then surrounded Erza, with their swords and spears pointed at her, before they then came rushing to attack her.

However, she simply had her swords surrounded her, their blades pointed at the enemies around her, before they were at them, taking them all down.

Knightwalker, in annoyance, signed as she watched her soldiers being easily taken down as flies. She had seen her soldiers being taken down easily, whatever it was from enemies or beasts she had encountered from earlier missions Faust had given her.

"Honestly, do I need to all the things by myself..." Knightwalker said, walked then towards Erza. "Enough! I shall take care of her myself!" Knightwalker ordered, which the soldiers immediately drew back.

"Finally facing me yourself? You must be desperate." Erza said. "Oh please. With weak soldiers like these, there would be no reason for me to face you head on." Knightwalker responded.

"Then show me your best shot! Show me what your strength is capable of!" Erza said, as she then Re-Quipped into her Flame Empress Armor, and then dashed towards her counterparts with her swords on fire.

"She can bring on more armors?!" A surprised Knightwalker thought, but immediately went on to focus on her battle, which she then jumped towards Erza as well.

The two redheaded, female warriors clashed, an impact was heard across the room, their weapons striking and pushing against each other.

At the same time...

"So, Erza is here as well?" Natsu said, as he recounted what Mira had told him. "Yes, as we split up, I will eventually come and meet up with you." Mira said. "And Gajeel managed to free you two with Dragon Slayer Magic." Natsu asked. "Yes, and now he should be able to free the others." Mira said, as she then turned her eyes on Thorson.

"But to think that there would be Edolas version of Laxus. What are the odds?" Mira said.

"Well, isn't this amusing? One surprise after another comes before me today. I never imagined this to happen. I had a schedule today, and you are ruining, you know? That's very rude, you know?" Thorson said.

Natsu and Mira simply responded by each entering a battle pose, with Natsu´s having an aura of darkness around himself, while Mira had an aura of Take Over Magic around herself.

Thorson had a smirk on his face as a reaction, as he then pointed his Blitz at them, which was then covered in lightning.

"So that's his weapon then. From what Gajeel told me and Erza earlier, the people on Edolas don't use Magic from their bodies like we do, but instead use their weapons and tools instead." Mira said, remembering what Gajeel had told them back then.

"Yeah, but you shouldn't underestimate him. That guy is tough, and has shown some impressive moves." Natsu said.

"That hammer allows him to use Lightning Magic and can also go back to him even after it's thrown. And his shield is able to block off any attack I have given him as of now." Natsu said, explaining what he witnessed and experienced in his fight with Thorson earlier.

"I see. I shall make sure to keep that in mind." Mira said.

"Whatever you know or not, the result will only be the same!" Thorson said, dashing towards them.

"Then let's put that on the test!" Natsu said, as he holds his Kuroryuken sword, its blade covered in black smoke. Mira, who was covered in purple Take Over Magic Power, then entered her basic Satan Soul Form, and then want to fly towards Thorson with her wings.

Thorson had his eyes widen in surprise, as he has never seen anything like that in his life, but didn't let that lose his focus on his two enemies before him.

His charged Blitz was then brought backwards, which he then proceeded to send it to attack. But before he could do so, Mira then proceeded to send a dark blast from her hands towards Thorson.

However, Thorson took a notice of that, as he then proceeded to take down the beam with his Blitz.

Even though it proved to be more powerful than he thought, Thorson managed to send the blast away to a wall above him, causing an explosion.

But before Thorson even had the time to think, Natsu then was then in front of him, prepared to strike him.

Thorson used his Shield Donner to then block the attack, sent him with his back to the wall, a loud crash emitted.

Mira then charged forward towards him in the spreading smoke, which then she proceeded to send a kick at him. But through the smoke, his shield came through, as Mira's kick went to strike Donner.

Mira grits her teeth as she pushed her foot downwards, and Thorson was grinning, pushing upwards, although having the slight struggle as well.

Mira was then sent upwards but were able to stay in the air with her wings.

Thorson then rushed forward, preparing to send a strike from his Blitz, and Mira prepared to send another blast at him.

Natsu wasted no time in his next attack, which he took a deep breath and sent a powerful stream of darkness from his mouth, which went towards Thorson!

"Abyss Dragon´s Roar!" Natsu shouted, as the blast went straight towards him, but Thorson blocked it with his Donner shield. It then gave Mira the opportunity to attack him, as a sphere of darkness were formed between her hands.

"Demon Blast!" Mira said, as she sent a purple beam at Thorson.

The blonde Edolas captain then simply had his Blitz charged with electricity, and then sent a beam towards the incoming blast, causing an explosion as the two attacks collided with each other.

Natsu immediately went to run towards Thorson, while Mira went to fly right towards him.

Before either of them could go any closer, Thorson raised his hammer in the air, which emitted in lightning, and then slammed it down the ground, and a ring of lightning was made around him.

"Electro Repel!" Thorson said, as the lightning around him formed into sphere, before it then exploded in a large, explosion.

Natsu and Mira covered their faces with their arms, and was sent away by the force the explosion emitted.

A pillar of golden lightning was raised in the sky, being seen from the entire castle.

Natsu landed on the ground, while Mira had her feet landing on the wall.

Thorson wasted no time, he then went on to throw his Blitz at Mira, coming at a great speed.

Remembering what Natsu had told to her earlier, being that it could go back to Thorson even after it was thrown, Mira tried to send a Satan Blast at it.

However, as it struck the flying hammer, a sphere around it protected itself from the blast, and continued its way towards Mira.

Mira´s eyes widened in surprise, but she didn't let that lose her concentration of what was coming.

She managed to dodge the hammer the last second, and instead struck the ground.

A large crater was made, as its cracks spread around like a spider´s web, before exploding violently, its pieces of debris going everywhere.

"Such power! Had that struck me, who knows what the damage could have been. And not only have that, with that being able to take a blast that powerful from me. That weapon is not to be underestimated." Mira thought.

The Blitz Hammer then began to shake, before it then telepathically came off the ground, floating in the air as it went back towards its master´s grip, at a speed equal to lightning.

Thorson, with a grin on his face, spun his hammer around, and then with a powerful jump, he went a great speed, still with his spinning hammer in his hand, at Natsu!

"Take this, Earthlander! Spinning Rumble!" Thorson said, as he then went to strike Natsu with his spinning hammer.

Natsu managed to block it the attack with the black blade of the Kuroryuken, as he didn't have time to use his Dark Make Magic to make a shield to protect himself from his attack.

Struggling as he tried to push away Blitz, Thorson only responded with a grin, and then to push him down further, pinning Natsu to the ground, gritting his teeth and his legs barely keeping up. Lightning began to emit from the Blitz, giving Natsu a harder time to fight against it.

But then Mira then flied above the two, with Thorson being before her, she then prepared to send a dark blast Thorson from behind.

However, Thorson, with his eyes shadowed and a grin on his face, managed to forcefully move Natsu towards her, as their weapons were interlocked.

Thorson then went to throw Natsu towards Mira, who was in the air. "Mira, send me back to him!" Natsu said as then spun, which his feet facing her. Mira got the idea immediately, as his feet went in her palms, she then proceeded to throw him back to Thorson.

Natsu then swung his darkness covered sword, preparing his next attack. Thorson prepared his hammer with a powerful lightning charge, and Mira prepared to send another blast at Thorson too.

"Abyss Dragon Blade: Crescent Slash!" Natsu said as he sent a crescent shaped slash of darkness at Thorson. "Satan Blast!" Mira said, as she sent a blast of dark purple energy at Thorson, their attack going towards him.

Thorson wasted no time to prepare for his next attack. He brought back his hammer behind himself, which was charged with golden electricity forming into a sphere around the top, and then brought it back, pointing towards the two incoming attack.

"Take this! Thunderbolt Burst!" Thorson said, as large, beam of lightning were sent towards the attack. It struck the attacks, clashing at each other.

The soldiers that were close, had their eyes covered to protect themselves from flashing, but still were in awe at what they were seeing before today.

"No way... these Earthlanders are on equal footing against captain..." A Edolas Soldiers in shock and amazement. "You idiot, don't say that in front of...!" Another Edolas soldier said, but the soldier was cut off by suddenly hearing someone laughing.

It was Thorson who was laughing, taking the attention of the nearby soldiers, and even of Natsu and Mira.

"Captain Thorson?" The Edolas soldier said in confusion, as he slowly beginning to be filled with fear.

"That's funny. So funny..." Thorson said, and in the next second, his thrown Blitz went straight to the Edolas soldier's head, having it be torn off and its head smash to the wall!

Blood began spread in the long, many cracks of the wall, blood from the soldier´s head.

The hammer came off, and the remains of the head was nothing more than a mashed pile of flesh, which fell down the ground with a splash. The skull and teeth shattered to pieces, and its eyes turned inside out from being smashed.

The soldier's body without its head was spewing blood from the neck, and once it feel down the ground, the other soldier paled, had his eyes turned backwards and foamed as he lost consciousness falling to the ground.

"So funny that it is fucking kills you." Thorson with a maniacal face. The soldiers, seeing the scene, stepped back, too afraid to even shout and scream in horror, as some of them even puked on the ground.

Natsu and Mira, like the soldiers, were simply silent with horror of what they saw. Thorson, seeing the pink-haired man´s and white-haired woman's reaction, responded with a smirk.

"Oh, is that big for you? I should have expected that from those who are weaker than me, even though they are said to be equal to me, even from my own soldier." Thorson said, the last parts having him gain veins in his face, and eyes bloodshot.

Both Natsu and Mira turned to him, this time with furious expressions, their faces darkened and tightened.

"Oh please. I bet you are gonna be all that ´They were your men, and you killed them, all that´! That is so predicable! Not only are you weaker, but predicable!" Thorson said, having his arms spread out.

"This is a fight, and you expect to be any mercy?! They only respect and pride here is to impress the fighters, and you two are not even halfway to impress me!" Thorson said.

"Yeah, it was pretty low of you to kill him. But for that, we are more set on taking you down." Natsu said. "Seeing you kill your own men, it clearly shows how ruthless you are. I may have just met you, and the same with Natsu, I can clearly say you won't be as merciful if you were to fight our comrades!" Mira said.

"Oh, you think I will hurt your dear comrades? OF COURSE I WILL! DONT YOU GET ITS FREAKING OBVIOUS?!" Thorson shouted, annoyed and angered by the questions Mira and Natsu were giving him.

In the next second, both Natsu and Mira were sprinting towards Thorson, with Natsu swing his sword, while Mira was pulling back a fist.

Natsu swung his sword, slashing at his chest while Mira went to send a punch at his gut!

Thorson managed to block the attacks, using his Blitz to counter his sword, while using Donner to block her fist.

Natsu and Mira, without any words, each of them went to a head butt towards Thorson. Even though he wore a helmet, it did little to no damage to either Natsu and Mira, who barely got a scratch. But for Thorson, it made a dent in his helmet, even giving him a bit of damage, making him bleed.

Mira then flied away, while Natsu jumped back, which Thorson swung his Blitz again, while holding his dented helmet with his other hand, sending another wave of electricity that both Natsu and Mira dodged.

With Natsu landing on the ground, while Mira was flying in sky, Thorson let go of his hand, showing his angry face, but still had a smile as blood came from his forehead, running down his nose and left cheek.

"You did some pretty nasty damage, you know? I never imagined Earthlanders could be so annoying." Thorson said in a low tone, and lightning were gathering around his hammer, which this covered his aura, growing brighter and bigger than before.

"You were proven to be a bigger pain than I thought. Playtime is over. I shall now begin your execution." Thorson said, as lightning were now dancing around.

But instead of showing fear and panic, Natsu and Mira charged towards Thorson, preparing their next attacks.

At the same time...

As the group ran, Lucy, Yukino, Layla, and Happy ran in the hallways.

Yukino had summoned Pisces to fight the soldiers coming before them, ramming them through the hordes, and Happy used his new sword to take down the incoming soldiers, the blade of his Kusanagi transformed into a large snake, and struck the enemies.

Soon enough, the group were now before a pair of gates, indicating that this was the room.

"This must be it." Yukino said. "Leave this to me and my Spirit!" Lucy said, as she brought out one of her Golden Keys, glowing gold and Taurus was summoned. "Taurus!" Lucy said, and Taurus had his axe raised in the air.

"Mooo! I got it!" Taurus said, as he swung his axe and then broke the pair of doors down.

Once their way opened, they all walked in the room, with the exception of Taurus who returned to the Spirit World. Looking around and saw Wendy chained to the wall, her eyes seemingly unconscious.

"WENDY!" Lucy, Yukino, Layla and Happy screamed, rushing towards her, trying to set her free.

"She is cuffed by Anti-Magic Chains." Yukino said. "Step aside, I'll handle it." Layla said, as she took off the hairpin holding her hair in a bun, which went free down her shoulders.

Layla then put pins in the keyhole of the left hand cuff. She twisted and the hairpin in it, and after some turns, it finally came off, freeing one of her hands. Layla wasted no time in opening the other one, and once the other came off as well.

As they brought Wendy down gently down the floor, they went to check on her.

"Wendy, are you okay?" Lucy said, she went on to shake her gently, as she didn't want to accidently hurt her, due what pain and torture she must have been through.

Slowly, the blue-haired girl began to open her eyes, seeing Lucy, Yukino, Layla and Happy gathered around her.

"Lucy... is that you." Wendy said as she got up and regained her consciousness, looking around herself.

"Wendy, take is slow. Tell us what happened here." Layla asked, as she put the pin back in the hair, forming into a bun once again.

"All I remember what that I was dragged into this room against my will, was chained to the wall, and a strange, old, small, bald man, who this a strange device on me. It caused my great pain, as it seemingly drained my Magic Power away from me, and before I soon passed out..." Wendy said, as she suddenly remembered something.

"Carla! Where is Carla?!" Wendy shouted, looking around after her life-long friend. "Calm down, Wendy. As of currently, Carla went with Ur, but I am sure she will be happy to reunite with you." Happy said.

Wendy was silent, but knowing that since Ur was a strong wizard, Carla was in safe hands.

"That's good to hear." Wendy sighed, before she slowly got up.

"Be careful. You should watch your step after what you been through." Lucy said, as Wendy slowly was eventually stood up.

"But where is Natsu-san?" Wendy asked, as she didn't see the Pink Haired Man anywhere.

"As of now, he is currently fighting off Thorson, but he isn't fighting alone." Yukino said.

"What?" Wendy said. "More weird stuff happened while we were separated, so I shall explain it to you." Lucy said, explaining, with Erza and Mira, of their Earthland, had arrived to Edolas thanks to Gajeel. Lucy told Wendy that Erza was currently fighting Knightwalker, and that Mira were currently fighting with Natsu against Thorson.

Wendy took a deep breath of relief, having gaining info of what was happening while she was in captive by Byro.

Wendy shivered as she remembered when she was chained to the wall, with Byro doing horrible things to do her as he drained the Magic power of her.

"That man must have done horrible things, didn't he?" Layla said, placing her hand on Wendy´s shoulder. Since she was kidnapped and tortured by Hanshiro and the Black Claw for years, Layla understood what horrors Wendy must have been through.

"Yeah, but I managed to handle it." Wendy said. "Is your Magic Power working alright though?" Lucy asked. "Yeah, even if it was drained, I am sure able to use Magic in Edolas, due to the X-Pills we took before we entered." Wendy said, looking down at her hands.

"But for now, we better make a move. With our friends on the line, we should hurry." Wendy said. "Yeah, luckily Gajeel had some of fixing it." Layla said.

"Gajeel-san?" Wendy said, raising an eyebrow. "Yes, he told us that he freed Erza and Mira with his Dragon Slayer Magic, and now plans to do the same to the others." Layla explained.

Wendy then looked at her hand, which her thoughts of what Layla just said.

"Dragon Slayer Magic can free our friends?" Wendy said. "Yes, but for now, I think we should make a move. Soon enough, there will hordes of guards coming to investigate. We should make sure to reunite with the others!" Lucy said.

The others nodded in agreement, before they all went to leave the room.

Not knowing that what was coming for them soon.

At the same time, in another room...

A door opened, and in came a pair of men, one having blonde hair, while the other had purple hair.

"Did you hear what happened, Byro-san?" Hughes said, entering the room with Sugarboy at his side.

"Yes I did. To think such a problem would occur. But that´s not something the two of you won't have a problem with?" Byro asked, his eyes brow raised.

"Not at all. All we have to do find them and bring them to that place, right?" Sugarboy said. "Indeed, as it has been a while since we put it on use, and be the first time we used it for other than training." Hughes said.

"You two then go on to take care of them. I shall meet up with his Majesty. Code ETD shall soon commence, with the Exceed coming soon." Byro said.

Without further words, Sugarboy and Hughes went to leave the room, while Byro left the room up the stairs.

Back at the yard, both Natsu and Mira sent their respective blasts at Thorson, only for him to block it with Donner.

As the attack struck the shield, both Mira and Natsu were in the air, with Natsu sending a blast of darkness from his mouth, while Mira sent another dark blast at Thorson.

"Abyss Dragon´s Roar!" Natsu shouted.

"Satanic Blast!" Mira said.

Their attacks towards Thorson, but Thorson swung his hammer as the attacks came. Another explosion was made, sending Thorson away, his feet leaving imprints on the ground as he was forcefully moved.

Natsu landed on the ground, with Mira still in the air. Natsu ran towards him, while Mira flied, preparing their next attack.

"Just give up, Thorson! I took down Laxus from my world, and I will do the same to you!" Natsu said.

Thorson´s eyes shadowed as he heard Natsu mutter these words, as the words echoed in his mind.

"Another version of me, defeated? Unbelievable! I have faced many enemies in the past, fighting and winning everyone who came across me." Thorson thought, his fist held tightly and shaking.

Even if there was another version of him in another world, he couldn't accept seeing himself defeated. The mere words, even if they were a lie, were enough to enrage him.

An aura of electricity surrounded him, as it grows brighter and large for every second.

The soldiers, in fear, began to run away from the scene in panic, seeing their captain enraged, whatever it was at enemies he fought, or at soldiers who didn't do work properly, it was never a good thought.

However, it didn't stop Natsu and Mira at all from charging towards him, instead went faster to him.

"I am Laxus Thorson! The strongest warrior you´ll ever meet, and will not be taken down by the likes of you!" Thorson thought, before he raised his hammer in the air, its top forming a golden sphere on it.

Electricity surrounded him, spiraling around the top of his Blitz, as he then jumped with great speed upwards, and then once in the air, as well above his two enemies, he pointed his hammer down towards Natsu and Mira, who were below him.

And before either Mira or Natsu could send their attacks, a large, wide and power beam of electricity were sent towards them!

"Thunderstorm Bolt!" Thorson said, with a grin on his face, and beam went to them.

Natsu and Mira went to call of their attacks, due to the attack being too fast and try to shield themselves from the attack.

But soon enough they were both pushed down to the ground with a loud, large and powerful clash, before then a large explosion were made and raised up in the sky like a tower.

The explosion eventually died off, and with a grin, Thorson went to land on the ground, covered in rumble, fallen debris and cracks on the ground from the battle, and the cheering soldiers then came to surround him.

"You did it Captain Thorson!" A soldier said. "We knew you could do it!" Another soldier congratulated. "You truly are the strongest." A soldier cheered.

Thorson then turned towards them with a stern, angry glare, causing the soldiers around to jump back in fear, silencing quicker than he shot the glare at them.

"Yes. I am the strongest. And don't you forget that. Ever." Thorson said, as he went on to leave the scene. "But sir. Knowing your attack was indeed powerful, should we look around for survivors?" A Edolas soldier said, walking by him.

"Do whatever you want. I'm done here for today." Thorson said, without even turning to the soldier.

"And I have more things to focus on." Thorson, walking into the castle.

"Yes sir!" The all the soldiers said as they saluted, before going on to investigate the scene after the battle.

Not knowing that beneath them, were two individual's moving, showing they were far from being done.


"Ice Make: Great Sword!" Ur said, as she slashed with her sword at Panther Lily, only for him to block it with his large sword.

After some time struggling, he managed to push Ur away, and her ice sword turned into dust.

Panther Lily wasted no time as he came rushing with his sword raised in the air, and Ur then made several arrow shaped spears, which she then sent towards him.

"Ice Make: Spears!" Ur said, and as the ice spears went towards the large, black Exceed, which he swung his sword, scattering them with ice.

Panther Lily was then right before her, when he raised his sword in the air, preparing to strike her down. Ur wasted no time and made a large ice spear to thrust it towards him. But he noticed it quickly, he then jumped back to dodge it.

Ur, still with her spear, swung it behind her back, as she then placed her hand on the ground.

"You are pretty tough." Ur said. "Don't expect any flattering will make me spare you. You are an enemy to Edolas, and for that, you shall be taken care of." Panther Lily.

"Don't you worry. Since you are an enemy to my guild, I shall make sure take you down!" Ur said, as ice appeared on the floor and went towards Panther Lily, who smacked the ice off the floor, and Ur then jumped up in the air, diving towards him with her ice spear.

Panther Lily jumped towards her too, with her sword prepared for the next strike!

And with that, another chapter done!

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