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Chapter 56: The Stages are Set.

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Ur charged towards Panther Lily, as she proceeded to make her next spell. "Ice Make: Crossbow!" Ur said, as she sent a barrage of ice arrows at Panther Lily.

Panther Lily simply swung his sword around, shattering the ice arrows that came at him into dust, much to the chagrin of Ur.

Carla, who was flying in the air, watched the fight that was now currently going on before her.

"Come on Ur, hurry up. The more time we waste here, who knows what danger our friends will be put into." Carla thought.

Ur wanted to finish the fight as well, as she knows that their fight would never end if it continued the way it was currently going.

"That didn't face him at all. Then how about this?" Ur thought, as then went to make her next attack.

"Ice Make: Bats!" Ur said, as she created a swarm of ice bats, to then fly towards the large Exceed.

Panther Lily simply remained unfazed, as he quickly and easily cut the bats in half, not knowing that Ur had already prepared her next attack.

"Ice Make: Centipede!" Ur said, as giant centipede, came straight towards Panther Lily, its fangs opened to try to bite him.

Panther Lily jumped in the air, raising his sword in the air, which then its blade began to grow.

Both Ur and Carla´s eyes have widened. "What?! Did that blade grew bigger?!" Carla thought in confusion, and as the giant ice centipede was right before Panther Lily, he swung his enlarged sword at it, cutting it in half, causing the centipede to shatter in ice particles.

With a smile, Panther Lily shrunk his sword in the size it was before, before he then landed on the ground.

Once he landed on the ground, he saw that Ur had made a horde of ice boars, each big enough to be twice the size of a bear, came rushing towards him.

With one powerful swing of his sword, he managed to cut them all down, which Ur then was then in front of him, making a sword of ice strike him down with.

However, Panther Lily managed to block the ice sword with his own. Their blades pushed back at each other, giving each other a disadvantage of gaining the upper hand.

But soon enough, they both jumped back, with Ur taking the opportunity to make her next attack. "Ice Make: Shuriken!" Ur said, created a large shuriken of ice, and then threw it a Panther Lily. Once it was thrown, it was replicated in three copies, all of them going towards him.

Panther Lily dodged the first two ice shuriken's while striking the last third on into dust with a swing of his sword.

As he cut the larger shuriken's, Ur made a trio of large snakes of ice, rushing towards Panther Lily, whom he proceeded to cut the ice snakes in halves.

Panther Lily wasted no time to then run towards Ur, who made another sword of ice in her hands, engaging themselves into close combat.

Sword clash after sword clash, they tried to land a strike on each other, much to no avail.

However, Ur managed to force his hands in the air, proceeding then trying to slash his chest. But Panther Lily was faster, as he managed to bring his sword to block the blade of Ur´s Ice Sword.

Panther Lily then pushed Ur away, causing her Ice Sword to turn into dust, thing landing on the ground. He then tried to attack her, but Ur quickly moved aside to dodge, whom she then made a spear of ice, for her to try to stab him with.

Panther Lily dodged, whom Ur then rolled backwards, she then made her next attack.

"Ice Make: Trident!" Ur said, as a trident of ice was made, which she proceeded to stab it towards Lily.

The large, black Exceed managed to dodge the first stab and then blocked it the second stab with his sword.

"You Earthlanders are nothing I have ever encountered before. You truly are different from the other enemies I have met." Panther Lily.

"Trust me; this is what we normally do in Earthland." Ur said with a smirk, as she then proceeded to make her next weapon of ice.

"And don't even think that will be enough to faze me." Panther Lily said determinedly, holding his sword in the air.

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Meanwhile, back with Erza vs Knightwalker...

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Surrounded by Edolas Soldiers, Erza and Knightwalker´s fight was in full action.

Erza, in her Speed Armor, went to slash with her swords at Knightwalker, whom she countered with the pole of her Ten Commandments.

Erza then jumped back, changing once against into one of her armors, this time being her Frost Empress Armor.

Waving her steel fans on the ground, a wave of ice was made on the ground, going towards Knightwalker, who jumped into the air to dodge.

As Knightwalker was in the air, Erza changed into her Flame Empress Armor, sending a torrent of flames at Knightwalker.

Knightwalker spun her spear, forming a circular, spinning shield that countered the flames that was coming at her.

"That woman is different from any fighter I had fought before. Not only is her strength incredible, her ability to change armor unique, but the way she fights and the speed of her changing her armors is something to behold." Knightwalker thought, observing her moves her enemy was currently making.

"But whatever she is trying to either scare my mind to lose focus and gain the upper hand or not, I shall not fail. I am Knightwalker, Captain of the Second Magic War Division, and I am not gonna be taken down by the likes of her!" Knightwalker thought.

She then went to transform her spear into one of its forms, as it spearhead was in was three bladed, and had a spiked sphere in the middle.

"Mel Force!" Knightwalker said, as a powerful gust of spinning wind as then unleashed, going straight at Erza.

Erza, still in her Flame Empress Armor, went to dodge the attack, which instead hit a group of Edolas Soldiers, sending them in the air.

Without further words, Erza Re-Quipped into her Heaven's Wheel Armor once again, as the swords that floated around her.

The swords were then sent towards Knightwalker, who managed to block them with ease.

"Is that all you can do, throwing your swords at me?" Knightwalker taunted, before then Erza went flying straight towards her Edolas Counterpart.

Erza went to clash her blades with Knightwalker´s staff, as each of their clash contained a great amount of speed and power.

However, her swords then were sent out of her hands, much to the delight of Knightwalker, thinking she had the upper hand.

But Erza went to quickly grab one of the swords that had landed on the ground, using it fight against Knightwalker.

"She didn't send the swords to attack me blindly, but to use it in case she loses her sword. Knowing how many and fast she can make her sword, means she has a limit." Knightwalker thought.

Knightwalker went to thrust her spear several times forward, as Erza was able dodge them, before then sending the swords that was behind her at Knightwalker, making her jump away to dodge them.

Knightwalker´s staff was glowing once again, this time transforming into a triangular spearhead of gold, having a golden sphere with a swirl pattern on it.

"Silfarion!" Knightwalker said, as her she then came rushing towards her with a great amount of speed at Erza.

Erza quickly Re-Quipped into her Flight Armor, with it being able to match the speed Knightwalker was given by her spear.

The swords of Erza´s Flight Armor clashed with the Ten Commandments Spear, which was currently in its Silfarion Mode.

"I have to admit, that speed of yours is truly impressive." Erza commented. "I thank you your compliment, Scarlet. But don't think that I will spare you for that." Knightwalker said.

"Don't you worry; I wouldn't even to win this fight like that, even if it was a last resort. But will it be able to dodge this?" Erza said, as she then jumped back, Re-Quipped into her Lightning Empress Armor.

Erza then pointed her staff at Knightwalker, before then sending several bolts of lightning at her.

Knightwalker managed to dodge them in time but didn't manage to see that Erza before her again, her staff raised in the air, sparkling in electricity.

She then brought it down, but Knightwalker managed to block it with her staff, albeit she was pushed away on the ground.

Knightwalker then went to kick at her side, forcing her to jump back, but then prepared her next with her Lightning Empress Spear.

As her staff was once again raised in the air, its top covered in white-blue electricity, Erza then swiped in down, as a crescent-shaped wave of electricity went towards Knightwalker.

"Electro Crescent!" Erza said, as Knightwalker tried to use the speed of Silfarion to dodge it, but despite its size, it was faster than the previous attacks.

Knightwalker proceeded to then slam with the bottom of her staff on the ground, causing a large slab of rock to rise from the ground.

The attack struck the slab of rock, as it didn't prevent it, but slowly it did.

Knightwalker took the chance to then job away as the attack disintegrated the slab before her, as the attack continued to strike a group of Edolas Soldiers, knocking them out, and make a large gap on the wall, surrounded by cracks.

Knightwalker then went to charged towards Erza once again, aiming her spear at her. Erza charged towards her as well, swinging her spear back.

"SCARLET!" Knightwalker shouted.

"KNIGHTWALKER!" Erza screamed, as their weapons clashed, a powerful wave of power was felt across the castle, as their intense battle was in motion.

(End Fairy Tail ost here)


In the courtyard where the battle where Laxus was fighting Natsu and Mira, the Edolas Soldiers looked and cleaned up the debris from the aftermath.

"Hurry up and find their bodies! They should be around here somewhere, unless they have been spread all over the place. Then prepare yourself for extra work cleaning the body remains." A senior Edolas Soldier said, as the soldiers picked up debris of all sizes that had fallen on the ground.

Unknown to them, they wouldn't find either of them there.

"We are almost there." Natsu said, digging underground with a shovel of darkness he made from his Dark-Make Magic.

Mira was right behind him, as they walked into the tunnel Natsu was making.

After Thorson had defeated them, Natsu and Mira went to digging underground, for them to find a way to retreat for now, for them to escape safely and unsound.

Once they covered up the hole they dug, then continued to make their way to dig up.

"Mira, I know this isn't your thing, but you saw what power that Thorson Bastard held back then, right?" Natsu said, his face turned into digging the wall before him.

"Natsu, I did see the strength Thorson possessed. That man is on the same level as our Laxus back on Earthland. Which is sure one scary thought." Mira said.

"Yeah, but like our Laxus, we took him down, and we will sure that this Laxus down." Natsu said, turning to Mira with a smile, who smiled too. "I know. Which is why we won't run right now, aren't we?" Mira said. "It wouldn't even be a last resort." Natsu said, as he then began to dig upwards.

"Alright, if I remember right, we should be about above the interior of the castle. Be prepared, it might be guards up there." Natsu said. "You don't have to tell me twice." Mira said.

"But once we gotten out of here, we shall go and met up with the others. They should have gotten to Wendy right about now." Natsu said.

"And knowing them, they should have freed her as well." Mira said.

"Without further ado, let's go then." Natsu said, as with one final strike with his shovel on the dirt above them, opened the hole, as then got out of it.

Just as Natsu predicted, they were now inside the castle once more, and surprisingly, there was no guards in sight. "It would seem that the coast is clear." Mira said, looking around.

"Yeah, we seem to be pretty lucky here." Natsu said, as he dusted of their dirt from his clothing, both from the fight and the digging underground.

Even though both Natsu and Mira could handle any guard coming at them, for now, they needed to save their strength and power for enemies that were soon to come.

"Natsu, we better make a move. We should be able to regroup with the others as soon as possible." Mira said. "Agree." Natsu agreed; as he and Mira went on to leave the scene behind them.

However, either Natsu, Mira, or their friends knew that they were going to be involved in an event much larger than they imagined.

At the same time, within the King´s chamber, Byro was currently in the front of king, kneeling before him.

"We just got a call from Extalia. According to them, a group of their soldiers, led by Nichiya, will come here for them to capture the Fallen, and aid us in taking down the Earthlanders." Byro said.

"I see, then shall prepare for their arrival." Faust said, as he rose from his throne. "Byro! Inform the soldiers of to engage Code ETD! We shall make sure make sure move onto the next step! The next step to fulfill my promise I have made with my people!" Faust declared.

"Of course sir, I shall do that right away." Byro said, leaving the throne room.

Faust then turned to the large window that was behind his throne, his arms behind his back.

"Extalia, you have ruled over Edolas long enough. Soon, you will fall, and a no longer shall we, the Humans, be ruled over you." Faust thought.

"Unlimited Magic Power be upon us, and you shall regret you looked down on us! Because I am the future of this world, not you!" Faust thought, spreading his arms.

"There can only be one ruler of Edolas, and that is me, the King! So, enjoy your rule while you still can. Your end is inevitable." Faust thought.

At the same time, Thorson, returning from his battle against Natsu and Mira, walked down the corridor, as he saw his Lieutenant, Yukino Flakes, coming towards him.

"Captain Thorson, I have important news!" Flakes said as she saluted, walking beside him. "What is the news?" Thorson said, his face facing the direction before him.

"The Exceed are on their way to the castle, intending to capture the Fallen that have breached to aid the Earthlanders." Flakes said.

"I see." Thorson said, his expression not changing. "And I have been told that the King have been announced Code ETD to be set in motion." Flakes explained, and this grew a sinister smile on Thorson´s face.

"Excellent. You know what that means, don't you?" Thorson said, turning his eyes to Flakes. "Yes I do." Flakes simply answered. "Then you what is going to come. Tell the Golden Mjölnir to prepare for battle. It's time to start Operation "Thunder Crown." Thorson ordered. "It shall be fixed immediately, sir." Flakes said as she saluted, and Thorson looked through the window he walked by.

"Exceeds, Old Man, your time as rulers are overs. Soon, you will realize that only the strongest can rule over the weak." Thorson thought.

"What shall we do about the Earthlanders, Captain Thorson?" Flakes asked. "Do what you want. If they come in our path, unless they decide to join my cause, kill them without hesitation or mercy. They are just bunch of annoying pests anyway. And since I took out the best they had, it will be no problem for my squad to take them down." Thorson said.

"Understood." Flakes said, as suddenly an Edolas Soldier was came running to the scene.

"Captain Thorson, Lieutenant Flakes! Urgent report!" The Edolas Soldier said, panting as he saluted before Thorson and Flakes.

"What is it?" Thorson asked, as he had things planning to do.

"We got report from the soldiers within the castle that currently the Eartlanders are currently running towards the E-Zone." The Soldier reported.

"The E-Zone you say?" Thorson said. "Yes, and currently Captain Sugarboy and Captain Hughes are there, as they expect to face them." The Soldier said.

"And that's not all. The same Earthlanders you fought earlier seems to be alive and have somehow escaped from the battleground the fought them." The Soldier said.

Both Thorson and Flakes were surprised to hear that, as Thorson never expected that the ones, he was still alive, even after fighting him.

Thorson with his eyes shadowed, turned away, and then to speak.

"I see. If that's all, then you are dismissed." Thorson said, which the soldier saluted and went to leave the scene.

"Captain Thorson, what should we do?" Flakes asked. "Summon the Golden Mjölnir. I shall give them new orders. I will make some change for the beginning of Operation Thunder Crown." Thorson said, and Flakes saluted.

At the same time, in the sky, a familiar, black-haired figure was riding a large Legion, flying towards the large Lacrima that was in the sky.

"Gihi, there it is! Not so hard to find with something this big in the sky." Gajeel said, jumping off the Legion. "Good thing that Mystogan guy managed to bring me this Legion. Surprisingly, they were easier to ride than a thought." The Iron Dragon Slayer said, looking up before turning the crystals before him.

"Well, enough of chit-chat and let's get to work. They are waiting to be free after all." Gajeel said with a grin.


(Play Fairy Tail ost Against Magic here)

Ur swung her giant ice sword at Panther Lily, only for it to blocked by his own giant sword.

Ur wasted no time, as she made another, smaller sword of ice in her free hand, swinging it towards Panther Lily.

Lily managed to dodge it by jumping away, and Ur then made a large ball of ice, coming straight through the wall, sending him outside and straight to the courtyard.

"Captain Panther Lily!" The soldiers' shouted, as Ur walked to the hole in the wall, seeing Panther Lily flying in the air with his wings.

"You are sure one painful woman. To think Earthland had women that were that strong." Panther Lily said.

"Oh, trust me. From where I came from, there are a ton of women that are stronger than me." Ur said.

(End Fairy Tail ost here)

"No matter. You will not succeed in ruining the peace of Edolas." Panther Lily said as he pointed his sword at Ur, then suddenly, a familiar, male voice was heard.


A little bit earlier...

Natsu and Mira came out of on one of the walls of the castle, before they both looked around at their current surroundings.

"We are back outside." Natsu said, and at the same time, Lucy, Layla, Yukino, Happy and Wendy came rushing out as well, noticing Natsu, as well Mira who was with him.

"Natsu! Mira!" Lucy said, rushing out of the doorway. "Lucy! You are alright!" Natsu said. "Yeah, we managed to escape, even though Knightwalker was on our trail." Layla said.

"But luckily, our Erza managed to come and save us." Happy said. "That's good to hear." Natsu said, and the group noticed Mira, with Happy next to speak again.

"But Erza was right, you are here too." Happy said. "Yes, and me and Natsu fought against Thorson earlier, which we lost but managed to flee alive." Mira said.

Natsu went to turn at Wendy. "You okay Wendy?" Natsu asked, with serious look at his fellow Dragon Slayer.

"I am fine, thank you Natsu." Wendy said, as Natsu grabbed her shoulders.

"Don't you worry, whatever they did to you, I shall make sure those bastards pay what they did." Natsu said, as he was not gonna let the people who hurt Wendy go free. Natsu then turned to Happy.

"What of Erza? Is she alright?" Natsu asked. "Yeah, she is currently fighting Knightwalker, as she told us to not to worry about her. Knowing Erza, I am sure she will handle it." Happy said.

"Oh, so in other words, there are two Erzas fighting each other in the castle?" Natsu said, his shadowed.

"Natsu, is everything alright?" Wendy asked. "Yes, no problem at all! I feel no fear about two Erzas, currently fighting at the same time, and sparking a clash of titans, with the possibility of ending this world." Natsu said, sweating and shaking like crazy, filled with fear of the thought of two Erzas fighting each other.

"We didn't say anything like that." Layla said, as she and the others dead panned. But then, a sudden explosion was heard, looking at a part of the castle, seeing a familiar, large Exceed with a giant sword, flying in the air.

The group watched as a familiar, female figure came out of the hole that was made.

"UR!" Natsu shouted, as he saw at the hole, with Happy at her side. "Carla!" Happy and Wendy shouted at the same time, as he noticed the white Exceed as well.

"Happy?! Wendy?!" Carla said, as she and Ur turned to Natsu and the others, who were on a different wall away from them. Ur turned back to Panther Lily, as he was the current she was fighting against.

"It would seem that your allies have entered the scene." Panther Lily.

"Yeah, I am surprised to see them enter the scene as well." Ur said. "Whatever the numbers you have, you won't succeed." Panther Lily said.

"Don't you worry, because I will make this go quick." Ur said, but then, she, Carla, Natsu, Lucy, Yukino, Layla, Wendy, Happy and everyone else around the area, being the soldiers and Panther Lily, looked up in the sky.

It was the Exceeds, being over a hundred in number, and all led by Captain Nichiya, flying towards the scene.


Faust, who was on the balcony alongside Byro, Coco and a group of soldiers, watched as the horde of Exceeds coming towards the scene.

"Is this really the right way to do it?" Coco said. "Trust me, my dear Coco. One day, you will truly understand what I mean to work for your country." Byro said, as Faust then muttered the words that would set the gears of fate in check.

"Commence Code ETD, now." Faust said, as a one of the solider then to make a gesture, that followed to one of the towers, where cannon was now pointed to the horde of Exceeds, controlled by some soldier, and a light blue blast was sent at them!

The Exceeds, including Nichiya, could only watch in horror as they were all struck by the beam.

"MEEN!" Nichiya shouted, before he and the other soldiers were turned into blue, cat-like crystals, as they all fell down on the ground.

Everyone around the area, both those from Earthland, and the soldiers, was silent in horror of what just happened.

"Did they...?" Mira said, her hands on her mouth as they watched the scene before them. "They turned the Exceeds, in crystals?" Lucy said. "What are they up to?" Natsu said.

Gil, who was hiding under the rubble, watched with horror as the Exceeds were turned into crystals. Even if he was excommunicated by his former Kingdom, he couldn't stand to see that happen to his fellow Exceed.

Coco was silent in horror of what they just have done, with Byro and Faust smiling in satisfaction at the success of their work.

"What... have we done...?" Coco said, horrified of what just had happened. "Stay strong, Coco. We have done something that will give Edolas a bright future." Byro said.

At the same time, Carla, Ur and Panther Lily had witnessed it as well.

"They turned into Crystals..." Carla said, horrified at the scene, and Ur turned to with her eyes filled with rage at Panther Lily, whose eyes were shadowed.

"Hey, what is the meaning of this? Weren't the Exceeds your angels or something?" Ur said, demanding an answer, but before Panther Lily could answer, a sudden, loud voice was heard.


As the soldiers cheered, Faust, Byro, Coco and the soldiers that were with them went back in the castle, as a soldier then went to the scene to report.

"Report! There have been sightings that a man, not none from our side, been sighted at the Lacrima Island!" The Soldier said.

"What?! Is it one of the Earthlanders?" Faust asked, demanding to know was to ruin this hour of honor.

"We don't know, as he doesn't match any of the description of the Earthlanders we have seen as of now. But we have been notified that he resembles that of the Reporter Gajeel from downtown." The Soldier said.

"Whatever it is, send Panther Lily to deal with him, once he is done in fighting with that Earthlander woman. That will teach anyone who stands in way of our peace." Faust commanded, with the soldier saluted and then left the scene.

At the same time, back with Ur and Carla, Panther Lily, who was flying, and his eyes still were shadowed, was silent as if he was a statue.

"Are you really gonna let them do that to your people?! You really think can be called your allies after an act like that!" Ur said and Lily finally went to speak

"So, it was true what this about, taking down the Exceed? Sure, they may take down where my former home was..." Panther Lily said, as he dashed towards Ur at blazing speed!

"But I am the Captain of the Third Magic War Division! I'm a soldier of Edolas, and I will not let personal feelings stand in the way of the peace!" Panther Lily said, and then swung his sword at Ur.

Ur managed to make a large ice at the last second but was pushed away as Panther Lily shoved her away with force.

Ur tried to keep herself in place, but was eventually showed through a window, smashing through as she then fell.

"UR!" Carla screamed, as she flied down towards her. Panther Lily tried to catch her, but the White Exceed was too fast, as she flied down to catch the falling Ur.

Panther Lily turned around, walking as he was prepared to go and hear the next steps of Faust's plan, no matter the cost.

At the same time, Natsu and the others were both shocked at what they had just witnessed, and worried about what happened to Ur and Carla.

"Dammit, one thing after another..." Layla said. "So many things are happening right now..." Carla said. "Ur, Carla, they better be fine, or else..." Natsu said, but then heard a voice coming the edge of the wall.

"Natsu!" Ur said, as she was carried by Carla using her wings. "Ur!" The group shouted as Carla flew herself in and Ur on the floor.

Once Carla let go of Ur, she turned to Wendy, tears in her eyes. "Wendy... I am sorry this became this way..." Carla said, and Wendy cut her off by running towards her, giving her a hug. "Don't you worry, there isn't a problem at all." Wendy said, a smile on her face and tears running down her cheeks.

But before their reunion could continue, a group of Edolas Soldiers suddenly came to the scene.

"Hate to break your wonderful reunion, but it would seem we have company." Natsu said.

The soldiers were led by a man with a mustache, red eyes and a scar on his nose.

"Alright men, let's take this man down! Let's teach him what happens when he messes with the likes of the Edolas Army! I, the great Pakos, will teach them that!" The mustached man named Pakos said.

"But first, lets deal with them. They may know something of what's going on." Lucy said, watching the group rushing towards them.

At the same time, where Panther Lily was at the window Ur fell down from, a soldier came in the scene saluting.

"Captain Panther Lily! A Earthlander is on one of the Lacrima Island, hoping to sabotage the plan! The King have requested to take care of him immediately." The Soldier Reported.

Panther Lily sighed, as he felt as if nothing could surprise anymore, with the things he had seen today.

"I see, then I shall go right away." Panther Lily said, as he sprouted out his wings and then went flying out to the sky.

"One thing and another. It would seem that won't have a rest of today." Panther Lily said as he flied up to the sky.

Back with Natsu and the others...

"Alright you bastard, you better tell us what is going on, or you gonna have a fist in your face!" Natsu said, grabbing Pakos´ collar and pinned him to a wall.

The group of Earthlanders and Exceed was currently inside one of the towers of the wall that surrounded the Royal Castle.

"Ignorant fool, you honestly think I would tell you...? I am a proud soldier of Edolas, so there is no way..." Pakos said, but was cut off with Natsu punching the wall, making a hole, inches from his face.

"Next will be your face. So, talk." Natsu said with a glare, and the soldier was scared, no frightened shitless as he sweated more than a summer day.

"Well, you see, as you just witnessed, the King plans to overthrow the Exceeds, by using the Lacrima it was created by the last Anima." The Pakos said in a frightened tone. The group listened; surrounding him to learn what was gonna happen.

"You mean the one that our friends are currently in?" Ur said, hands on her hips.

"Yes, and with an invention created by Byro-sama, the Dragon Chain Cannon, he plans to use its chain to connect it to the Lacrima, and have it slammed into Extalia, where the Exceed resided." Pakos said.

As he finished his sentence, Natsu, Lucy, Wendy, Ur, Yukino, Mira and Layla, especially Happy and Carla, were all silent in shock of what they just heard.

"What did you say...?" Happy said, and the soldier grinned.

"And that is not all... when both the Lacrima and Extalia are smashed together, the Magic of the Lacrima and the Exceed will be mixed, which will rain on us and give Edolas infinitive Magic Power." Pakos explained.

"Meaning, our friends and comrades will be turned to dust, meaning it will be too late to save them." Layla said. "Elfman, Gray, Reedus, Master, Romeo, everyone from the guild will be gone forever..." Happy said. "Both of our comrades and the Exceed are in danger here." Yukino said. "That's beyond horrible..." Mira said.

"Why should you care, Fallen? Aren't you grateful we destroy your home that excommunicated you?" Pakos said, and then turned to Natsu. "And don't you care of the future of Edolas, Earthlander?" Pakos Explained.

"Do you understand? You really are gonna destroy our worlds future, to save your own future, who already have enough Magic? You truly are..." Pakos said, and Natsu punched the soldier straight in the face, knocking him out.

"NATSU!" The others in the room screamed, and the knocked out Pakos, missing teeth and covered in blood, fell on the wall, and Natsu eyes were shadowed.

"I'm sorry... we aren't the ones who would ruin a future just to make our future good... but do you honestly think it will be a good future for you to be made from genocide?!" Natsu said, as anger flashed in his eyes, and then turned to the others.

"We are make sure to save our friends, and Edolas, one way or another!" Natsu said determinedly. "And make sure to give that Faust bastard a good punch to the face!" Natsu said, turning to the others.

"Then I shall make sure handle the Lacrima. There must be a way to stop it and free our friends from it." Ur said. "I shall then carry you there, since my homeland is at stake here." Happy said, grabbing Ur.

"Wendy and I are going to Extalia to warn them, hopefully they will listen." Carla said, as went to grab Wendy. "You coming Wendy?" Carla asked as she turned to the Blue Haired Girl. "Of course I will." Wendy said.

"Then Lucy, Layla, Yukino, Mira and I will go and prevent the cannon itself from being fired." Natsu said, turning to Carla and Happy, who was to take off with Ur and Wendy. "We´re counting on you." Natsu said, as they left the castle to fly off with the sky, and the pink-haired Dragon Slayer, the Take-Over wizard and the three Celestial Spirit wizards then went down the stairs.

"You have an idea of where this cannon is?" Lucy asked, as they ran down the stairs. "No idea." Natsu said, making Lucy, Yukino and Layla sweat drop. "But with the task of dragging a Lacrima of such a size, and being such an important instrument, it must be in a large area with intense security, being in the middle of the castle." Layla said, as once they were down the stairs.

"Then, we should make sure to go further within the castle, where we hopefully can find it." Natsu said, as they then exited to the courtyard once more, as more Edolas Guard were coming at them.

The group stood before the horde of Edolas Soldiers, and before they could even go into fighting position, the horde of soldiers were suddenly blown by a large blast!

Natsu and the group was confused at first, until they all first heard a familiar voice.

"Take that! Queen Shagotte may have my power taken away, but the Great Gil can still take you down!" Gil said, as he was behind from smoking cannon he just had fired.

"Gil?!" Lucy, Yukino and Layla all shouted at the same time, as they saw the small, brown Exceed on the cannon.

"You know this Exceed, and is it me, or does he have Gildarts´ face?" Mira said. "Yeah, you can say that he is the counterpart of our Gildarts." Lucy said. "And trust me, it's a long story." Layla said.

"You guys missed me?!" Gil grinned, as they walked towards him.

"What the hell happened? Where did you go?!" Natsu asked, demanding to know where Gil went during the fight earlier.

"Well, when you and the white-haired girl were fighting Thorson earlier, one of the shock waves you "SEND ME FLYING TO THE WALL!" Gil said, shouting comically at the last part.

"Wow, totally different from our Gildarts, and not only in appearance." Mira said. "I don't know what your Gildarts is, but I can make sure to amaze as much as he does." Gil said.

"But as I woke up a bit earlier, I was in the rubble, soldiers everywhere, but luckily I managed to sneak to a cannon, and at the same, you came in the scene. With the soldiers gathering in one scene, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to strike the soldiers with." Gil explained, as Layla then went to ask the brown Exceed, as she and the others in the group shared a thought in their minds.

"Then, did you...?" Layla asked, and Gil cut her off as he answered to her, his eyes shadowed.

"Yes, did saw them turn Nichiya and the Exceeds that were with him, into crystals. Even if they banned me and took away my powers, I truly cannot stand them having been turned into that, and not to mention that Faust declaring war on my homeland? That is something I won't let happen." Gil said.

"Then, you won't like whats gonna happen next?" Natsu said. "What?" Gil said confused, and then, more soldiers came rushing towards them.

"I explain on the way, right now, we have company once again." Natsu said, preparing for fight the soldiers, as none of them know it would be a warmup for the next battles to come soon.


As Panther Lily flied through the sky, towards the giant Lacrima Island, he saw a male figure with black hair standing the giant Lacrima Island.

Without further words, Panther Lily went to fly straight towards the figure, his sword pulled back to strike him with.

However, the black-haired figure grinned and dodged the attack as he jumped away, much to the surprise of the black Exceed.

The figure then transformed hand into an iron club, striking him with it, only for Panther Lily to block it with his sword.

"Gihi, aren't you one strong kitty?" Gajeel said with a grin. "Trust me, this kitty is different from any you have ever met." Panther Lily said, before they all jumped away from each other.

"Well, since you got in my way, it would seem I have no choice but to fight you." Gajeel said. "Indeed, as you are currently in the way of Edolas´ future." Panther Lily. "And I am currently saving my friends here. But that won't make you let me do that, wont it?" Gajeel said.

"Exactly." Panther Lily responded. "Well, to get things over with, shall we at least tell our names? I am Gajeel Redfox, Fairy Tail's wizard." Gajeel said.

"Meaning you are a part of the Earthland Fairy Tail guild?" Panther Lily said.

"Gihi, you got that right, and don't know what your version of us is, but trust me, it's something you won't believe." Gajeel said.

"I see." Panther Lily said, before taking a stance. "I am Captain Panther Lily of the Third Magic War Division of Edolas. And with my sword, Bustermarm, I shall take you down." Panther Lily said in seriousness and determination, as Gajeel only responded with a grin, transforming his hands into iron clubs.

"Gihi, then let's see what you are made of, Panther Lily!" Gajeel said, as they both then charged towards each other.

At the same time...

In the throne room, where Faust, holding his staff, and Byro had arrived in after the declartion of war Faust had made, were now to do the final touches of their grand plan.

"With your declaration of war done, and using the Dragon Slayer´s Magic to fuel the Dragon Chain Cannon, it's now fully prepared to its one true purpose." Byro said, holding his hands together.

"Indeed, and then Extalia will be no more, and the dream our world have waited for centuries will finally come true, all thanks to me." Faust said, as he turned his head to Byro.

"And the Key, is it kept in shape?" Faust asked. "Of course sir. It has been kept well. Coco, will you bring it to us?" Byro said, as Coco, holding a large key, black, gold and red in color, had a dragon face on its crest.

Coco, had her eyes shadowed and bit her lip hard, which seemed to go blind by both Byro and Faust, as they were too filled with their ideals and ambitions.

"Now Coco, be a good girl and give it to us." Byro said.

"Are we really doing the right thing?" Coco said, her eyes still shadowed. "What are you talking about? Of course we do the right thing!" Byro said, and Coco then showed her eyes to them.

"By killing an entire species, to solve our own problem?! Is that in any way right?! Think of the innocent lives we kill, and that is Panther Lily´s home! Don't you care of what he would feel if we destroyed his home?!" Coco shouted.

"My dear Coco, we all need to sacrifice for the greater good. That is how reality works, and always will be. And I don't think Captain Panther Lily would even mind being a sacrifice himself." Faust said, and then his expression turned darker.

"What do you mean...?" Coco said, her expression turning frightful. "With him on the Island, as we have reports that a man is trying to sabotage it. And since the people cannot wait for us to give them eternal Magic Power, we are gonna do it as soon as possible, even if it kills him." Faust said.

Coco was now even more horrified as she heard Faust say those words, taking another step back.

"Now, hand over the Key, or else your consequences will be severe." Faust said in a low tone.

Coco, took a step back and then began to run, but before she could go far enough, Faust used his staff to send a blast to her, striking her feet!

Coco screamed in pain, as she fell down the ground, her feet twitching, covered in scars and smoking.

"Oh, my dear Coco, you have already liked to run, but now not the time for that. You have a simple and important job for you to fulfill." Faust said.

"You brought it on yourself, you know? After all, your selfish decision to save your friend, to the bright future of Edolas, truly is low." Byro said.

But their words went in deaf ears, as despite her injuries, she managed to run, albeit not as fast.

"She is getting away. Byro, you go after her, and retrieve the key at any cost! Even if it means killing her!" Faust said. "Of course sir, I shall make sure of that!" Byro said, sprinting after her.

At the same time, with Ur and Happy...

"I can see the Lacrima Island, Ur!" Happy said, as he carried Ur in his arms. "Yeah, its not hard to miss something that big in the sky." Ur said.

As they came closer to the Lacrima Island, they saw the flashes, and heard a fight currently occurring before their eyes.

Panther Lily swung his giant sword at Gajeel, whom he transformed his arm into a sword to block the attack.

The ground beneath Gajeel began to crack, as he then was forced to jump away before the ground broke beneath him.

Gajeel then turned his arm into a lance-like blade, before sending a barrage of blades at the large Exceed.

Panther Lily countered by swinging his blade like a propeller, deflecting the spikes as they fled at the side.

But before either he or Gajeel could do anything, a female voice got their attention.

"You have forgot about me, right?" Ur said, who was in the sky, carried by a flying Happy.

She then made ice spears that surrounded her around in a circle, before then firing them at Panther Lily, who managed to dodge them as the spears of ice landed on the ground.

"Huh, to think that would you meet you up here." Gajeel said. "Same to you." Ur said, as Happy set her on the ground, and Panther Lily walked then towards them.

"You again?" Panther Lily, slight irritation in his voice. "Taking me down isn't easy, and if it was, you wouldn't have to deal with this problem right now." Ur said.

"You know him?" Gajeel asked. "Yeah, I met and fought him earlier. He managed to gain the upper hand of me earlier." Ur said, as her hands were charged with Ice Magic.

"I usually say that I don't want anyone to butt in my fights, but since I have a mission to do..." Gajeel said, turning his eyes to the crystals on the island.

"Which is to save my comrades, I shall let this one go by. But I am fighting as well, as we might be able to take him down quicker together." Gajeel said, his hands turning into iron rods.

"Trust me, this guy is tougher than he looks. He gave a tough time earlier." Ur said. "So be careful." Ur warned the Iron Dragon Slayer. "Oh, if there someone that should be careful, it's him. Because I never go easy on my targets." Gajeel grinned.

As both Gajeel and Ur had their Magics ready, Panther Lily had his sword prepared to fight them. Happy proceeded to take out his Kusanagi sword as well. "Count me in you guys, I shall fight too." Happy said. "Are you gonna fight too? And where did you get that sword?" Gajeel asked. "It's a long story, I will tell you later." Happy said, as he turned to Panther Lily.

"Are you really gonna let them destroy Extalia? As a Exceed, it must have been your home! Are you really gonna be able to live yourself with that?!" Happy said.

"Your friend asked me the same question earlier, and the answer will be the same. I may be an Exceed, but I'm a soldier of Edolas. I will not let personal matters be in the way of the peaceful future of Edolas!" Panther Lily said.

"If words wont be the answer, then I guess fighting the only answer." Gajeel said, as he, Ur and Happy dashed towards Panther Lily, who readied his sword.


As Natsu, Yukino, Lucy, Layla and Mira ran through the corridors, with Gil flying besides them, his eyes shadowed as he heard the news of the grim fate his homeland would have if nothing was done soon.

"My homeland, will be destroyed... the Queen, the people, everyone will be gone...?" Gil said, and then his eyes were filled with fury and tears.


"Natsu! I will aid you in your quest in saving my homeland and people, as I shall aid your quest in saving your friends!" Gil shouted in determination.

Natsu grinned and the girls smiled, as they saw what Gil wanted to do for his homeland and people.

"That's nice to hear it from you. And you can bet your ass we shall take these assholes down, whatever they throw at us!" Natsu said, and then they were in front of a pair of large wooden doors.

"I wonder where this leads to." Yukino said. "Whatever it is, the only way to find out is to go in and check." Natsu said, pushing the gates open, and despite their size, it was no problem for Natsu to do so.

Once they gates were fully opened, they went inside and all saw the room was filled with nothing but darkness, with the exception of a light in the middle.

In the light, were two men, being Sugarboy and Hughes, both smiling as if they just won the jackpot.

"Who are you, and what is this room?" Natsu asked. "Well, Dragon Boy. We finally meet." Sugar Boy said, taking out his sword, the Rosa Espada, while making a weird pose.

"I am Sugarboy, captain of the Fifth Magic War Division, and your demise!" Sugarboy said, pointing his sword at them.

"And I am Hughes, Captain of the Fourth Magic War Division. And we both welcome you to the E-Zone!" Hughes said, snapping his fingers, and the light came on.

The room, showed to be massive, room, big enough be an arena, with a black, hexagon-like emblem on the floor.

Hughes then raised his staff into the air, and then, each of the six plates began to change, with one growing a city with tall, grey buildings, another had a volcano-like area with lava and fire, another a freeze zone with snow and ice mountains, one was a dessert of sand, one of a jungle, one was a pool of boiling acid and one with floating platforms.

Natsu, Lucy, Layla, Yukino, Mira and Gil were silent as the scenery before them.

"The E-Zone, a special area the Royal Army uses training for soldiers or as entertainment for the King in his festivals." Sugar Boy said.

"And don't you worry, you are more than welcome to come and play in our training grounds. After all, all enemies are welcome to face their final moments here." Hughes said.

"This place was something Thorson and Knightwalker used as their training ground, and they managed to make this in their playground. As Thorson managed to take you down, there is no way you will survive here." Sugar Boy said.

"Don't you be afraid. I shall make sure to choose fit the area you are all gonna be having a wonderful time in." Hughes said.

Natsu, Mira, Lucy, Yukino, Layla, even Gil, had serious expression as they were soon to fight, until then the door on the other side of opening with a large slam, having everyone attention turned to the source of the sound.

Though a different door to the room, a panting Coco struggled to run, even with her injured feet, holding the large Key within her hands.

"HOLD IT, COCO!" Byro shouted, as he ran after the young girl, chasing after them.

"Coco? Byro?"

"Who is that, and what is she holding?" Lucy said, as she and the others saw the girl being chased by the small, old man.


Natsu and the others had their eyes widened as what the heard from Byro. "Did you hear that? He said that she was holding the Key to the Dragon Chain Cannon." Natsu said. "Meaning without it, they cannot use it to destroy Extalia." Mira said. "I don't know why, but that girl has managed to buy us time." Yukino said. "Indeed. Let's all hope we can corporate with us. Even if she was on the enemy´s side, there should be a chance she can corporate with us." Lucy said.

"I don't know what you are talking about, but whatever you will do, will be for nothing." Sugar Boy said.

"Hughes! Sugar Boy! Will you two land me a hand here?!" Byro said, chasing after Coco. "Look, it's your own problem, and we are currently busy with taking down the Earthlanders." Hughes responded. "And to think you would have a problem with chasing a girl? What are the odds?" Sugar Boy mocked.

Much to his annoyance, Byro then took out a bottle of out his robe, before throwing it over Coco, making an explosion before her, sending her back with force towards Byro.

She landed on the ground with her back, as Coco now saw Byro was before him, a dark smile on his face.

"Now, now my dear Coco. You brought this on yourself, but there is still a chance to redeem yourself. All you have to do is..." Byro said, but before he could finish his sentence, a quick slash was made, as blood was pouring around Byro´s neck.

"Huh...?" was all Byro could said, before his head came fell clean off, and was then grabbed by the one who cut him.

Natsu, Mira, Yukino, Layla, Lucy, Gil, Sugar Boy, Hughes and Coco widened their eyes, silent in shock of what just had happened.

Blood came on Coco face, seeing the headless body of Byro falling down the ground, as the tall, green haired figure stood before her.

"You heard him, Coco. Be a good girl, give the Key and there won't be any problems." Edolas Freed said, holding the severed head of Byro.

"What... just happened...?" Mira said in shock of what just happened.

"ANTOLT! WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!?" Sugar Boy shouted in rage, his sword rose in the air, and then was shot with a fire beam through his skull. The next second, his head exploded in fiery pieces, before his now headless corpse fell on the ground.

"SUGARBOY!" Hughes screamed, before then began to sink into the ground like if was quicksand, as all but his head and left arm were the only on top of the ground.

Struggling to come up, two figures, one male, as one of the skulls, being the skull of fire, had just shot Sugar Boy, and one female, who used her power to soften the ground beneath Hughes, walked towards him.

Edo Bickslow and Edo Evergreen were standing before Hughes, who now had sunken to the ground.

"What is the meaning of this?!" Hughes shouted, demanding, wanting an answer, but went on deaf ears as Edo Bickslow went to snatch the staff from him.

"Hey, give me my Command Tact back!" Hughes yelled. "The Command Tact was originally part of our Antolt-sans weapon, as it was separated and given to you the day you became a Captain." Edo Bickslow said.

"I am simply returning it where it should belong." Edolas Bickslow said, as all three of the Golden Mjölnir was now around him.

"You think Thorson will let you go of this crime?! You cannot even imagine what punishment will be lie in story for you...!" Hughes said in a threatening tone.

"Thorson was the one who gave us the order to do this." Edolas Freed said. "What...?" Hughes said. "You can say for a long time, he had planned for this moment, to take you, Sugarboy, Byro, Knightwalker, everyone who were on the side of Faust down. The time for Faust's rule as king is over." Edolas Freed said. "We are very sorry if this offended you!" Edo Evergreen said.

Hughes was silent, and so were Natsu and the others, as he couldn't believe this was happening, and Hughes refused to let this happen.

His face, now red with fury and rage, began to shout louder than he even done in his life.

"YOU WONT GET AWAY WITH THIS! THE KING WILL NOT BE TAKEN DOWN THAT EASILY! YOU TRAITORS WILL FAIL AND SO WILL...!" Hughes shouted, but his head was then cut, from the left side up, to the right side down, as the pieces fell down on the ground, blood spread around and even part of his brain fell down.

Edo Evergreen, looking away, undid her Magic on the ground, as the corpse of Hughes went upwards.

"You always annoyed me, Hughes. You truly were unfit to be part of the new Reign Thorson will soon begin." Edo Bickslow said, kicking his corpse you.

"And you I could barely stand, Sugar Boy. I don't even know how you even became a Captain." Edo Bickslow said, spitting on Sugar Boy´s Corpse.

"Enough with the cursing already. We have more important matters to focus on." Edo Freed said, as he then turned to Coco, holding the Key tight, and then to Natsu and the others.

"Don't you worry. All will be alright. We are either your friends or enemies, but that will be decided soon." Edo Freed said, showing the head of Byro to them.

"You may have been in Edolas for a short time, but we can see that we both have one thing in common: Taking down the King. So, hear us out: We are gonna do a rebellion, to overthrow the Exceeds, and kill Faust as well. Captain Thorson will be the new King, and make sure to make Edolas a better place." Edo Freed said.

"So, you're still about destroying my home?" Gil said in anger. "Of course, a world with infinite Magic Power means the possibilities of making our world stronger. For you see, Thorson-sama will be the one make Edolas strong, where only the strong shall survive, and the weak perish like the flies they are." Edo Bickslow said.

"So, a tyrant replacing a tyrant? That doesn't sound good at all." Lucy said.

"You have two choices: Either become a part of Operation Thunder Crown, or became our enemy. The choice is yours." Edolas Freed said.

Everyone in Natsu´s group was silent, and Natsu himself went to speak, with the answer everyone knew he would answer.

And that ends another chapter, with a cliffhanger not least! But I bet you all know what Natsu will answer next chapter.

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