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Batman Should Have Taken The Night Off

"Lantern. You and Arrow missed tonight's league meeting. The information Aquaman had to share was vital for your mission tomorrow. Care to explain?"

"Yeah Uh, we're gonna have to take a rain check on that." he sounded out of breath.

Bruce's brows furrowed. "What do you mean?"

"Well okay, he's high as balls. Speaking of which, do you think you could do me a favor and call Arsenal? Arrow's not listening to me."

"He's high?"

"Baddie of the week hit him in the face with a smoke bomb."

"It could be toxic-"

"Yeah, yeah I already checked. It's nothing dangerous, no worries. Oh sweet Jesus this is hilarious. Wanna hear?"

"Lantern I-"


"...that was him?"


"He sounds far away." Bruce mused, "What is he doing?"

"That's cause he's on the next roof. Honestly, I'm not really sure but it involves a lot of flexibility. I'm kinda impressed actu- Oh crap wait, hey, Ollie man, you're not supposed to bend like th-... shit fuck. Dammit Spooky will you just get Roy up here? Oliver stop,ohmygo-"

The line went dead.

Bruce frowned at his communicator for a moment before sighing. With a shake of his head he flicked through his contacts quickly, clicked an icon, and waited for the Titans to pick up. He should have listened to Clark and taken the night off when he'd had the chance.

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