It's been a whole year since I first came to live with Daddy Warbucks and Grace. So much as changed since then. Just a year ago I was a lonely parentless orphan hoping that my parents would come for me someday. Who would've guessed I would become the daughter of a billionaire! Before then I've never had a real Christmas or got to see New York City where I grew up. I never really had real meals and we only showered a few times a month. You could say it was a Hard Knock Life!

When I first came to stay with Daddy Warbucks I had the best time of my life! I saw my first Broadway show, my first movie and he took me out to eat at fancy resteraunts every night and of course I had breakfast in bed every morning, given a warm bath every day and I had new pretty dresses! I knew I was gonna like it there! I had no idea that two weeks would turn into forever.

Then came the night Mr. Warbucks asked me if he could adopt me. I really wanted nothing else but to find my parents but deep inside I knew they were dead so I said yes. I would become Annie Bennett Warbucks and that was the best Christmas present I could ever ask for!

Then Daddy Warbucks married Miss Grace! I couldn't have been any happier! I finally had the mom and dad I've been dreaming of my whole life. They are the best parents a kid could ever ask for and do absolutely anything and everything for me. Even though my dad gets quite an earful from people he works with for marrying a Black woman they are more in love than anyone I've ever met.

A few months after they were married we adopted my best friend Molly! I couldn't have been any more excited. I've been taking care of her for two years at the orphanage and I promised her once my parents came for me I'd come back to get her and I kept my promise. I take just as much care of her and protect her just as much as I did at the orphanage. That fall we started school. It was great for us and I met so many new friends! I was even invited to my first sleepover party ever! I love learning especially reading and writing. It was a bit different with Molly. She's shyer and less outgoing than I am. We also found out that she has Dyslexia which causes her to mix up her words and letters. But with her teacher, daddy and mom and my help she was able to get through it! She even made a few friends and her best friend is Jamie Erickson. I couldn't be any more proud of my princess Molly.

For Christmas my mom's family came to the mansion to spend the holidays with us! She has two sisters Jen and Melissa. Jen has two kids Katherine and Jake they're the same age as me and Molly so we get along fine! We're really close and we do everything together! We're planning on taking a trip to Chicago to visit for a week in the summer I can't wait! Melissa has one son named Chris he's pretty young but he's a great kid to have around! Christmas was amazing and I got everything I asked for especially a loving family and cousins to spend it with.

We have had a great year as a family. We do everything! Broadway shows, movies, family picnics and just spending time together at the mansion! And of course Sandy is the best dog I could ever ask for! I'm so thankful for Grace for choosing me as the orphan to spend the holiday at her house. If she hadn't picked me I have no idea what my life would be like and I'm happy I don't have to think about that anymore!