I can't believe it's been a whole year since daddy Warbucks mommy and Annie adopted me! Mommy and daddy are the best parents I could ever ask for, they'll never replace my real mommy and daddy but they're just as great as they were! Mommy tucks me into bed every night and reads to me and even sleeps with me when I'm scared! Daddy calls me his little princess and tickles and cuddles me! They take Annie and I on lots of picnics zoo trips even an amusement park! This past summer was our first time at the beach! I loved it! I love my new family so much and I a, always and forever thankful.

Annie is the best big sister ever! She was already like a big sister to me at the orphanage and now she really is! We have so much fun together! She still sings ,e to sleep and comforts me when I have a bad dream. She h Los m to stand up for myself at school and helps me with my homework.

We both started school this past fall. At first I was really nervous about being in a school for the first time I am a little shy and not as outgoing as Annie but I learned how to adjust to it and I even made a new best friend named Jamie Erickson and her friends! I was even invited to my very first birthday party! I had so much fun! I was also diagnosed with Dyslexia which causes me to mix up my letters and words. With Annie Mommy and Daddy's help I was able to overcome my Dyslexia! They thought it was best to homeschool me so I could learn better. I was a little sad to leave school and my friends but mommy and daddy thought it was the best for me, now I am learning more and they think I can go back to school next fall! For my birthday mommy let me have my friends over for a slumber party!

Annie and I found out that we have cousins! They are aunt Jen's two kids Katherine and Jake who are our age and we are so close! Then Annie's aunt and uncle and their daughter Margaret then daddy"s brother and sister in law and their two kids and aunt Melissa and her son Chris We all get along so well and I love my cousins so much! For thanksgiving and Christmas we had a huge party with our new aunts uncles and cousins! It was the most fun we've ever had!

I can't wait to see hat memories are in store for us this upcoming year!