It's been a year since we all left that dump of an orphanage! No more mean Miss Hannigan wakin' us up at the crack of dawn to scrub them floors! No more icky gross much for breakfast every day and no more bossy mean Pepper yellin' and bossin' us around as if she knew it all. I do miss Annie and Molly though. Molly was only two years younger than me so we were pretty close friends, and Annie was three years older than me so we were close too. Annie helps m get through a lot at rh orphanage and I'm glad that her and her daddy finally found me parents!

My new family is great! I still live in the city so I can see Annie and Molly pretty often. Annie's daddy even found a colored mama and daddy for me so I fit right in! Mama helps me with my homework and tucks me into bed every night. Daddy always sings this silly song called "tutti frutti" and calls himself Little Richard whatever that means, but he's a lot of fun! We even go to an all-black church. I don't get why I can't play with the white kids at school or sit with them at lunch, they're kids just like me right? There ain't nothin' wrong with skin color even Annie's mama is black like me.

I like school a lot. I love to learn especially reading and math, I also like history too. I do have a few friends from school but I miss my friends from the orphanage, we were like a family! We all got to go to Annie's for her birthday last October, it was great seeing everyone! I'm so thankful for Annie's daddy for getting' me a family of my own who I love so much. I'm glad we don't have no more hard knock life!

(Note: in the 1999 movie Duffy is played by a Black actress and black and white people were still segregated in the 1930s not as bad as the South but still. Oh and yes I made a Little Richard reference haha)