After being in the orphanage for 11 years the thing Annie remembered most were those dreaded Sundays, the orphans' "day off" when they had to go to to church. Miss Hannigan marched the orphans down to St Mark's church every Sunday to sit through a long boring church service where the priest went on and on sins and going to hell. At the end of every church service Miss Hannigan always made a point that being an orphaned girl made them all a natural born sinner. Of course this made the girls even more scared and confused. Then for the rest of the day she'd make the orphans sit at the table with their heads bowed, no talking and to ask God for forgiveness for all their horrible sins they have done and they were sorry for being an orphaned girl.

Of course this made Annie feel confused and scared. She knew not all church was that bad and Miss Hannigan was doing it just to scare them. She knew that god was real and he loved everybody and it wasn't their fault they were orphans! God brought her parents after 11 years of waiting for them. She decided to ask daddy and grace to take her to church one Sunday.


"Yes princess?" Daddy Warbucks answered Annie at breakfast the next morning.

"Well when I was in the orphanage Miss Hannigan made us go to church and said we were natural born sinners and I wanted you to show me that church isn't all about sinners and it's not a scary place."

"Darn that Miss Hannigan! Well you're darn tootin' right it's not a scary place and she shouldn't of made you feel scared or upset! Mom and I will take you this Sunday how does that sound? It's a nice small church called St Mary's. Everyone there is so nice I think you'll like it a lot and I promise you we'd never make you feel scared or confused about anything!" Oliver kissed Annie and went back to his paper.

"Ok thanks daddy! She went off to get ready for the day.

Sunday came faster than anyone could expect. The Warbucks family was up at 730am to drive to church for Mass at 8:00. Indeed it was a small but pretty church. The priest and people there were so nice to Annie and the sermons were about forgiving one another and treating everyone with kindness. This is what Annie likes most about church. And of course she sang along to the beautiful hymns. After mass she kissed her father and mother and said" thanks mom and daddy! I really liked church! I think I want to go back every week!" They both kissed her and grace said "we sure can come back any time you want baby! You should never have to feel the way miss Hannigan made you feel again!"