I remember the first time I met Annie. She was like a daughter to me from the start. At first I had no idea why the heck Grace would chose a girl orphan to spend the holidays with us instead of a boy! I wanted a boy! Then I decided what the heck she can stay here for a week but she's all Grace's responsibility! I told Annie she could see a Broadway show with Grace since I had too much work to do than waste my time taking some random orphan girl to a play.

Some moments later she somehow managed to pull my leg "ear" and take her to the show.

Annie has so much energy! She spent the whole time running around and trying to see as many things as possible since Miss Hannigan has never let the kids out of the orphanage. First we went out for ice cream (how does she manage to pull my ears like that?) and when we got to the theater she could hardly sit still.

We all enjoyed the show, especially Annie. On our way home she made us stop the car when she saw an "old pal" of hers, a dirty but friendly looking dog she calls Sandy. She asked if we could keep him and of course i said yes! I've always wanted a dog!

On our way home Annie fell asleep in my arms. That was the moment she gained trust in me and knew I would never hurt her and I loved her like a daughter from the very start. She was so sweet in my arms I could've held her all night. I gently carried her upstairs to her room and tucked her into bed. That was the first time in my life I have ever even gotten close to someone let alone a child.