A/N here it is! My last chapter to When Oliver Met Annie! I had so much fun writing this and can't wait to do a sequel! Coming up is a Sound of Music fanfic with the preimire coming in a few weeks! Enjoy chapter 12!

I couldn't believe it was Annie's senior year already. My sweet energetic little girl is going to be a freshman in college this fall and I couldn't be more happier and more proud. Annie is going to the Rochester Insititue of Technology fo interpreting. She wants to study sign language and be a teacher or interpreter for the deaf. We love what she's doing and Grace her sisters and I are all so proud of her.

Molly will be entering her sophomore year of high school. She has came such a long way with her dyslexia and now she says one of the top students of her class! I am forever amazed and proud of my sweet caring little Molly for all she's accomplished. She's even gotten into singing and acting and just received the role f Lidel Von Trapp in her high schools production of The Sound of Music. Maggie is the sweetest6 year old and I love my youngest daughter to pieces. She looks up so much to Annie and Molly and they are so close and always together. I love my three daughters and couldn't be any more proud of all of them.i couldn't help but to think how fast Annie was growing up and I wanted to spend as much time with her as possible. Grace had the exact same thing on her mind as she mentioned to me the night before Annie's graduation with tears in her eyes.

"oh Olivier my little girl is growing up so fast! Her graduation is tomorrow and we only have a short summer to spend with her. Oh I can't help but miss her already!"

i gave my wife a hug and squeeze s her hand.

"I've been thinking the same thing our Annie is growing up way too fast. But she's only a few hours away and she can come home any time she wants and she'll be back for breaks and holidays."

Grace seemed to be comforted by this and kissed me gently.

"You're right and we have s full summer ahead of us! Oh Molly and Maggie were asking if they could visit Annie at her dorm once she's settled in and Maggie wants to learn to "speak with her hands" as she puts it."

"That's a wonderful idea Grace I'm sure Annie would love to have her sisters come for a visit and teach them sign language."

Grace kissed me one last time before heading to bed. I decided to check on Annie first before retiring myself. I found her in bed as usual reading.

"Hi daddy!"

"Hi baby look who's graduating tomorrow! Your mom and I are so proud of you and can't wait to see what's in store for you text!"

"me too I'm gonna miss you guys so much but you're in,y a few hours away."

knowing Grace probably already had this talk with her I gave her a gentle kiss good night. Before lambing the room she added

"Oh daddy would it be ok if Molly and Maggie send a weekend with me at my dorm once I get settled?"

"thats a wonderful idea honey and we have the whole summer to spend together! Try to get some sleep we have a big day tomorrow! "

I closed Annie's door and headed to myself smiling and excited for the next day and summer to come.

the graduation ceremony was absolutely beautiful and when Annie said name was called we were probably the loudest ones cheering her on! Grace had tears of happiness in her eyes and I couldn't hold back my tears any longer. When Annie found us we gave her hugs kisses and flowers. As soon as the ceremony ended we had a huge graduation party for Annie at our house with all her cousins, aunts, uncles school and orphanage friends. It was the best party we've ever had and we wanted to make it special. Everyone had a wonderful time and when everyone was leaving Grace suddenly summon s me over to her.

"I heard the girls having a little heart to heart earlier I just love what a caring big sister Annie is to them and they're going to miss her so much but she promised to keep in touch and have them over for a sleepover."

My heart melted st this. I loved how close all my girls were and it would be weird not having her around all the time anymore but Molly and Maggie would still have each other. I loved how Annie wanted to keep in touch with her sisters. I gave Grace a hug and went to say goodbye to the last few guests.

the rest of the summer was a spromised spent together as s family. We went on a few beach trips Annie had friends over and her and Grace went shopping for her dorm room. We had the most amazing summer together and were sad to have august come around too soon and we had to bring Annie up to RIT to set up her room and say goodbye. We spent the whole day setting up Annie's room and met her roommate Cheryl who was Deaf and from Boston. They really seemed to hit it off pretty well after first meeting. Soon it was time for us to go. I hugged Annie first

"see you soon baby woke hard and have fun I love you!"

Grace gave her a tearful hug nect and Annie couldn't hold back the tears any longer. Then she scoops up Maggie and held her and Molly tightly. Then she whispered to them.

"I'll miss you girls so much but remember what I promised! Well keep in touch and as soon a second I get settled I'll have you two over for a sleepover!"

maggies eyes lit up at this.

"and you'll teach me to talk with my hands?"

"yes I'll teach both of you all the cool signs I learn!"

Annie hugged her sisters one last time and led us out the door. It was amazing how Annie was growing up right in the very front of my eyes and I was so proud of her and I couldn't wait to hear about the rest of her college journey. If I hadn't met Annie all those years ago I wouldn't have been this lucky with three beautiful daughters and the most perfect wife a man could ever ask for.

The end! Note: RIT or any kind of interpreting programs didn't even exist before the 1980s and the sound of Music didn't even hit the broadway stage until th 50s but I thought I'd be cool having Annie as an interpreter and Molly in the sound of music!