I don't own Harry Potter or Big Hero 6.

Summary: After the accident at the Institute, Tadashi managed to survive the fire suffering from serious burns, ending in a comatose state.

Pairing: Haru/Tadashi

Prompts: Rate T, Comatose, Hurt/Comfort

"Hey, how are you doing?" Haru greeted as he crossed the door. "It's starting to get cold." He started as he drew near the window. "Autumn is right around the corner." Haru smiled moving the curtains aside, letting the sun in. "I've always loved autumn. The colors, the falling leaves, just staying at home," He gave a laugh, "sleeping as much as I wanted."

Soon his laughter died down when he glanced back at the figure in the hospital bed.

It had become some sort of habit. Everyday he came to the hospital, at this same room, and babbled nonsenses.

He took a seat in the chair next to it and reached for his hand.

"It's been two months already, y'know?" He started and smiled at him. "Aunt Cass is still working at the café and it's going great lately. And Hiro…" He sighed, "he started working on a new project and he won't tell me what it is." He frowned. "I promise to check on him, lest he makes something dangerous."

"I-" He paused and cleared his throat, "I'm doing fine. I've been going to school as usual. Luna says hello by the way."

Glancing at Tadashi's face he felt his eyes starting to burn thinking how he had been so close to lose him.

He had suffered third-degree burns in a result of the fire at the Institute. The doctors said that he was lucky he survived.

A mask covered his mouth helping him breathe and he was wrapped in so many bandages there was hardly any skin to be seen. He could barely see his lower face because of them.

The beeping sound of the machines was a relief to him. It was the silence what overwhelmed him. He was terrified that at any moment the beeping would cease and with it Tadashi's life.

Tadashi didn't deserve any of this, he thought, tightening his grip on Tadashi's hand.

He wanted to scream and cry at how unfair it all was but he always stopped himself. 'What would Tadashi say if he saw him like this? What would he think about him?'

He couldn't lose hope. He had to be strong for him, for Cass, for Hiro.

If Sirius saw him wavering he'll definitely forbid him his visits and right now he couldn't bear to not see him, the fear too strong. He could not allow himself to show weakness in front of him.

Raising Tadashi's hand to his lips, he softly kissed his knuckles, feeling tears stinging his eyes again.

"I need you to wake up. I'll wait but you better wake up, you heard?" he half-joked, wiping any trace of tears. "I'll come here as much as I can but you have to be strong and wake up." Haru said as he gently touched the bandaged head.

'I will try to be strong for the both of us.' He vowed himself, moving his free hand to grasp the ring hanging from the chain on his neck as he softly hummed a tune, gently holding Tadashi's hand for the rest of the visit.