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Pairing: Haru/Tadashi

Prompts: Rate T, Fluff, Romance, Mpreg

"I'm home." Tadashi called out as he started to take his shoes off.

He heard a clatter and then a "Welcome home!" from his husband. "Dinner should be ready soon; until then, why don't you take a shower?"

He stood on the doorway for a few minutes, basking in the sight of his husband dancing around the kitchen. The smell of his cooking along with the sweet scent that was purely Haru's made things to him.

Haru hummed as he felt a pair of hands on his hips and a warm body pressing against his back. "What are you doing?" He asked quietly, letting out a sigh as he felt a pair of lips on his neck.

"Why don't you accompany me?"

"I'm trying to make dinner. It's going to burn if you keep doing that."

"I think it could wait for a few minutes." Tadashi mumbled against his neck as he laid open mouthed kisses on his neck.

"A tempting offer," He let out a breathy moan as he tried to focus back on the stove. "but I can't."

He could feel Tadashi pouting against his neck. Sighing, he put the stove on low heat before turning around. "Don't make that face." He mumbled, placing both hands on his cheeks and squeezed his cheeks a little. "Why the sudden... urge?"

"I just feel like it. We've been busy and rarely see each other anymore." He mumbled, resting his face on Haru's palms, enjoying their warmth. "Was it wrong?"

"It's just that I don't remember you being this..." He paused, searching for the right word. "…straightforward." He finally said, avoiding his eyes.

Tadashi stared at him with a raised eyebrow. "You were going to say horny, isn't it?"

"...No?" Ashamed, he murmured hesitantly receiving a low chuckle in return and a light press on his lips. "I can't believe that you still blush at these things."

Haru pouted, his blush deepening. "Don't mock me. I can't help it." Tadashi just kissed him deeply, making him groan a little and returned the kiss.

Haru, being too focused on the kiss, didn't even notice that he was being pushed towards the counter until his back collided against it, and Tadashi lifted him to sit on top of it. "I'm not complaining. I like it." Tadashi breathed against his neck. "Especially when trying to discover how far that blush can go."

"A-alright! Time out!" Haru squeaked at the feel of hands making their way on his skin and hastily pushed him away. "I ask a time out!"

"I'm sorry." Tadashi looked abashed.

That wasn't his normal self. He was being a bit pushy, almost like- He stopped at his thoughts and checked on his mate's eyes. They were a bit darker than normal with something almost primal.

"It's my scent, isn't it?"

"A little, yes." He admitted with a slight nod.

"I didn't notice that I was giving pheromones. Damn it." He groused out, ruffling his hair in annoyance.

"It's not that bad, I mean you can always take your suppresants, right?"

He sighed. "I can't right now. I was supposed to take it yesterday. I completely forgot."

Moving slightly, Tadashi turned off the stove and then pulled one of the nearest chair taking him closer until Haru sat in his lap. "Would it be bad? We've talked about having kids."

"I do want them but we are always busy. Who would take care of them?" He mumbled pressing his face on his mate's neck, taking in his scent. "I don't want to lose my job and I won't ask you to leave yours, I know how much it means to you."

"I can always ask to move my schedule so I can be home. They won't be alone. They will have a great-aunt and many aunts and uncles that will love and care for them."

Smiling he cuddled to his chest, nuzzling his neck. "Cass is probably going to spoil them."


"She was asking, you know?" Haru started. "Everytime she came over or when I went to the cafe, she kept asking 'when are you guys going to have kids?'" He hummed. "I keep telling her that we were going to wait a few years."

They were silent for a while just basking on the scent of each other until Haru suddenly asked, "How many?"

"How many what?" Tadashi asked.

Haru turned on his lap and straddled him placing his arms around his neck. "How many kids do you want?" He smiled softly.

Tadashi hid his face on his neck and mumbled.

"What? I didn't understand you."

"Five kids."

"Five..." He trailed off and then he burst out laughing at his husband's embarrassed expression.

Tadashi pouted at being laughed at and again pressed his face against his neck. Chuckling a little, Haru pulled away and cupped his mate's face and kissed his nose.

Nuzzling his nose against Tadashi's, he pressed a lingering kiss on his lips. "How about we start with one and then see what happens?" He said before standing from his lap.

"W-what about dinner?"

"Dinner can wait. Now, about that shower though..." He trailed off with a coy smile and gave him a sideway glance before he sauntered upstairs.

He stood there entranced in the sway of his hips before he shook himself out of his stupor and rushed after him.


Now, two months later, at their monthly family dinner, they were getting ready to tell Cass the good news. She was going to be ecstatic.