Our last Anniversary

April 20th 2017

Sarah and I had been married for ten years the only ones who knew about our real anniversary was me my wife Sarah and my little sister Ruthie.

Ruthie and her husband Martin offered to watch our daughters so we could celebrate our anniversary, it was the happiest weekend of our lives I was an obgyn and Sarah was a pediatric doctor so we were always busy, we rented the same hotel room that we used after we got secretly married ten years ago.

A month later

September 27th, 2014

Since I had an early delivery I got home to get some rest and I went to wake up Sarah but he wouldn't move so I rolled her over and saw that she was pale I jumped off the bed and got my cell phone and dialed 911.

They took her to the hospital and I called my family to tell them about Sarah since the girls had stayed with Sarah's parents since I got out late and Sarah goes in early they stayed overnight I called them and told them to meet us at the hospital, when I got to the hospital my parents and brother and sisters were waiting for me and the glass family.

We waited for 5 minutes but it felt like hours when the doctor came out and I recognize that look I knew that Sarah was dead but I didn't want to believe it until he said something "Camden/Glass family?" we all stood up and looked at him "I'm sorry but your wife passed away." I felt Ruthie hug me and I could hear everyone crying then it finally hit me.

Sarah was dead my wife and mother of my children was dead and was never coming back, I fell to the floor and started sobbing and begging god to bring her back so my children could have their mother, "I have to get Danielle and Madison and tell them about their mom!" I felt Martin touch my shoulder "I will go and get the girls and bring them over here you're in no condition to drive."

They let us go back and see her and she looked just like an angel so peaceful I grabbed her hand and kissed it and ran my finger in her hair like I did every night I felt Rosina hug me I felt so bad for her and Richard they lost their only daughter.

I saw Martin walk in with the girls but the family was blocking their view so they couldn't see their mother like that so I got up and took them across the hall to the waiting room and sat them down and them something that I never thought I would say in my whole life that their mom was dead.

They didn't understand it so then my mom and Mrs. Glass walked in to talk to the girls.

Later that night I stayed at my parents' house with the girls since I couldn't be in my house that my wife passed away in hours before, so they girls stayed in Ruthie's old room and I stayed in my old room, it felt different sleeping by myself after ten years of sharing a bed with Sarah.

A year later

I sold the house and found a smaller house for me and the girls it was an adjustment to becoming a widower and single parent, my family helps all the time and the girls stay with the Glass's and I could tell they enjoyed having half of Sarah with them and I was grateful for all of them this past year I don't think I would have gotten this far if it hadn't have been for them.

Days after Sarah had passed we found out that her heart gave out and she passed away in her sleep and she didn't feel any pain.

Today would be our 11th anniversary so I got Sarah's favorite lunch and Ruthie and I went to the cemetery to spend the day with Sarah, I don't think I will ever love someone as much as I did Sarah.


Sarah Danielle Madison (Sarah Glass Camden)

September 6th, 1947

September 27th, 2014