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Harry stood trembling in front of Voldemort, never once averting his green eyes. He knew what he had to do. He wasn't afraid.

"Come to die?" Voldemort asked, a smirk playing across his face. The dark lord raised his wand.

Harry looked to his left where Draco lay drowning in his own blood, the sword of Gryffindor drenched in red. The blond had been so brave, agreeing to take on Tom after seeing his own parents killed by the madman. He hadn't hesitated, grabbing the closest thing to him. Did he even recognize he had taken the brightest symbol of the Gryffindor house? He probably would have thrown up if he'd known.

The brunet turned to his right were Hermione lay, eyes open, unseeing. She had gone up against Ron, when he turned on them. The redhead had pulled Harry toward Riddle, and Hermione had taken to using any hex she could think of at the time. The traitor had won, though. Harry should have never taught him Sectumsempra.

He looked Voldemort in the face and offered himself up. To Voldemort's right, stood the boy Harry thought had been his best friend. Ron Weasely laughed as Voldemort uttered the cursed words: Avada Kedavra. Harry knew no more.

The moment Harry's heart stopped beating, a shockwave rang out through Great Britain, pulsing magic through the air. Every magical being dropped dead. The shockwave grew. Soon, the entire population of the wizarding world had perished.

Outside of time and space, Fate and Time looked at one another, eyes wide with concern.

"Well that's not right." Fate sighed as Time shook its head. They turned and there before them were the two wizards and witch in question, dazed and confused.

"Where are we?" Harry asked, struggling to quite comprehend what had occurred.

"Are we in heaven?" Hermione asked, her nose scrunching as she caught sight of the one person she last expected to be there.

"I think I'm in hell," Draco said, glaring at the other two, disdain written all over his face.

"Enough!" Fate demanded, looking from wizard to witch to wizard. "I had it up to here with you. All your fighting, all your animosity, it's been a distraction from what you needed to do.

"This is where everything went pear shaped. The three of you were supposed to be friends. Had you just followed the lead I gave you, the wizarding world would still be alive."

"We're all dead? Every single wizard in Britain?" Harry asked.

"The world," Time said. All three gaped.

"Now, because we cannot let the entirety of the wizarding population die out, we are offering you a chance to redeem yourselves," Fate added.

"Really? Oh, thank you," Hermione said.

"But…" Fate said.

"There's a but?" Draco asked, looking decidedly more concerned. What could be the but? Nothing good ever comes from a but…Draco thought.

"But…you three must be friends. You must become the Golden Trio, like you were meant to be, before the three of you decided that you didn't like each other enough to get along."

"No…instead, you choose to befriend that dirtbag Weasely," Time said, rolling its eyes and sneering. "He's the idiot that kept Harry from becoming the great wizard he was supposed to be and made Hermione feel like trash."

"Also," Fate looked pointedly at Time to stop the rant, "if you take this option, you cannot change the direct timeline. You can make small changes, but there are fixed points that must stay the same. These things might not seem obvious to you, but when you get there, you will know you've reached a fixed event."

Draco, Harry, and Hermione looked at each other. Could they do it? Could they really go back and be friends to one another? What about their shared past? What about all the awful things they had done to one another? Could they really leave that all behind them and start anew?

"One thing…can we tell anyone we are time travelers?" Harry asked. Time and Fate looked at one another.

"That's usually against the rules. I'd advise against it unless you find it absolutely necessary. The more people that know, the more likely things will change inadvertently," Time said with caution.

Harry looked to Hermione. Hermione looked to Draco. Draco looked to Harry. Hermione and Draco nodded to Harry. He turned to Fate and Time.

"We'll do it."

Time and Fate looked at one another and smiled. Suddenly, there was a great earthquake, and Draco, Harry, and Hermione lost their footing.

Harry sat up, short of breath, holding back a scream. He looked around. He saw the broken toy soldiers standing on the rotting wooden shelf. He wildly grasped in front of him to grab the string he somehow knew was there. His hand connected with it and he pulled. The light came on, bathing him in a soft glow as he looked around. He was in his cupboard. He was at the Dursleys. He looked down at himself. He was ten years old.