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Chapter 1:

My name is Kenta Okamoto Just a normal high school student you could find anywhere at least that was what my surrounding perceive me at. The truth is I'm actually what you call a reincarnated person, by that I don't mean the kind that turn human into another race but that in am a reincarnated person that possess memories of my past life.

My precious life was not what I would like to share since there's nothing really interesting happen there, i'm just your usual Otaku that could be find anywhere and on the way from school after buying the latest volume of a Novel called 'High School DxD' I was hit by a truck.

Eh? To sudden? Why the heck should I even explain why I was hit by truck in the first place? I was hit, enough said, anyway, as I was saying I was hit and died yes, died and then I met God and well to be honest I didn't actually meet him since it was just the voice talking from somewhere.

This voice claimed himself to be a God and I was one of the lucky people to be reincarnated to anywhere I like, I of course being a fan of High School DxD series request to be transfer to the world while being the same age as the Main character, Issei.

After that come the gift point that I was given to choose three things of my gift and I chose to have the ability of Luffy from One piece-

(Rejected!) Oioi, you said I could have anything I want!? And isn't this supposed to be my monologue so how are you interfering?

Anyway, It would seems while I could ask for anything that doesn't mean he will grant it the way I want it to and in any case I got my rubber ability and next I ask for the power to manipulate electricity You know like a certain female Tsundere from a certain series that I thought that was cool and of course just like what I ask for but not the way I was expecting it to be.

Next, I ask for a weapon preferably a sword but with the ability to change it form into any weapon I want which at the same time gain the ability of the said weapon I copy, Why a sword if it could change into any weapon I want?

Sword is cool so why wouldn't I chose it? And anyway with that three gift I was reincarnated to the world of High School Dxd and from there begin my adventure as I start befriending the main character from a child and once the plot start to kick in I would be involve in it and hope to make things better with some romance in it or so it was what I wish damn it!

Oi, God! Are you shitting with me? While it was true that it was the world of High School Dxd but why the heck am I born overseas!? The setting should be in Japan so why the heck am I not in Japan!? (The World's big so deal with it.), like I said how the heck did you interrupt my monologue?

Anyway, I was born in overseas where English was a main language, i'm not even that good at English in my past life so back to learn speaking I guess and I thought which having the memories of my past life I would be able to breeze through this new life until I reach 16 in which the age where the plot actually moving.

In case you're wondering both of my parent is Japanese, it just so happen that they work are not in Japan which is why I was born outside it and my nationality still Japanese at least I would like to think that.

Anyway while I said I knew that this is the world 'High School DxD' I didn't found it until I was 6 I think, if only everything was in Japannese I could have search the internet while I was 4 and I was stuck 2 years of my life just trying to learn to read and write.

Using the internet I was able to find Kuoh Academy with Google-Sensei, since the school exist where it shouldn't exist in my previous life mean that this is really the world that I ask for and anyway there still ten years left which is why my first of action was to train my body and ended up in a hospital due stressing my 6 years old body.

Damn it those Fanfiction make it look easy to start training from young age, some even start at the age of 3! And I'm 6! Anyway, because of that incident my parent seems to keep watch over me as to not make sure the same thing happen again but then if I can't train my physical perhaps I could train my knowledge and let see an elementary student book of oi! there's no point studying this thing! It not like it would help me defeat an enemy.

Then perhaps I should train my ability? B-but it kind of scary if normal people found out and I will be label a freak so let stop on that, ahaha there still ten years left so I bound to run into some supernatural creature that could help me train my skill.

/Ten years later/

I was living my high school life normally wait! Isn't that something wrong with that!? Where the supernatural!? Why am I living my life normally!? But at least on the plus side I managed to transfer to Kuoh Academy as a second year. Not to mention it the same class as Issei, what happened to befriending a character from the Novel? Well for once I kind of forgot why I was an Otaku in my previous life in the first place because I don't have a friend that I end up being an Otaku in the first place?

What about this life you ask? Ahaha due to the little me believe himself to be something special and seeing everyone as nothing but background character I got ostracized by everyone of the same age, I would be bully if not for the bully to be bully back by me but once I was sure I was old enough I start to work out on my physical and make sure not to overdo it so that I didn't end up on the hospital again which is why compare to normal people my strength was above them as long as they are not to much gap in age and size.

I was really tempted to find some Devil and ask to be reincarnated, although even if I want to I haven't found any because I was too scared to use my ability among normal people which is why those in supernatural probably won't noticed me, anyway

once I am about the age to be in Middle School I start to behave myself and I don't want to return to that lonely life so I kind swore not to make trouble this time.

It work and i was alone as well, not getting use on making friend since whenever I start conservation which someone my shyness seems to take over that I kind of don't have too much to say with them and this continued and on my fiftieth birthday I ask my Parent that I want to go to school in Japan my parent was skeptic at first but after showing my mastery well at the very least my Japannese was on acceptable level I was allow to.

My parent was rich enough to support my lifestyle of living alone so money was not a problem for living expenses and as long as I don't spend it too much on useless thing I think I should be able to get past a month without trouble and still have some few leftover.

Finally, I transfer to Kuoh academy and I'm in the same class as Issei with the lack of Asia around here I would assume that the story haven't start yet and there's also no rumor of him being close to Rias which further prove my claim.

Anyway today was your usual day as I enter my classroom.

"Good morning Okamoto-kun."

I was greet by female classmate as I was about to return the greeting she turn to greet her friend who was just arriving.

What? Did you really think I'm some kind of popular student that I would have female student greet me every time?

"Yo Kenta, You look down today?"

A male classmate said to me.

"Ah, actually… ""Anyway, I heard there's a transfer student on Third year class a few days ago? They said he's Kaichou boyfriend."

A-anyway? It would seem I got ignored again as the male classmate turn to his group of friend that he was having a conservation just now, um It the usual It not like I was ignore by my classmate but it not like they would go all they way to talk with me as well and I guess I'm what you would call someone with no positive and negative feedback. Should I be happy or sad? Well, at least I still have someone to talk to in this class.

"Yo Issei, what's wrong?" I ask one of few people I would call friend and few that I could at least hold conversation to, not that I would go all way to talk with him thought since the female classmate eye was hurting when they look at us.

But he's still a main character of 'High School DxD' so it kind of comfortable talking with him despite my shy personality, although the topic always turn perverted so by the time I would excuse myself before the female classmate even ridicule me as well.

"Kenta huh, It nothing. I'm just a bit tired today. Damn Senpai forcing me to wear the damn ring."

I didn't seems to catch what he said near the end but it was true that he look tired.'

Could it be?

"Did you get kill by your girlfriend that grow black wing on her back?" Yosh this must be it, the event with Yuma must have happen without I notice and Issei currently was under the side effect of being a Devil that was weaken in the day and next he must
/act surprised and ask how I know using the chance I would use it in order to insert myself in Canon plot.

After that with his condition I will be able befriended the Heroinne of the story, If I'm lucky perhaps I could get a relation with one of the Heroine? I don't need Harem so one is enough (or maybe 2 or 4 I don't know).

Now come on Issei! Act shock and then-

"Did you hit your head somewhere? There's no way a girl want to become my girlfriend?" Arree? What with this reaction, does that mean I was off? And instead of that shouldn't there be something else you should retort to?

In the end the class start and I was left dumbfounded by the situation and come to think of it If Raynare have already confessed to Issei then there's no way Matsuda and Motohama would stay quiet.

With that in mind I ask the two what's wrong with Issei.

"Don't know. Lately he's been spending some time after school with that Senpai of his so perhaps it because of that." Uh? Senpai? Is it Rias? Or Akeno? But Issei shouldn't have anything to do with them as long as he wasn't kill and reincarnated as a Devil.

In the end I didn't managed to found anything and life continued as usual and a few days passed and a rumor was practically known among the school.

Kaichou have a boyfriend!

What with this? I never heard of this? What about Saji? Or is it him? No I heard the rumor said it was a third year transfer student, a transfer student? I'm also a transfer student.

Something that happening which doesn't fit what Canon is, then the only explanation was that other than me there were another reincarnated people and not to mention he managed to land Sona Sitri as his girlfriend I'm so jealous! I would like to found out more about this person but I decide to do it later because right now the story have already begin.

Issei was confessed by Yuma and the two were going out, while I know that Issei was going to be kill I do nothing to interrupt that It would be bad if Issei end up not reincarnated as a Devil then all the story as I knew it will all come crashing down that other reincarnated person should know of this as well and not interfere.

Oh well I'll meet him if he also were trying to interfere with the plot, anyway I'll wait till the day where Issei will act confused and ask about Yuma and that should be mean that he will be attack by Fallen Angel in the nearby park.

With that I make my mind, while I rarely practice this ability of mind I was confident enough I could at least beat a normal fallen angel and if worse come to worse, one 'EA' should be enough.

When he's in pinch I will come to save him, Rias should be nearby and if I'm lucky she might ask me to be in her peerage after witnessing my power.

Finding the place I was sure where Issei will meet the Fallen Angel Dohnaseek if I'm not mistaken, the place was easy to find and now I only need to wait when Issei was being attacked and now I wait and wait I continued waiting Zzzzzzzz


Gasp! What the heck happen!?

I was awoke by a loud sound of explosion and when I turn to look I notice Issei, and Dohnaseek who was on his knees as he was badly damaged and lastly there was a male figure wearing a Kuoh academy uniform holding some kind of sword that looks familiar.

But looking at him again I realized that I recognize this face, with how different his clothes is I barely recognize the person but the question is. why the heck is Hiraga Saito from 'Zero no Tsukaima' here!? Not to mention that sword definitely Derflinger!

As I was in shock the two of them continued talking without noticing my presence, the Fallen Angel leave and next Rias comes out and after that Saito leave and then Rias and Issei leaves as well.

Leaving me all alone as I was still trying to process what just happened and as I though God! You were screwing with me! I shout with all my might facing the sky.


Oi! I barely did anything so don't end this!


It still ending!?


So guys how was it?

Well I got permission from ralf07 after I lent him\er my OC to Familiar of devil what if (read ch 12). Anyway thanks to him\er for this chance and see you later.