Hey everyone! This is me making fun of Mary Sues in writing. In this case, with the Avengers.

Clint frowned as a ragged looking figure approached the Avengers Mansion. They didn't usually get visitors. As the figure got closer, the Hawk realized it was a girl. She knocked on the door tentatively.

Steve, who had also noticed the character from inside the mansion, answered the door. "Hello?" he asked, slightly confused.

"Hi," the girl stuttered, shivering from the cold.

Clint dropped down from his perch. "What's your name?"

She turned to him. "Mary. Mary Sue."

"What do you want here?"

"I- I was being chased by criminal masterminds, and found my way here. Could I stay here and hide for a bit?"


Mary walked in, gradually growing warmer. "Thank you. Do you have anywhere I can take a bath? I have extra clothes and everything in my bag."

Clint directed her to the bathroom, and on the way they met Tony. Clint quickly explained, and Tony nodded, walking off.

Once Clint showed her to the bathroom, he left and she quickly took a bath and changed into her clothes. By the time she was done, the rest of the Avengers had already been informed about her.

As she strode into the meeting room, where the rest of the Avengers were, all the guys gawked at her. Her hair was blond and slightly wavy, and she had beautiful sapphire eyes. Her ruby colored dress complimented her figure. All the guys immediately fell in love with her, and each wanted to marry her. She smiled dazzlingly at them.

Natasha rolled her eyes at the guys' reactions, and addressed Mary. "So, where are you from?"

Mary turned her attention to her. "Well, I was from Tennessee, and then a crime overlord killed both my parents." Her eyes filled with tears. "I'm an expert in archery, swordsmanship, and every type of weapon."

"Do you have any powers?" Wanda asked. All the guys were too smitten and dazed to ask her anything.

"Yes. I can fly, I have super speed, super strength, can control weather, can teleport, have ultra endurance, have telepathy, have telekinesis, can turn invisible, can shrink or grow to any size, have magic, have a healing factor, and have reality warping."

Everyone was ultra impressed, and she immediately became an Avenger. All the guys tried for her hand, but she ultimately chose Captain America. Every other guy was very jealous, and still wanted her, but respected Cap. She became the most well known and well liked girl in the world.

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