Summary: I thought I was dead. Sacrificing myself to stop an unforeseen disaster from destroying the whole world. But then, I opened my eyes and found out a lonely girl staring down at me. Now stranded in this entirely new world, I found out the two most dangerous enemy of mine has already been here before me. Just when I thought I saved one world, another one is already in danger. Looks like God is really like messing with me. Oh well, time to save the world again. My name is Kurosaki Ichigo and this is my story. Non-Canon Bleach and High School DxD.

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Bleach DxD: Dies Irae

Prologue: From One World Into Another

Sunday, August 19th, 2016, 08:20 A.M, Bleach Universe, Soul Society, Seireitei (Ichigo's PoV)

I can sense it...I can sense it clearly.

I can sense this familiar feeling even from this gap between dimensions, similar to the one inside of Garganta.

This feeling...there is no mistaken.

It has to be 'him'...he's using his Zanpakuto's ability on 'that man'.

But how is it possible? 'That man', Yhwach, has ability to see every single possible future and change it to his whim.

The Quincy Emperor called it Ji Orumait

The how is 'his' Zanpakuto's ability works on Yhwach?

What am I saying, it's 'him' we're talking about. Knowing 'him', he's probably planned this since the very beginning.

I saw the end of the portal and increased my pace before jumped out the portal.

I saw Yhwach, ran through his right arm to 'that man' chest while talking to him. He didn't seems to noticed me jumped out from the portal he left open for me to enter, probably thanks to 'that man' Zanpakuto.

"It's has been fun Ichigo! Your resistance was...mildly amusing at best." Yhwach thought he was talking to me, proofing that he has been fooled by 'that man' Zanpakuto.

I'm still curious how he is able to pull that off.

"Now, the least I can do for you is to erase your existence along with Soul Society with you." As soon as Yhwach finished his rather annoying monologue, I saw that man raised his right arm (which also his remains arm) and hold Yhwach forearm in tight grip.

"I see..."

I felt the effect of his Zanpakuto disappeared, knowing that he had dispelled his illusions, allowing Yhwach realized that he had been fooled.

"So, you think you're gazing at Kurosaki Ichigo..." That man, Sosuke Aizen, spoke in rather insolent tone, the smug on his face just added the effect. "...fascinating!"

Now this is my chance! The fact Aizen purposely dispelled his illusions, meaning that he sent me a signal to attack Yhwach before he noticed my presence.

I quickly shunpo-ed behind the Quincy Emperor and ran my recently repaired Tensa Zangetsu through his chest. Yhwach seems quite shocked at seeing me landing a solid hid on him.

With one mighty roar, I poured every single bit of my Reiatsu onto my blade before unleashed my signature attack.

"Getsuga Tenshou!"

I'm swinging my blade upward, releasing a highly devastating blue wave of Reiatsu that seemingly shook the entire Soul Society.

I saw Yhwach turn around to face me before he fell on the ground as his body becomes a pool of black goo. I look at him for a few moments before I heard a series of footstep from behind me.

"Passable enough!" Aizen spoke to me as he approached me. I looked at him and noticed he had missing his left arm but it seems didn't bother him at all.

Which is makes sense since he had survived his entire body vaporized into dust after I hit him with Mugetsu technique.

"Well done on responding as quickly as you did to my Kyouka Suigetsu." He complemented me, I don't know whether he's being honest or just being critical. That man is too unpredictable for me to read.

So, I decided to humor him and play along by answering, still not letting my guard down. "On my way here I got this strange familiar feeling. The same feeling when you had placed everyone under Kyouka Suigetsu's spell." I told him without batting my eyes of him.

"Indeed..." He replied with his left eye narrowed at me. He knows I'm studying him. "...Without him knowing, I had already put Yhwach under my Kyouka Suigetsu back then during the first invasion on Seireitei, when his Almighty's clairvoyant power wasn't active. I'd figure out it might be useful in long run. And while his power can change the future, he cannot change the past."

I widened his eyes a little in realization. Aizen was right, Yhwach cannot change the past, he can only change the future. That's why Inoue was unable to fix my broken Bankai because Yhwach had already erased every single possible future where my Bankai didn't broken.

As far as I know, once you got caught into Kyouka Suigetsu's illlusion, you will be under its effect again, even when you're not witnessing the release for second time. The effect of Kyouka Suigetsu was still there even after hundred of years.

It's also explains why Ginjo had brought Tsukushima along to Royal Palace to fix his Bankai. His Fullbring, 'the Book of the End', allows him to insert Tsukushima in the past of his victim. The victim can be anything, even it works on non-living object. By inserting himself into Tensa Zangetsu's past, Tsukushima basically creating an entirely new future where his Bankai wasn't broken, allowing Inoue to use her 'Causality Reversal' power to restore Tensa Zangetsu.

"The final component...was you who is unaffected to my Kyouka Suigetsu" That's right, he's probably has predicted me coming here and already activated Kyouka Suigetsu so I wouldn't be caught in the illusions.

Clever motherfucker.

"Who would have thought that me, not showing you the release of Kyouka Suigetsu would have paid off like this."

I just give him a look. Yeah, no shit. Not even Sosuke Aizen could have thought that...sarcasm inserted.

Now with Yhwach is dead, this man before me is now a threat to all existence. Ten bucks say he wouldn't want to go back to Muken. Not that I can blame him, but still.

"Kurosaki Ichigo..." Oh great, here we go again. The fact he referred me with my full name means he's preparing himself to unleash his self-proclaimed godly monologue.

That was, when suddenly, the pool of black goo erupted and engulfed Aizen completely.

I noticed he is saying something but I could hear it at all.

"Aizen!" I, on pure instinct, called out his name before I see eyes everywhere beneath my feet. I widened my eyes in disbelieve at what just happened.

Yhwach, the Progenitor of Quincy, is still alive.


I refuse to believe!

How can he still alive after getting struck by my full powered Getsuga Tenshou at point blank range?!

Not to mention my last Getsuga was completely different from the usual Getsuga I fired. It was infused with Tensa Zangetsu's special ability. It's not the speed, but an ability that should have killed Yhwach for good.

And yet, he's still alive and kicking.

"Kyouka Suigetsu's effect appears to have ended." A voice spoke from the puddle of black goo that began rising slowly. And I know whose voice is that. "Pride? Or did it just reach its limit?"

'Zangetsu, how can he still alive after taking a direct blow from that Getsuga? Our Bankai 'special ability' should have killed him once for all?' I asked my Zanpakuto, who is also my Hollow, mentally so Yhwach or Aizen if he's still alive, wouldn't heard our conversation.

'I'm not entirely sure, king. But it's possible that before you unleashed that Getsuga, the mustache bastard had seen every single possibility which probably there isn't even a single possible future where he didn't die. So, before you fired that Getsuga, he rewrites the future so he would survive from your Getsuga.'

That's, kind of complicated, but I can understand what Zangetsu implying. And if what Zangetsu said is true, then killing Yhwach with his power still activated would be nigh-impossible.

We need to find a way to shut down Ji Orumaiti before delivering a fatal blow to him.

"Say Ichigo..." My train of thought were interrupted when the bastard call me. I saw the black goo began to form into Yhwach again. "Did you really think...something at that caliber would be enough to kill me?"

I gritted my teeth in anger at the taunt, the bastard still has some energy left to mock me after I just basically killed him.

"My power…is the power to alter the future itself!" I heard he bragged his power again as he began to grow bigger.

That would be a troublesome. But I'm confused why I feel like I'm missing something.

"I can even rewrite the which I have died." That's it! I had enough!

I charged at him at the speed that made even the like of Yoruichi looks like a slug in comparison and prepared my Tensa Zangetsu again.


The bastard used some sort of powerful telekinesis power to knock away my blade from my hands. I saw Tensa Zangetsu sank into the ground and turned around to grab my blade.

That, before the black shadowy-thing engulfed my blade, preventing me from reaching him (yes, I refer my blade as him). The shadow suddenly reached for me and tried to engulf me the way it's engulfed Aizen.

It's hurt like bitch. I cried out in agony as I struggled breaking free from the shadow. That's until I heard Yhwach yelling while expanding his shadowy-thing throughout the entire Soul Society.

"This is the end! The Human World, Soul Society and Hueco Mundo...all three realities, before my power, will lose their forms and merged into one."


I panicked when I hear his declaration. He's starting to merge all those universes into one. The image of Karin and Yuzu, as well as my friend in the school dying flashed through my mind. I paled at the image.

I won't let it happens.

With no little effort, I barely able to pierce my right hand into the shadow that swallowed my Tensa Zangetsu and grabbed the hilt before slashed the shadow.

I brought my Bankai back and poured the remainder of my Reiatsu. "Getsuga Tenshou!" I shot another Getsuga at him, this one is much weaker than the previous one though, and somehow hit him square in the chest.

It's doing little damage but it's enough to break his concentration when the shadows that binds me, as well as the ones that engulfed the entire Soul Society, to disappear. I take my chance as I shunpo-ed right above him with Tensa Zangetsu raised over my head.

I saw him widened his eyes for a second before it went back to normal. He raised his left arm up with his blood vessels were glowing in blue.

I instantly recognized this. 'Blut Vene!' A Quincy defense technique, allowing its user to block any physical attack by pouring their Reishi through their blood vessels.

Last time, cutting through that defense technique wasn't an easy task. There is no reason to believe that it would be a piece of cake this time.

So I did the thing that Old man Zangetsu taught me after I gaining my true Zanpakuto. I absorbed Reishi around myself and let it flow through my blood vessels in both of my hands, which are now glowing in red.

This is Blut Areterie. A technique that grants its user inhuman attack power.

I slashed down my Tensa Zangetsu and-



-and effortlessly sliced off his left arm. Bloods are spurting from his severed arm but I didn't stop there. This time I aims for his head but this bastards uses his shadow to grab onto my leg and threw me slammed the ground.



I grunt in pain while trying to get back to my feet. I use Tensa Zangetsu as the support and dizzily stand back to my feet again.

I saw Yhwach gripped his severed arm while staring at it for a while before he widened his eyes in pure shock. "It can't be! It can't be! It can't be! It can't be! It can't be! It can't be! IT CAN'T BE!" He roared in pure rage before glared at me.


Oh well, he's finally snapped. If not because of the dire situation, I would have laughing my ass of right now.

"You cannot heal it because your left arm have been destroyed in every plane of existences." I answered calmly, but not forgetting to put a smug on my face.

It's payback times, bitch. You're not the only one who has a rather cheating power.

"Every plane of existences? What nonsense are you talking about?" It's official, he has lost his mind. Perhaps this will be easier than I thought. Gotta press the right button now.

"What? Aren't you already foreseen my Bankai ability back in Royal Palace to the point it's necessary to break my blade before I can use him?"

He's only staring at me with a dumb look on his face, and his ridiculous mustache didn't help it either.

I decided to humor him and pointed my blade at him. "Tensa Zangetsu's ability: Any damage Tensa Zangetsu deals to the world, cannot be reversed. It's basically negate any form of regeneration and even immortality. Even right now, if you're trying to, for an instance, send you consciousness to your alternate-self, you left arm won't return, without my permission." I reveal my ability to him and enjoyed his god-smacked face.

"Bullshit! If it's true, then how can I recover from your Getsuga back then?!"

I raised an eyebrow at that, for someone who claimed he can see every possible futures, he's really an idiot.

"It's because you had rewrite your own death before I deal the fatal blow to you. Your power allows you to change the event that's going to happens, but it can't change the event that's already happened."

I saw him widened his eyes in realization before he began laughing like a madman.

What am I talking about, he IS a madman.

"Bwahahahahaha! Interesting Ichigo. Your Bankai ability is truly fearsome, as expected from War Potential like you." He then stare at me and held his right arm in front of him. "So that's why, I'm gonna break your Bankai again and this time, for good" I just stood the as I guess he's trying to use Ji Orumaiti on me again.

But this time, I have nothing to worry about.



That is what I was thinking when Yhwach was shocked, yet again when his trump card didn't work on me this time. I charged at him again and slashed my Tensa Zangetsu across his chest, earning a roar of agony from him.

He retreaded back while shooting large stream of shadows at me. "HOW?! WHY I CAN'T BREAK YOUR BANKAI? WHAT KIND OF ABSURD ABILITY YOUR BLADE POSSESS THIS TIME?!"

I chase after him and slashed the shadows that come in my way, not that the shadows can hurt me now, but because they will slow me down in chasing him.

"You're gravely mistaken if you think my Bankai's ability is all about offensive only." I keep chasing after him while slashed through the shadows that in my way. "In fact, the true terror of Tensa Zangetsu's ability manifests itself in his defense capability. If an ability was used against me once, it will not work against me a second time as the ability itself is now...broken."

I can clearly see his tough-guy attitude began to crumble. "No!" He mumbled that barely audible even for those with sharp ears. "No! No! No! No! No! No! NO!"

He's keep rambling on but I don't care, this is a chance for me to defeat him once for all.


The bastard snapped out even more as he shoot out that shadowy-thing of his recklessly. I easily slashed each of every one of them that come after me...

...But something is not right...

...And apparently, Yhwach seems noticed it as well.

A crack, a very huge crack appears on the sky above us. It looks like a shattered mirror, similar to that technique Ulquiorra used to travel between dimensions. The crack soon collapsed, revealing a huge hole above the sky.

I can clearly see endless darkness inside the huge hole. I, for the lack of better words, freaked out when the hole began to suck everything on Seireitei.

According to common sense, a hole that sucked everything into an unknown endless darkness is not a good thing.

'Ichigo, this is bad. Yhwach's second attempt of merging all three realities has disrupted the balance between dimensions. You have to get out of here.' I hear Old Man Zangetsu spoke to me mentally.

I agree with him but something just caught my attention.

That bastard, the bastard who started all this mess, is struggling not to get sucked into the wormhole. And suddenly, an idea just popped out in my mind.

'Please tell me you're not going to do what I think you would do.' Zangetsu seems to be able to read my mind.

Makes sense though since we're technically one being.

'There is no other way...even though he can't use his power on me anymore, he still can use his power to himself. As long as it's still active, he will keep rewrite his own death every time I kill him.'

I then flew at Yhwach again, who seemingly isn't paying attention to me. I coated my blade in pure blue Reiatsu with the intent to knock him towards the wormhole.

However, the bastard suddenly appeared right in front of me and caught me by my wrists. "Even though I cannot use my power on you anymore, that doesn't mean I can't defend myself. I can see all possible future remember."

I tried to break free but it's only made the situation worse. Shadows, a lot of them, are slowly crawling around my body. Our bodies are now floating towards the wormhole when it suck us. "I can see what you're planning Ichigo, throwing me to the endless void since you can't permanently kill me. Pretty clever...for a highschool kid standard." The bastard laughed as if he had gone crazy.

That was when a blade pierced through him from behind, stopping his annoying laughter. He, and surprisingly I too, wide eyed when we found out whose blade is that.

"Since when did you think you're free from my Kyouka Suigetsu."

Aizen...he's still alive...but how-

Then I suddenly remembered the moment he got devoured by Yhwach's shadows.

Aizen was releasing his Zanpakuto back then, and thus putting Yhwach and myself under its illusion.

So he wanted us thinking that he's dead back then.

"Hado #99: Goryuten Metsu!"


An absurdly titanic amount of energy ruptures a large area around us, causing the ground to rise up in pillars, before rising into the air to form an enormous dragon above Aizen.

I sensed the output Reiatsu of that attack had released. Had been that Kido (Demon Art) spell fired in Human World, Asia would have been annihilated several times over. And what frightened me even more that Aizen was casting it casually without using incantation...not to mention most of his power was sealed.

Even while being imprisoned in Muken, that bastard still has a way to get even stronger than the last time I fought him.

Call me crazy, but I think a full powered version of that spell could have annihilate the ENTIRE WORLD not just once.

The spell had sent me even closer to the wormhole. Unfortunately for Yhwach, he was blasted away directly to the wormhole's mouth. "CURSE YOU, SOSUKE AIZEN!" Yhwach yelled out in pure rage as he was sucked into the endless void of darkness while I keep struggled not to get suck into the wormhole

However, I noticed something off.

The wormhole seems to get smaller by the time Yhwach was sucked into it. That's a good sign. But it seems that I talks too soon as the wormhole is getting stronger than before.

Aizen looked at me and smiled insolently. "Thanks for helping me get rid of him, Kurosaki Ichigo. You have my eternal gratitude." He said to me while standing firmly on the ground.

I closed my eyes in resignation...for a second time in a day.

It's over, I have lost again...but this time, Aizen is the winner.

"Do not give up, son of mine!"

I widened my eyes when I hear a really familiar voice from below.

I saw him. I saw my dad, Kurosaki Isshin, appeared behind Aizen with his Zanpakuto, Engetsu, raised above his head.

"Getsuga Tenshou!"

With a mighty roar, my dad slashed down his sword and thus, released a highly destructive was of blue Reiatsu on Aizen.

The Getsuga was so powerful that it had split the already ruined Seireitei into two.

Clouds of dust were blocking my vision. I cannot see neither my dad nor Aizen anywhere. That Getsuga was indeed a powerful one, but it's Sosuke Aizen we're talking about.

As I predicted. As soon as the dust cleared, it revealed Aizen caught my dad's sword (god that sounds awkward) while tanking the point blank Getsuga without a scratch.

But I saw my father grinned as he gestured his left on up in familiar fashion, causing Aizen to flinch a little.

With a simple flick of finger, my dad, surprisingly, sent Aizen flying towards the wormhole which sucked the madman before he could even utter one word.

As soon as Aizen vanished, I thought all this mess is finally over.

But I was proven wrong when the wormhole, while getting smaller, is also getting stronger to the point the area outside of Seireitei started to get affected.

The suddenly increased of pressure caused me lost my balance and almost get sucked into the wormhole if not because a blue glowed chains made of Reiryoku wrapped around my left wrist.

"Hang on, son!"

I saw my father tried his best to pull me down. But his attempt is futile when he was the one who get pulled up instead.

'Ichigo, the hole is getting stronger and will eventually pulled up everything in Soul Society into it and turning this dimension into nothingness. You have to shut it off'

Old man Zangetsu spoke to me. Shutting off that wormhole. It's easier said than be done. The only way I could think of is one of us has to willingly throw our life away and let that wormhole suck us into nothingness. I can see the gravity of our current situation. One of us have to make a hard decision or we both die.

'I have done my best to train you and protect you Ichigo. If this is your decision then I will respect it.' I heard old man Zangetsu spoke.

'I'm with the old man here...' Zangetsu joined in too. '...Although there is so much things I'd like to teach you, but as your powers, we will always stand by your side until the end.'

'Same here.'

I was quite touched by their words. Those two were always with me since the day I was born, and they willingly to stand by my side even in this hopeless situation.

How I was lucky having them as my part of myself.

'Thanks guys." I smile as I felt a lone tears running down my face before wiped it away.

I then hardened my resolve and looked at my father, my crazy bipolar father who had constantly attacked my in the morning, still keep trying to save me from my inevitable demise.

Mom, if you can hear me, I'm glad that you married this man.

Childish antic aside, he's the best father a son could have ever asked.


I called out for my dad as loud as I can since it' quite noisy here. Fortunately, he seems to hear me and looked up. I'm staring at him in the eyes, taking a very deep breath before break the news to him.

"You'd better take care of Yuzu and Karin. If something bad happens to them, I swear I'll find a way to kick your ass six ways to sunday."

I was expecting him snapped out and tried to convince me to re-think my decision. But my dad just gave me a sad but an understanding expression.

"Don't worry my son, nothing bad is going to happen to them. They will just...gonna mad at you at your sudden departure."

I heard his answer and I can tell he's fighting his own tears. I saw my father almost slipped himself, indication that I have to go now.

I brought up Tensa Zangetsu before raised him over my head and looked at him one more time with a determined looks on my face.

"Good by dad...I love you."

I brought down my blade and slashed the chains. It snapped within the contact and thus allowing me to get sucked into the wormhole.

As soon as I entered the wormhole, my vision began to blur with memories of my life, playing through my mind at incredible speed until darkness claims me.

(Scene Change) (3rd person's PoV)

Kurosaki Isshin couldn't fight back his tears as he watched his son disappeared into the wormhole, which had been closed completely thanks to his son's sacrifice.

But Isshin wasn't the only one who cried over the death of a brave hero that is Kurosaki Ichigo.

The sky above Seireitei is getting darkened, the cloud gathered together above the battlefield, thunders were begin roaring in anguish, and it completed with the heavily poured rains.

It seems as if the heaven itself was also crying over the father's lose.

Unknown Time, Unknown Place (Ichigo's PoV)

'Am I dead?'

That's the only thing I could think of as I could see nothing but endless darkness beyond horizon. My body felt heavy that I cannot even lift a finger at all. My body also felt cold, it's really cold but one thing I was so sure.

I didn't feel dead.

Suddenly, my body began to warm. It's warm, surprisingly warm and soothing. It's calmed my mind to a little bit. My body felt lighter and I can move my finger now.

With no little effort, I opened my eyes to see the source of this comforting feeling.

A pair of gray eyes, staring down at me almost emotionlessly. I'd say almost because I could detect a hint of interest in her eyes.

The owner is a pale skinned prepubescent girl around twelve years old with long black hair reached her back. My head was resting on her lap as he stroked my hair gently. I could tell this girl wasn't human since her pointed-ears is a dead give away.

She was also wearing rather...unique and indecent set of clothes. She dressed in a black gothic lolita uniform which didn't even covered her front. Heck the only thing that covered her front was two black 'X' which barely even hid her...nipples... from the world.

The girl tilted her head when she noticed me staring at her (not in the way you're thinking). "What a peculiar creature you are. You looks like a human but there are something else that even I have no idea what it is. Not to mention, no human could survived within Dimension Gap and possesses powers comparable to that Dragon." She's talking in rather small voice that barely audible to me.

I raised an eyebrow a little when the girl mentioned this 'Dimension Gap'.

My eyes scanned the area and found out I'm in a space filled with multiple colors that seemingly blend in together perfectly.

I looked back to the girl who keep staring at me with those eyes of hers which freaked the hell of me. " Tell me young one...what manner of creature are you?" The girl asked with blank tone that barely contains any emotion at all.

I stared at her for a moment while thinking whether I should answer her or not. Despite her harmless appearance, I know she is anything but harmless. And the fact she called me young one indicating that she's older than she looks

I can go a limb and say I'm not in my world anymore. I don't know if I can ever getting back to my home. Perhaps this girl could be my tour guide while I'm in this world. I can't just wandered aimlessly, who knows what I might finds here.

But I also could trust her with my some classified information. Perhaps I could mix the truths with lies.

"It's not 'young one', it's Kurosaki Ichigo Miss..."

"Ophis." She answered with barely no emotion at all.

I raised an eyebrow at the name. I swear I heard that name somewhere, I just couldn't put a finger on it. Still gotta find the fitting description for myself.

I think I got one, and it's involving of my unique heritages and the fact I'm a magnet for troubles. The last one irked me to no end.

"Miss Ophis...and for your question could say I'm a freak of nature itself and also God's personal chew toys."

To Be Continued


Zanpakuto - Soul Slayer

Ji Orumaiti - The Almighty

Getsuga Tenshou - Moon Fang Heaven Piercer

Tensa Zangetsu - Heaven Chains Slaying Moon

Zangetsu - Slaying Moon

Kyouka Suigetsu - Mirror Flower Water Moon

Engetsu - Scathing Moon

Bankai - Final Release

Mugetsu - Moonless Sky

Reiatsu - Spiritual Pressure

Reishi - Spiritual Particle

Reiryoku - Spiritual Power

Hado #99: Goryuten Metsu - Way of Destruction #99: Five Swirling Dragons of Heavenly Destruction

Blut Vene - Blood Vein

Blut Areterie - Blood Artery

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