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Episode 5: The Strawberry meets the Death

Wednesday, March 25th, 1997, 07:14 P.M, DxD Universe, Earth, North America, U.S.A, Washington D.C, White House

"What is the meaning of this?"

A handsome man with a fit, muscular build demanded as he read the papers in his hand.

The man has long, light hair, curling at its ends into a number of thick, well-defined rings. He also continues to wear a smooth, uniform outfit, including an overcoat closed to the end of his torso. Under which he wears frilled garments and a pair of gloves with a net pattern on the upper half.

This man was Funny Valentine, the 23rd and the current President of United States of America. He was also the youngest man to ever become the number one man in America at the age of 35.

Currently, he was in the Roosevelt Room, surrounded by his 'secret services' with each of them was prepared to act, while hosting a bilateral meeting with the German's delegation, who was none other than the second most powerful person in Germany, General Fate Testarossa.

"I afraid, I have no idea what you are talking about, Mr. President." The Supreme General of Nazi Germany spoke with a tone that sounds like a declaration as if she was the most innocent person on the planet.

Valentine narrowed his eyes in ire at this. "Don't pretend to be an ignorant fool General, you of all people, should realize that there is no way America would comply to your outrageous demands." The President of USA snapped as he slammed the papers on the table.

Confused at what he said, Fate just raised an eyebrow at the word Valentine just used. "Outrageous? Really? All I asked was just an abandoned field your country possessed in the middle of nowhere, was that really hard for such big country like America?" The blonde General spoke exasperatedly while leaning to her seat.

The blonde President stood to his feet and regarded the Nazi General. "Not after we found out there are large amount of gold buried underneath the field you desired in Texas. As if we would let Germany to milk out what is rightfully ours." The U.S President proclaimed with a loud voice.


Unfortunately, the beauty General found that statement funny and doesn't even bother to suppress her laughter, which made the President and his guards felt offended.

"Gold? Is that what you worry about? Then I shall enlighten you Mr. President, I have no interest in something as insignificant as money in form of shining rocks." Fate stated, felt slightly offended at the accusation she got from the U.S president.

The US president let out a furious growl as the blonde female General while barely suppressed the urge to shoot the insolent General on the spot.

The Nigh-omnipotent mortal vessel felt slightly bored with the meeting and decided to get over with the bullshit and straight to business.

"Besides, it's not like we won't give you something in return. I'm not that foolish to think such wishful thinking." The Nazi General spoke, earning a raised eyebrow from the president. The General stared at Valentine with an unreadable look and asked. "Would you like to hear my offer, Valentine?"

The US president stared at her for a moment, trying to find a hint of trickery behind that question. He sat back to his seat and nod slightly when he hadn't found any...yet.

Fate leaned forward to the table and lays her elbows onto it. "It's no secret that America and Russia are in verge of War due to the Alaska Boundary dispute, right?" The Nazi General began, earning a frown from the American in the room at the mention of such topic.

The Alaska Boundary Dispute.

A territorial dispute between United States and Russia, they fought over the golds, uraniums, and many valuable minerals that were buried underneath the Alaska's soil. The dispute had been going on between the Russian and British Empires since 1821, and was inherited by the United States as a consequence of the Alaska Purchase, the acquisition of Alaska from the British Empire on March 30, 1867.

"And what does that has anything to do with your offer?" Valentine inquired suspiciously while preparing for any deceitful trick Fate might gonna use.

Fate let out a cryptic smile at this. "Let me share you a little secret my agents acquired when they 'sneaked in' the Kremlin..." The blonde General stated, earning a series of rather shocked faces from all the Americans within the room. " three months, Russia will launch a full scale attack on Alaska...and will siege not just Alaska, but the entire North America in less than a week."






Fate inwardly laughed at their priceless face, she then let out a feral grin that somehow, just added the fitting image of the most feared woman on the planet.

"It's exactly as I said, three months from now, Russia will siege North America in estimate span of four days." She repeated in smooth tone, always keep her cool despite she just had uttered such bold claim.

"Ridiculous! Even a big country like Russia doesn't have the means to occupy three countries at once in absurdly short amount of time." The U.S president replied persistently.

"Oh, but they do..." Fate remarked mysteriously, her red eyes were glinted in anticipation. "...they really have the means to put you down for good."

The blonde president growled at the taunt but didn't say anything. "And what makes you think so, Fate Testarossa?" Valentine dared the woman before him.

The Nazi General who is also the most feared woman in the world dropped her 'proper lady' persona and showed him her true color.

"I don't mind to share, but I can't really say the same to you secret service. I'm afraid I must demand them to leave this room." The Supreme General of Nazi Germany stated sternly, red eyes were piercing into the president's soul, startling Valentine slightly.


One of Valentine's secret services interjected as he pulled out a handgun from his suit and took aim to Fate's head. The general however, didn't seem give a damn about a gun was aimed at her. In fact, she was expecting it. She was planning for this to deliver an insult to the president...and essentially, his country as well.

Fate didn't bat an eye from Valentine despite being threatened by his guard dog. "Disappointing. What kind of president would let his men threatened his guest just like that? I wonder what the other country would think of America when they hear about this." Fate spoke with displeased tone as she leaned to her seat. This got a slight reaction from Valentine which made her smiled a little.

One blackmail material is now in her possession...just as planned. Which would makes this 'negotiation' be much easier just as planned...which disappointed her a little bit since she was expecting Valentine to put up a much more of a fight.

The Supreme General let out a sigh before she addressed the president of U.S again. "But considering I'm in quite a good mood, I'll let this insolence slide for now. Although, I suggest you to find a much...more obedient guard dog if you don't want your country to be embarrassed by such insignificant pieces of the game." Fate finally delivered her jab. She wasn't holding back anything.

This got reaction from the secret services in the room. That were about to snarl at the German woman and demanded her to take her words back. But with one quick glare from their president, they backed down including the one who threatened Fate earlier.

Fate was quite pleased at this.

Valentine proved himself to be a much level headed than she expected. Although she could see him frowning for a moment, it's not a small feat to not lash out after being openly insulted in front of his own men, by the delegation from other country.

Valentine merely addressed his guards and sounds his order.

"Leave us!" He announced his order with a tone that said 'obey or suffer the consequence'.

Fate let out a small, victorious grin at this. The General knew Valentine couldn't resist to find out what intel she got regarding Russia, despite doesn't have the guarantee whether or not the intel was true of faux. Valentine was willingly to gamble his life for his country.

She could at least, respect that level of patriotism.

As the guards leaved the room one by one, Valentine turned his attention back to his 'guest'. "Try anything and you will regret it for the rest of your life." Valentine threatened the General as his last guard leaved the room.

Fate herself doesn't felt threatened at all. She had been threatened by a much MUCH more powerful person and a threat from a mere human wouldn't even bother her at all. Although she wouldn't let Valentine's insolence slide this time.

"If I try something, I would have had you in body bag and hang you on the top of Liberty statue where the world can see your rotten dead corpse displayed during your independence day." Fate threatened him back, her tone was so casual that it doesn't sound like arrogance.

Valentine openly gritted his teeth this time while trying to act tough which was a futile endeavorr. Fate could tell that the president felt obviously threatened by her statement as he knew, the General before him could end his life whenever she wants.

"Just...start telling me the intel you got and I might considering your demand." The U.S president spoke between gritted teeth as he gripped the arm of his seat.

The Supreme General of Nazi Germany didn't like the tone Valentine was using, but then she decided she had psyche the poor man enough and get to the business. Fate then proceed to pick up a cup of tea that Valentine's servant served for her.

At least he knows the basic knowledge of hosting guest.

The German General put down the cup back onto the table before she gave Valentine a fierce stare.

"Before we can start Mr. President, I'm gonna ask you this. Do you believe in supernatural?"

Tuesday, March 30th, 1997, 11:00 A.M, DxD Universe, Earth, Asia, Japan, Tokyo, Tokyo Dome

Tokyo Dome, also known to the world as "The Big Egg". It's a stadium that was located in Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan.

Construction on the stadium began on May 16, 1985, and it opened on March 17, 1988. It was built on the site of the Velodrome, adjacent to the predecessor ballpark, Kōrakuen Stadium. It has a maximum total capacity of 55,000 depending on configuration, with an all-seating configuration of 42,000.

It is the home field of the Yomiuri Giants baseball team, and has also hosted basketball, American football and association football games, as well as puroresu (pro-wrestling) matches, mixed martial arts events, kickboxing events, and monster truck races.

But right now, The Big Egg was currently being used as the venue of a music concert of an international singer.

"Still on fire, Tokyo?!"

Standing in the middle of the very extravagant stage, a very beautiful woman screamed over her mic, earning the series roar of excitement from over a hundred thousand of people that crowded the stadium.

The woman stood over 6'11 and has an exotic pale skin, her very elegant purple hair was tied into a ponytail and a her pair of soul piercing red eyes were scanning throughout the entire stadium.

The woman dressed in a white sleeveless vest with a plain pink shirt underneath it. She also wore a mini skirt and a pair of white heels and a pair of white finger-less gloves.

"Are you ready for the Grand Finale?!" The singer screamed over her mic again, which got another responds from the audiences. "I cannot hear you? ARE YOU READY?!"


The crowds of peoples cheered even louder than before until they become quiet before the music started to play.

(Song Play: I Burn by Casey Lee Williams)

Over a hundred of thousand peoples roared in anticipation when the guitar intro began to play as they recognized the song.

Come at me, And you'll see, I'm more than meets the eye.
You think that, You'll break me, You're gonna find in time,
You're standing too close to a flame that's burning.
Hotter than the sun in the middle of July.
Sending out your army, but you still can't win;
Listen up, silly boy, 'cuz I'm gonna tell you why...

"Sing with me everyone."

I burn!
Can't hold me now, You got nothing that can stop me.
I burn!
Swing all you want. Like a fever I will take you down.

At this point, the purple haired singer removed her white vest, leaving her with only her pink shirt before walked towards the edge of the stage and threw the piece of clothing over the crowd.

The crowd, as she anticipated, let out the series of cheers and squeals as they were fighting over the vest like a pack of wolves.

Reign supreme? In your dreams; You'll never make me bow.
Kick my ass? I'm world-class, And Super Saiyan now.
You're starting up a fight that you just can't finish;
Watch the little hearts while they scrape you off the floor.
Bringing out your rockets? Well, shoot 'em up, baby,
High as you can go, but I'm the one who's gonna soar.

The singer went to one of the crowd who happens to be a high school girl. She then held out her microphone to the now excited girl as she squealed when her idol approached her.

The fans knew what the singer intention as she began to sing the reff of the song.

I burn!
Can't hold me now, You got nothing that can stop me.
I burn!
Swing all you want, Like a fever I will take you down.

The singer stands back to her feet while she waltzed the stage performance and began to sing the song again.

It doesn't have to be this way;
Let's kiss and make up, then you'll learn
You can fight your life away;
I get what I want, so don't bother and just watch me burn.

"It's Rap time!"

Hotter than the sun, Feel my fire;
Pyromaniac: my desire.
Thought that you could see the truth,
'Til I just burned down the booth.
Human Torch can't fuck with me;
Johnny Blaze: Suspect B.
Strike 'em quick, lightning fast;
Melt them bitches down to ash.

Gasoline, kerosene; Strike the match, ignite the scene.
Shit will never be the same; Feel the fury of my flame.
Beg for mercy: it won't help; Embrace the ending you were dealt.
Seems you fucks will never learn; Now sit back and watch me burn.

(Guitar solo melody)

"Where are your voices Tokyo? I WANT TO HEAR THEM!"

As if obeying her command, the crowd cheered when the singer addressed them while doing some few moves. The purple haired singer walked towards the front stage and sings the last part of the song.

I burn!
Can't hold me now, You got nothing that can stop me.
I burn!
Swing all you want, Like a fever I will take you down.
I burn!
Can't hold me now, You got nothing that can stop me.
I burn!
Swing all you want, Like a fever I will take you down.

(Song Stop: I Burn by Casey Lee Williams)

"Thank you."

The crowd applaud the beautiful singer, some fans, males and females alike, were shouting her name like some sort of world class celebrity which she is. The woman then retreated to the backstage while tossed her microphone towards some crew.

Behind the stage, a beautiful silver haired woman with a pair of matching eyes was waiting for her in her usual maid uniform. A glass of cold orange juicy sat above the tray she held up with her left hand while a black alligator skin jacket was hanging on her other hand.

"Otsukaresama desu, Ojou-sama! That was a splendid performance as usual." The maid stated as she handed the singer her drink without being ordered.

"Thank you, Grayfia." The singer thanked to the maid, Grayfia who merely bend down slightly in respect. "What's my next schedule now?" The purple haired woman asked as she drank her cold orange juice from the straw.

"Your next schedule would be a press conference with media in fifteen minutes. Also, you will have a meet and greet with your fans afterward." Grayfia answered as she hugged the tray to her side.

The singer openly frowned at this as she stopped drinks her beverage. "Tell my manager that I cannot come with him to the press conference and cancel all of my schedules for the rest of the day." The purple haired woman ordered the maid with the tone that said 'obey' as she began to walk out the back stage and headed somewhere.

Grayfia obediently followed the lady until they made it in the stadium's parking area. The place was full of vehicles, make sense since there are so many people comes to the concert. There are few people in there who had leaved earlier before the final song had ended. They noticed the maid and the singer, some of them were taking a photo of them while some were asking for the autograph which the singer had kindly granted.

The two finally made it to their destination. There was a black-purple colored Ducati Desmosedici RR parked alongside with the other various bikes. There was also a black-stripped purple helmet rested above the fuel tank.

"If I may ask Ojou-sama, where do you wish to go now?" Grayfia asked as she took the now empty glass from her master and gave her the alligator skin jacket.

The singer smiled for a second before answered. "A certain famous Cafe around here, it's time for me to properly introduce myself to Ichigo-kun...and rewarded him for helping us. Make sure to dispose 'our annoyance' after you're done." The purple haired lady replied as she put on the jacket before hop onto the sport bike.

She pulled out the key from her jeans pocket, put it into the key hole and started on the bike. She shifted the bike to the first gear before speed off the stadium and headed to her destination.

Tuesday, March 30th, 1997, 12:10 P.M, DxD Universe, Earth, Asia, Japan, Tokyo, Bleach Cafe

"Morita-san, another 'My Melody Curry' please."


"Could you help me here Ichigo-kun?"

"I'm sorry Fumika-san, but I got my hands full in here."

"I knew we should have hired someone before thinking about expanding the cafe. And I blame you for this dear."

"Hey, how could I know our cafe would become very popular?"

"You should get the idea the moment Ichigo-kun came to our life."

Yes. Just another busy day in Bleach cafe.

It has been nearly four month since Ichigo ended up in this universe and working for the Masakazu as waiter. The once small rundown cafe wasn't so very small anymore. Due to their meteoric successful, the Masakazu decided to expand the cafe by buying more tables and chairs, added some new menu that will attracts more customers, changing the decoration and installed some air conditioner so the customers would feel comfortable, and also built some other facilities like toilets, smoking area, karaoke, parking area and etc.

They, however, made one big miscalculation.

Running a newly big cafe, a famous one no less, with only three people was a very VERY bad idea.

Especially during lunch break like this.

"Three 'Ichigo Curry' are ready." Morita called out from the kitchen as he put a tray filled with three plates of orange decorated curry, which happened to have the shape of Ichigo's head with a scowl on his face, on the kitchen counter.

"...Yes." Ichigo was hesitated for a second before he stopped what he's currently doing, ran off towards the kitchen counter and snatched the tray filled with the order before headed towards the designated table.

Which happened to be occupied by a group of high school girls that constantly annoyed him on daily basis.

"Here are your orders ladies." The orange haired hybrid in waiter uniform said as nicely as he could.

The leader of these girls, whose name Ichigo couldn't remember due how annoyed he was at them, let out a girlish giggle as usual as he put down their orders.

"Oh my, thank you Ichigo-kun. You're really a gentleman as usual." The girl said as she pulled one of the plates towards her and stared at the Ichigo's head-shaped food...far more intently for Ichigo's liking.

"Hmmm...delicious. I can't wait to eat this...tempting food."

Ichigo may a little prude, but he is not dense at the double meaning in her words.

Grumbling a little, Ichigo retreated back to the kitchen while scowling all the while. This caused the girls to let out series of giggles while gossiping about something.

"Aw...he's so easy to tease."

He grumpily walked towards the cashier where Fumika was standing behind it and sat on a chair that was reserved for him only.

The female Masakazu was about to say something but Ichigo quickly interrupted her. "Don't...say a word please. I'm still not sure how do I haven't lost it due their constant annoyances." The orange haired hybrid mumbled loud enough for Fumika to hear.

The female Masakazu could only sigh at this. If not for the circumstances, she would have brought the young man into her embrace and patted his back comfortably.

Four months since Ichigo came to their lives, this young man has become more like a son to her and her husband. A son that they could never had. You see, doctor diagnosed Fumika with Infertility, it has been like that for over thirty years since their marriage and it's almost caused her to break down. Hell, she even had attempted in suicide once. The thought of unable to bear a child was too much for Fumika to handle. Luckily though, her husband had stopped her just in time and managed to talk some sense into her.

Ever since that day, she had always been prayed, prayed, and prayed, to all Shinto gods out there (whose existence was still unknown to the female Masakazu). She prayed to be blessed with children. For almost twenty years, she's been prayed and was about to give up.

That was when Ichigo came and saved their lives during that faithful day.

"Perhaps you're more level headed that you gives yourself credit Ichigo-kun." Fumika replied inteasing manner, causing Ichigo to snap his head at her immediately while having an annoyaned look on his face.

Fumika couldn't help, but giggle lightly at his face.

"Are you saying that I have the look of someone who had anger issue?" Ichigo inquired as his eye twitched in annoyance.

Fumika just gave give a look before answering. "You just proved my point Ichigo-kun." She replied while maintaining eye contact with him.

Ichigo opened his mouth and was about to say something-


-if not because a very loud sounds coming from motorcycle engine was heard from outside the cafe.

This earned the attention not only from the waiter and the cashier, but for the customers as well. They looked outside to see a rather bulky purple-black colored motorcycle was parked in the parking area.

The bike rider turned off the motorcycle, pulled out the key from the key hole before removed the helmet, revealing a very long beautiful purple hair on a very beautiful woman's head.

The crowd, mainly females, let out a series of cries of surprise when they see who the rider was.

This includes Fumika's herself.

"Kyaaaaa! It's her. It's her." Fumika squealed, she probably squealed even louder than any female in the room despite her age.

Ichigo could only stare at his boss before she stared at the purple haired woman who got swarmed by the hordes of fans as soon as she entered the cafe.

"Who's she anyway?" The orange haired hybrid asked to no one in particular. But unfortunately, Fumika heard him and could only gave him a stares of disbelieve.

"What? You didn't know who she is..." Fumika gasped at Ichigo, who just gave her a look that screamed 'elaborate'. "...Amira Sanchez. She's world class multi-talented celebrity. She's actually a japanese, her name only comes from her spanish heritage. Aside of being a singer, she is also a very talented actress, presenter, music composer and also a very amazing chef as well as a food critique."

At the last word, realization was washed over her as she gasped out in panic.

"Oh my god, does that mean she's here to review our cafe?" Fumika blabbered fixing her clothes before heads off to the newcomer.

The celebrity, Amira, noticed Fumika walked towards her and smiled as she politely tell her fans to give her some space. As the crowd went back to their tables, the purple haired singer then confronted the cafe owner.

"I believe you're the owner of this cafe, right?" It was more to a statement than the actual question.

"Y-yes, welcome to Bleach Cafe miss Sanchez." Fumika greeted, stuttering as she bowed down slightly at the singer.

The purple haired lady just smiled smoothly at the female Masakazu. Her nervousness was so obvious. A sign of the fact she knew who she's talking to. "I also believe it's not necessary to elaborate the reason I'm visiting this 'nice' Cafe." Amira Sanchez stated, emphasize the word 'nice' to see her reaction.

As expected, Fumika flinched a little but managed to regain her composure before she gestured her hands to her right. "Y-yes, please let me show you your table miss Sanchez." The cafe owner guided her special customer to the table near the window.

Amira sat on the seat as she received the menu from Fumika. "Thank you...and please, call me Amira." She replied before looking through the menu.

While Amira was scanning through the menu, Fumika went to the cashier to get a notebook and a pen. Fumika watched Amira trying to decide which menu she should order.

Ichigo watched this from his position and couldn't help but pity his boss. He understands why Fumika was so nervous. Food critique's review was so essential to determine the future of some restaurants or in this case, cafe. They will most likely decided whether or not a restaurant is going to

Amira finally finished looking through the menu as she put it down onto the table.

That was Fumika's cue.

"Have you decided what you would order, Miss Amira?" Fumika asked as she held up the notebook and the pen.

The purple haired lady just turned toward her and smiled.

"Surprise me!"

It was a demand and challenge and Fumika knew it.

"As you wish."

The female Masakazu then quickly speed off towards the kitchen, ignoring Ichigo who's about to say something and disappeared into the kitchen.

About twenty minutes later, Fumika came out from the kitchen with a tray on her hands. There were two menu on the tray. Ichigo recognized one of them, the green tea ice cream that impressed even the Goddess of Sun herself. Ichigo silently commended Fumika's choice of menu, the green tea ice cream wasn't exactly available for customers but it seems Fumika decided to not take any chances against a food critique.

Although, Ichigo don't recognized the other menu that Fumika brought for Amira Sanchez. It was rather a small portion food, possibly made of various kinds of vegetable but the smell was so damn delicious.

This of course, caught many attentions from the other customers. Most of them whispered to each other as they watched the two menu they had never seen before being served for the food critique who is also a very famous celebrity. Some of them were drooling at the sight of such delicious looking menu.

Fumika placed the two menu on Amira's table without saying a word. The multi-talented celebrity stared at the menu, studying them for a little bit but she more focused at the main dish.

"Is this a Ratatouille?" The purple haired woman asked. Though her question sounds like a statement more than an actual question.

Ichigo couldn't help but gasped in surprise at this.

Ratatouille, a French Provençal stewed vegetable dish, originating in Nice, and sometimes referred to as ratatouille niçoise.

The word ratatouille derives from the Occitan ratatolha and is related to the French ratouiller and tatouiller, expressive forms of the verb touiller, meaning "to stir up". From the late 18th century, in French, it merely indicated a coarse stew. The modern ratatouille - tomatoes as a foundation for sautéed garlic, onions, zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers, marjoram, fennel and basil, or bay leaf and thyme, or a mix of green herbs like herbes de Provence - does not appear in print until c. 1930.

The orange haired hybrid looked at his boss with one thought.

'Since when did she know a thing about French dish?'

"Yes, I've been practicing the menu for a month and wish to add this to the menu, but I'm still not sure if it's the right decision. Perhaps a review from you would convince me to do it." Fumika explained as she hugged the tray to her chest.

Ichigo wasn't sure how to respond about that. It's true that a review from a food critique would be very essential for menu choosing, but that can only be happened if the reviewer gave the positive review. If not, then no one would want to try the menu if it got a bad one.

Amira reached for her jacket and pulled out a notebook and a pen before lay them beside the foods. She then took the utensil was about to begin but paused before she looked at the female Masakazu.

"Would you mind provide me some spaces?" The celebrity asked politely. She wasn't only looking at Fumika, but everyone else in the cafe whose eyes were staring at her for a while

The other customers quickly mind their own business while the cafe owner gasped in realization as she bowed slightly. "R-r-right, forgive my rudeness Amira-san. Please enjoy." With that one apology, Fumika retreated from the table and leaved Amira alone.

The orange haired Shinigami just shook his head at this. Although, he suddenly frowned when he remembered something.

It has been five days since the conference between Shinto and Devil. He concluded that unfortunately, Aizen had been here longer than he did and have some business affair with the Old Maou Faction. That doesn't stop there, there is also a possibility of him having an army on his own.

While that made him on edge all the time, it wasn't the bad news of all.

Yhwach...the guy that took on both Ichigo and Aizen at their best. He, after all, was the first one to enter that dimensional rift. And that's also means that he has been here even longer than Aizen. It's possible that even right now, Yhwach could execute whatever kind of crazy plans he has in his head.

In other words, Ichigo was literally a hundred steps behind his two enemies.

'Fret not, Ichigo. We are always here by your sides all the time.' A respond from Quincy Zangetsu and a nod of agreement from Zangetsu ease his minds slightly.

"Three 'My Melody curry' ready."

He was snapped out from his train of thoughts when Morita called out for him from the kitchen. He sighed to calm his mind down, work first, thinks about them later.

Ichigo walked towards the counter and picked up a tray filled with three plates of pink-decorated curry. He carefully walked towards the designation table and placed the order for the customers who, much to his relief, were child accompanied with their parents.

"Ichigo-kun, minds give me a hand here?" Fumika voiced called.

"Sure. What is it Fumi-" Ichigo turned around and frozen suddenly when he's seeing something off.

It was his boss, Masakazu Fumika, she was talking to...a tree. Her face facing over a decorated tree on the cafe, but from the way she talked, she's truly believe that she was talking to him.

Not only that, he can also see the group of highschool girls that constantly annoyed him, were talking (flirting) to no one but they were truly believe that they were currently talking to him, even though Ichigo hadn't move an inch from his place.

"What's going on here?"

As soon as Ichigo asked this, a unbearable chilling sensation ran through his spine. He widened his eyes as he frantically looked around the cafe to find the source of this anomaly.

"Guys?" Ichigo asked panically the two manifestations of his powers.

'I tried King, but I still can't find the source.' Zangetsu spoke in equally panic, something that doesn't happens often.

Ichigo then paced around the cafe, carefully not to touch any of the people around here while looking right-left, back-front for the source. He suddenly stopped and decided to try something.

"HEY FUMIKA-SAN, CAN YOU HEAR ME?" He yelled at his boss, who tried to push a huge cabinet on her own.

"Come on, Ichigo-kun. Push!" Fumika grunted as she futilely pushed the huge cabinet alone, although she's believe that Ichigo was helping her.

"Just what the hell is going on?" Ichigo asked to no one in particular.

Although, he wasn't expecting someone answered him.

"It's Kyouka Suigetsu's ability." A smooth voice answered, causing the orange haired hybrid widened his eyes in pure shock.

Ichigo turned towards the source, which happened to be the table behind him and looked at who sat on the said table.

Long beautiful purple hair, exotic pale skins, soul-piercing red eyes. Clad in black jacket with pink shirt underneath and jeans.

Amira Sanchez, the multi-talented celebrity Fumika keep praised about, was the source of this anomaly.

And she mentioned Kyouka Suigetsu earlier.

If she knows Kyouka Suigetsu, then she must be with him.

Which automatically make her his enemy.

"Who are you?" Ichigo regain his cool as he, demanded the purple haired beauty with the tone that said 'obey or die horribly'.

But the woman doesn't feel threatened at all as she continued tasting the food the cafe owner served for her. "Really Ichigo-kun? Is that the best you can do? Why is everyone always say that cliche line like every time enemy appeared?" The mysterious Amira Sanchez replied without even looking at Ichigo as she put a piece of Ratatouille on her mouth, chewed it for a little bit before she seemingly nodded in approval.

Ichigo clothed suddenly disappeared and been replaced by his Shinigami uniform before pulled out the large Zangetsu and leveled it to her neck.

"I'm asking you one more time, who the hell are you?" Ichigo demanded with cold tone while pressing the blade to her neck to emphasize his point.

The purple haired woman however, gave no reaction and continued to mind her own business without give a damn with the fact a very dangerous blade threatened to behead her.

"You better put that thing away before you hurt yourself with it." Amira Sanchez calmly replied while she wrote her review on the notebook still without making an eye contact with Ichigo.

Ichigo's eyes flashed for a moment and within the span of a nanosecond, he was able to restrain the urge to chop this woman's head off just to shut her up. But considering they were in the middle of public place, Ichigo pulled the large blade from her neck before secured it on his back.

The woman, finally pay attention to him as she looked up and gave him a small smile. "Hm...I was expecting you to snap out and try to chop my head off, it looks like you're more level headed than I give you credit." Amira spoke in rather pleased manner as she reached for the green tea ice cream and scooped some of them with a spoon. "Very well, I will humor your question. Though not directly." The moment the purple haired woman put the ice cream into her mouth, she widened her eyes for a moment before hummed pleasantly.

She put the fork down and wrote her review again on the notebook before took a spoon of the ice cream again. "You actually have met with my kinds few days ago. I'm sure you can tell which one." She put another ice cream into her mouth and beamed again.

Ichigo was openly frowning at this as the gears of his brain began to work overtime. 'Few days ago? The last time I'm dealing with supernatural affair was during the conference. Does she really referring to that?' Ichigo thought as his eyes never leaved the mysterious woman before him who merely helped herself with the delicious dessert.

'I don't know King, I mean you've met with so many species back then, though you could narrowed it down into three categories.' Zangetsu spoke out of blue.

'Three?' Ichigo blinked in confusion at that.

'The Youkai, the Devil and the Deity...' Quincy Zangetsu joined in the inner conversation. '...this lady is obviously not a Youkai due her lack of animal characteristic.'

'I don't think she's a devil either King.' Zangetsu continued from within Ichigo's inner world. 'Her presences alone screams all but lethal to devils.'

'And what makes you say that?' Ichigo raised an eyebrow at this.

'It's probably due the similar characteristic between Devil and Hollow. Both of them carried on dark presences around them...' Quincy Zangetsu explained and paused for a moment before continued. '...Although I can easily feel the dark aura this woman gave off that dwarfed even those Super Devils.'

'So that's leaves with the final category.' Ichigo rubbed his finger on his chin before ended the inner conversation and turned his attention back to this woman who called herself Amira Sanchez.

"You're a Goddess...a Shinto Goddess precisely." Ichigo answered without a hint of doubt, which gains the attention front the purple haired woman before him.

The woman who called herself Amira Sanchez let out a small smile at the young man. "Ding, ding, ding. A hundred for you, Ichigo-kun. And I must commend you for correctly guessed which mythology I came from." The newly revealed Shinto Goddess responded in cheery manner before she finished up the green tea ice cream from Fumika.

She put down the spoon before rested her hand on the table and looked up at Ichigo. "Now, all you have to do is to guess which 'Goddess' I am in Shinto mythology." The purple haired beauty spoke and waiting for his answer.

Ichigo racked his brain again. There were many Shinto Goddess, only few of them were really famous. Though he could roll out Amaterasu out of this, he had met with the Goddess of Sun in person...or rather in her mortal vessel. Although every time this woman was looking at him with her rather soulless red eyes, Ichigo felt as if he's staring at his own death...


'Death?' Ichigo's brain had stopped working for a moment when a sudden realization drawn over him.

There is only one Shinto Goddess who related to 'Death' as far as he knows. And Ichigo widened his eyes and pale a little when he figured out the identity of this woman.

The purple haired lady grinned at his reaction and decided to confirm his theory.

"That's right name is Izanami-no-Mikoto. A pleasure meeting you, Kurosaki Ichigo."


The infamous Primordial Goddess of Creation and Death, as well as the former wife of the god Izanagi-no-Mikoto. The myth said she 'died' after giving birth to the child Kagu-tsuchi (incarnation of fire) or Ho-Musubi (causer of fire). She was then buried on Mt. Hiba, at the border of the old provinces of Izumo and Hōki, near modern-day Yasugi of Shimane Prefecture. Izanagi was so angry at the death of his wife that he killed the newborn child, thereby creating dozens of deities.

To say Ichigo was surprised would be a very big understatement. He was rocked to his core. The Japanese representation of Death was just few inch away from him, dressed in rather modern clothes, disguising as a multi-talented celebrity...and she was riding a fucking DUCATI to get here.

But more importantly, the Goddess knows of Aizen and was able to use his Zanpakuto's ability.

Which is an impossibility on itself.

"How did you meet him...and more importantly, how did you use his Zanpakuto's ability?" Ichigo questioned the Shinto Goddess.

Izanami giggled smoothly at that. "Ufufu, asking such personal question. It's second close to a date Ichigo-kun." Izanami replied while covering her mouth with her hand dramatically.

Ichigo gritted his teeth for a moment before he sighed. "What is your business with me?" Ichigo regain his composure as he changed back into his waiter uniform and sat in front of Izanami.

Ichigo realized that it would be wise to play at her game from now, but he keeps his guards up all the time just to be sure.

"Straight to the point I see, I like that." Izanami spoke that statement which irked Ichigo to no end. Could really blame him, the one who bullshitting around was her after all. "Just want to properly introduce myself to you...and also reward you for your service." Izanami spoke cryptically as she ate the remains of the Ratatouille.

Ichigo narrowed his eyes at the last part of the statement. "Reward me? For what?" Ichigo inquired carefully while trying to detect any trick in her voice.

Izanami reached into her jacket and pulled out a blue covered book and place it on the table. "For disposed some of our minor annoyances for us. I'm confident this will help you with you Reiatsu issue." She then handed the book to the young man who read the cover and couldn't help but twitched his eyebrow in annoyance.

'How to control your Reiatsu for Dummy that is Kurosaki Ichigo' written by Izanami.

Ichigo looked at the book for a moment before turned his attention back to the purple haired Goddess who kept looking at his with those creepy red eyes of hers.

"The book title aside, why are you doing this?" Ichigo asked the Shinto Goddess of Creation and Death again.

Izanami sighed with a hint of annoyance. "I don't like repeating myself Ichigo-kun, so I see no point answering that." Izanami replied as she took her notebook and pen before stuffed them inside her jacket.

"Do you realize that you're basically helping your enemy? I don't think Aizen would be pleased with this." Ichigo commented while leaning to his seat.

'King, the hell are you saying? If they are really full of themselves to think that they can easily best you while handicapping themselves, then let them so you can beat their ego to smithereens.' Zangetsu yelled from within Ichigo's inner world, causing the young man to cringe at the loud voice inside his head.

'I'm afraid it's not that simple...' Quincy Zangetsu butted in while defending Ichigo's action. '...Ichigo just concern that there are some ulterior motive behind her action. Like there is something she wanted to see...or test.'

'And knowing Aizen, he's probably the one behind this...and probably was already expecting which answer I'm gonna take.' Ichigo added as he ended the inner conversation.

"Talked with both Zangetsu I see." Izanami commented, which got a hostile reaction from Ichigo. But she didn't even flinched a little bit.

"How do I know that this book would help me with my problem?" Ichigo inquired again.

"You don't. You just have to take my word for it." Izanami answered before snapped her finger, dispelling the illusion effect.

They both saw Fumika walked towards them, Ichigo quickly stuffed the book within his waiter uniform and stood up followed by Izanami.

"Ah..Miss Amira, h-how was the food?" The Female Masakazu asked nervously to the Goddess in disguise.

The Primordial Goddess slipped into her celebrity persona and smiled politely at the mortal before her. "I'm afraid I cannot answer that, you have to wait until I publish my review to media. I advices you to pay attention to television and newspaper from now on." The purple haired woman answered before she reached for her wallet in her jeans, pulled out some money from the wallet and handed them to cafe owner.

"Please, keep the charge." Izanami said before she headed towards the door.

Fumika bowed her head while thanking her for coming to her cafe. Ichigo however, watched every one of her movement to make sure that Izanami wouldn't try to do something funny. When Izanami jumped onto her sport bike, she gave Ichigo one last knowing smile before put the helmet on and started on the engine before speed off from the Cafe.

Ichigo finally let out the breath she unconsciously been holding and rubbed his head dizzily from his newly headache. "What have I gotten myself into this time? It seems troubles will always find me wherever I go." He mumble to himself before go back to his work.

(Nokia's Ringtones)

Or was his original plan if not because his cell phone's going off. He reached to his suit's pocket and pulled out his cell phone and flipped it open.

The orange haired hybrid raised an eyebrow when he saw the screen. 'Unknown number? This better not be one of those annoying girls.' Ichigo looked at the table where the group of girls that constantly annoyed him sat on. To his surprise and relief, they were focused on their lunch and none of them were holding a cell phone.

'Good, it means less annoyance for me.' With that Ichigo pressed the green button, stopped the phone from ringing and put the device over his right ear.


Ichigo answered the call which soon made him wanted to retract his earlier statement.

"My son." A familiar, a very familiar voiced replied from the other line.

Ichigo widened his eyes in shock before it turned into ones that of anger as he gripped his phone tightly that it might break if it puts under more pressure.

Suddenly, the orange haired hybrid realized that his annoyance has been doubled.


To Be Continued

Candidates for Ophis adult form:

Featherine Augustus Aurora from Umineko no Naku Koro Ni

Raven Branwen from RWBY

Ultear Milkovich from Fairy Tail

Scathach from Nasuverse