Under Ishmael's loving light we welcome all. Please be on watch for three rouge Knight class: Elswords on the run. They have achieved their thrones and possess El's warrant. Be on high alert and notify any other wandering El protectors.

In the raining murky city, where the lights of the diorama forever glowed and the artificial sun was used sparingly, the three knight classes huddled behind an anti eye zone which they had created with their weakening El warrant. Infinity Sword glanced at the the diorama in the far distance where the screen glowed steadily.

Lord Knight was tending the injured Rune Slayer who had a large gash on his abdomen, where blood seeped out. Worried he hovered over the sickly knight. Rune Slayer was not in good condition, his skin was clammy and pale, and he groaned every once in awhile in pain, his mutterings so soft that even Lord Knight couldn't hear. Infinity Sword cursed under his breath. Nervously Lord Night took a shaky breath and took off some of his garments to try and staunch the wound. He applied pressure onto it. His eyes were wide and shaking, his hands trembling so hard he couldn't grip tightly. Blood was already staining the white cloth.

"Move." Infinity Sword ordered him, taking Lord Knight's place and applying pressure. Lord knight let out a steady breath.

"Our strongest throne in our group is injured. What are we going to do?" muttered Lord knight nervously. Infinity sword didn't reply. "This barrier won't last long, we have to get moving before the El's warrant wears off."

A sigh. Infinity sword was slumped against the wall, blood on his hands. His dark garments labeled him as the dark throne. His eyes were the most strangest out of the other knight thrones, they were such a bright orange red color. "But where too?"

"Anywhere else from here." replied Lord knight, pacing back and forth. "We have to get out of Ishmael's gaze. Maybe find Solace somehow."

"Yeah." snorted Infinity sword mockingly with narrowed eyes. He laughed bitterly while Lord knight paused to stare at him. "Because obviously we'll somehow find the most dangerous master throne that killed the other master thrones."

"Anythings better. They'll just get rid of us all." Lord knight snapped back, stress and worry getting to him. He paused and went to check on Rune Slayer again before also watching the rain fall alongside with Infinity sword. "Infinity, if we go back they'll kill all of us together."

"Yeah, yeah, knight don't you think I know that?" Infinity sniped back, narrowed eyes.

"No, it's just. . ." Knight trailed off, glancing at Rune slayer. "I just don't know what to do, i mean, we're alive, but for how long?"

They lapsed into the song of the rain falling. The two were extremely tense, waiting for the other classes to come barging in under Ishmael's orders. Today was a horrible day for them. After all, they were both the betrayed and the betrayers. Puppets that couldn't move on their own strings. Both knights wore different expression. Knight one of worry and hopelessness, and Infinity one of apathy and annoyance.

"We have to treat Rune or leave him behind, one of the two." Infinity told Knight, his eyes dead into his. Knight's eyes were fairly expressive from the softest of smiles to the most stern and forbidding glares.

"We have to save to save Rune, he risked our lives for us." Knight responded with stern admonishing in his voice. Rune gasped faintly and turned over, groaning in pain. Knight rushed over to him. "He doesn't look too good."

"Well, no duh." Infinity rolled his eyes, and then looked around. "I can undo some of the warrant into a small heal fraction."

"You can do that?" gasped Knight with wide eyes. Infinity shook his head.

"I can try. Most of it will only stop the bleeding. If they added a virus or something. . .'fraid I can't heal that." Infinity replied. "It will weaken the barrier, by a lot."

"Let's do it." Knight replied with no hesitation. He watched as Infinity materialize a red orb. Infinity removed the cloth and gently pressed the orb into the wound where it got absorbed. The flesh knit itself together and closed. Infinity then wobbled slightly before being caught by Knight. "Are you ok?"

"I'll be fine, just give me a bit." he muttered back. "We now can't stay here for sure. The barrier is too weak, we have to move."

"Infinity, we have you tired and a half dead Rune, we can't go anywhere." reasoned Knight, but Infinity stood up and shook his head. He pointed a finger to the sky. There was a swirling spell circle in the sky glowing blue. Knight recognized it too. The magic of Ishmael. Ain.

"We can't stand against his scrying magic, we gotta move." Infinity picked up Rune, bridal style. Knight bit his lips but starting making the barrier mobile. The three made their ways through back alleys and short cuts they had found. They couldn't slip up and bump into another el protector.

They took a short break. Rune showed no signs of stirring, and Knight was already tired from having to maintain a moving barrier. Infinity gasped, "Who are we kidding, we'll never make it."

"Don't say stuff like that." replied Knight. Knight was never the one for magic, and having to handle this much magic was taking a toll on him.

"Maybe we should write our wills and that shit." Infinity muttered.

"Language!" Knight warned with a quick glare, but Infinity didn't seem to care.

"Fuck, shit, ass, hell, heeeeeeennnnrirrr." Infinity drawled out in some sort of smugness from saying the vulgar words. He laughed, eyes shining. The first time Knight saw him ecstatic, and it was terrifying. "No can tell us what to do! Screw the rules, I can shout henrir all say long because I don't care! I can talk to Conwell and summon him whenever I want to, nobody can stop me! Nobody can hurt me! No has to tell me that without my throne i'm useless!"

Knight shivered. He had been warned about how dangerous Infinity was. No morality code, insanity, talking to an inanimate object, enjoying the misery of others.

"I can kill them." whispered Infinity as he turned to meet Knight in the eye. Knight was taken aback by the pure shock, joy, and surprise in his eyes. "I can exterminate them like they tried with us. Murder, end, removed. All the same."

Knight repressed an urge to back away. "No." Infinity's happiness broke into making his eyes such empty, dead, unseeing things. That orange and red showing signs of brokenness.

"Are you like them too?" Infinity asked in a whisper, a soft scratchy whisper. He walked forward, drawing nearer to the knight. "Are you going to tell me what I can and can't do, who I am. Are you going to stop me like them?"

Knight couldn't answer, his face so close to the eyes of a murderer, his tongue failed him. "I-i-i-"

"Stop. . ." a hoarse scratchy voice. It was Rune, Knight immediately went to his side. Knight took his hand.

"Are you alright? How do you feel?" asked Knight worriedly. Rune was still pale, eyes sunken, but he was regaining color. Rune nodded slowly and chuckled weakly.

"I'm. . .alright, for now. . ." he whispered. Infinity tsked and looked off. Rune turned his heads to him. "Infin. . .don't be like that. . .if we want to live. . we've got to be-" Rune broke out coughing. Knight worriedly watched Rune.

"Just shut up." sighed Infinity. "You may be the strongest throne, but you're slowing us all down." glared Infinity. Rune smiled, condescendingly.

"I'm not. . .suicidal. . . at least." replied Rune with a weak grin.

"Says that one that was just flirting with death." countered Infinity, Rune shrugged.

"A man can't be perfect." There was a bout of awkward silence.

"We should keep moving." Knight reminded them.

"But to where?" asked Infin with scorn. He failed his hands about as if trying to use his hands a models to describe what was happening. "We have no way out and our barriers are running out of time, and we're stuck here, like a mouse in a bucket with a cat looming over us."

Rune grunted as he tried to sit up. He summoned the warrant again. It flashed into a rune before faded. But the change was immediate. The air was clearer and the barrier more solid. Quiet humming filled the air. Rune winked. "I know you wanna kiss me for this. I can manage the barrier, not so useless now, huh?"

Infinity tsked again and Knight laughed, seeing how their odds of survival increased. Despite this, they were all incredibly tense and nervous, with this at least, they could stall a bit more before their deaths. The magic spell in the sky vanished ominously, sign of that Ain was tracking their prey. Any good mood that was left died quickly along with their future.

"Let's get going." Rune managed without gasping but still in obvious pain. Infinity didn't say anything. The stakes were too high, and they knew their fate was sealed. Yet they kept going. Infinity and Knight took turns giving Rune a piggy back ride. Knight had stronger stamina and strength than Infinity so Knight ended up carrying Rune more.

At another pit stop Knight suddenly asked. "What are your guy's wills? I mean let's confess everything before we die. We shouldn't keep everything pent up before we die."

"Why not." Rune shrugged. "Seems like the best idea I've heard so far. I wanna go first anyways." Rune stared at the raining sky with wide crimson eyes. "I do believe I used to have a crush on Elesis, our older prototype. A complex I dare say. I was surprised finding out that I had the strongest throne. I liked it, being strong, but honestly I couldn't care. I just wanted too. . .wanted too live without the will of Ishmael controlling us, judging us. I think I felt pressured to do better because I got the strongest throne." Rune turned over to Knight, "What about you?"

"Well, I still respect Ishmael." Knight started. Rune didn't seemed to be bothered by that information, but Infinity was. "I think because of her we are alive. . .because of her it turned out this way too." he sighed. "I don't have many regrets. I didn't care for strongest, but I care for you guys and everyone else. I just wished I could have gotten along with others before this. I wish that it didn't turn out this way."

"I see." Infinity was staring into the wall, cross legged and his gaze distant. "Honestly, Ishmael seems to be everything. I can't stand it, but I can't not stand it either. I wished that they didn't do such things to us, the tests. Out of us all, they probably treated me the worst. I was the virus, the one with outlier powers, something that Ishmael can't stand. But I suppose, it doesn't matter anyways. I know for sure we'll die." he sighed and stood up. "Let's get going."

There was a soft footstep standing on the cement behind them. The rain stopped. A clear powerful voice. "No, you will not." Infinity turned around quickly, and Rune tried to weakly stand up couldn't. Knight just stared. Cold blue eyes. The high El protector. Ain class Arme Thaunmatury. "You are to be brought into Ishmael's judgement."

"Don't do this Ain!" shouted Knight, holding Rune again. Infinity narrowed his eyes and summoned Conwell. The sharp blade that would cut injuries that lasted, it radiated a energy similar to the darkness of blood thirst and death. Ain's footstep hesitated for a single second before striding forward. His pendulum shattered and in one fluid motion he summoned an energy spear.

Infinity was nervous. He looked at Knight and then at Ain. "Go, I'll hold him off."

Knight blanched, "You can't be serious!"

"Are you insane?!" Rune agreed. Infinity snapped at them twice as fiercely. From afar the Ain made no move.

"GO!" something sparked into Knight's legs. He was running. Yet he didn't stop. He felt like if he stopped running he would die.

"No, no, no, NOOO!" screamed Knight. He had to go back, but fear and terror propelled him. He had to face Ain with Infinity. Rune was screaming as well.

Why did they have to leave Infinity behind?

This is a sort of futuristic machine world with el in it. All classes are involved but they have nicknames or are dead. There can be more of one class per character. However there are survivors that are strong and outlive all the other classes. They earn the class title.