Star burst thru the door on a wild unicorn and road it to the end of the hall. Then got off and the unicorn busted thru the wall in front of it.

"Now Star, this wand is a big responsibility." said Moon

Then Star reached for the want and Moon move it out of her reach.

"If it falls into the hands of evil forces the universe could be destroy."

Then Star grabbed the wand and it transformed. "Don't worry mom I can handle it." said Star

10 seconds later Star had some houses set on fire.

"She can't handle it." said Star's mom and dad

Later Star's parents were packing a carriage.

"No please, I'll be good please don't send me to St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses." said Star in a sad tone then she started to scream.

"Sweetie we are not sending you there." said River

"Yet!" added Moon

"We are sending you to a safer dimension. A place called earth."

"Earth?" questioned Star

"Manfried open the portal." said River

"Goodbye Mewni." said Star as she left Mewni

On earth

"So you say your from anther dimension." said the Principal White

Star flinched the lights on and off. "And you said there was no magic on earth." said Star

"She is going to need a guide." said River

In a class room

Ben Tennyson please report to the principal's office. said over the loud speakers

"Looks like someone is in trouble." said Cash as Ben got up.

"Good one Cash." said T.J.

Ben went to the principal's office. "You wanted to see me principal White?" asked Ben

"Yes, I want you to show the new exchange student around." said principal White

Star was looking at the drinking fountain. Then pressed a button, then water came out and she took a fighting stance.

"Hello, I'm Ben Tennyson."

"Hello, I'm Star Butterfly. I'm a magical princess from anther dimension." said Star

"Well Star not many people know about magic or people from other worlds and some that do are not that friendly. So if I were you I would try keep your magic secret."

"Well thanks for the advice and the tour. See you tomorrow friend."

"See you tomorrow." then Ben got on his bike and rode off.

Few minutes later.

Ben knocked of a RV door. "Grandpa Max, open up. It's me" Ben looked in side and saw the lights were off. He picked up a rock and got the key to open the RV door. "Hello, grandpa. What happened in here?" he asked himself. Then he heard a noise. He head to the bathroom, open the door and found it was empty. Then a strange creature pulled the curtains on his right. It roared then started to attack. Ben dodge to the left. Then slapped his wrist. "Oh, man." the creature attack again and Ben dodge to the left. The creature strike but Ben blocked it with by opening the freezer door. The creature rip the door off and stroked with the other hand. Ben ducked and event under the table. The creature pulled the table up and thru it. Ben jumped to dodge the creatures next attack. The creature headed to the front of the RV. Then Ben tapped his shoulder. "Peekaboo!" then he sprayed the creature with the fire extinguisher. Sending the creature out the front windshield. "That thing was looking for something, grandpa. But what?" then Ben sat in the from seat and flicked a few switches. Then a compartment opened up. Ben grabbed what was inside. Then grandpa Max appeared.

"Hello, Ben." said hologram Max

"Grandpa, what's..."

"I left this recording where I knew only you would find it. I'm in a bit of a situation, but it's nothing I can't handle. Certainly nothing for you to worry about. There's renewed alien activity on earth. I'm investigating." then the hologram of Max disappeared then reappeared a few seconds later. "Oh, don't worry about the omnitrix, either. I have it, and it's completely safe. They'll never get there hands on it. Say hello to your cousin Gwen for me. I love you. Max out." then the hologram of Max disappeared.

"You've got the omnitrix?"

Ben rode his bike home and saw Star and his parents on the couch.

"Ben say hello to the new exchange student staying with us" said Ben's mom

"I didn't know these were your parents. I thought I was with a different family with the last name Tennyson." said Star

"So you two meet before?" asked Ben's dad

"Yeah, I showed Star around school." said Ben

"Ben why don't you help Star take her things up to her room." said Ben's mom

Ben carried Star's trunk up the stairs to her room witch was right across from his.

In the tree watching them was a green creature. He took out some scissor and cut the air opening a portal and went thru. He found himself in a thrown room and saluted. "Ludo, master I tracked down Star Butterfly. They've hidden her in the earth dimension unguarded."

There was an evil laugh then thrown spun around revealing Ludo. "Excellent work Buff Frog. I knew they couldn't hide that royal brat from me for long. Soon the wand will be mind. Then the universe and then actually the universe should do it. I'm coming for you princess Butterfly."

Back to Ben and Star

"It's a good thing I'm staying with your family." said Star

"Yeah, just so you know my parents don't know about magic and aliens. And I don't know how they will react so you have keep your magic hidden." said Ben

"So I can use magic as long as your parents don't find out."


"Well that will make unpacking much easier." Star said tacking out her wand. "Rainbow sprinkles room unpack." Star's wand glowed as her stuff was putting its self away.

Ben went to his room. He opened his closet. "He says he's got the omnitrix. I know its in here somewhere." Ben opened a box and moved some cards and found the omnitrix. "What are you trying to tell me grandpa?" Ben went downstairs. "Mom, Dad I'm going out."

"Ben why don't you take Star with you and show her around." said Ben's mom

"But mom I was just going to meet Gwen."

"Ben Tennyson, you can still show Star around." said Ben's dad

"Okay, Star do you want to go uptown?"

"Sure." said Star as she came down.

The two started to walk.

"I'm sorry for inconvenience you Ben." said Star in a sad tone

"It's not your fault Star. It's just something happened between the time I left school and meet you at home." said Ben

"What happened?"

"My grandpa is missing."

"Oh I'm sorry."

"That's all right."

"Well I'm going to help you. So were to first?"

"Thanks, first we are going to see my cousin Gwen.


Gwen grabbed and flipped someone. "Point, victory." said the judge. The crowed applause, as the crowed disappeared it reviled Ben and Star.

"So how's my favorite cousin?" asked Ben

Gwen gave Ben a hug. "Ben! Still undefeated. Compliments, means you want something. Who's the girl" asked Gwen as she noticed Star

"This is Star she is an exchange student that is staying with my family and I got a problem, I need advice."

"Okay, as soon as I change."


Ben and Star found themselves asleep on the mat. Then Gwen came in waking them up. "Well look at the cute couple." said Gwen teasing them.

Both Ben and Star stumbled up. "We are awake." they both said

"Ben you said you need my help?"

"I need advice." said Ben showing the omnitrix. Ben also showed Gwen and Star the recording.

"Grandpa doesn't have the omnitrix. You do." said Gwen

"Yeah, he's sending me some kind of message. I think he wants me to put it on again."

"He always said that was your choice. You don't have to do it if you don't want to."

"Excuse me but might I as what is this omnitrix?" asked Star

"I can the omnitrix is a powerful device. That can transform you into different aliens." said Ben

"Really, how long did you have it?" asked Star

"I had it scenes I was 10 and when I used the watch it made me feel special."

It wasn't the watch that was special it was you. And you earned the chance to a normal life. You but it back on and that's pretty much it for normal." said Gwen

"But what if grandpa needs my help?" asked Ben

"He said he didn't. Anyway, remember how much trouble it was getting it off the first time.

Then the door open.

"The omnitrix ain't yours."said a voice ben, Gwen, and Star looked to see a guy there. "Give it up."

"No way." said Ben then the three ran to the left and the man followed. Ben tried to open the door but it was lock.

"Give it to me, now." said the man

"Or what?" asked Ben

"Or this." he said as remove something an it was reviled he was an alien.

"Oh, that's so creepy." Ben said sarcastically. Ben ran to the left but the alien stop him with a blast.

"Don't make me use it on you."

"Who's making?"

Gwen step up on purple steps and her hands glowed purple, and Star got her wand out.

Not fish face here, that's for sure." said Gwen

"Yeah!" said Star

The alien fired three blasts at Gwen, but Gwen blocked the blasts. And Star fired a magical blast disarming the alien. Gwen fired a purple beam and grabbed him and lift him up.

"Ben you never told me your cousin knows magic." said Star

"Yeah, sorry about that." said Ben

"Now it makes sense how you know about magic and other worlds."

"Yeah! Gwen you're getting really good at that stuff."

"Thanks." said Gwen

"I want some answers, right know. Otherwise..."

"Yeah?" asked the alien

"I don't know, I'll overfeed you."

"Do I look like somebody to joke with? I'm a duly deputized agent of the plumbers. An intergalactic law-enforcement organization."

"I know what they are. My grandpa Max use to be a plumber."

"I thought plumbers fix toilets?" asked Star

"Yes they do. But these are a different plumbers. They enforce the law in the universe."

"Max Tennyson? He was helping me on a case when he went missing." said the plumber

"We're looking for him." said Gwen

"Wait he's your grandfather? You're the legendary Ben Tennyson?"

"Your a legend?" asked Star

"I guess so." said Ben

"I thought you were just some kid. Who snatched it from the rust bucket. Guess I owe you an apology. If you get me out of this thing. Maybe we can find your granddad together." said the plumber

Ben nodded and Gwen lowered him and let him go. Ben looked at the omnitrix.

"Are you sure?" asked Gwen

Ben but the omnitrix on his wrist. "I'm sure."

"And if I'm not mistaken you are the princess of Mewni?" the plumber asked Star

"Wait Star's a princess." said Gwen

"Yeah but how did you know?" asked Star

Well for one you are holding the royal family wand. And your parents told use you were going to be staying on earth."

"Wait my mom knows about the plumbers?"

"Yes, there a lot of plants that know about the plumbers and some where only there governments know. I guess they are waiting tell you are older."

Later in a train yard.

"So what are we doing here?" asked Gwen

"Stakeout! According to a tip from your grandfather, the forever knights, a group of criminals who..." said the plumber

"Trade in alien technology. To destroy aliens. Yeah, I know. I've run up against them before."

"So were they the people you were warning me about before?" asked Star


"They're supposed to show up here tonight to receive a shipment of illegal alien tech." said the plumber

"Who do they get it from?" asked Gwen

"Don't know. Max was going to tell me, but he disappeared. Someone's coming."

Then two trucks pulled up and a green car. Then someone got out of the car.

"That's Kevin!"

"You know him?"

"Kevin Levin, he's it superpowers. I fought him all the time when we were kids." said Ben

"Okay, Ben when we get back to your house you have to tell me about your adventures. So what happened to him?" asked Star

"He end up trapped in the null void, it's kind of an extra-dimensional jail." said Gwen

One person from one of the groups walked up to Kevin and gave him a briefcase. Kevin opened and saw the money. "Money's here" he said then the other group brought some stuff out of one of the trucks.

"Well, he's brokering the deal." said the plumber

"Why not? You said it was illegal." said Ben

Kevin gave the briefcase back and open on of the crates the other group brought out.

"As promised, four dozen factory-new laser lances. Ether-point energy module, antenna-focused emitter. It's good for 35 minutes of continuous fire at .06 terrawatts. Is that good?" said Kevin. Then he fired at a cargo car and blaster a hole in it. "You tell me."

Those lances are level 5 technology! Planet earth has only level 2!"said the plumber

"Hey, what happened to the whisper?" asked Ben noticing he got louder

The plumber left his spot and Ben, Star, and Gwen followed.

"Hands above your heads, air breathers. By authority of the plumbers, you're all busted." he said show showing his badge in one hand and his blaster in the other.

One of the groups removed something from there face a reveled to be like the same creature Ben fought in the rust bucket.

"Oh, that's so creepy." said Gwen sarcastically

"Isn't it?" said Ben

They moved back a little.

"Back off!" said the plumber. Then he fired at the ground setting it on fire. The weird aliens backed off a little as well.

"What now?" asked Ben

"Standoff." said the plumber

"Um, I don't think so. The other guys are behind us." said Ben

They turned around to see the others group in armor. And the fire was going down.

"We are toast." said Gwen

"No, we're not. It's hero time!" said Ben as he activate the omnitrix. But it just beeping and the green turned blue.

"Was the suppose to happen?" asked Star

"No it is not. Ben!" said Gwen

"Watch!" said Ben

Both groups were getting closer. As Ben keeper messing with the watch.

"Ben, seriously."

"This is a really bad time for a reboot. I got nothing."

"Maybe I do." said Gwen as she fired to energy balls at the forever knight sending the to the ground. The plumber fired at the aliens feet. Star took out her wand. But the knights got up and started firing Gwen made a shield to block they blasts. One of the aliens chased Ben.

"Come on, come on." said Ben messing with the omnitrix as he was being chased.

Star punched one of the aliens the round housed kicked it. As the plumber hand and blaster by a sticky goo. Then was soon covered by it. Ben kept running dodging the goo the alien chasing him was shooting. Then made some two by four fall on him. Then he went back to messing with the watch. Star blasted the alien with a magical blast send it to the ground. Wall Gwen's shield was broken thru. Then she fired two energy balls at the forever knights. She step forward and step in some goo. And more aliens covered her with goo. Star saw thus and headed to help but her wand and hand got covered with goo. By an alien on the side and soon was covered with goo as well. Ben kept messing with the watch and then it transformed.

"It never did that before." said ben. He activated the watch and holograms of his forms appeared. Ben cycled thru the chooses. "I don't recognized any of these guys, although under the circumstances. This one looks pretty good." he slapped his wrist. "Swampfire! Ew, what's that smell?" he smelled himself. "Is that me?" Ben ran back and saw that Star, Gwen and the plumber were covered in goo. "Get away from my friends!" he ran up and punched two aliens the ducked and punched the third. The three other aliens ran to there truck and left. Ben pulled out a metal pole and hit the truck sending it on its side. "I forgot how much fun thus is." the forever knights started to blast him but the blasts seam to go thru him. "Cut it out that tickles." then one of the blasts hits his arm and it came off. "Hey!"

Then Star, Gwen and the plumber gasp.

A vine from his arm came out then he found his arm reached. "You guys are in so much trouble." he ran up and punched two knights down. As he made his way to the other knights Kevin got in the way.

"Hey, Tennyson." said Kevin

"What do you want?"

"Let's see. You trap me in the null void for all those years."

"You did that to yourself."

"And you ruined my deal today. I'm thinking I want revenge. The good news is, since I can absorb anything. I've got more than enough power to take it." he said as he absorbed the the rail.

"That's new."

They started to fight Kevin punch thru Ben's gut but he found he couldn't get it out. Ben then slapped his hand together on Kevin's head. The Ben kicked Kevin away into a metal crate.

The forever knights and the aliens did there deal. The knights got the lances and the alien got the money.

Kevin letter a metal crate and thru it at Ben.

"And that's what happens when you mess with me."said Kevin. Then Ben came out from underground.

"Peekaboo!" said Ben right before he punched Kevin. Kevin letter a cargo car. And Ben blasted with fire knocking Kevin unconscious. Ben walked up to his friends. He heated up the goo till it was and broke Star out of it. "Okay just two more." but then a portal appeared and some monsters came out of it.

"At last Star Butterfly I have found you." said Ludo

"Ludo how did you know I was here?" asked Star

Wouldn't you like to know."

"Yes, that is why I asked."

"Well I don't have to tell you anything. Get her boys." The monsters chat red the Ben punched one of them. "Why are you protecting the princess you are supposed to be on my side."

"Because Star is my friend and I'm not on your side." said Ben as he punched anther monster and the shot fire at a different one. Star also joined the fight kicking a monster in the face and then blasting one with magic.

"You said the princess was unguarded." said Ludo to Buff Frog

Star jumped off a cast a spell. "Rainbow pixey punch." that send the monster near Ludo.

"You monsters are embarrassing me." said Ludo

"Mega narwhal blast." said Star as faint narwhals appeared and hit some of the monsters. "Do you want some of this Ludo?"

"No!" said Ludo as he brought out a pair of scissors. "You see you morons. This is what happens when you don't work out. Now back into the portal." then the monsters went back into the portal. "I'll get you Star Butterfly." he said as he went thru and then closed.

"Okay, now that distraction is taken care off lets help the others out of the goo." said Ben

Later Kevin regained consciousness and Ben return to normal. Kevin got up a little and tried it get out of the cuffs.

"Energy cuffs, you can't escape. Ain't nothing there to absorb." said the plumber

"Gwen you still got some of that stuff in your hair." said Ben

Gwen looked.

"Other side." said Kevin

Gwen touched it. "Ew!" said Gwen then she started to pull it out.

"I'm sorry, Gwen I thought I got it all." said Star

"That's alright at least I can move."

"Time we had a talk, tough guy." said the plumber talking to to Kevin. "These weapons run on ether-point energy cells, a dangerous technology way too advanced for humans. They shouldn't even be on this planet."

"So? How's that my problem?" asked Kevin

"While we were fighting, the forever knights got away with a crate full of them." said Ben

"You set up the deal. You're going to tell me where they are." said the plumber

Gwen touch Kevin's shoulder. "Kevin, people could be hurt." said Gwen and Kevin just looked at her.

"You're in a lot of trouble, son. I'm giving you a chance to help yourself here."

"You don't have to convince me. Those guys ran off before I got paid. I'm happy to help find those deadbeats.

Later in Kevin's car. Kevin is driving. Gwen is in the passenger seat. The plumber is behind Kevin. Ben is behind Gwen and Star is in between Ben and the plumber.

"I still think I should drive." said the plumber

"Nobody drives the car but me." said Kevin

"You were telling us about the aliens." said Gwen

"I don't know anything about the once we fought today. Never met that kind before." said the plumber

Ben looked at his alien selection. "I don't see them in here, not that I know how to work this thing anymore." said Ben

"Maybe after you get your license, pee-wee." said Kevin

"Who won are fight again? Oh, I remember, me!"

"There's been a lot of alien activity on earth lately. Don't know why. Your grandfather thought maybe the weapons deal would lead us to whatever's causing all of the interest. Now he's missing." said the plumber

"Knowing grandpa Max, he's probably at a restaurant enjoying a roasted cockroach salad. It's a wonder that weird food didn't kill him." said Gwen

"He's not dead! Stop making jokes about him!" said Ben in an angry tone.

Then car stop.

"Don't talk to her like that." said Kevin

"I'll talk to her any way I..." then Ben thought for a moment. "Your right. I'm sorry Gwen."

"Your just worried about your grandpa." said Star comforting him with a hug.

"I just wish he were here. He would know what to do. He always knows what to do."

"Well, he ain't. You're the one with the omnitrix. You're going to have to figure out how to get things done on your own." said the plumber

Then the car stared to move again.

"This is it." said Kevin as they drove up to a castle.

"Subtle, nobody would think to look for knights in here." said Ben

"You didn't." said Kevin

"How do we get in?" asked the plumbers

They got out of the car. Then Gwen fired a magical beam and grabbed the top of the draw bridge and pulled it down. They entered the castle. Gwen lit her hand up and Star made her wand glow. So the group can see.

"There's no one here." said Gwen

"Are you sure this is the right place?" asked Star

"There's a hidden door. Keep looking." said Kevin then he started to grab some stuff.

Ben noticed. "Maybe you should have brought a shopping cart." said Ben. The group continued to look. "I don't like the looks of this." then he knocked over a suit of armor.

"Come on, man! What are you doing?" asked Kevin

"Sorry, guess I'm just a little..." as Ben was saying the rest of the group saw something behind him. Then Ben looked behind him and saw a dragon. "Paranoid!"