Disclaimer: I don't own anything in this fanfiction. All I own is maybe an OC or something. Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi, and I'm not that person, so don't sue. The others I put in are characters a few friends of mine made, and the rest are my classmates I decided to put in there, for this story.

Warning: Some OOC-ness, along with some cussing, etc.

"Hey guys, I think I lost my ID card-thing again." A tall, yet, chubby guy says to a group of his 16 peers. This is met with a mixture of eye rolls and a small chorus of quiet sighs before one of the guy's peers, a young adult man with black hair, says to him, "Why don't you ever try and get a replacement one?" The tall, yet chubby guy says, "I don't know. Maybe it's cuz I don't care about doing it that much." A chorus of soft groans and sighs of annoyance is heard after that . All of a sudden, all 17 of the young adults hear a strange buzzing and humming sound coming from the room where one a computer with a very expensive and sophisticated set of software is kept. Wondering what is making that sound, all of the 17 young adults go into the room to see where the sound is coming from.

Another member of the group of 17 young adults says, after the group members are all in that room and see an ominous black and green swirling orb that seems to have come out of nowhere, floating in mid-air in front of the computer where those sophisticated software is kept, "What the hell?! What the heck is this thing and where did it come from?" The group doesn't have time to discuss it, analyze it, or ask any further questions about it, or even run away from it before the mysterious looking floating orb glows brightly and opens what looks to be a vortex or a portal and sucks all 17 of those young adults into a portal in a matter of seconds. After it has done so, the orb mysteriously disappears into thin air, without a trace, just as fast as it had suddenly appeared, when it senses that all 17 of the young adults have all blacked out, passed out, and lost consciousness due to the speed and other forces of the portal they have been sucked into.

Author's Note: I know it's kinda short for a prologue/first chapter. I put it like this for a reason, one of them being to be a catalyst that starts to set the story in motion. Keep in mind, I'm writing this story for fun.