Hi all! Here's a little BeChloe fic that I've been mulling over for a while now and couldn't not write it.
For those of you who don't know my style of writing, paragraphs in
italics are always flash-backs.
I really love the uniqueness of Beca & Chloe and their interactions in PP1 and PP2.
Naturally it'd be great if they became 'canon' in PP3, but who knows how the studio will want them to be portrayed. Such is Hollywood.
So, for now, please enjoy my little fic, which is my interpretation of what could happen in the 3rd Movie.

The hustle and bustle of downtown New York City was in full flow as tourists milled about, getting in the way of residents and workers of The Big Apple. One of those residents was a petite brunette who had just left the office block of a successful music production company 'Residual Heat'. The young woman strode along the concrete to a beat, weaving between the tourists and fellow busy office workers, as she hummed along to the song she was listening to on Spotify through her headphones. Unbeknown to her, a few paces behind her scurried a overdressed man and woman, one holding a handheld TV camera, the other a boom mic. Gail Abernathy-McKadden and John Smith. These two were the American presenters, podcast creators and now documentary filmers of the accapella world. And the young woman they were following, or more trying to stop, was one of the most successful collegiate accapella captains in US history, Beca Mitchell. The presenters had begun filming a documentary that charted the successful captain and her fellow team members, The Barden Bellas, two years after successfully becoming world champions of the accapella world. Their hope was to interview each of the women before following them through their upcoming European Celebration Tour. A tour that none of the Bella's were aware of yet.

Beca paced on ahead, before pushing her way through the door of a large coffee shop. Unfortunately for the presenters it was at this very moment they had lost sight of the petite woman, instead dashing on past the coffee shop, breathlessly muttering how she couldn't have got too far ahead. Beca meanwhile paused as she entered the busy coffee shop, pulling her headphones out of her ears whilst scanning the room for someone. She began to wander through the shop, past the queue, and past the coffee bar, "Morning Beca!" one barista called out to her cheerfully which Beca acknowledged with a pleasant grin, before the other two barista's looked up from their coffee making and granted her the same cheery greeting which Beca also acknowledged. She was yet to find a grumpy member of staff in this establishment. As she reached the end of the bar she approached the small table beside it which had two chairs around it that was rarely taken by customers because it often had files or paperwork sprawled over the table's surface. Today was no different and with a huge exhale Beca slumped into one of the seats, delicately twisting her headphones together and placing them in her pocket.

Other than work and her actual apartment, this was the place she spent most of her time. Whether it was grabbing a coffee on her way into work, grabbing a coffee between meetings, or grabbing a coffee mid-afternoon, she was there pretty much every day.

"Hey!" Beca heard the familiar sing-song greeting from her best friend, Chloe. She looked up to see the redhead bustle past her with an armful of full milk cartons, "how did the meeting go?" the young woman asked as she dashed behind the coffee bar to join her colleagues.

"Not as bad as I thought," the brunette called out to her friend, trying to make herself heard over the loud rumble of the coffee grinder, "they're going to review my schedule next week and see if I actually do deserve a pay rise."

Chloe's head appears from behind a pillar which masks one of the coffee machines from Beca's view, and the redhead has a hopeful grin on her face, "Ooh that sounds promising!"

"Fingers crossed!" the brunette replied, and a smile grew on her face when she heard her best friend cheerily say that she'd be keeping her fingers AND her toes crossed.

Beca tapped on the tiny scrap of table that wasn't covered in folders and paperwork and looked around the coffee shop. It was a hive of activity, it's location in downtown Manhattan being a prime location for business folk and tourists. Chloe had worked here since they had moved to the city almost eighteen months ago, using this job as a way of having a steady income while she auditioned for different on/off-Broadway theatre roles and volunteered at a small theatre school for underprivileged kids near to their apartment in Brooklyn. Beca meanwhile had been offered a promotion with the company she'd interned with in her final year of college, Residual Heat, and now worked within the production team at their new headquarters in downtown Manhattan.

"Chloe take your break while Beca's still here" the coffee shop's team leader called out to the redhead, to which Chloe responded unconfidently "Are you sure?" Beca knew her best friend well, and knew that she always felt guilty if it was her turn to go on her break while there was a queue of customers waiting to be served. But Beca had to admit there was rarely a time when there wasn't a queue of customers, the staff needed to go on their breaks.

After another moment of persuasion, Chloe finally relented, and began to make her way from behind the bar and towards the back of the shop, two coffee cups in hand. Beca saw the redhead turn to wink at her with one of her infectious smiles and the brunette got up from the table, following Chloe to a door that led to the back of the building. This was their routine. Pretty much every day of the week, meetings permitting, the two best friends would sneak out the back of the coffee shop and sit on the brick steps that led from the back of the coffee shop to the alleyway that ran along the back of the building. It was usually just mid-morning, though on occasion it would be mid-afternoon too. And the two would sit and drink coffee while talking about how their days were going so far as well as plenty of random conversations that neither of them knew how they were started but were always entertaining enough.

The funny thing was, no matter how often they saw each other, and being housemates it was guaranteed everyday, they never ran out of conversation. Ever! Even with Beca's often standoffish nature, Chloe seemed to have this way about her that meant even the hard-nosed brunette had a hard time remaining quiet. The brunette's stressful and hectic job meant that she often felt the weight of the world on her shoulders, which is why she relished these spare 45 minutes she could use to dash out of work and down the street to grab a coffee with her bubbly best friend. Her happy nature, while it had often irritated Beca back in college, now became the lifeline in keeping her sane.

When Chloe had gone to her family's lake house over Christmas time, leaving Beca alone in the apartment for a week before she popped back to her fathers for Christmas Day, Beca had been surprised at how much she missed her best friend. The apartment had been so quiet without her spontaneous burst into song and the brunette had to admit, she'd missed the affection that Chloe so often gave her. No curling up on the sofa in front of Netflix while they ate ice cream, no random post-it notes of encouragement left in her satchel, no moments where Beca would sit on the floor of their lounge with her laptop while Chloe insisted on practicing her plaiting technique. The moment the redhead had returned Beca had immediately chucked her arms around her telling her she was never to leave again, in the best way that Beca knew how, unemotionally.

"So if you were given the choice of eating one meal for the rest of your life, and it's the ONLY thing you're allowed to eat, what would it be?"

This was a classic Chloe question and Beca furrowed her brow with a small smile. If Chloe wasn't eagerly asking every question possible about something in Beca's life, then she was asking quirky hypothetical questions instead. Beca paused as she swirled her coffee around in her cup, looking ahead of her at a male pigeon that was trying to attract a female pigeon beside him. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Chloe looking at her intently. If this had been six years ago Beca would've felt far too uncomfortable with this unnecessary attention, but having known Chloe for six years now the brunette was used to the redhead's glances. Since moving to NY eighteen months ago the two had been inseparable. "A survival technique" Chloe's Dad had once joked to them, stating that moving to a brand new city miles and miles from family and friends is terrifying and intimidating, but not if your best friend moves with you.

"I know what you'd choose." Beca felt Chloe lean towards her with a quick nudge before leaning back and the brunette finally turned back to her best friend, her eyebrows raised and a curious grin on her face, "oh you do?"


"You do…"

"I do."

"You do?"

"Yes!" The redhead laughs out loud and for a moment Beca's heart skips a beat. She takes a moment to notice her bright blue eyes sparkling with joy and excitement. She sees Chloe's lips part as she whispers, "Spag Bol!"

Beca holds her hands up in surrender and grins. Sometimes she can't believe how well this girl knows her, "totally Spag Bol" she concedes. Chloe throws her fist in the air in triumph which makes Beca roll her eyes with a coy grin, "you're such a weirdo" but just as she's about to ask Chloe what meal she'd choose she hears fast clicking if heels approach behind them and the two women are stunned to see the familiar faces of John & Gail, gazing down at them breathlessly, with a camera and boom mic. Beca's heart drops.

The Spanish sun was beating down on the light terrace at the back of a large hotel, and sat on one of the available sun loungers which overlooked the lush green garden behind the hotel was Beca. Under the parasol that protected her porcelain skin from the sun's harsh rays, she sat crossed-legged, peering at the screen of her Macbook before her. Her headphones lay around her neck as she attempted to type some lyrics to a new song that she was yet to find a decent melody for.

After the huge success of their American tour two years ago, Beca and the rest of her old college acapella group, the Barden Bellas, were just beginning the first part of their European tour. Rehearsals were due to start tomorrow, for now it was a case of waiting for all the old Bella's to make it over to Spain. Two years post-graduation meant that a lot of the old Bella's were now spread across the globe, living and working far away from the simple life that had once been provided for them at Barden University. However, the wonders of modern technology had meant that the Bella's had always been able to keep in contact through a group-chat on WhatsApp. For now, the only members of the group who had made it to Spain so far were Beca, Fat Amy, and Chloe; with Aubrey, Cynthia-Rose, Ashley, Jessica, Lily, and Flo due to arrive in the coming hours. Stacie, having rose to fame within the past year as a successful model, was joining the group tomorrow fresh from a photoshoot that she was attending in Cannes.

After graduation Fat Amy had returned to her home-country of Australia, and had since become a successful wildlife presenter of the TV show 'Wrestling Crocs and Dingos'. She had been eager to begin the European Tour, and had ended up grabbing the soonest flight to Spain, arriving two days early.

After graduating Beca and Chloe had both managed to get jobs in NYC and as a consequence had decided that the only way they could afford to live there was by living together. They had ended up renting a small apartment in an okay part of the city (the perk of Chloe's wealthy parents and Beca's relatively good graduate job for a well-known record company). They had arrived in Spain the previous evening, greeted warmly by Fat Amy who was thrilled to see them arrive together. Something that had made Beca feel uncomfortable. Beca was lucky to have been travelling with Chloe, and may not have made the flight in time if it hadn't been for Chloe's highly organised, laminated itinerary of times and travel details.

"Beca!" The brunette stirred at the sound of her name being yelled from outside her bedroom door. The owner of the voice out in the hallway thudded loudly against the door. "Beca time to get your butt out of bed! Our taxi will be here in an hour!" Beca brought a hand up to her face and rubbed her eyes with a sigh before reluctantly pulling the bed covers from over her toasty, warm body. She groaned as she dragged her bones out of her bed and shuffled over to the door where the banging continued. As she opened the door, the owner of the voice and banging stopped in her tracks, a bright smile glistening across her face.

"How are you ready already?" Beca mumbled as she looked at her housemate who stood before her. Chloe was dressed in the outfit she had spent far too long yesterday evening deciding over. Beca had told her the best one just to shut her up, especially as she couldn't see the point in having a 'travel outfit'.

"I've been up since 4." The redhead said cheerily. Of course she had. Beca should've known her best friend would have been up 2 hours before it was necessary. "You've only got an hour before the taxi gets here and you still have to shower, and have breakfast!" Chloe said in a bossy tone. There was no way they were going to be late.

"Aaand pack…" Beca said, screwing her face up apologetically, waiting for the inevitable reaction from the redhead whose expression dropped, "What? Beca, you told me last night you'd finished packing!" Beca turned on the spot and began walking back into her bedroom to search for her suitcase, "No, I said that I'd almost finished packing…" she said as she knelt down on the messy carpet floor and reached under her bed.

She heard Chloe follow her, "But you haven't even started packing!" Beca rolled her eyes as she pulled the suitcase she'd used during their American Tour out from under her bed. She could sense from Chloe's tone of voice that she was beginning to panic, "Oh my God, we're going to miss our flight!"

"We're not going to miss our flight Chlo…"

"Yes we are! We're going to have to cancel the taxi which means we'll miss our flight which means we'll have to rebook our flight, rebook our transfer in Spain, and maybe even miss the tour rehearsal-"

"Chloe!" Beca called out loudly at her housemate, making the redhead immediately stop talking, "We're not going to be late…" as she spoke she unzipped her suitcase, "…because I packed yesterday." A wide grin grew on her face, but Chloe didn't see the funny side, her face widening as she processed what the brunette had said. The room fell silent as Chloe steadied her panicked breathing, and Beca saw her look down at the full contents of the opened suitcase. In a matter of moments Chloe had lunged at Beca, smacking her lightly on the arm, "Beca! It's too early to be pranking me!"

Beca chuckled as the redhead stormed out of the room telling her to have a shower. Since moving to NY the two had had a private pranking-war. And the moment Beca had found out about the European Tour she immediately decided she would prank Chloe by pretending that she hadn't packed. With a grin she pulled her suitcase up onto her bed, then made her way out of her room and into the bathroom. It was going to be a long day and she was almost certain that this wouldn't be the only time today that she and Chloe would fall out over something.

"Is this sun lounger taken?" Beca heard the familiar Australian drawl ask confidently beside her. She turned to see Fat Amy not even wait for a reply, and instead happily lay out on the lounger next to her with a relaxed sigh. The blonde woman had already boasted that she didn't need a parasol to block out the sun. The perks of her skin being used to the Australian heat apparently. "Hey I'm sorry to hear about you and Jesse."

Beca resumed her attention on her Macbook but gave a shrug. Hearing his name felt weird. It was as though the three and a half years she had been with him had been unnecessary. It had fizzled out into nothing. The downward spiral had occurred the moment they had graduated. Both had had to return to their home towns, which unfortunately meant they were having to travel across two states to see each other. Mix in the additional time that Beca had been away on the American Tour with the Bella's, by the time Beca had got the very lucky position at a record label in NYC, Jesse and her were barely talking. She'd FaceTime'd him to tell him the good news, that they could move to NY like they'd always planned to do with LA, but Jesse had used that opportunity to suggest they break up instead. He encouraged her to pursue her dream while he continued working on his Uncle's ranch. An amicable breakup, but a difficult one. Now, nineteen months on, hearing his name mentioned seemed alien to Beca and it surprised her that he was even being brought up in conversation. She had hoped that the message she'd sent to the Bella's on WhatsApp had covered all the information necessary, but clearly Fat Amy felt obliged to say something.

"It's cool. I mean the chances of a college relationship lasting post-graduation is low so… I guess our breakup was pretty inevitable." She said with a shrug, squinting at the screen in front of her, hoping that it was enough of a hint that she didn't want Fat Amy to continue. But the hint was not picked up.

"Sooo… you got your eyes on anyone else?" Beca felt a lump form in her throat. She knew that tone. That was Amy's 'I know I'm being inappropriate here but' tone of voice. She used to hear that tone a lot during college. Especially when Amy tried to tell her how into her Chloe seemed to be.

"Would you keep your voice down?!" Beca said as she sat on her bed, darting her eyes towards the top of the stairs that led to their twin-room in the roof of the Bella's house. Fat Amy poked her head out of their shared walk-in closet. "What?" the Australian asked innocently, though she had a mischievous grin on her face, "Oh come on, you can't tell me that the past four years you've been in the Bella's you've never noticed the way Chloe looks at you!"

Beca could feel the heat rising in her cheeks with embarrassment. Of course she'd noticed. But Chloe was always like that. She always held eye contact when she spoke to someone. She mostly always smiled enthusiastically. And so what if she'd just so happened to see Chloe glancing at her from time to time? That was how Chloe had always been, and how she would probably always be.

"Dude I'm serious," Beca hissed at her roommate, "shut up! She's gonna end up walking up those stairs in a minute to ask us if we want to watch a movie!" Thursdays was always movie night in the Bella's house, something that Chloe had happily organised the moment her fellow Bella's had moved into this house three years ago. Sure enough, the familiar voice of Chloe hollered up the stairs to the inhabitants, "movie night! T-minus ten minutes!" And Beca glared at the Australian, before sliding off her bed and making her way over to the stairs. "Careful Bec, you don't want to seem too keen!" Amy teased as her roommate held a finger up at her angrily before wandering slowly down the stairs.

Beca tentatively shook her head and sighed, "I don't have time to be looking for someone else."

"Not even for someone saaay with long red hair, blue eyes, and a dazzling smile? Someone who you share an apartment with maybe?" There it was. Beca felt her heartrate increase. She couldn't tell if it was because she was embarrassed or nervous or just annoyed that Fat Amy still clung to the idea that she and Chloe would make the perfect couple. "Dude…" the brunette glared at her friend who had sat up on the sun lounger with an innocent expression.

"What?" the Australian protested, "Oh come on! She's high maintenance, highly organized, bubbly and anxious. You're low maintenance, sloppy, moody and laid back. You're perfect for each other! Bhloe forever!" Beca rolled her eyes at the final comment. Amy had come up with the clever nickname for Beca and Chloe in their final year of college, one that she took great pride in. Beca hadn't had a chance to see the reaction on Chloe's face to the Australian's nickname when she'd announced it to the group during a boot camp that the Bella's had been attending. The two had never mentioned it though, and Beca wondered if Chloe had forgotten about it – though it was something like that which the redhead would purposefully remember. Chloe liked sickly-sweet things like a nickname.

"She's my best friend!" Beca protested. The whole reason why they were best friends is because they were exactly how Fat Amy had described. Complete opposites! And yet somehow, it just worked. They were able to share an apartment no problem, with the odd squabble here and there.

"Okay, ouch.." the Australian said sarcastically.

"One of my best friends," the brunette quickly rectified. Fat Amy hated the idea that she wasn't Beca's best friend, "Just because you've made up a nickname for us does not mean that we are meant to be together!" she hadn't meant to sound so annoyed, nor had she meant to say her words so loudly, but it hadn't seemed to affect the woman sat on the sun lounger beside her.

"Exactly! You're best friends! So you've already done the hard work!"

Beca rolled her eyes again, shaking her head slightly with a sigh before resuming her attention on her Macbook, though she struggled as the terrace fell silent. All that could be heard was the light Spanish breeze that drifted through the trees, but Beca could feel her friend's eyes on her and soon the Australian continued, "I'm serious, you guys have always worked well together leading the Bella's. Now you're both out of college and single I think you would really work well together…sexually."

Beca almost threw up as Fat Amy emphasised the last word in a low tone whilst making a 'peace sign' with both hands, then entwining the fingers of both hands. "Dude! Inappropriate!" Beca hissed incredulously, but before either woman could say anything else, she noticed her housemate walking out onto the terrace behind Fat Amy.

"What are you guys talking about?" Chloe asked sweetly, and Beca could feel the heat rising in her cheeks again. She couldn't possibly know about this conversation. She should never know. "Nothing" Beca said immediately, relieved to hear Fat Amy say the same thing at the same time. She noticed Chloe narrow her eyes slightly with an intrigued grin but chose to shrug it off instead. In her hand held a pair of wireless hair straighteners. Something that she had dubbed 'the future', though Beca could never see how.

"Would you mind straightening my hair at the back? You know, that wavy lock of hair that I can never seem to reach?" Beca heard her housemate, and as of yesterday her roommate, ask her. Beca had become a bit of a pro when it came to straightening that particularly wild lock of red hair. She could never understand why Chloe was so insistent that it be straightened, after all she had so much hair anyway that it easily covered that area of her head, and some. But no, Chloe would always swan into Beca's room and ask that she straighten that one lock of hair for her. She'd been doing it every other day for almost eighteen months now. A total pro.

However, just as Beca nodded at Chloe, Fat Amy stood up with a sigh, "Alright, alright, I'll do it Chlo, no need to pressure me." And Beca couldn't help but smirk at the surprised expression on her best friend's face as Fat Amy took the straighteners from Chloe and told her to take a seat. The redhead walked over to Beca, landing gently on the other half of her sun lounger.

The two women sat opposite each other, legs crossed, knees touching, and Beca slung her laptop onto the ground beside them whilst trying not to notice how intently Chloe appeared to be looking at her. Fat Amy was wrong, this was how Chloe looked at everyone. Right?

Beca grinned as she looked back at the redhead sat before her. She didn't want to miss a moment of this. Right now she could easily bet that Chloe would pull several terrified faces, and that Fat Amy would also be pulling some funny faces of her own. Beca took a moment as she sat opposite her best friend to notice the trail of freckles that had already begun to wind their way around the bridge of Chloe's nose. The brunette felt an unexpected skip of her heartbeat as she noted just how beautiful her best friend looked when her freckles were out. The Australian crouched behind Chloe muttering something about how she'd expected the redhead to sit on the sun lounger she'd been sitting on, but the two women on the sun lounger didn't appear to really notice what she had said.

Chloe pulled an 'eek' sort of expression as she felt Fat Amy bring the straighteners towards the lock of hair that needed taming, an expression that made Beca laugh quietly. But not so quietly that Chloe hadn't heard, and the redhead slapped her playfully on the thigh, letting out a grin of her own. Beca gulped, the feel of her best friend's brief touch on her thigh tingled, and she realised that Chloe had locked her bright blue eyes with hers. She was feeling awkward. Nervous even. But as she had said a million times before, Chloe held eye-contact. That was her thing. It didn't mean what Fat Amy desperately wanted it to mean.

Speaking of Fat Amy, Beca noticed her freeze behind the redhead's back, letting out a quiet "oops". Beca's eyes widened as she saw their Australian friend pull away the straighteners that had a lock of wild red hair attached to it. Shit.

Naturally, Chloe began to panic at the sound of Amy's reaction, "Oops? What do you mean oops? Oh my God what's happened?" Beca felt her housemate grab her hands and squeeze them tight, terrified as she stared at her to try to read her expression of the situation. Beca didn't know what to do other than to gawp at Fat Amy.

"Nothing, nothing… er… it's just I may have accidentally… singed that lock of hair off your head." The Australian confessed, tugging the hair from its captor.

"WHAT?!" The redhead exclaimed, and she turned her head quickly to see Fat Amy holding the lock of hair in her hand apologetically, "Oh my God!"

Beca knew that tone better than she knew that tone Fat Amy used when mentioning 'Bhloe'. Chloe's tone was one she had used often over the years Beca had known her. It was her freaking out tone. "Chloe, chill…" the brunette began but her housemate turned back to her, her face screwed up as tears began to build making her eyes look like they were sparkling, "How the hell am I supposed to chill Beca? Amy's just pulled a chunk of my hair out of my head!"

"Singed…" Fat Amy attempted to correct, but to her horror Chloe just turned to glare at her unhelpfulness, "Never mind…"

"Never mind? Never mind?! I've got a chunk of hair missing from my head!" The redhead shrieked at the Australian. Beca sighed, knowing the best way to calm her housemate was by being calm and direct. What had happened had happened and been out of her control. Chloe just needed to be reminded of that.

"Chloe, calm down okay?" the brunette said, grabbing Chloe's shoulder gently to gain her attention, "It's the back of your head and a tiny lock of hair," Chloe now had her eyes locked with Beca's again, "It'll grow back and in the meantime just…wear your hair down or something."

She couldn't help the small grin that appeared on her face as Chloe began to pout, "But I like wearing my hair up sometimes!" This wouldn't be the only thought to cross the redhead's mind over the next 24 hours when it came to this minor disaster, and Beca was mentally preparing herself for the inevitable complaints she would hear from her housemate. Particularly as they were sharing a room at this hotel for the next couple of days.

"I know," Beca sympathised kindly, reaching out and quickly stroking a lock of hair that was attached to Chloe's head, "but your hair looks really nice down. It won't be forever."

Beca could tell from Fat Amy's body language that she felt awkward, not entirely sure if she was still in trouble or not. Chloe, when stressed or under pressure, had been known to blow things out of proportion in college. She had become well known for it among the Bella's during their time at Barden University. And Chloe only became stressed when she felt out of control, or if something seemed unfair, and back then it had all been because she cared so much about the Bella's. During the three years that Beca had spent as her Co-Captain, she had come to recognise not only when Chloe was becoming stressed, but also the best ways to support her if she did. Beca of course delivered it with an 'I really don't care' attitude/tone, but deep down she did. She really did. And it always seemed to be enough to calm Chloe, or at least make her pause to think about whether she was being irrational or not.

The quick hair-stroke that Beca hadn't thought much about before, during or after doing, had all been thanks to Chloe. Prior to and throughout college Beca had always struggled with giving and receiving affection, body contact, and sharing her personal space with people. But living with a bubbly, over affectionate, over huggy, personal space-invader that had been Chloe for three years in college, ten weeks on the road for their American tour, and eighteen months in NY, meant that Beca had been worn down. She no longer screwed her nose up if Chloe laced an arm around her with a supportive/congratulatory half-hug. She no longer flinched if Chloe gently squeezed her arm to get her attention. And Beca had become used to Chloe laying her legs out on her lap while they sat on their only sofa in their small apartment while they binge-watched Gilmore Girls on Netflix of an evening. So much so that yesterday evening she had been surprised when Chloe had decided to sit on a separate armchair to Beca's sofa in the lounge area of the hotel. And then she had been surprised by how surprised she had felt!

"Okay," the redhead said with a calmer sigh and in a calmer voice, "I'm going back up to the room." Chloe stood up beside the sun lounger that she had been sharing with Beca, and turned to face Fat Amy who handed her her hair straighteners. Fat Amy looked stunned as Chloe stared down at the small lock of hair in her hand, took a deep breath, and gave Beca a short forced smile before walking back into the hotel. The Australian let out a huge sigh of relief as Beca reached down to return her Macbook to her lap.

"Well she handled that better than I expected…" Beca said with an air of surprise. It was true, Chloe had. She knew the redhead now just needed a bit of time on her own to process what had happened, to ask herself several hypothetical questions which she would quickly have hypothetical answers to. Beca knew Chloe very well.

Fat Amy on the other hand appeared to only remember the Chloe from college. The one that, when stressed out, would immediately blame herself, think of every worst possible outcome, cause herself to get a stomach ulcer due to her worrying, and end up writing off any plans she had for the rest of the day for fear that the day could get worse. "Sheesh, you've trained her well Beca."

"Well when you've known and lived with someone for as long as I have with Chloe you kinda know how to deescalate her crises." Beca said nonchalantly without looking up from her laptop screen.

"You see," Amy exclaimed victoriously, "Bhloe!"

Beca sighed and rolled her eyes before shoving her headphones back over her ears. She didn't want to hear any more from Fat Amy. The blonde was like a dog with a bone sometimes, she just wouldn't let things go. She knew the old Bella's used to talk about her and Chloe a lot back when they were all in college. There had always been a lot of speculation about whether they were having a secret fling, and if they weren't then the way they would glance at each other from time to time, particularly if they were smiling, would be enough to send the rest of the Bella's into a whispering frenzy. A frenzy mostly started by Fat Amy. A frenzy that often claimed that while Chloe was very obvious in her affection towards Beca, Beca was only revealing it through her glances or occasional smiles.

"You know it makes sense!" she heard Amy yell over at her as the Australian left the terrace to step back into the hotel and Beca shook her head with another long sigh. It took her a lot of effort not to delve into her deepest thoughts. It wasn't in her nature to even think about emotions. It was easier to brick up any feelings she had to save embarrassment. Feelings. Embarrassment. Weirdness. Any feelings that she may or may not have for Chloe weren't worth discussing with anyone for fear that things would get weird. Weird for the Bella's. Weird for Beca. Probably weird for Chloe too.

And say that Chloe did have feelings for Beca too, where would that lead them? They had a six week European tour to endure. They would get tired and grumpy. Then when they returned to their apartment in NY how could they be sure that they could maintain a relationship? And what if they didn't? What if they ended up breaking up shortly after the end of the tour, much like Beca and Jesse had? Beca couldn't ever want to imagine a time in her life when she would feel too awkward to be around or even talk to Chloe. "You know it makes sense!" Amy had said. Yeah it made sense. Of course it did. But it didn't mean it should happen.

Beca let out another long sigh, pulling her headphones off her head and holding her hands up to her face in frustration. The whole 'trying to keep herself from delving into her deepest thoughts' wasn't really working. Beca hated herself for even slightly considering a hypothetical future where she and Chloe had begun a relationship. Having thought about these sorts of things on and off for several months now had driven Beca crazy. The last thing she needed was the Bella's having ammo to use as gossip material during this tour. Gossip would lead to Beca and Chloe having to talk about it. Which would lead to weirdness. Weirdness because they would either agree that they both felt the same way about each other, or weirdness because they didn't. Which would then lead to Chloe feeling awkward being around Beca, and before long neither of them would be living together and Beca would have lost her best friend. No, she needed to do everything within her power to keep that from happening.

All of a sudden she heard an excitable squeal come from inside the hotel. It was Chloe. And Beca rolled her eyes with a small grin. Aubrey must have just arrived.

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