Hi guys, it's katurdi! Welcome to my first fanfic: When Life Gives You Lighting. I'm obsessed with Hiccup!whump and figured "Hey, what if Hiccup was blinded instead of Astrid?" BOOM. New fanfic. This is basically Blindsided with my own personal twist.


WARNING: Contains RTTE Spoilers


The Triple Stryke somersaulted and landed, digging its barbed tail into the ground. Hiccup, who was directly in front of the dragon, stumbled backwards from the impact. He regained his footing and repositioned Inferno, growling in frustration. The Triple Stryke prepared his tail and held it up threateningly at its opponents, while Toothless and Stormfly growled at the dragon. Toothless prepared a plasma blast to shoot at the Triple Stryke, but was stopped by his rider. "Toothless no! We're trying to train it."

"How are we supposed to train it if we can't get closed to it?" asked Astrid from atop Stormfly.

"Guess we can't blame it, the last humans it dealt with forced it to fight other dragons to the death," said Hiccup thoughtfully.

"Hiccup," Astrid began. "Maybe we should make room for the possibility that the Triple Stryke is just... untrainable."

"We're making progress! If we could just find a way to get this guy on board. Have him fighting with us instead of against us."

The Triple Stryke roared and advanced slowly toward the dragons and riders. "Stormfly, spine shot!" yelled Astrid. Stormfly launched a few spines near the Triple Stryke's feet. The Triple Stryke roared and snapped his claws at Stormfly.

"Look, we-we've dealt with way worse," insisted Hiccup.

"Snotlout doesn't count!" said Astrid, looking back at Hiccup.

"Good one Astrid," said Fishlegs, who flew down on Meatlug. "I'll have to remember that!"

"Fishlegs! What brings you to the valley of pain?" she yelled sarcastically.

"Snotlout and the twins just got back from patrol, and there are multiple storm fronts heading right for us." warned Fishlegs. "We need to lock down the Edge before they start to hit."

"Okay," Hiccup turned to the Triple Stryke. "We're not done here." The Triple Stryke roared threateningly at him.

Astrid flew behind Snotlout, who was attempting to hang up a tarp. "Snotlout, what are you doing?" she yelled.

"Covering up my S!" He yelled back. "What does it look like I'm doing?"

"You're supposed to be closing the dome and battening down the hatches!"

"Hey, I'm not leaving the 'S' hanging out in the wind."

"SNOTLOUT!" yelled Astrid.

"FINE." Snotlout hastily covered his 'S' with the tarp and flew away with Hookfang. When the tarp blew off, he yelled in frustration.

Next Astrid flew to Fishlegs, who was herding the Night Terrors into the stables. "Fishlegs, hurry!" she yelled. "You need to get them into the stables, the storm-"

"I know I know! My thunder to lightning calculations are never wrong, and according to them, well, let's just say it's-" Fishlegs was interrupted by a strike of lightning, making him shriek. "REALLY CLOSE."

The twins flew up behind Astrid on Barf and Belch. "What do you want us to do?" Asked Tuffnut, who was serious for once.

"Get to the clubhouse, and don't move." She answered.

"Really?" Ruffnut complained. "And who put you in charge exactly?"

"We all voted Astrid storm warden!" yelled Fishlegs angrily.

"Well I would like to rescind my vote." Tuffnut crossed his arms. "If that's the right word."

"Oh, sorry! Too late! Now get going." Astrid replied sarcastically. She and Stormfly flew back towards the clubhouse.

In the clubhouse, Tuff held his clucking chicken. He looked at her weirdly, trying to figure out why she wouldn't stop clucking. Ruff stood behind Tuff and watched with wide eyes.

Hiccup walked in with Toothless and stood in front of Astrid expectantly. "Did you drop off the food and water at the stables?" She questioned him.

"Yep." Replied Hiccup. "Troughs are all full." He and Astrid looked over at Fishlegs, who was closing the door to the clubhouse.

"Well, the dragons are all cozy in their pen." Fishlegs said.

"Did you lock the main doors?" Asked Astrid with her fists on her hips.

Fishlegs laughed nervously "Astrid, Astrid, of course. Who would forget something like that?" He stopped to think and scratched his head. "I mean, I guess it is possible… but I would never! But then again there's a first time for everything…"

Astrid groaned in frustration. "I'll go check.." She turned to go but was stopped by Hiccup, who grabbed her arm.

"Wait! I'll go." He said.

Astrid rolled her eyes angrily. "Hiccup, it's fine, I can go myself!" But when she turned around, he was already gone. She huffed angrily. "Muttonhead."

Hiccup ran out of the clubhouse and jumped on Toothless. "Let's go bud!" Toothless leapt into the air and soared in the direction of the stables. Once they landed, he jumped off onto the platform. Hiccup looked up and saw a flash of lightning strike the roof of the clubhouse. He shuddered momentarily, remembering his last encounter with lightning. He quickly regained his senses and ran towards the stables.

Hiccup shoved open the doors and glanced around, gasping when he saw the interior. Debris covered the stable floors. The terrified dragons roared and paced in their stables. He ran up to the nearest stable and started opening the doors. "Come on! Get to safety, this place is about to come down!" The released dragons quickly flew and crawled out the door, away from the danger. Hiccup ran to the exit and stood by Toothless, making sure all the dragons were out. A few beams of wood fell in front of a stable door, trapping a Night Terror.

Toothless roared at his rider, urging him to come on. Hiccup waved his hand dismissively at Toothless. "Go ahead bud, I'll be out in a minute!" Toothless roared in protest, but went to wait outside.

Hiccup ran to the trapped Night Terror and moved the wood out of the way. "Come on, come on!" He opened the stable door and let the Night Terror fly out. A tremor shook the whole building, making Hiccup stumble. He ran after the little dragon and headed to the exit. Toothless roared at him encouragingly, urging him to hurry. Suddenly, a flash of lightning struck the floor in front of him. His eyes widened in fear and his pupils contracted, until they were small specks of black surrounded by forest green. "AGH!" He yelled in panic. The blast threw him backwards into the floor. His head impacted with the floor. Without his permission, Hiccup's eyes slid closed.