Hello! Hello you guys! Tobi is here with more elevator short since my sister threatened me so she could catch up! Haha aren't siblings great! She's on chapter three so the next one will be up in a week or two maybe! Okay on to the shorts!

Elevator Short #2: The Unlucky Luckster (Keiko, Kealani, and Veronica)

When Kealani and Keiko got onto the elevator the last thing they thought they would encounter is the Ultimate Luckster sulking in the corner. The two girls stepped on eyeing the poor girl as she didn't even try to acknowledge them.

"Uhhh, Veronica?" Kealani called out with a hint of concern. Veronica grunted in response to the dancer. " Is um...is everything alright?" She continued causing the sulking girl to look at her with dull brown eyes void of their usual fire.

"Yea, I'm gonna take that as a no," Keiko states with a slight frown. Veronica gives the novelist a weak glare to which the girl could only blink in response to."Wow, is that it?" she shrugged in disappointment. Kealani rolled her eyes before approaching the farmer placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Okay spill, What's going on?" Kealani asks. Veronica mumbles something incoherent making the dancer slap her on the back of the head. Scowling weakly at the assault Veronica brings a hand up to the pain trying to will it away.

"What was that for?" she whined to the angry dancer.

"Yea Kealani, way to kick her while she's down," Keiko giggled but instantly stopped once Kealani shot her a fiery glare. Then she picked the taller girl up by her shirt forcing her to stand up.

" Stop with the sulking it's weirding me out," Veronica lets her head lull to the right a bit. The fire dancer sighed at the antics of her friend. "Just tell me who's okole(ass) needs to get kicked?" She says looking the sullen farmer in the eye.

" Yea I'm with her nobody makes my favorite farmer sad!" Keiko adds pumping her fist in the air. Veronica blinks several times before she finally gives an answer.

"The damn casino..." she mumbled.

"The what?" Keiko asked believing she misheard the girl.

"Did you just say the casino?" Kealani sighs releasing Veronica. She wobbled a bit but managed to stay standing.

" I was down there all morning winning tons of money, ya know." She explains. "It was going well too,I was winning every game I played." Veronica looked as if she was reliving her victories in the casino as she got a sight gleam in her eye. Kealani rolled her eyes while Keiko tiled her head in confusion.

"Wait, if you were winning then what made you upset?" the novelist questioned. The gleam in her eyes instantly went away the moment she voiced the question regaining the dull look she held before.

"They found out I was the Ultimate Luckster and confiscated all my winnings." The two girls stared at Veronica in realization.

"Oh my god, your talent was considered a cheat!" Keiko exclaimed and Veronica weakly nodded her head. Kealani sighed for what seemed like the billionth time in the glass mechanism.

"Knowing you it was probably all going to the farm right?" Kealani asked. Veronica groaned loudly at the question throwing her head back and putting an arm over her eyes.

"Aww man! I was gonna buy a whole new tractor, fix that squeaky door on the barn, and maybe even buy some new equipment too." she grumbled. Kealani shakes her head.

"Listen, I can't get the money back but, I can get you a cake." At the word cake Veronica peeked from under her arm causing Kealani to give a smile. " Do you want cake?"

"Yes, Lani..." she mumbled.

"Oooo, can we stop at the gym on the way there?" Keiko adds as she bounces a bit.

"Sure...but why?" Kealani asks confusedly.

"Research, of course!" Both girls stare at the beaming novelist for a while before the doors of the elevator opens. Veronica gives one of her usual sighs shaking her head.

" You get caught we're not covering for you, again." She says as she walks out of the elevator. Kealani giggles as she follows while Keiko chases after them complaining how unfairly she is being treated.

Elevator Short #3: Fun times with Kira, Lin and Levy

- Outside the elevators on the suite floor -

"Okay this is gonna be great!"

"Hehe, yea I know right this is genius!"

"Shhh! Someone's coming up!"

- ding -

- Kira motions for Lin to pull the rope -

- a fake skellington drops down -


- Levy clutches his chest from fright -

"What the-"

- Hears the laughter of Kira and Lin -


- the two run away from the angry engineer -

- in Kira's room -

"Hahaha! Aw man his face was priceless!"

"His face? What about his scream? I didn't know his voice could go that high!"

"Haha oh wow, we're having such a good time right now. We should totally make out!"


"Okay, that's fine too."

- Giggle -

"Uhh, how bout a movie then?"


- In the hall -

"Open this door you guys! You could have gave me a heart attack!"

- bangs on Kira's door -

"I know you guys can hear me!"

Alright there we have it folks to shorts! Just to catch the question before its asked yes these are happening before the game! Little interactions that happened through put their time at the casino. Obviously I can't tell you why they are in the casino cause ya know plot reasons. Oh quick thing before I forget again!

Okay so once again on the application that I seem to have just thrown together I forgot something! Panic Talk Phrases! I need em! Pretty please! What would your character yell to try to shift the blame and stuff. I really wanna know! Hahah okay that's all.

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