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Mono Theater Christmas Special: Mistletoe Madness

Keiko stood in the center of her room tying a small plant to a makeshift fishing pole.

"This is it," She giggled as she marveled at her creation. "This is sure to make some sparks fly today!" She rushed over to her bed and grabbed the Santa hat that sat on her bed, placing it on her red locks. "This is sure to get me some good material!" She cheered as she bolted out the door.

~ HO ~ HO ~ HO ~

Veronica sat at the white-clothed table, leaning on her arm as she watched the party goers mingle amongst themselves. Dull brown eyes looked on as the other students happily spoke about their own personal Christmas stories with each other and with some of their guests that came to visit them. Everyone was so happy to see their loved ones and Veronica was also excited to see just who came to visit her. Until they walked into the hotel, instead of her adorable baby brother Ty, she got stuck with Rupert.

"Hey sis, did you try this eggnog!" Rupert shouted as he jumped into the seat next to her. "It's got like the perfect amount of thickness to it,"

"Hey Dupert, I don't really care about the eggnog," Veronica grumbled, fiddling with the sleeve of her red flannel shirt. The red and black Santa hat she was wearing with it had been stolen away by her twin. "Why don't you go drool over Aura some more or something,"

"I can't she's talking to some short kid," He whined, grabbing at his short red hair. "Ya know it's really hard to make a move with all these ultimates about," He says as he dejectedly slumps on the table.

"Then maybe you should get better moves," She remarked without sympathy. He narrowed his dark brown eyes at his twin, then unexpectedly slapped the back of her head.

" Ya know you can be a real boar sometimes," Then he sprang out of his seat just in time to avoid her punch. " Anyway, I'm gonna go hang out in your room and run up your room service!" With that, the teen sprinted out of the room nearly running over the approaching engineer. His festive grey Santa hat was slightly askew on his head and had nearly fallen off when Rupert had rushed by. He easily fixed it, giving a chuckle at the teen's hurry.

" Does su hermano( your brother) know that the hotel doesn't charge us anything?" Levy says as he joins the slightly irritated Veronica at her table.

"No, but let's not tell him," She sits up straight and chuckles a bit. "I tell him when he goes home so he can't do anything about it," The two then begin to chat while all the while they were unaware of the yellow eyes that were watching them.

"Haha no, no, I have a better one," Levy took a moment to catch his breath. They had been sharing stories about their younger siblings with each other. Veronica just told a particularly funny one about how Rupert locked himself in with the pigs when he was younger. " One time, Milo and I -" His tale was interrupted by the sudden appearance of a mistletoe. "¿Qué?"

"No, no, that's not what you do!" Keiko chirped, slightly shaking the hanging mistletoe. She gave the two a wide grin which instantly turned both of them red. Veronica was quick to respond.

"Hell no," Keiko frowned while Levy remained frozen turning redder by the second.

" Aww, come ooonnn," She prodded, shaking the mistletoe between the two. "Just a kiss on the cheek and I'll leave you alone, I swear," The novelist pleaded while displaying her best puppy eyes. Veronica stared at her intensely for a moment then looked to Levy who immediately looked away from her. She then looked back to the novelist, giving a heavy sigh.

"You swear?"

"Cross my heart!" She chirped as she made an "X" over her heart. Veronica was forced to sit and think about her decision. Then she remembered that it wasn't just her decision, little did she know that the engineer was building his resolve. A slight turn of her head and the decision was made.

"Hey Levy is tha -" Whatever she was about to ask was silenced with a sudden kiss from Levy.

"Yes! Finally, now the sparks will fly!" As she walked away she could hear a panicked Levy rapidly saying something in Spanish to a very silent Veronica. She stopped to turn and look at them and saw that he had now grabbed her shoulders since she was completely unresponsive but very, very red.

"Hehe, next!" Keiko said as she scanned the room for her next target.

~HO ~ HO~ HO ~

"Wow! Thanks, Aura!" Kazuro exclaimed making the quiet painter flinch a bit. Upon seeing this he instantly covered his mouth. The fast movement made the bells on his elf hat softly jingle. It went well with his bright red sweater decorated with a nutcracker marionette on the front. "Oh, I'm sorry!" He said at a lower volume. " I didn't mean to shout,"

"No, it's alright," Aurora says giving the boy a comforting smile. " I know you meant no harm," The painter was currently wearing a bright red dress that went slightly past her knees with a wide black belt wrapped around the center. Both the belt and the black flats on her feet had a matching golden buckle.

"It's just I didn't even think to mix the colors like that for my puppets," He says excitedly. " No, when I perform it'll be a whole new experience!"

"Um, h-h-hey," A tentative voice quietly said gaining both of their attention. Aurore turned to face whoever had called her and unsurprisingly the tentative voice had been none other than Kotaru. "D-D-Do you think you c-c-could give me some pallet advice, too?" He fiddled with the light blue Santa hat in his hands as he avoided eye contact with her.

"I see no problem with this," She responded and he seemed to relax a bit. That didn't last long since he went completely rigid in a matter of seconds.

"Oh! Hey, a mistletoe!" Kazuro cheered happily, Aurora turned to see the leaves hanging right in front of her. "It's a mistletoe so now we gotta kiss!" Kazuro informed the two, Kotaru went as white as a ghost.

" W-W-What! But I'm not ready!" Kotaru continued to mumble to himself about his unpreparedness and how sudden everything was going. Keiko quickly cut him off before he rambled the night away.

"Christ! You don't have to marry the girl you just have to kiss her!" When he began to cry she decided to give him another option. "Or you can kiss Kaz if he's more your type," Her casual comment confused the puppeteer slightly. He thought Kotaru liked girls, not boys.

"Kiss me?" He mused out loud. Kotaru must have taken that as him asking him, however.

"What no way!" He shouted with a newly found boost of courage. " I only dig chicks!" Then to prove this he quickly pecks Aurore on her cheek. "See! I kissed...A...ura," At this realization, he met the painter onyx eyes with his blue ones losing all the bravery he had in an instant.

"Are you... Alright?" She asked with a hint of concern. Kotaru looked like he was going to respond to her but instead, he promptly fell to the floor. Keiko bent down over the fallen boy and waved her hand in front of his face.

"Hm, looks like he'll be out for a while," She quickly concluded then, got up and straightened her skirt. "He's pretty out of the way so you guys could leave him here if you wanted," After having a brief discussion they decided that leaning him against the wall would be best, then after propping him up, they went off to mingle with the other party goers. Keiko stuck around a little longer after the other two had left.

"So Kotaru," She asked the unconscious boy knowing that he was unable to answer." Who should I go for next, hm?"

~ HO ~ HO ~ HO ~

"So how do I know this isn't spiked?" Kealani asks as she swirled around the contents of the plastic cup she held. She had on an off the shoulder red velvet halter crop top with pure white fur lining the neckline. Her matching red velvet skirt was held in place by a thin black belt while the snow white fur barely grazed her knees. The knee-high black boots she wore finished off her look perfectly.

"Not with anything naughty," Tatum responded coyly. He was wearing a full Santa suit minus the beard and round stomach as he openly flirts with the dancer. " I just made the punch a bit more...," He paused a bit to lean in closer before he finished. "Interesting," He smirked and she giggled taking a sip of the spiked punch.

"You only added vodka to it," She remarked taking another sip. "Though I gotta admit it does taste way better," Kealani casually flipped a bit of her long brown hair over her shoulder. "Better tasting punch aside," She sat the cup on the table and crossed her right leg over her left leg, folding her hands on her knee. " Is it really me you should be talking to right now?" The doctor let out a husky chuckle.

"And pass up such lovely company?" His eyes trailed up and down her form, he opened his mouth to say something more but was interrupted by a sudden visitor.

"Wow, I kinda see why Robin was so interested now," Startled both teens turned to see Keiko standing in front of their table, her hands behind her back. "Your kinda hot when you want to be,"

"You're not playing cupid for the witch doctor are you?" Tatum inquired while stealing Kealani's cup from the table. Despite her protest, he downed the contents and placed the cup back where it was." The breakup was mutual after all,"

"Pfft, that's got nothing to do with me," She giggled, Tatum raised one of his eyebrows in question. "I was just tired of waiting is all,"

"Waiting for what?" Kealani asked the novelist. Keiko cracked a smile at the pair then dangled the mistletoe.

"For Tatum to stop talking and make a move," The two bewildered teens took a moment to register what she wanted. Kealani was the first to react.

" And what if I don't want him to kiss me," She states crossing her arms over her chest.

"Then you can hit him after he does it," She chirped, confusing the dancer for a moment.

"After?" The dancer tilted her head a bit in confusion.

"Yup, cause he's totally going for it," Kealani made the mistake of turning to face him leaving herself wide open. After he pulled back he gave her one of his signature smirks.

" I guess I should thank you, Shakespeare," Tatum says grabbing Kealani's hand and making her stand up. She complied but gave the doctor a questioning look.

"And where are we going?" She asked earning a smirk from him.

"Somewhere..." He paused for a moment as he tried to think of the proper word to use. " Somewhere a bit more private,"

"Why? The party is still going on," She asked playfully.

"I felt a bit of heat when our lips met, I'd liked to see where it goes," He waited for her to protest but got a flirtatious smile instead.

"Makani flew home yesterday so I guess I'm free for the night," Tatum seemed very pleased with that answer. It was Keiko's turn to ask a question now.

"Why did you call me Shakespeare?" Tatum shifted his gaze to the novelist as she lightly swung around her mistletoe.

"It fits don't you think?" When she gave him a confused look he clarified. " Both of you are extreme romantics,"

"Ah, your right," She then took a brief moment to think it over. " Ya know I think I like it, thanks for not being a creep this time Tatum," He gave the novelist a nod, and held out his arm for Kealani.

"Anytime, I'm here all year," When Kealani linked her arm with his he turned to Keiko once more. "Have fun at the party," Was his last remark before he and the dancer left the ballroom. Keiko looked around the room again, looking for a new target. She frowned when she noticed that most of the party goers had left, but perked up when she spies a lone table.

The night was still young and there is no way that she was finished just yet.

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