"No no no" Eduardo gasped, gripping the glass container of cola in his hands. He ran a hand through his hair as the player miss the shot. He let out a sigh of relief while Tom curse under his breath. The two shared the sofa, a respectable distance between the two. The smell of cooking food drifted in as Mark peeked in to see the score. He wouldn't admit he was rooting for Tom's team.

"Mark the weiners are burning, pay attention!" Matt's voice rang out; Mark went back outside. He had to duck under the small door to avoid hitting his head.

Edd had gone to get some more food since they forgot you can't eat hot dogs by itself. The game progress onward, Tom and Eduardo playfully fighting over who would win. Soon there was the same of the door unlocking and footsteps. Tom paused mid sip, there was an extra pair of footsteps. He felt his heart stagger, frowning he sat up better to get a look from the corner of his eyes. Ringo had rushed over to greet Edd but was backing up hissing. Now Tom was worried, nudging Eduardo who was cursing out the ref.

"Yellow card?! Are your eyes blind, that wasn't-Oh don't you start..." he looked over at Tom but saw what he was staring at.

Edd held some bags, grinning without a care in the world. Matt and Mark walked back inside, laughing till Mark felt the vibe in the room shift. Eduardo was quiet, a cat was hissing. He looked at the doorway. Besides Edd was an average man, but the right side of his face scarred greatly. The eye on that side, unseeing gray. His good eye flicker between all the faces.

"Saw him outside the store, been a while huh Tord" he gently punched Tord's arm, like he was an old friend. Tord nervously chuckled. "Y-Yeah" he held a bag of chips, it shaking.

Eduardo set his drink down, Tom drink had fallen onto the floor his black eyes huge. He slowly sat up, as if his legs would give in under him. Matt didn't understand why nobody was talking. His memory was still shaky on who the person next to Edd was. It was ringing a bell. Mark knew who it was, and he looked at Eduardo in panic. Jon death still weigh heavy over Eduardo and he knew Eduardo would never forgive himself and Tord for it. Eduardo was just staring at Tord, with more grief creeping into his eyes. Edd realizing that the silence wasn't just awkward, set to have Tord help him with the food, Tord turn with him.

" .There" Tom hissed out, taking a step closer. The anger clear in his voice. "You…You better leave" he said slowly, as if not to lose himself. "Leave and you keep your life" he warned.

"Tom! There no reas- "Edd begun.

"Edd you can't be that big of an idiot, to bring him here" Eduardo couldn't even say Tord's name. Oh no, he didn't deserve that.

He deserves much worse, the faint glow in a neck vein told Mark what was about to go down. He made way to Eduardo to grab him when Tom made the first move on Tord. There was the sound of his shirt ripping as his arms grew larger tinting a dark purple, claws at the end. Edd didn't get the chance to stop him as he slammed into Tord who was trying to avoid the claws. Tord shirt was cut like ribbon, blood dripped out as he fell to the ground. He gripped his torso in pain, eyes huge. He didn't look so confident now. Tom back up almost hesitant then rear up again to finish Tord off. No, he wasn't going to be fool again by this man. Eduardo was floating, fists glowing a green but Mark grabbed him around the waist, to hold him back. His left over powers wasn't as strong as before but that didn't stop him from trying to get join Tord's beating.

"MATT" he yelled at the ginger who hadn't move. Matt grabbed his friend Tom but was being dragged along as Tom went for Tord. Edd got on the floor to defend Tord. "Tom! TOM STOP" he yelled.

"Save me a piece of him!" Eduardo raged, trying to get Mark off.

Matt panic as Tom was getting closer to Edd and Tord. He looked for some way to stop him. Then knew a way, kicking a chair over. It slammed against the floor with a loud bang and Tom's body stiffen as if in pain and back off scared looking at the ceiling. Matt took the chance to get his footing and slammed Tom to the floor. Tom squeaked, heart racing. Mark did the same with Eduardo, holding him down.

"Edd get Tord out of here!" Mark ordered. Eduardo struck Mark with blind blows, yelling for him to let go. He wanted a piece of him, just one punch. Anything. Mark was stunned by this and soon pin Eduardo face first till he calm down. Edd listen to Mark and took Tord outside, the door shut and footsteps hurried away.

Tom's arms had gone back to normal as he breath was ragged. He stared at the door body shaking in fury.


Tord could hear his warning as he ran away. This was a big mistake.