My 120th story… hard to believe I've made 120 stories… some of them good, some of them not so great, some I'd prefer to not think about, and I'm up to 120.

So, what is it we're doing to celebrate reaching this milestone? Well… another thing I'm celebrating is occurring. KKD's birthday. Happy birthday buddy, you're an amazing pal and I'm glad we're such the team that we are. Sorry I didn't exactly tell you about this project, but it's a surprise…

Fire Emblem meets Kamen Rider is a story he's been dabbling with as of late, with Gaim/Fates and Wizard/Awakening. Not sure if he'll go beyond that and into Echoes or other games in the Fire Emblem franchise, but not important right now. I'll admit, this idea I had is something I kinda pitched at him once before… he never really gave a response, so I gotta take it into my own hands. He thankfully gave me enough of an idea about the Fire Emblem universe for this to work, but here's hoping it'll go well.

Fire Emblem belongs to Nintendo, Intelligent Systems, etc. Kamen Rider belongs to Toei, Bandai, etc. All OCs belong to their owners.

The year was 2019 and there was much going on in the world, but our focus isn't on that. Our focus is in a small house in California where a young man was playing Fire Emblem Heroes on a mobile device, presently doing so to pass the time until his friends showed up.

"Yes! I win!" he cheered as he saw a low-power message pop up, "...yeesh, have I been playing that long?"

He checked the time and let out a slightly annoyed sigh, as he sent texts to his friends about when they were gonna show up.

-Traffic from airport is keeping some of us.- came a response from two of his buddies.

-Looking for rest of group before I show.- one response added.

-On my way, but got a bit lost.- another one responded.

The young man sighed as he took out some tea and sipped on it before he heard his phone chirp. He pulled it open and saw it was a message of some sort.

-Do you wish to go on an adventure unlike any other? A full Fire Emblem experience for Fire Emblem fans.- it read and there was a 'Yes' and 'No' option.

He simply stared at it for a moment as he took out a card of Kamen Rider Den-O from the Decade series of cards, " we go."

He then clicked the 'Yes'.

His phone then scanned him for a moment and he vanished in a light blue light, his phone dropping down towards a toy DecadeDriver…

Emblem 1: To Become A Hero

The young man appeared in a room that was similar in design to the underground chamber of the Clock Tower from Majora's Mask. He let out a small groan as he got back up and looked around for a moment, before he saw Solider Risen standing around ready for combat.

The young man screamed as he evaded an attack from the Risen. Something rolled out of his pocket and he quickly grabbed it, "What the…?"

He then saw it looked something like a belt buckle. The buckle was like a sliding pencil case in design, with a part pulled out that looked something like a phone with a card insertion slot, while the belt buckle had various cards in it. He looked at it and plucked out one that resembled a Kamen Ride card, but the Rider was unfamiliar, having a white head and teal colored bug-like eyes. He then, somehow, knew to put it into the phone-like item, slap that on his wrist, and then slap the belt buckle onto his waist. With a press of a button on the front of the phone like object, a white light surrounded him.


The four weapon symbols from Fire Emblem surrounded him and he became a Rider that seemed similar to a Ghost Kamen Rider, with a robe and a hood over his head, the teal colored bug-like eyes, a black belt buckle on his waist, golden accents like a Gaim Rider, and a card holster along his waist as well.

"How'd I… know to do that?" he asked himself as he looked towards the Risen, "Oh… better take care of that first…"

He charged forward and gave a strong punch towards a Risen, which instantly exploded after the punch made contact.

"...woulda expected a Kalishpolsion, but alright…" he muttered.

The other Risen quickly drew out weapons and Hero took out a card from the buckle, clicked the button on the side of the phone item, took out the Hero card and then loaded in the new card, before pressing the button.


His appearance took on an appearance similar to Marth's, but appeared to have armor of sorts around it, with the same sort of bug-like eyes.

"How'd I know that was a card? And… Kamen Rider Marth? What?" he muttered.

The Risen snapped him out of his thoughts as he evaded their sword slashes and countered with his own, his blade being the Falchion with a gun part attached to it like the Musou Saber, and smiled a bit at how well he could use it as he slashed through another Risen. He then looked at the blade before it vanished and the Marth card ejected from the slot, turning black and empty.

"Just like Decade…" he muttered as he kicked the other Risen back a bit and took out another card and loaded it up.


His appearance took on what could basically just be described as a Kamen Rider version of Robin. He took out Robin's tome of spells, charged up a bit of magic and then smirked as he called out a spell.


The spark easily vaporized the Risen without any effort and allowed the Rider to smile a bit as he took out the full deck of cards and looked at them, seeing there were Kamen Riders for various Fire Emblem characters… before they all went dark and he turned back to normal.

"Fire Emblem characters as Kamen Riders? ...that's pretty cool…" he gawked as he scanned through them, seeing there were cards for various characters, but he was stopped by a pair of hands slow-clapping, "Uh…?"

The person before him appeared to be a woman in a black cloak, similar to that of Organization XIII, but she had no other discernible features due to that and how dark the room itself was.

"It is good to see somebody can use the Hero system. What is your name, young man?"

'Guess I ended up in a Fire Emblem AR World or something. actual name might sound outta place, so… alias it is…'


"It's nice to meet you, Takeshi."

"What's your name?" he asked.

"My name is not important…" she informed.

'So… what? Did I end up in a Fire Emblem, Zelda, Kamen Rider, Kingdom Hearts world or something?' he thought sarcastically as he followed the woman into a brighter room. The room itself was a large hallway that seemed to be inside of a clock of sorts, with large, cracked, stained glass windows of the main protagonist of Shadow Dragon, Binding Blade, Path of the Radiance, Radiant Dawn, Awakening, Fates, Echoes, and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

"I'm sure you must be wondering where you are right now, right?"

"Petty much."

"You are in a world between worlds… think like that destroyer's photo studio…"

"You know Decade?"

"I've seen him and where he lived… because he damaged the Fire Emblem world…"


"Simply his presence in the world damaged it and fragmented it…" she informed, motioning to the stained glass windows, "These represent the damages to those now separated worlds. Once the damage is mended, they'll be repaired. But if damaged further, they'll eventually break and the world will no longer exist."

"Uh… quick question. Why is Lucina separate from Robin and her dad?" Takeshi asked as he noticed Lucina had her own window.

"Her future has been separated from its world, but it can be reconnected… with Project: Hero," the woman informed as she entered a large room with an inactive portal, "As Kamen Rider Hero, your task is to go into the worlds of Marth, Roy, Ike, Micaiah, Robin and Lucina and repair the damage…"

"Ok… but what about Kamui's, Celia's and Itsuki's worlds?" Takeshi inquired.

"Those worlds… are to be destroyed."

Takeshi stared for a moment as he began to process it before he glared at her, "You're kidding, right?"

"I am not. Those worlds are unnatural to the course of history of the Fire Emblem universe and must be erased."

Takeshi walked over to begin to protest, but she easily side-stepped him and shoved him into the portal.

"Good luck, Kamen Rider Hero."

Takeshi sat out-cold for a minute before he found himself in a wide-open field. He looked around before he saw that he was some distance away from a war. He squinted his eyes and saw a flag bearing the Ylisse symbol, "...I'm in… Awakening… no Sekai…"

Jikai, Kamen Rider Hero…

Chrom: Soldiers, move out!

Takeshi: How'd I end up as soldier here?

?: Leave the explanations to me!

Takeshi: Oh boy…

Robin: I can't just leave her!

Takeshi: You've gotta be kidding me…

Emblem 2: Ylisse Soldier

Yea… this is basically Fire Emblem Heroes meets Kamen Rider Decade… minus the Decade characters. It just seemed like a fit to me, at least. I did mention it to the birthday boy, but he either forgot or didn't seem interested… so I took it upon myself to try and make it.

Sorry if all of the nods to other franchises seemed a bit forced, but I was trying to help create the visual that I saw in my mind's eye as best I could.

Before anybody asks… I have nothing about Fates, Echoes or TMS#FE, it's just part of the narrative. They're the most different Fire Emblem games (and the most recent, though I'll admit I didn't' actually know Echoes was a remake… that flew totally over my head). And before you say anything about me hating those games… Kamui's one of my mains in Smash 4 and I own Tokyo Mirage Sessions. ...still haven't played it, but I do own it.

My favorite part has to be the scene where Takeshi first becomes Kamen Rider Hero, he doesn't know what's going on, but he's willing to fight as best he can.

Well, I hope you guys liked this. And KKD… I hope you like it too. If you didn't… well… I'm working on something else, so I hope you'll enjoy that if you didn't enjoy this.

Just Live More.