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Turns out… Valentia has its own Falchion. The lore behind it is that Naga gave it to Duma and his sister in the event they lost control and it was needed to stop them. …so, technically, there's three versions of it that we know of, the one used by Marth, the one used by Chrom and later Lucina, and the one used by Alm. We are simply going to be ignoring the existence of this other Falchion for the sake of simplicity.

So~... something of a funny thing, given my choice to toss in elements from Three Houses into the Echoes world… uh… there was a concept in Gaiden/Echoes called a "Brand", which both Alm and Celica had on their hands that tied them to divinity. It's… kinda like the Crests, funnily enough. I didn't plan for that, given how the Brand thing didn't even come up in the previous chapter.

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Previously on Kamen Rider Hero…

Takeshi: Process of elimination, we're in whatever Celia's world is.

Tiki-chan: Celica.

KR Celica: The Orange Rose, Kamen Rider Celica, has arrived!

Tiki-chan: Honestly? Fódlan is our biggest gray area.

Celica: He can't do the right thing! Never has been able to, never will be able to!

Takeshi: …then why are you friends with him?

Celica: Celia… is friends with him. I am not.

Alm (thinking): Don't worry, Celia… I'll find you. I won't lose anyone ever again.

Takeshi: Hey, aibou. It's a small world after all. Hi, Kota.

Kota: You're… okay…

Takeshi simply continued the hug with Kota for a bit, gently just letting the embrace happen for a little bit of time. It was simply a calm and quiet moment before, eventually…

"You two know each-other?!" both Tiki-chan and another fairy shouted out.

Takeshi glanced up towards Tiki-chan before both he and his companion spotted a second fairy. Her head and hairstyle were pretty much a mirror of Kamui's, although her dress was pretty radically different.

"Uh… yeah… turns out, we do, Kiki…" Kota spoke to the other fairy before he spotted Tiki-chan nearby, "Uh… hi…"

"We… have a lot to talk about…" Takeshi soon commented.

"Yeah…" Kota nodded.

Over at the capital city, Alm was in his personal quarters and rummaging around to try to find something. After some time rummaging around, he finally found it.

"The Inexhaustible…" Alm mumbled to himself, pulling out the bow from his storage. He took a moment to study the bow over a little bit before he took a step forward. Alm nervously drew back the bowstring of The Inexhaustible and it magically constructed a bow for him to fire, "Alright!"

After he took a moment to prepare himself and ready his weapons, the young man took a moment to breathe a little. His mind began to replay events from the past, but he went forward in spite of the worries on his mind. He walked for a little bit before he eventually mumbled a phrase to keep himself going.

"Hīrō no debandesu… (It's hero time…)"

Kowashitai daijisou ni kakaeta watashi o zenbu (I'm breaking down all the walls I've built up around my lonely heart now) *Takeshi held his phone in his hand before he was seemingly absorbed into it.*

Kimi ga kono kodoku o itami o iyasu no (You're the one that takes it all away, my solitude and all my pain) *His phone was now attached onto his wrist and his Driver was in position.*

Reincarnation Realization *The Kamen Ride Hero card slipped out and into the phone insertion.*

Reincarnation kiete shimaitai (I want to disappear…) *Takeshi now stood on the ground as Kamen Rider Hero.*

Kamen Rider Hero

Nemuranai machi no zawameki aisouwarai no yuutsu (I walk alone through the city of lights, I see the same fake smiles every night) *Takeshi was now back in the real world and had his phone in his hand, playing Fire Emblem Heroes.*

Honne nante itsuka doko ka mienai furi (Cause everyone hides...they run and they hide from their real feelings.) *The game then had all of the characters seemingly vanish. Takeshi then took his phone and put it into position*

Dare datte fuan nante sonna (And everyone's got their stresses too, yeah I know) *Hero was seen punching and kicking various Risen foes, knocking them away, before he turned to see the fractured stained glassed windows of the nine worlds.*

Iwarenakutemo wakatteru (But I already get that's the status quo. I'm breaking down…) *Kamen Rider Marth, Ike, Robin, Micaiah, Roy and Lucina all stood and seemed fractured as well. Hero stood in the center of the six, glancing towards the three without representation.*

Kowashitai daijisou ni kakaeta tsuyogari nante (All the masks that I wear to hide my lonely heart now) *He took the six cards and loaded them into his card scanner, now being armed with the Fire Emblem itself. The cloaked woman walked over to him and simply smiled.*

Demo sunao ni narenai (But what if I'm just lying to myself?) *Takeshi stared at his phone for a moment before he was joined by Tiki-chan, who was initially in her distance form then in her normal form, who then smiled at him*

Mayottemo nayan demo kimi ga motomeru nara (If even now, you still want me when I am hurt, wandering lost in the rain) *Takeshi and the green orb both stood between the worlds, looking towards the six Riders and three silhouetted figures.

Semete kono kodoku o itami o kowashite (The at least help me destroy it all… My solitude, and all my pain) *Takeshi now stood as Kamen Rider Hero and reached out to them, trying to save them.*

Reincarnation Realization *Takeshi was now back in his base and held out the Kamen Rider Hero card.*

Reincarnation umarekawaritai (I want to be reborn) *He then turned towards the reader and gave a simple smile, showing off the Hero card.*

Emblem 17: Echoes of Reunions

The skies began to become a little gray, indicating that rain would be coming, so Takeshi, Kota, and their respective fairy companions proceeded to go somewhere a little more covered up so that they could talk a little bit. The two settled in a little bit as they tried to think of what to say to each-other.

"So…" Kota nervously began.

"So~..." Takeshi added.

The two were a bit quiet as their fairy companions floated nearby, with Tiki-chan eventually standing on Takeshi's shoulder.

"Okay, I think you need to tell me how you two know each-other!" Tiki-chan spoke.

"Oh. Uh… Tiki-chan, this is Kota. We met online several years ago and have had a few encounters IRL. He's the guy who recorded that video I showed you a little while ago," Takeshi explained.

"Hi… Tiki-chan, was it?" Kota eventually spoke, "...guess that explains her name a bit more."

The other fairy landed on Kota's shoulder and just stared at Takeshi and Tiki-chan a bit.

"Kiki, this is Takeshi. As he said, we met online several years ago and we've encountered each-other IRL several times," Kota spoke.

"...Kiki? As in… the first letter of Kamui's name spliced with Tiki…" Takeshi realized, "...I guess that makes sense. …and fits given… T and K…"

Kota laughed a little bit in response to that. Takeshi couldn't help but snicker a little as well at that little fact.

Back over within the capital city, Rinea was simply sitting within the throne room and trying to relax. She looked over the message that Alm had left saying that he had to go on a personal mission, followed by a message from Takeshi that said he needed to take a leave for personal reasons.

"I hope that they'll be back soon…" Rinea sighed.

"I hope Alm's not chasing that ghost again…" Berkut commented.


"I'm sorry, but he just needs to let that dumb ghost go. Any time he took time off in the past, he was searching for her."

Rinea just rolled her eyes a little bit, clearly a little irritated at that, but she just let out a small exhale before she regained her composure. Her eyes wandered towards the cloudy sky as the rain had started to fall.

Berkut, meanwhile, took a moment to adjust a pair of golden bracelets on his arms. He seemed to be a little bit annoyed, yet also had an air of calmness at the same time.

"You know… you've never told me about those…" Rinea remarked.

"They are simply known as the Fetters of Dromi," Berkut informed, "An ancestral weapon that was passed down to me…"

Rinea got up and then got a little closer to her husband to look over the bracelets, seeing they were almost more like gauntlets, but Berkut slowly covered them up. Rinea simply watched, then spoke, "I think Alm once said something about an ancestral weapon as well…?"

"Yes. It's a bow known as The Inexhaustible. He rarely ever uses it, but it is a bow that cannot, will not, ever break. It has no need for arrows, as it can magically generate them on their own."

"I see…" Rinea nodded, her eyes going wide as she began to think about the possibilities behind the ancestral weapons.

Elsewhere, Alm had gotten outside of the capital's area and had been wandering around for a little while. He was still trying to look for any sign of where 'Celia' had disappeared to, but the oncoming storm ended up impeding his plans.

"...Celia… I'm sorry… I won't fail you," Alm spoke to himself as he began to search for shelter, "...not like Celica. …I can't fail you like I did her…"

After a moment more of searching, Alm finally found somewhere that could act as shelter, but then saw it was coated in some foliage. Alm then drew back on the bow, with a blue arrow made of magic quickly generating, before he let it go. The foliage covering the entrance to the cave fell without any resistance

"...weird…" he muttered. He then walked into the cave and saw that it ran a fair bit deep, but he didn't trek too far in. He then heard a blast of lightning from outside. Alm let out a small sigh before he just started to try to get comfortable. The rain showed no signs of letting up, so he ended up just needing to try to wait it out. He soon took out a blanket to cover himself up in to try to get some rest.

Some distance away, Takeshi and Kota were watching the rainfall and just trying to think of anything else to say to each-other.

"This is… awkward…" Kiki commented.

"Quite a plot twist for it to turn out you two know each-other…" Tiki-chan added on.

"Suppose so…" Kota exhaled.

Takeshi just nodded, then looked at Kota, "You've been here a while…"


"And we've had several encounters."


"But… how did you not notice it was me?! There was a time you even saw me not transformed! Granted, my hair and eye color are different, but still!"

"...try wearing this thing," Kota stated simply as he handed the giant cloak thing over to Takeshi, "Just try…"

Takeshi blinked a bit as he accepted the outfit, initially being surprised by the weight of it, before he worked on trying to get it on. After fumbling through it for a little bit, Takeshi did get it on, only for the hood to drape over part of his line of sight.


"...sorry, what?" Takeshi asked, the hood muffling his hearing a fair amount, "I couldn't really hear you…"



Kota simply stood there, setting his hands into the pockets of the vest he had on, while Takeshi was struggling to see and hear a little bit before he got frustrated.

"You see my point?" Kota eventually asked after Takeshi pulled off the hood.

"Okay… I concede why you didn't recognize me…" Takeshi exhaled before he took the cloak thing off and handed it back over to Kota.

Kota just nodded a little and tucked the cloak away into his inventory, "So… uh… I guess we could try to do our best to exchange info? Cause, at this point… I think we both have questions that need answers."

"You're not wrong. But… I'm fairly in the dark about a lot…" Takeshi admitted.

"...we're in a similar boat, huh?"

"...huh?" Takeshi blinked.

"There are people in cloaks like this helping me. …I think. There's, like… I dunno… six, maybe seven?" Kota responded.

"You don't know?"

"Well, considering their outfits mask their identities pretty perfectly and none of them are really willing to engage in any amount of chit-chat, it kinda makes them hard to tell apart!"

"Why do I get the feeling they're either Organization XIII or someone possibly aligned with Shocker?" Takeshi spoke, "...then again, the cloaks fit…"

"There's really only… one person who's at least sort of willing to speak to me from time to time…" Kota added on, "I couldn't tell you anything about her since the conversations tend to not last long. She's at least kind enough."

"And we know she's a girl because she let us in on that much," Kiki added on.

"In fact…" Kota continued, rummaging for a moment before he got out the Pegasign Armor Form Ride Card, "I'm pretty much willing to bet she was the one who gave me this."

Takeshi nodded a little, then he spotted the sticky note that was attached onto the card, "That help?"

Kota blinked a bit and then saw the sticky note, "...huh…"

"'Good luck'..." Takeshi read aloud, "...gotta be honest… I don't know how accurate sticky notes would be around these parts…"

"...of all the technomagic things you've seen since you got here, you're questioning that?" Tiki-chan commented.

"I mean, sticky notes are kinda low tech where I come from. I half expected them to text him or something…"

"...my phone doesn't work here…" Kota admitted.

Takeshi's eyes went a little wide at that, "Wait… really? Then how did you get here? I got here because of my phone."


"I had arrived at your place first out of all of us for our little get together…"

Kota had arrived outside of Takeshi's home, with a dish that was neatly packed and a present in his other hand. He knocked on the door a bit, waiting for any kind of response.

"I was waiting for… I wanna say ten minutes… and the food that my mom had made and sent me with wouldn't stay cold forever, so I had to open the door. …thanks for telling me where the spare key was."

"No problem," Takeshi responded.

Kota opened up the door and looked around. He soon saw nobody was around, quickly putting the dish down, and setting the present aside, "...am I early?"

He soon sighed and continued to explore the area a little bit.

"I was by myself for a bit, but then I soon heard… something. I found your phone on the ground…"

"Fire Emblem Heroes…" Kota spoke to himself, tapping the phone to try to get it off…

"And, before I knew it, I was here. Admittedly… thinking about it… uh… I did enter this world because of your phone…" Kota spoke, nervously scratching the back of his head at that.

"...wait, my phone's still on our world?!" Takeshi gawked in confusion, quickly grabbing his transformation device, "Then what the heck is this?! I always thought it was my phone!"

"...I have no idea…" Kota shrugged.

There was a tiny bit of silence between the two as things settled for them a little more.

"I… suppose that… in retrospect… it should've been kind of obvious…" Kota meekly admitted, "I'm… so sorry…"

Takeshi eased up a fair amount, then spoke, "Honestly, bro. I would've been just as surprised. I had no idea that app would send me here in the first place, but if I did, I probably would've tried to warn you just to keep you safe."

Kota gave a bit of an understanding nod and a smile in response to that.

"What happened after that?" Tiki-chan soon questioned.

"I ended up meeting the people who gave me my powers and my mission. They mentioned they at least tried to warn people about you…" Kota informed.

"Oh! The person in the white cloak that Robin mentioned!" Tiki-chan recalled.

"And then Lucina mentioned being warned about another person in a cloak and…" Takeshi spoke before he realized something, slightly slowing down as the reality of what he realized sank in, "Turned into Riders… from seasons… you like…"

"...ye~ah… Lucina was the only person I was actually able to find before you… and when I learned about her ability to basically turn into anything… I just chose three Riders that I knew were strong. …and had catchy themes…"

Takeshi opened his mouth to try to say something, but words were lost on him at the moment. He eventually just facepalmed.


Elsewhere, Jedah chuckled as he observed Celica a little bit, then he approached a tome that he had uncovered from the past.

"With the Inchor Scrolls, and a Kamen Rider at my beck and call… there is nothing that'll stand in the way of my plans…" Jedah boldly proclaimed.

Celica, meanwhile, was simply quiet and waiting. She hadn't moved an inch, yet was emanating a dark power from her body…

"Honestly… I've been at a bit of a loss with this world. How about you two?" Takeshi ended up asking.

"We know the capital's castle was once a monastery. It's been standing since time immemorial and there's something important and divine about it. There also used to be some sort of an academy there…" Kiki explained.

"...okay… that doesn't sound familiar… at all…" Takeshi admitted.


Takeshi's eyes narrowed a little bit for a moment, but he quickly calmed his expression down before turning to Kota and speaking, "Look, Kota... there's a lot more to Fire Emblem out there than I know about. Not every game got localized, and I only got into Fire Emblem recently. I don't know THAT much."


"Regardless, you know more than this guy," Kiki eventually remarked.

"I'm not that dumb…" Kota responded.

Kiki turned towards her companion with her arms crossed, "Tell me the weapon triangle."

This made Kota pale a little and start to mumble a bit to himself as he tried to think about it. Takeshi just stared a little at this before he put his face to his palms, yet again, while Tiki-chan was doing her best to keep herself from laughing at this display.

"Don't worry, Kota. Not everyone is great at anything. I mean, as a random example, despite our ages, you know more about Pokémon than I ever would," Takeshi calmly told Kota.

"Thanks. I appreciate it."

Both of them glanced up to the sky, seeing that the stormy clouds had started to part ways, but it was now very late at night.

"Guess we gotta rest," Takeshi figured.

"Okay. I guess I can take watch first so you can sleep."


"...are you sure that's a good idea…?" Tiki-chan quickly whispered.

Takeshi just nodded, summoned out a sleeping bag, and started to get comfortable. Tiki-chan could only sigh and sit down to try to relax a little.

"By the way… what did your mom make for you to bring?" Takeshi asked.

"It's a casserole that's rice, broccoli, and cheese," Kota stated, "It's really good. Like, really really good."

"Honestly, I don't know how to feel about that combination... but as long as it isn't an excessive amount of pasta, I should be ok."

"...does rice count as a pasta…?"

Takeshi just shrugged his shoulders and then tried to get to sleep. Kota was quiet and just took in the evening sky, what little was visible to him, and remained on guard.

Back over within the capital city, Rinea was lying in bed alongside Berkut. The latter had managed to get to sleep without issue, but the former was still awake and simply alongside her thoughts. Her eyes soon fell to the two Crests that were on the backsides of her hands, simply pondering.

'There's gotta be something more… there's just got to be…'


She then turned to Berkut, "Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to wake you up."

"It's okay…" he assured her, "...we can go exploring tomorrow, if you'd like."

"Thank you. I love you so much."

"I love you too. Good night."

"Sleep well," Rinea smiled, getting under the covers.

Takeshi's eyes slowly opened and he saw himself within some sort of a mysterious, distorted, area. He blinked a bit and then let out a heavy groan, "Not this again…"

"Nozomu tokoroda…! Kisama no kataru seigi nado, kuda ran, tsumaran, kinikuwan! Kodomo-tachi o gisei ni suru koto ga seiginara… ore wa… seigi o buttsubusu aku ni natte yaru! Kyōfu shiro! Soshite, ononoke! Issai no nasakeyōshanaku, ichimokuissō kotogotoku. Kisama o uchihorobosu mono no na wa… Gira! Jaaku no ō to naru otoko! Ore-sama ga… sekai o shihai suru!"

Takeshi let out an annoyed groan and just motioned forward.


"Ohgai Busou!"



"Keep it going! I wanna wake up already!"


"Ohgai Busou!"



"Let me wake up… let me wake up… PLEASE!"

Takeshi groaned as he sat up, seeing he was back in reality. It was still late at night, and Kota was keeping watch, "...okay. Good."

"Everything ok?" Kota asked.

"...just a weird dream where it seemed like I was seeing other toku things…" Takeshi explained.

"...you have those too?"

"Wait, you have them too?!"

"Yeah. I remember that, before I got into Kamui's world, I saw a dream of what… looked to be another Kamen Rider, and when I got to that world and we… well… y'know… my gut sort of guided me into saying something I could remember hearing, if faintly."

"That 'Omae o tome' thing… what did that even mean?"

"...I dunno…"

Takeshi exhaled a little, but then gave a small chuckle, "Yeah… that sounds like us."

Kota then laughed a little at that, with Takeshi sitting up and smiling.

"Alright. You get your rest. I'll take point."

"Thanks," Kota responded, setting up his own sleeping bag. He shifted around a little bit to get comfortable, and then fell asleep after a bit.

Takeshi smiled a little, then just kept his focus on keeping guard…

Morning eventually arrived and, for Alm, he had continued to sleep for a while. Suddenly, he woke up from the ground rumbling. He quickly got up on his feet as the ground around him continued to rumble and shake, before it eventually stopped. He then slowly walked around out of confusion, clearly at a loss for what was happening. As he continued to walk, the cave started to look more and more metallic instead of like a cave. He eventually reached a throne room, but then saw the sky was moving.

"I'm… in the air?!" he exclaimed.

"Well… look who showed up. Saves us the trouble of needing to find him…" Jedah remarked, chuckling a bit at the luck.

"You! Who are you?!"

"You need not concern yourself with who I am. What you need concern yourself with is… what your dear friend has become…"

Alm slowly walked forward and took in the person who had been chained, but who effortlessly broke free from it. She then muttered something, and a magical flash went through Alm. He then looked at the figure again, horror in his eyes.

"Celia? …no. Celica…?" Alm spoke.

"Would you… grant me the honor… of letting me end your life…?" she spoke, raising up a pair of golden daggers that she had used in their previous battle back in the capital. Her eyes were glowing almost a blood red shade and she had a very faint purple glow around her, while her voice was as sweet and tender as it usually tended to be.

Without another word, Celica dashed forward and swung her daggers at him. She was relentlessly swinging at him, leaving him only seconds to evade at all.

"Henshin!" Alm shouted, quickly transforming into his Rider form and managing to parry an attack from Celica.

"Cute, pawn. But this is where our battle will end…"

"Celia! No, Celica! Has it been you this entire time?!"

"Henshin…" Celica declared, completely ignoring his question, as her suit formed over her body in a flash of darkness. Her suit looked similar to her original form, but with a large, dark purple and pink cloak over her body. It had completely replaced the cape and the upper red armor of her original form, covering up the same area, roughly. Atop her head was a witch's cap that was black. The rest of her form, however, had swapped colors. The white that was in her original form was now black, the little black in her original Rider form was now white, and her eyes, which were originally green, were now a purple shade. In spite of the darker colors, the black ring with a silver jewel was still somewhat visible.

"...oh no…" Kamen Rider Alm muttered. He quickly drew The Inexhaustible and fired off several magical arrows towards Kamen Rider Celica. However, she effortlessly sliced through the magical arrows with her golden daggers.

"Tsumaranai, (Predictable,)" Kamen Rider Celica proclaimed. She then walked forward, the heels of her form menacingly clicking against the ground. She then leaned forward and dashed right towards the other Rider, who only narrowly managed to parry it with his sword.

"Celica, this isn't you!"

"Keh heh heh… your words can't reach her, boy!" Jedah proclaimed.

Kamen Rider Alm evaded an attack from the dark powered Rider, if only for a brief moment, "You! What have you done to her?!"

Jedah gave an evil chuckle, "The girl has already offered up her soul to the darkness. What you see now is a husk. A witch. A puppet loyal to the dark god's will!"

Kamen Rider Celica dashed forward and managed to get her daggers close to Kamen Rider Alm's neck, but he was able to use The Inexhaustible to hold her off from getting closer. The Rider on the defensive looked towards her purple eyes in fear, "No… NO! Celica, please! You have to wake up! This isn't you! I didn't find you just to lose you again!"

"Stop acting like you care about me…" Kamen Rider Celica angrily spoke, kicking him to the ground and effortlessly cleaving through The Inexhaustible with her daggers. The bow then turned into dust, "It's far too late, and I know you've never cared for me. My heart… is darkness…"

"Celica, I-" Kamen Rider Alm tried to speak, only for Kamen Rider Celica to dash forward to try to lob his head off.

"Grand Duma… grant me the strength I'll need… to end his life…" she angrily declared, with dark energy flowing off of her. The Rider kept on the assault, starting to laugh maniacally as she did so.

Jedah just watched this fight with amusement before he raised up the Inchor Scroll to pump out dark magic from it, "And now… for the next part of my plan… to begin…"

As the dark magic flowed through and out of the Inchor Scroll, the appearance of the book began to change from the dusty old Relic that it was originally. The dark magic gave it a new appearance with new colors, and noticeably the emblem of the Heartless on it…

"Hey, get up! You two need to get up now!" Tiki-chan yelled.

"I'm up… I'm up…" Takeshi spoke, rubbing his eyes.

"Same, same…" Kota responded. He then took a quick sip of some water he had nearby to get himself a little more awake, "Alright…"

"Look up!" Kiki yelled.

Both did so, and then saw a giant blimp with a magical thruster that was making it get closer and closer to the capital.

"...that's… not been in an FE game before, right…?" Kota asked.

"No! No it hasn't! The bad guy must be making his move! We gotta hurry!" Takeshi exclaimed.

With that, both of them got out their devices and loaded them up. They exchanged a nod at each-other, smiled, and then spoke…



The mists that generated their forms quickly surrounded the two and they both transformed into their Rider forms. Hero pressed a button on his phone, summoning his motorcycle. He then got on and sped on ahead. Neo-Hero gave off a small sigh, summoning his motorcycle, activating the auto-pilot, and then going after.

"Okay, seriously, how does he have a blimp?!" Neo-Hero questioned.

"I couldn't even begin to guess…" Kiki admitted.

The Riders and their fairy partners soon saw the darkness seeping off of the blimp and into the capital city. Both then started to pick up the pace to try to get closer…

Back at the capital city, Rinea and Berkut had started to explore the catacombs beneath the castle. Rinea simply took in the area that had been mostly lost to the ages, having some translating guides for the runes that had been left throughout the area.

"Aww… this one is sweet…" Rinea said, getting Berkut's attention.

"What does it say?"

"It's the same 'I love you eternally' that was in my ancestor's diary…"

Berkut nodded a little bit, then ended up turning away for a moment.

"Oh? This one is interesting…" Rinea spoke, which made Berkut turn to her, "'In brightest day… in blackest night… no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power, the goddess' light'..."

Berkut gave a small nod as they got closer to what was in the center of the area. It looked to be an old sword and shield of some sort, both of which seemed to have been undisturbed for centuries, if not millenniums.

Before Rinea reached forward, Berkut suddenly gasped in pain. He clenched his stomach as dark magic began to flow into him and seemed to be absorbed by his gauntlets. He tried to fight it off, but the dark magic left him with no chance to fight..

"No! Berkut!" Rinea shouted

"I'm… sorry…" he managed to utter before the darkness overtook him. He let out a pain filled yell as the darkness transformed him into a monster, which looked like a giant wolf.

"The wolf Demonic Beast… Fenrir…" Rinea whispered in fear. Her eyes darted around the area as the wolf growled at her, with the remains of the gauntlets Berkut used to wear now at its forelegs. Her eyes then turned towards what was behind them.

The beast growled in anger, but Rinea stood as her fear slowly vanished.

"In brightest day… in blackest night… no evil shall escape my sight…" Rinea began to pray, her courage slowly growing, now moving towards the ancient weapons, "Let those who worship evil's might…"

She then grasped the sword and the shield in a swift motion the monster wasn't able to impede.

"Beware my power! The goddess' light!"

A belt suddenly started to form around Rinea's waist as she held onto both the sword and shield. The belt matched Skyrider's in terms of design, albeit with a blue center to it. She held up the shield, which generated a brief barrier around her, "...the might of the Serios Shield…"

She then closed her eyes and spoke one more word…


The symbols on the back of her hands glowed with blue and green energy that quickly covered up her body. Her helmet mostly resembled a rhino beetle's, while her suit primarily looked like that of a Swordmaster from the age of Fodlan, alongside a cape from the Trickster class, a bit of decorative elements from the Dancer class, a pair of gloves over her hands, with the front of the gloves now shining with the symbols of her heritage, and the two weapons she had used to transform. Her hair, however, became as white as freshly fallen snow.

"Kamen Rider… Saint!" she spoke, readying the sword, "Blutgang… the weapon of my ancestor… guide me!"

The Rider then moved forward, ready to attack. Unbeknownst to her at the moment, the Crests had begun to glow ever so faintly with energy.

Back outside, Hero and Neo-Hero were both getting closer to the blimp and both trying to think of a way to get up to it. The blimp was drawing closer and closer to the capital city, but there was still some distance left to go.

"Just… a little… faster…" Hero muttered, revving his motorcycle.

"What to do…?" Neo-Hero spoke to himself, his motorcycle finally managing to catch up with Hero's.

There was then a mysterious beeping noise that began to echo from an unknown source to the two Riders. They both glanced around a little, then glanced to the monitors that were on their motorcycles.

'Dragon and Pegasus ready. CTV, formation commencing.'

Both motorcycles let out a sudden and loud flurry of horn honks, which quickly startled Neo-Hero and caused him to tumble off of his motorcycle. The autopilot on his simply kept it at pace with Hero's.

"Woah, woah, what the-?!" Hero began to yell as a mechanical arm pulled him off of his motorcycle.

Thus, the two motorcycles lined up next to each-other and connected together into a shape that mostly looked like some sort of an ATV with the back of Hero's motorcycle moving to the front to fill the gap. The dragon head on Hero's became attached to the steering handle, gaining the horse's horn from Neo-Hero's motorcycle. The boosters attached to both of the motorcycles then positioned themselves to the side, flaring with a bit of energy. The wheels retracted and were then replaced by a pair of dragon-like claws for the front set and a pair of horse legs to the back set. Hero was placed back onto the newly formed machine as the head on it let out a roar that was a mix of dragon and pegasus.

"What in the-" Hero spoke in genuine surprise, before the CTV let out another roar and dashed forward. Neo-Hero ended up, unwittingly, getting left in the dust of the wake of the CTV's abilities, while Hero was trying to understand what had just happened.

Hero soon pulled back on the handlebars a bit, which caused the CTV to start to tilt upwards. This then caused another part of it to unfold outwards. On the left side was a pegasus' wing and on the right was a dragon's wing.

"Oh, this can fly…" he realized. He then revved the handlebars, which then got the CTV flying through the air. He then looked to see an entry point he could land through, but dark magical blasts began to try to attack him.

The CTV managed to avoid most of the attacks, and then used a magical roar to deflect some of the others. Hero couldn't help but whistle out of being impressed by this as the CTV brought him a bit closer.

"I'm on my way!"

Suddenly, the CTV's head shot forward, creating a tether that would let him reach a part of the blimp he could use to get in.

"Playin' it by ear is my specialty," Hero remarked, quickly loading in a card.


Hero's horn popped off of his helmet and transformed into a sword. With that in hand, the Rider jumped off the CTV, using the sword as a make-shift zipline for him to ride along towards the blimp. He managed to clear the opening that was in, rolling on the ground, and then coming to a stop once he appeared to be on stable ground. The Rider slotted the horn back into his helmet and motioned for the CTV to follow him in.

"Not too bad. Not too bad at all," he remarked.

The CTV then came to a stop and split back apart into the two motorcycles. Hero noticed this, but then heard Celica's and Alm's voices. The Rider then hurried forward, seeing Kamen Rider Alm getting knocked back by Kamen Rider Celica. She approached him with menace, yet a clear want to drag the fight out more.

"Giving up already? Come on, pawn. I thought you were stronger than that!"

Hero took in the situation quickly, then exhaled a bit, "Well… history has a strange way of staying course sometimes…"

The sudden comment made the corrupted Rider turn to him, if only for a moment, then she turned back to her prey, "Wait your turn. I shall be your oblivion after I am finished with this pawn…"

"...okay, Riku…" Hero muttered. He then exhaled and looked towards both, "Look, I'm not sure what the heck you think is happening, but I think it's high time you two get a reality check."

The corrupted Rider just glared and tossed one of her daggers at him, which he was just able to get out of the way of by the absolute thinnest of margins. Hero rolled along the ground, then noticed something was there. Kamen Rider Alm was then flung right into him, and the corrupted Rider used her dark magic to fling them both. Hero went rolling back further, but the other Rider landed nearby something.

"Wait… what…?" he muttered, seeing Celica's discarded ring was on the ground.

"Alm, listen to me! Rider wa… Rider wa kussezu!" Hero shouted before he was magically shoved aside.

Kamen Rider Alm was then lifted up again and smacked further away. The corrupted Rider slowly approached him, aiming her daggers.

"Any last words…?"

The Rider then saw what was within reach, understood Hero's words, and spoke…

"Hīrō no debandesu!" Kamen Rider Alm proclaimed, lunging forward and grabbing Celica's discarded ring.

The orange haired Rider charged forward and attempted to attack, but, as if by a miracle, the discarded ring then generated a silver barrier of energy that stopped the attack and caused Kamen Rider Celica to get knocked back. The barrier of energy then soared over Kamen Rider Alm's form and adjusted it into a new form.

The areas of Kamen Rider Alm's suit that were dark blue then changed into white, followed by a long, flowing, cape that spawned next to his left shoulder, his hair ended up gaining pink highlights, a pair of silver colored fingerless gloves appeared over his hands, and he ended up gaining a staff that was light blue and pink. The discarded ring then placed itself onto one of the Rider's fingers, finishing the look.

"Wow…" Hero muttered.

"I am the knight who arrives on the scene. I am the royal guard's captain, that doesn't surrender. I am the warrior who is going to save you…" the Rider spoke, stepping forward without fear in spite of the other Rider starting to form a dark orb of magic, "The Brave and Heroic Knight, Kamen Rider Alm, has arrived!"

"SHUT UP!" the other Rider angrily yelled.

Kamen Rider Celica flung off the dark orb of magic, only for Kamen Rider Alm to quickly move out of the way of the blast, almost appearing to teleport from how quickly he moved. The green-haired Rider skidded to a stop, using his staff to help brace himself, and then took a moment to breathe. The other Rider just glared at him and flung another dark orb forward, only for the now magically enhanced Rider to pull off the same almost teleportation movement.

"Is… is this… Divine Mila's power…?" he muttered, looking over his form, "...I can do this…"

"Grand Duma, stop him in his tracks!" Kamen Rider Celica shouted, sending out a ring of dark magical energy.

"Divine Mila, let me move swiftly!" Kamen Rider Alm proclaimed, doing that same near teleport dash away as earlier.

The dark ring missed the other Rider, which made the redheaded witch Rider growl in anger. She dashed forward and tried to attack him, but he was able to avoid some of her attacks, parry a few with his staff, and keep pace. While some of the attacks did land, the now magically powered knight was able to power through.

"Okay… this is cool," Hero spoke, only to get struck by a blast of dark magic, "...oh. Right, Jedah…"

"Well, look what the rat dragged in. The disciple of the destroyer, are you? Here to finish the job?"

"I never personally met the guy you're thinking of. And I'm not here to destroy anything. But the one thing I know that needs destroying now…" Hero spoke before he pointed finger to Jedah, "Is you, you sicko!"

"Grand Duma, protect me from this welp…"

Hero dashed forward, only for a dark magical barrier to surround Jedah. The Rider attempted to punch and kick it, but the attacks were of no effect to the barrier at the moment.

"It is useless, disciple of the destroyer. As long as I have the Rider and this tome… there is not a thing that can stop me…"

Hero muttered in irritation, then quickly evaded some dark magical blasts from both Jedah and Kamen Rider Celica. The orange haired Rider turned her attention back to Kamen Rider Alm after he cast a bit of a healing spell over Hero.

"Grand Duma, guide my strike!" Kamen Rider Celica shouted, twirling her daggers before tossing them with magical energy to home in.

"Divine Mila, grant me courageous wings!" Kamen Rider Alm spoke, suddenly gaining orange and pink butterfly wings that allowed him to outmaneuver the daggers. The weapons soon returned to their owner, as the other Rider landed on the ground.

"...why butterfly wings…?" Hero asked.

"Heck if I know!" Kamen Rider Alm responded.

The two magical Riders glared at each-other, then magical energy began to gather at their hands.

"Grand Duma, grant me the darkest flames!"

"Divine Mila, grant me prismatic air!"

"Dark Firaga!" Kamen Rider Celica angrily declared, sending out an eruption of purple fire.

"Sky Prism Diffusion!" Kamen Rider Alm proclaimed, with sky blue and pure white energy shooting forward from his hands.

The two energies collided, but then the Dark Firaga exploded outwards and sent shots that homed into the other Rider, which sent him tumbling back.

"Oh man, I hate that move. Hated it in the Riku boss fight... hate it more here. If only I had some light magic or means to counter this…" Hero spoke. He then moved forward, only to get swatted away by Kamen Rider Celica.

"It's over… pawn…" Kamen Rider Celica declared, charging darkness into her two daggers, ready to go for the kill.


The orange haired Rider's attack stopped just inches away from slicing at the other Rider's neck.

"I'm sorry. I know that I had promised to protect you and that I failed. I was so afraid for myself that I froze, but that doesn't excuse me from not being able to try to help you. I remember that day… and it's always been my greatest failure…"

"...you… you lie…"

"I swear to you that I never wanted to stop looking for you. I went after you and those people who went to rescue you!"

"...huh?" Hero spoke.

"I saw you were saved by that girl with the blue and pink hair in the sailor fuku, and I thought you didn't need me anymore!" Kamen Rider Alm whimpered.

"A girl with blue and pink hair… in a sailor fuku?" Hero slowly spoke before he turned towards his fairy companion for any kind of explanation. Tiki-chan turned towards him for a bit, only to raise her shoulders and hands to shrug, showing she was about as baffled and lost as he was.

"I failed you, and I acknowledge and accept that. But I swear to Divine Mila… no… I swear to you, with whatever is left of my life, I will use it for you! I will never let you down ever again!"


"Fight it, Celica! This isn't you! You're not meant to be a villain!" Hero shouted.

"Do not listen to the disciple of the destroyer! You need to finish the pawn off! It'll end all of your pain and misery in one fell swoop!"

She looked towards her former friend as he looked towards her.

"Celica… I love you… and I'm eternally sorry that I let you down…" Kamen Rider Alm spoke, "And know… I will dedicate the rest of my life to making it up to you…"

This made the other Rider start to tremble a little bit. The ring that was on her started to slip off of her, the darkness around her form vanishing.

"Alm… I…"

There was suddenly a sound that was like glass starting to break. Everybody looked in confusion, seeing that the darkness that was around Kamen Rider Celica was starting to shatter like glass. It exploded off of her, the dark ring getting sent sailing away.

"Hold on!" Hero spoke, dashing over to the duo's side.

The dark magic fully vanished from Kamen Rider Celica, leaving her in her default form. Both Kamen Rider Alm and Hero got over to her, supporting her as she wobbled around a little.

"...Alm… I'm sorry…" Kamen Rider Celica managed to speak.

"I'm sorry as well…"

"How you holding up…?" Hero asked.

"My head is in ruins…" Kamen Rider Celica commented, rubbing her head a bit.

Jedah then quickly used his magic to draw the ring that he had forced onto Celica earlier, quickly using magic to expand it for his own use. However, this made the orange haired Rider glance up and her anger guided her.

"How dare you… vandalize my heart!" Kamen Rider Celica shouted, flinging her daggers to the dark barrier that Jedah had made, shattering clean through them. The daggers magically returned to her, but it was clear that she had started to get drained from everything, as she began to pant a little bit.

"You able to keep going?" Hero asked.

"As long as it means I can act for the Divine Mila and stop this sicko… I will not stop…" Kamen Rider Celica declared.

On cue, the Rider Cards related to her then flashed to life. Hero seized upon the moment and got one card ready.

"This might sting a bit," Hero quickly commented.

"Trust me… it can't be any worse than what I just went through…" Kamen Rider Celica responded in a weary tone.


Hero quickly tapped Kamen Rider Celica's shoulders and the process quickly transformed her body. It quickly then formed into a giant shield, with the symbol that was the usual shape of the Fire Emblem. Hero held onto it, albeit with a brief struggle due to the size of the weapon.

"The Fire Emblem's shield…" Hero mumbled, looking it over for a moment, "...a bit longer… and heavier… but… it's cool."

"You may have taken my agent… but you will not stop me, disciple of the destroyer, and the magical fool."

"...magical fool…?" Kamen Rider Alm spoke.

Darkness gathered at Jedah because of both items he was harnessing power from, which began to transform his body into a more monstrous form, "Darkness within darkness awaits you!"

"...that is so dumb sounding…" Hero muttered.

Jedah's form had changed, but it had managed to remain somewhat concealed by his purple cloak. Noticeably, atop his forehead, was the emblem of the Heartless.

"Wait... a Heartless? Here? Now?! First Fire Emblem mixed with Kamen Rider, now we actually got Kingdom Hearts in this multiverse? What the heck is going on?! I mean… I knew the stupid heart moon is tied to everything, but… how did a Heartless get here?!"

Jedah's monster form then unleashed his own Dark Firaga towards the two, but Hero was able to use the shield to effortlessly block it. Kamen Rider Alm looked a bit impressed at how effortlessly he was able to move the shield, in spite of it being a bit taller than Hero himself was.

"What I would've given for something like that against Riku…" Hero muttered.

Jedah growled and then lunged forward, but Hero struck back with the bottom end of the shield, which was able to knock the monster back a bit. Hero then kept up the attacks, with Kamen Rider Alm providing some magical assistance, and they kept knocking Jedah around a fair amount.

At ground level, Neo-Hero managed to arrive at the capital city. He took a moment to try to catch his breath, clearly exhausted from needing to travel that distance by foot.

"You gonna be alright?" Kiki spoke, "We can pull out if you need to."

"I think I can manage…" Neo-Hero responded, getting up. He did cough a little, but was able to stand still.

Before the two could talk anymore, several monsters then seemed to spawn from the dark magic that had been coming down from the blimp. The blimp had managed to get just above the capital city and the dark magic was pouring down from it. The monsters all let out growls, clearly ready for a fight.

"What are these things?!" Neo-Hero questioned, "Are they… uh… what was it…?"

Kiki was quiet as she allowed her partner a moment to think through what he wanted to say.

"Oh! The Risen!"

"No, they aren't. I honestly don't know what they are myself," Kiki admitted.

"Oh… oh boy…" Neo-Hero spoke, before he realized that they had spotted him.

The monsters, known as Demonic Beasts, unleashed poisonous attacks towards the Rider. He was narrowly able to dodge them, but coughed a little. He then quickly loaded in a card to his gun.


The summoned copy of the water dragon Rider quickly spawned in, then Neo-Hero readied another card.


"Just hold on a moment," Neo-Hero quickly said to the summoned copy. He then fired the blast that transformed the summoned copy into Kamui's Final Form Ride form, which then let out a mighty roar. The summoned copy then dashed to fight the Demonic Beasts, allowing Neo-Hero a moment to try to gather his thoughts. He glanced down to the 3DS on his gauntlet to take a moment to try to assess the situation as best he could, before there was a loud explosion.

"Oh, now what…?" Kiki muttered.

Neo-Hero looked to the display he had, which had a green unit suddenly appear that was chasing after another monster. He glanced up, seeing Kamen Rider Saint and the wolf monster that had once been Berkut in the midst of fighting.

"Who in the world is that…?" Neo-Hero questioned.

"...I gotta be honest… I'm at as much of a loss as you are…" Kiki stated, "At a best guess… he's gotta be the one commanding the monsters down here."

Neo-Hero gave a small nod at that, then quickly fired at the monster. However, the shots didn't even seem to phase the monster in any way, having a small 'tink' sound that indicated they did no damage.


"How the…?"

Saint kept on attacking, and while her attacks did do some damage, not all of them did. Kiki quickly observed the monster and then saw a glow around the gauntlets that had remained from the former man.

"The gauntlets! They're granting him Pavise!" Kiki shouted out.

"...in simple terms?" Neo-Hero asked quickly.

"Defensive buffs!"

"How do we deal with that…?"

"A strong move should be able to break those off…"

Neo-Hero gave a small nod at that. He then thought for a moment, and then inspiration struck him as he got out another card.


Back up at the blimp, Neo-Hero's motorcycle then vanished from the position that it had been parked over by.

The motorcycle quickly appeared by Neo-Hero and energy glowed from it and then onto the Rider. Neo-Hero quickly turned into his pegasus armored form and looked to the large wolf monster. He took a calming breath as he took aim and loaded in some more cards.



An energy pegasus formed around the Rider as he aimed, with a targeting reticle appearing on his visor. It took a moment for the crosshairs to line up in a way that would hit the gauntlets and avoid harming the other Rider, but then they did.


The energy pegasus dashed forward, trailing blue energy as it did so. The energy struck at the gauntlets, destroying them in one fell swoop. Saint then leapt out of the way of another of the wolf's attacks and landed nearby Neo-Hero.

"Thanks for that," Saint told the other Rider, "...who are you?"

"Neo-Hero. You?"

"Saint. Kamen Rider Saint."

"Ooh. Cool name."

"Thanks. …listen. If you can… please take care of the rest of the Demonic Beasts," Saint spoke.

"That's what those are called?" Kiki asked, earning a nod.

"...there are… a lot of them…"

"This one here… is personal."

"...alright…" Neo-Hero nodded, heading over to aid the summoned copy of the silver dragon Rider.

Saint exhaled a bit and then moved in, slashing at the wolf with Blutgang. With the Pavise ability removed, she was able to land some clean hits in that stuck. The monster then struck back at her, but the shield had managed to heal off at least a little bit of the damage she had taken.

"Berkut… please… come back to me. I don't want to do this…" Saint pleaded.

The monster growled, but then, more darkness came from the blimp, which empowered the wolf. The wolf monster then seemed to sprout wings from the growing dark magic. He then dashed forward and bit down on Saint's head before dragging her high up into the sky. Saint let out a scream as she tried to attack, but the pain she was in was making her unable to keep fighting. Eventually, upon reaching the highest point he could, the wolf monster let go of her and let her fall back towards the ground below.

"I'm… a failure…" Saint said to herself as she fell, "I couldn't save the person that I love… and I couldn't stop him before he hurt anyone else…"

The Rider continued her descent down towards the ground, yet seemed to not be afraid of the fall. The sight of the weapons that had been granted to her allowed her a moment to refocus and calm herself as she continued falling.

"Right… don't be afraid… my heart and soul as one. Isn't that right… ancestors…?!" Saint spoke, holding her hands to her heart.

High in the sky, a green star had begun to glow in response to the Rider's will. The angle of the star changed, revealing a sword, "Rinea… use this."

Thus, the sword soared down from the sky, with a green fire following it down.

(Insert Song: Before My Body is Dry)

"There's something shooting down from the sky!" Kiki yelled out.

"What in the…?" Neo-Hero gasped in confusion.

The green flames shined brighter and brighter as the sword drew nearer and nearer to Saint. She couldn't help but gasp upon seeing the blade and her mind quickly realized where she had seen the blade before.

"My… ancestors…!" Saint spoke as she saw the sword. She quickly grasped onto the blade's hilt, the smoke and fire from the atmospheric reentry quickly fizzling away. Saint quickly used the second sword to slow her falling momentum, then she started running up the walls while screaming, both swords in her hands as she ran forward. As she moved forward, the pure white hair she had then transformed into a light shade of green.

"I guess this is going to be the curtain call of mine and Berkut's era!" Saint declared, continuing to run up. Dark magic then rained down like bullets to try to impede her, but she wouldn't stop, "Even so, I know that Alm and Celica will be able to guide the future of this land! Because we need to keep looking and moving forward, instead of trying to move backwards. Even if I want to know more, the future is where we need to go! Isn't that right, ancestors?!"

Suddenly, a specter of the past had seemed to appear before Rinea. He looked to be a young man with the same green hair that she currently had, and a mostly dark outfit. He looked to her with a proud smile, "I think you got it right… Rinea…"

"I know… I can hear your words!" Saint shouted, with the specter of the past floating past her, as she readied both the swords to attack. The marks on the back of her gloves were both glowing with very faint power that was becoming brighter and brighter with each passing second. She then leaped up into the air, getting far above the monster that was once her husband. A green star then glowed within the sky, shining in spite of the sky still being day. The Rider then spoke.

"Crests holding the power of my ancestors, show me your true strength! MY NAME IS RINEA EISNER, AND I INVOKE THEE UNDER MY BLOODLINE!"

The symbols on the back of her hands continued to glow brighter and brighter. She then flung the sword that had come from the heavens and charged forward with Blutgang. As she soared down, an aura of a lion surrounded her.


Saint then slashed, with the aura lion biting down onto the wolf. The wolf seemed to lose its wings and was now in freefall into the castle. The other sword then came down to Saint's side, and extended out like a whip.


The sword acted like a whip as Saint rapidly swung it around, slashing away at the monster that had once been her husband. The two were both screaming as this happened, before they both ran through the roof of the castle…

(End Insert Song)

Jedah continued to attack at both Hero and Kamen Rider Alm, but the former was able to deflect and counter with the shield, while Kamen Rider Alm's more magically inclined form had managed to keep him at a distance. He focused a bit more on supporting Hero, healing him and buffing him as the battle stretched on.

"Thanks for the heal. How you doing?" Hero asked.

"A bit tired. Is healing magic this draining normally?"

"You have no idea…" Celica's voice chimed from the shield, which only Hero seemed to be able to hear.

"Uh… she said 'you have no idea'," Hero informed.

The monster growled and lunged at the two again, but Hero was able to roll out of the way. He then quickly loaded in another card.


His motorcycle quickly sped over and gave Hero the power to change forms. With the enhancement to his abilities, the Rider jumped forward and managed to deliver several powerful slashes and bashes with the shield. Jedah had gotten knocked back into a throne that had been in the room, tearing right through the tome that had allowed him to turn into a monster. He growled in anger, starting to gather up dark energy into his hands.

"No you don't…" Kamen Rider Alm spoke, starting to prepare himself.

Hero quickly armed himself with the Final Attack Ride Card, soon hearing Celica's voice starting to say some sort of an incantation as he prepared the card.

"Sore wa subete no kizu, subete no enkon o iyasu, warera ga kokyō… (That which heals all wounds, and that which heals all grudges, our glorious homeland…)"


"Kengen seyo! (Unleash it!)"


"LO~RD… VALENTIA!" Celica's voice shouted as Hero brought the shield to the ground. With a loud and distorted slamming sound, the shield began to generate magical energy that formed into constructs of castle walls. It continued to generate until it became a perfect match for the castle walls of the capital city's castle.

Both Hero and Kamen Rider Alm looked on in shock at the magical power of the shield as Jedah fired off the dark magic with a screech. The dark magic collided against the walls generated by the shield. Magical energy began to build up from where Celica's consciousness was, making the dark magic become light magic, before the energy got reflected right back into the monster.

"Divine Mila, grant me prismatic air! Sky Prism Diffusion!" Kamen Rider Alm shouted, adding his own magical energy into the attack.

The magic converged together into a powerful beam of energy. It effortlessly cleaved through Jedah, evaporating his body, the chunk of the blimp that was behind him, and part of the capital's castle in the process.

"...whoops…" Hero muttered. The shield then began to glow, indicating it was going to revert back into Celica soon. However, the blimp began to descend a fair bit, as well as start to vanish.

"Divine Mila, grant me courageous wings!" Kamen Rider Alm spoke quickly.

The blimp seemed to vanish into thin air as the blue haired Rider carried both Hero and a now reverted Celica out of the area. The trio could only watch as the blimp vanished and all just exhaled.


Three more summoned copies joined up with the summon of Kamui. The copies struck at the remaining Demonic Beasts, with Neo-Hero watching closely for the right moment…




Thus, all four Rider copies unleashed finishers that quickly went through the last of the Demonic Beasts before they vanished. Neo-Hero let out a heavy sigh as his 3DS displayed a 'clear' message to indicate the battle was now over.

"...I really hate those things…" Neo-Hero remarked.

"I don't blame you…" Kiki admitted.

The two then looked towards the crumbling castle, then headed in to try to investigate it as best they could.

Neo-Hero had arrived towards where Saint's battle with the monster had ended, and then gasped in a bit of horror at what he saw. Rinea's body had heavy wounds, there was a lot of blood dripping from various parts of her body, and she was very clearly not going to make it. The next most notable thing was that Rinea's hair was now white with some faint green highlights towards the tips.

Neo-Hero took another look to see the weapons that had been used by her as a Rider. The faint orange glow the three weapons Rinea had wielded faded away before all of them crumbled into dust. Neo-Hero simply stared at her body for a moment, then towards the remains of Berkut's. The dark magic had left scars over a lot of Berkut, and it was clear that he was already dead.

The Rider from another world let out a sad sigh before he slowly approached Rinea and closed her eyes for her. He slowly backed away, soon joined by Kiki.

"We should get going," Neo-Hero spoke.


"I think... the next world is in more danger…"

Kiki was quiet, but nodded her head. Neo-Hero quickly summoned up his motorcycle and then sped away, vanishing into the mists.

Some hours had gone by and it was now sunset. Celica and Alm had begun to try to take count of all the lives lost from the attack and help the many survivors. Celica eventually watched the setting sun, let out a sigh, and then held her hands together.

"May those who are no longer here have their great and weary souls the rest they deserve…"

Silence held a major grip over the many people as the wounded were tended to, and people were guided as best as Alm and Celica could manage. The two eventually were alone and looked to each-other.

"Looks like I was in the right," Celica remarked.


"Getting rid of those relics of the past was a good idea. They were what led to all these bad things."

"...can we not?"

Celica was quiet, and her expression clearly conveyed she only said that for lack of anything else to talk about with all of the catastrophe and disasters around them at the moment. Alm let out a sigh, rubbing his forehead a little, while Takeshi and Tiki-chan just observed the two.

"...sorry. I just…"

"I know…"

Takeshi and Tiki-chan just continued to watch the duo as they started to reconcile and talk at least a little bit.

"I mean… she's not totally wrong…" Tiki-chan soon whispered.

"Not the time…" Takeshi whispered back.

Celica soon stared over Takeshi a little more closely for a bit, then approached the bluenette.

"I sense you have a lot of great potential. Don't lose your goal of going forward," Celica told him, offering her hand to shake.

"Hopefully I can follow through on that as well. I'll do what I can to achieve that goal," Takeshi responded, accepting her offer.

As the two shook hands, a small amount of light glowed around Takeshi for a moment, but it was gone in almost an instant. The two backed off and smiled a bit before Celica walked over to Alm and began to cuddle with him.

"Thank you-" Celica spoke, but she soon saw that Takeshi was gone…

Takeshi and Tiki-chan then reappeared back at the base. The mystery woman let out an exhale as she saw them, then started to walk away from the duo.

"...should I at all be concerned about the fact Jedah turned into a Heartless?" Takeshi quickly asked, "Cause… that's bad."

"So you actually know of those. …rest assured, the Heartless are incapable of breaching the fragments. Why he had that symbol is beyond me…" the mystery woman spoke, "And the Heartless are incapable of reaching this world's Keyhole while it is in a fragmented state."

"...okay… that's good at least…"

The mystery woman then began to walk away from the bluenette, clearly intent to leave without any more words…

"Alm said something about encountering a blue and pink haired girl in a sailor fuku. Who the heck is that?" Takeshi asked.

The mystery woman stopped in her tracks and slowly turned towards Takeshi in a bit of surprise, "...he remembered that, did he…?"

"He… shouldn't…?"

The mystery woman was quiet for a moment before exhaling, "Following the incident that resulted in the separation of Lucina's future from Awakening no Sekai, there was an… attempt… to bring in heroes from another world to heal this one."

"Well… it clearly didn't work given Take-kun is standing right here…" Tiki-chan remarked.


"But… why shouldn't Alm remember that happening…?" Takeshi soon asked.

"I have given you enough answers…" she responded, turning around, and then starting to walk away.

"You really didn't! You didn't even tell me what world that girl is from!"

"Because it's not important. They can't get back to this world and the damage they caused was minimal…" the mystery woman retorted before she left without another word.

"...aho desu ne… (...that's idiot…)" was all Takeshi could say.

"So… based on what she did say… whoever that was came after Decade and his borked up attempt at a rescue mission that just made things worse… and before you and Kota came to this world," Tiki-chan commented, "I think that had to have happened before I was created and I was just never told about it…"

Takeshi gave a small nod of his head before he sat down and the fairy landed on his shoulders. He thought over what she said for a moment, then his eyes widened a bit.


"...borked up attempt at a rescue mission?" Takeshi soon asked.

"Gist of it, Ichigou got stuck in Marth's world, there was a big army of Riders who came in to help get him out, and it just made things worse…" Tiki-chan responded, "I don't know much more than that…"

"...yet again, if I ever see Tsukasa, I am punching him in the face."

"Yet again, there's probably a line…"

"And I'm sure it's a long list of people to be sure, but it won't stop me. As soon as I see his smug mug, after I have my expected fan reaction, I'm giving him the sucker punch he desperately needs."

Tiki-chan just gave a small nod in response to that, not sure what else to say at the moment. The bluenette then leaned back to try to relax a bit, clearly a fair bit drained from what had happened.

"Honestly… I saw a scattered bit of that in the dream I had when we got into Echoes no Sekai, but I couldn't remember it clearly. Thanks for clearing it up a bit."

"You're welcome, I guess…"

Takeshi exhaled a little bit as he looked through his card container to check on his current list of them. As he flipped through them, he soon spotted another blank one. He checked it over, yet it seemed to lack anything that would tether it to the last remaining world to be explored.

"Looks like it'll be for you," Tiki-chan figured.

"That's… certainly new. Neat," Takeshi commented, looking a bit excited and curious.

Over within the same world, Neo-Hero arrived through a portal on his motorcycle, skidding to a stop thanks to the auto pilot on it. He soon reverted back, got off of the motorcycle, and then saw the cloaked figures who were his support.

"Welcome back," one of them spoke.

"Hi. …uh… things got a bit more complicated. …Hero is someone I actually know from my world…"

There was a great silence that grasped the room of the white cloaked figures as that settled in.

"Honestly… it explains why all of the other worlds are seemingly okay…" Kota began to speak as he paced around a little bit, taking a moment to gather his thoughts, "But… I think it leaves the last world he hasn't gone to in the most amount of danger…"


"He has… opinions… about it…" Kota spoke. The group looked at him in a bit of concern, from what little could be gleamed from them, but Kota just rubbed the back of his head in thought as his mind was going a mile a minute about what would happen next.

Elsewhere within the Echoes world, somebody was shown walking along a coastline and observing something. Eventually, the figure proceeded to pick up what looked to be the Darksphere from Marth's world…

This chapter is dedicated to the memory of KKD's Grandfather and Grandmother

(May 9th, 1933 - April 23rd, 2023, January 9th, 1927 - August 12th, 2023)

*As the instrumentals slowly began, Takeshi stared at the dark room with the inactive portal.*

Embrace the dark you call a home, *Takeshi held out the Hero card and was joined by Tiki-chan.*

Gaze upon an empty, white throne *They looked to the portal, which was inactive and then slowly showed Kamen Rider Celica's image*

A legacy of lies, *The two were being watched by something in the shadows*

A familiar disguise *Takeshi turned and then saw the mysterious woman before he was again shoved into the portal.*

Sing with me a song of conquest and fate *Takeshi, now Kamen Rider Hero, was standing in between various worlds and seeing the fractures to all nine of them.*

The black pillar cracks beneath its weight *He could see the nine Riders all facing away from him before they faded as if they weren't even there.*

Night breaks through the day, hard as a stone *Hero and Tiki-chan stood in a dark room in confusion before they slowly walked out of it*

Lost in thoughts all alone *The two simply continued forward.*

"Konichiwa~~~!" both Tiki-chan and Kiki happily declared.

"Welcome to the very first installment of Tiki-chan's…"

"And Kiki's…"

"Explanation Corner!" the two fairies happily declared, with a brand new title card appearing to celebrate this milestone.

"We're gonna work together on this from now on," Kiki spoke, "So, in honor of there being two of us, we're tackling two Riders today."

"And two forms! Lots of twos. Is it a Tuesday?"

A card from backstage was held up for the two to see.

"'Currently Monday. May be Tuesday by the time this comes out. We'll see'. Alright," Tiki-chan observed.

The two fairies moved around, and a display of Kamen Rider Alm's base form appeared.

"Starting off, we have the secondary of this story, Kamen Rider Alm!" Kiki opened up.

"He's the partner here because, at an earlier point, Celica was deemed the main protagonist. …and later content has sort of cemented that, but that's neither here nor there. Alm-y here is a physical fighter and scrapper. He's got swords and axes," Tiki-chan started to explain, "And he can tank non-magic attacks pretty well. …ironic, given how he's not great at magical defenses."

"Which can be helped when he borrows the power of Celica's light," Kiki added on, showing the new form that Alm had gained in this chapter, "Sadly, there's no permanent name for this form just yet. 'Heroic Sky Mage' is being toyed with, but the final name is to be determined. He goes from a brawler to a mage on par with Celica in her prime. He even gains a spiffy staff to aid in his combat style."

"I kinda wonder why the colors are what they are. Seem a bit… odd," Takeshi observed, "I mean… it looks better than his original form, IMO, but… still odd."

"You'll see."

"I'll admit I was a little confused by the name of that move. 'Sky Prism Diffusion'?" Takeshi commented.

"There is a reason that it was called that, but we can't tell you," Tiki-chan told him.

This just made Takeshi sigh heavily in response. He then backed off a bit so that the duo could continue.

"This then brings us to the primary Rider of Echoes no Sekai, and the sort of 'third' Rider. Hence why she has V3's mask… Kamen Rider… Celica!" Kiki announced.

"She's pretty much the definition of a magical knight. She can fight fairly well, and she can cast spells without any sort of limits from what we can tell," Tiki-chan spoke, "The ring may just be a focui for her, but she is a major warrior. And, even if she doesn't have her magic, she is a deadly assassin with those daggers. I wouldn't want to be on the wrong end of those."

"Which Alm and Takeshi ended up being on, especially given her other form…" Kiki spoke, as the display showed her other form, "The Dark Witch."

"All of the love and passion that Celica is well known for is tossed out the window in favor of the power of darkness, and brutal effectiveness. Alm probably would've become a shish kabob had things not gone the way they did…" Tiki-chan remarked.

"...a what?" Kiki asked.

"I'll tell you later."

"So… can I actually even safely use that form? I mean… I'm not using Dark Firaga. You couldn't pay me to do considering the form was essentially one where the user just lost control of themselves... no, I don't think I;d use this form. At least not on my own will. If someone tried to force me into a prison of some kind... as a last ditch effort depending on my mission, I'd probably trick them into making me use that card just to get out."

"U~h…" Tiki-chan started, looking off-screen for any kind of cards. She then spotted one, "Yes, you can. Since it's only a replica, you can't be harmed by it."

"Okay, good. Never know if darkness may be useful. Riku showed it's possible to use it and be good. Still doubt I'll use it, but… eh."

"...who is he talking about, by the way?" Kiki asked.

"Kingdom Hearts."

Kiki simply nodded a bit in response.

"Any discussion of that other Rider we saw today?" Kota soon asked.

"Maybe in the future…" Tiki-chan responded.

"The future is something I'm looking forward to, to be honest. Especially the Riders… assuming Ohma Zi-O is stopped."

"...what do you know of the future beyond that…?" Kiki soon questioned.

"Not a lot. At all. Honestly, the only thing I know about the future is the Rider that'll be in 2022 should Ohma Zi-O be stopped. Shinobi," Takeshi said with a smile, "I honestly can't wait to see what they can do with that season and the premise they have."

He genuinely seemed happy about that prospect, resulting in the two fairies just going into a small huddle.

"...how do we tell him…?" Kiki whispered.

"That's the frustrating part. You don't," Tiki-chan exhaled.

There existed a door with a label on it that read "Stuff Takeshi and company cannot know about because it comes after April of 2019".

Behind it…

"When do you think we're gonna be let out of here?" RyusoulGold ended up asking.

"It's been how many years now?" KirameiRed asked.

"Doubt anytime soon…" Saber exhaled.

There were many annoyed sighs from the many, many, many people within the room. Some of them just took to getting comfortable, while others were just trying to keep their mind off of it.

"Twinkle, twinkle, Pretty Cure…" a girl softly sang, "Twinkle, twinkle, Pretty Cure…"

"Cosmo… could you please stop?" Zero-One spoke.

"...oh yeah. Why's the Cure here?" KirameiSilver asked.

"Heck if I know," Saber shrugged.

"I've been wondering, why are you back here? Your season started in February of 2019…" Zero-One ended up asking.

"My debut as a Cure was May of 2019," Cure Cosmo informed.

"Oh. Sorry."

There were some idle conversations between some of the people in the room, of various franchises that spanned the gap between April of 2019 to late 2023…

-So… do you actually play bagpipes?- Sage, a character from Sonic Frontiers, spoke to Gloria from Pokemon Sword and Shield.

"No. And I am SO tired of those dumb jokes! They aren't funny!" Gloria complained.

-I see…- Sage nodded.

Zenkaiser walked on past the two, giving a water bottle over to Akari, one of the leads from Pokemon Legends Arceus, and then he spotted someone else walking over. Geats proceeded to hand this individual some sort of snack as the young man looked around the area.

"So… I'm back here as well?" a young man asked.

"Probably. Who are you?"

The young man then, after setting aside the snack he received, got out a belt and loaded in some cards into it. The belt flashed with a bit of energy at the cards being loaded in.




Energy flowed over the young man before it turned into a Rider suit.

"Kamen Rider Gotchard… okay, you stay here as well," Kuwagata-Ohger informed.

Gotchard gave a nod and then sat down next to the red senshi. He glanced around, then seemed to notice something, "Uh… is someone missing?"

"We don't talk about… that one… around here…"

"Gotcha gotcha," Gotchard responded. After a little bit of quiet, he ended up taking something out and started to read it with curiosity.

Jikai, Kamen Rider Hero

Takeshi: What does this have to do with Fire Emblem?

Tiki-chan: Come on!

Itsuki: Chrom taught me this one.

Tsubasa: Get ready!

Tiki-chan: It's… almost over…

Emblem 18: Mirage Riders! We Go On to One Final World

New Story Coming Soon…

Project: HC

More to be announced in the future…

So, uh… Project: HC has been on the to do docket for a while. I am hoping to get it out before the end of the year. I have a reason for that. But, yeah, this chapter contains some hinting to it. If you can clue in, do not say anything in the comments. Don't want the surprise to be ruined if the guess was accurate.

But, anyway… yeah. This chapter is finally done. I got the motivation and inspiration to finally get it all done. It honestly is such a huge relief to finally get this out. The art is gonna be another thing to worry about, but I can wait on that. …speaking of… *nervously laughs*

So, let's go ahead and get into the ATV, or the CTV as it is called in this chapter. The Combat Terrain Vehicle has been an idea sitting in my mind for a while. It was inspired by the combination of Gou's and Chase's motorcycles from Drive. While doing some research on motorcycles while designing the concept art for both Hero's and Neo-Hero's, I had stumbled onto the fact that no Rider (at the time) had an ATV for a Rider Machine and the closest equivalent was the Ride Crosser (the aforementioned combo of motorcycles from Drive). I decided to include it for a bit of coolness and a bit of a plot factor. We'll get back to that later though.

…although, KKD, uh… I am so sorry that you're gonna need to draw that. Yeah, prior to me working on this chapter, he had said he didn't really enjoy working with mechanical things because he thinks he can't make them look right… and I have slapped him with something even more complicated. I think it'll be mitigated by the fact it's a bit more beast-like, but… yeah. I'm sorry.

Speaking of the art, Alm's other form. Tentatively the 'Heroic Sky Mage Form'... there's a particular reference I intended with it. It's gonna tie into Project HC, but I can't explain more of that until the future. Although, I think you may be able to clue into it from some of the homages included with it. …and I'm wondering how the heck I'm gonna get decent reference art to KKD for him to draw this form without him figuring out what Project: HC is gonna entail. The best thing I can say is that 'Sky Prism Diffusion' is a big hint. Or, at least the first two words are.

Oh, and on that move, it's meant as an energy beam version of a Rider Shooting. Just figured it was worth mentioning.

Will say, there was some difficulty getting everything to flow properly. I realized that, for Alm and Celica to become royalty like they're supposed to, then Rinea and Berkut had to go. …you could say it's a canon event they die? …no, fixed point in time. Maybe. Point being, they both had to go. I had thought about how I wanted to let that happen… and I decided to do something cool.

So, a bit of a common joke that's floated around is that Marianne looks like the child of Rinea and Berkut. Here, the generations are the other way around, so Marianne is Rinea's ancestor, as well as Byleth. I decided to have Rinea turn into a Rider and have her wield Blutgang and Seiros Shield. That sword is cool, and that shield has been so useful to me. Then came The Sword of the Creator. Why was it in the sky? Let's not ask unnecessary questions.

…by my own admission, Rinea/Saint fighting was basically pulled right out of the Kill la Kill OVA. I thought it was cool and I wanted to reference it. Oh, and before I'm asked, I did get KKD's okay to use the name 'Kamen Rider Saint'. I wanted to give her a unique name and he said that was perfectly fine to use. So, thanks for that.

Going into Saint's Rider form, the helmet is supposed to be based on Beetlemon… if only because I didn't think any other Showa Era Rider helmet fit. The rest of the design pulls from Three Houses stuff. Have got a design thing for KKD to use for it, so that'll be good. Then the speech she had pulled from the Green Lantern speech. I got that because female Byleth's VA was Jessica Cruz in the RWBY/JL crossover movies and she was perfect. I wanted to reference it in some way.

Berkut's monster form actually pulled from how he wielded the Fetters of Dromi. They're based on something used to stop Fenrir, so it was fitting. I guess, to quickly run this down, Rinea got both Marianne's and Byleth's Crests, Berkut got Yuri's, and Alm got Bernadetta's. Jedah did not get any Crest. I just wanted him to use a tome that was also a Relic. Celica was going to use a Relic in her battle with Alm, but I couldn't think of a way for the weapon to come up, so that had to get the boot. Ah well.

I'll admit I did get a little stumped at how to make the fight between Celica and Alm flow. Looking at the source material, their battle was… a cutscene. And that's it. I had to pull inspiration from other things. Some of Celica's brutalness pulled from Yunaka from Engage (with two lines pulling from Yunaka using Emblem Celica's powers), and Yor from SpyXFamily. Heck, Yor's daggers were the entire inspiration for the ones Celica uses.

Speaking of that show, there was a scene from it that inspired the entire bit with Takeshi going onto the blimp. That show is pretty much why Jedah's base ended up being a blimp. …I can be very creatively stumped at points, ok?!

Going back over to Saint, her little declaration before unleashing the moves of the two swords actually got inspired by Cardcaptor Sakura. I saw someone make a joke about that in a way that references Gotchard and I thought it was funny. So… there you go.

I'll go more into depth about Celica's Final Form Ride when the art for it comes out. I had the idea for it for a while. Can't wait to see KKD draw it. It's gonna look great, I just know it.

To quickly address the King-Ohger cameo… I'll admit that scene went through some changes. I wanted to have another vision dream to establish that Kota also gets them, and having Takeshi have another made the most sense to bring it up. Why King-Ohger? Cause it's great. I will admit that Shinobi's team up with Tycoon was also going to be a vision, but the flow didn't fit to me.

So… to get into why Kingdom Hearts got more heavily reference… it was, like the blimp, from a bit of me being creatively stumped. I was trying to figure out some more lines and an attack I could use for Celica, and Riku ended up being the inspiration. It just fit. Oh, and Jedah didn't actually turn into a Heartless. As the mystery woman said, the Heartless can't breach the world. …at the moment. Will say, I had no good ideas for Jedah's monster form. So, KKD, if you at all wanna draw it, by all means. I give you full creative freedom for what it would look like if you wanna draw it.

Also, Kota's remark about hating the Demonic Beasts is a reflection of my own. Fighting those things is not fun. And I've had to fight countless of them while doing some grinding. I seriously hate those things, so it was nice to make them be fodder in this chapter.

If I had to name a favorite part… honestly… both Saint's final attack and then the Final Attack Ride. They both were really fun to sequence out.

A bit of an aside… weird coincidence that both parts of the Echoes visit had dedications. …can't really say anything apart from that other than it is a weird coincidence.

As for some of the cameos in the Explanation Corner… I just wanted to throw some random cameos. …oh, and, yeah, Celica's lines after she was uncorrupted did pull from Vandalize from Sonic Frontiers. It just seemed to fit really well.

Not a whole lot more to say about this. Given the time this is releasing, I hope people will have a happy and healthy bit of time off because of Thanksgiving. If you celebrate, great. If you don't, also great. Have a great time.

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