Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not own Alpha and Omega nor the characters from it. I do own my OC's however. The characters and events in this story are not real nor are intended to reflect or represent any real life persons. Any similarities herein are purely coincidental. Enjoy.

Chapter 1: Return to Jasper

One frosty afternoon in Jasper City a young man exited a small convenience store, plastic bag in hand. After double checking the contents he sighed, pulling his jacket a little tighter as he crossed the road and headed down the street. A small grin came across his face as he noticed the way his breath fogged up before his face, the familiar sight reminding him that he was home once more. As he continued down the road, a loud tearing sound ripped him from his idle thoughts. Curious, he peered into the dim alley, noticing a young blonde girl with her back to the wall, arms crossed to cover her bare chest, the remains of her clothing scattered on the floor as the three men moved in closer. 'Nothing quite like home.' He thought to himself with a sigh, placing his bag against the wall and stepping forward.

Kate's POV:

"Don't be shy now baby. Show us the goods." Kate glared up at her assailants, pulling her arms tighter around herself, trying, fairly vainly, to stave off both the cold air that bit her skin as well as the distasteful looks she was subject to from the three of them. "Such a harsh stare-" he started to continue but was cut off.

"Hey!" A single word, spoken with authority at a volume nearing a yell echoed through the alleyway, snatching the attention of everyone there, four pairs of eyes swinging towards the road. Kate looked at the newcomer with surprise, this was East Jasper after all, most people would walk away swiftly seeing a scene like this.

"Who the hell are you?" One of the gangsters spat rudely, cracking his knuckles in an attempt to intimidate the young man. Kate took a moment to inspect him a little, taking in the somewhat militaristic boots, the ripped jeans and the dark leather jacket, accented with some kind of fur. It was too dark to make out his face but he seemed quite tall. After looking left and right as though expecting to see someone else standing there he leaned forwards a little, pointing towards himself in a sarcastic gesture that said, "Me?".

Kate felt a slight smile creep onto her face, although the others present didn't seem to find it so amusing, the one closest to him clenching his hands into fists as he stepped forwards, an angry look on his face as the other two stared in amazement at the bizarre scene before them. The young man stepped back a little, a nervous chuckle escaping him as he raised his hands in a placating gesture, "I don't want any trouble." He said but Kate knew it was useless as the one approaching him let out a cruel laugh. 'Nothing to save him from a beating now..." Kate thought to herself, 'Except...' She turned back to the two nearest to her, their attention completely away from her.

Newcomer's POV:

I backed away slowly, keeping my hands up between myself and the oncoming, increasingly angry gangster. I knew what would happen if I stayed here much longer but I had done what I had intended, I just hoped the girl in the back had the wherewithal to use this opportunity to escape now that I had all the attention on me.

"It's been a while since I met an upstart like you. I'm gonna enjoy this." The angry, rather squat and fairly ugly man before me said. Before I could reply I heard a sound that drew my attention over his shoulder. The origin of the slightly hollow metallic sound became clear as I saw the girl was now standing, still covering her chest with one hand and a baseball bat in the other as one of the thugs lay motionless on the floor and the other was on his knees, hands clasped between his legs as he let out a series of painful whimpers. I couldn't help but chuckle at the way this had unfolded, I expected her to run away, not nut one and KO the other. I had a grin on my face as I looked back towards the final gangster, the shocked look of his face making the beating I had risked receiving almost worth it.

The bat swung once more, nailing the incapacitated gangster and knocking him out as well, that familiar hollow sound ringing through the alley as he slumped over to join his friend. Seeing that those two had been dealt with, the girl redirected her glare towards the final remaining assailant, raising the bat as she stalked towards him. Not possessing the mental capacity to process what he was seeing, he merely stood frozen as she stepped forwards and swung the bat once more, sending him to join his friends as directly as possible.

Kate's POV:

Kate let the bat slip from her hand as the gangster hit the floor, letting out her pent up breath and letting her shoulders slump a little. "They should've paid in advance..." She heard someone say in an amused tone from behind her. She jumped a little and turned around, a slight scowl hitting her face as she wasn't in the mood for humour right at that moment. Now that they were closer and more in the light she took a moment to get a closer look, slightly surprised to find that he was around her age, with short black hair and stormy grey eyes.

After a moment or two he cleared his throat and looked away, scratching the back of his neck a little. She realized she'd been staring a bit and looked back towards the sleeping bodies on the floor taking in the scene along with the remains of her shirt on the floor. Suddenly it hit her why he'd acted so awkwardly, her cheeks heating up quickly as she brought her other arm back up across her chest with a small yelp. Hearing a zipping noise she turned back to see that he had taken off his jacket and was holding it out to her, still half looking away with a little colour in his cheeks.

Taking the offered article she turned away and began to slide it on. Immediately she noticed that it was incredibly warm, though she didn't know whether that was because he'd been wearing it or the jacket itself; probably both. She also realized that it was amazingly comfortable, the leather was soft and supple and the fur seemed real, but she couldn't tell. 'Must have cost a small fortune.' She thought to herself.

Newcomer's POV:

I looked away once more as she took the jacket and turned away to put it on, the white button-up shirt I was left with doing zip to keep out the cold despite the full length sleeves. Not that I minded too much having grown up in the cold. "You can look now." I heard her say and I turned around, a smile on my face.

"That's a relief, I was worried that I'd have to go through life blind from now on." I joked, taking in her features properly. 'Definitely pretty,' I thought to myself, her blonde hair and slightly tan complexion a rarity in these parts. Her yellow-brown eyes matched her blonde hair perfectly and her features transformed from pretty to stunning as she smiled a bit at my joke and walked past me out of the alley.

"I wouldn't be too sure." She said lightly, "There's still plenty of time. Now come on, I'd rather not hang around until they wake up." Doing as I was told I picked up my shopping and followed her out, walking quickly for a few steps to catch up.