well I was pretty surprised when I was knocked out and woke up in a interrogation room and I'm even more surprised that you let me keep my helmet.

well yes we have been looking for you for a long time and only recently have we found any hints as to who you are and yes you do have your helmet but we would have taken it but we couldn't get it off. but now then we know that you kill gang members and the such and for some that would be enough for some to throw you in jail but I want to hear your side of the story first before I make any judgements.

so how to start. well forget every thing you think you know...it won't help you. the reason for this is that war is a very...complicated...thing. and if not handled properly it can all blow up in you face and some times quite literally.

and what makes you think I don't know what war is like.

well this war is different to any and all wars you could have ever experienced.

just listen, just now I will explained everything later ok.

now war, that's where this story starts or at least a little before the battle.

line break

it was day before the assault on the fold weapon and we had just received the transmission that contained the location of the weapon from the ground team and the crew of the ship that we where on.

now let me elaborate, we where on that ship to but crashed in another part of the jungle due to the ship falling apart in atmosphere. now how did I survive you may ask. now lem me tell you. I have some very powerful friends and mostly because I managed to get in my titan. now if you want to know who my friends are let me tell you.

the first one is my titan de-3007 and my other one well now the second one is the entire reason I'm telling this story and his name is qade and the best way to describe him would be to say that he is a godly entity that is in the body of a Spector now just remember that he isn't omnipotent or anything like that and I doubt that he even knows that I'm here.

now I know your probably like, but David how does that work, well I don't know, he's pretty mysterious as he doesn't show up unless he wants to and even when he does its only when he wants to talk, at the start of a battle or if I'm in any type of trouble and sometimes it's just for his own amusement and i think the only reason for him sticking around is cause this is like one huge adventure for him.

so any way me and my squad had gotten the transmission with the meet up point and where on our way to it. my squad only consisted of my friends as there the only ones I trusted.

now when we finally got there it was just all out war there was dozens of titans battling for victory. the millita for the capture of the ark and the imc to stop us.

now as we made it on to the field a Ronin came at us with it sword core active so to counter I sent a couple of lazer shots in to its left leg to make it fall then grabbing its own sword I ran it through the chest killing the pilot along with the titan.

after battling it out with a few more titans we had captured the wall that defended the ark transport, but as we finally got to the transport ship it started to take off so we had to get to some titan transports.

but me being me, me and qade went and collected as many weapons, ammunition and batteries as we could fit in the ship, and lucky for us we could fit every thing thanks to qade, making the ship a little bit bigger on the inside, now just remember what I said about qade, a God in a Spector.

so then it was on our was to the ark that most of the remaining fleet where taken out by some cocky bugger in a mother fucking flying titan. now lucky for me and my friends we where a part of the few that where not shot down and so we where still alive.

now when that new pilot took down that northstar titan and took over the main ship carrier from the imc that gave us a very big advantage, then we lost it as the original ship was promptly blown to pieces.

now we where down to less than half our troops and that number was dropping, we managed to right that when a squad of pilots captured the battle ship draconis.

but then it all went to shit as the bracsis was torn in half by something, so now all we had was about a dozen drop ships about four titans the squad on the draconis a ship in orbit and me and my friends, so suffice to say it all went to Schei├če. (shit in German pronounced she-ie-za. Also if any of my German readers could tell me if I get the German wrong that would be great.)

now when the team captured the draconis they turned off the guns on the starboard side of the ship, that let us past but unlucky for us it was at that moment that the flying bastard showed his face again attacking a titan that had been dropped on the ship that had the ark.(btw the ship that has the ark on it is the draconis.)

needless to say that after the guys on the ship where through with him there would be one more funeral some where.

unfortunately not long after that, the ship started falling apart due to a final rocket barrage by mister flying bastard and it was at that point I new that the entire operation was fucked so I just said fuck that shit I'm out. as I was starting up the warp drive to get to orbit we where glanced by a rocket and flack from and anti-air emplacement just as the drive kicked in.

needless to say I was fucked now that we had that damage there was very little chance for and successful warp, now what you see when you warp is the condensing of everything you can see and then black that is caused by the folding of space time, now what I saw was the stretching of what I saw and then white.

so now after a very rocky warp I reappeared in low atmosphere of a planet that I had never seen before. now you may have thought but doesn't gravity exist and don't you have a damaged ship. my answer yes and at the moment I was falling but luckily and unlucky the engines where the only thing damaged so I had some control on the descent so it wasn't a crash just a ruff landing.

now that I was planet side I could see that up was a blood red forrest.

now I think that's enough for now ill tell you the rest later.

line break.

ok well this is all ready better than my last story description and style goes by now yes I gave qade a Spector body this time around as it just makes things easier now that doesn't mean that he won't hitch a ride in David's head every now and then and yes Fox will be in the story as he's to cute not to add.

now yes qade is mostly just an incarnation of me the writer so yes technically it's a self insert but so far I've not found any self inserts that have the writer as a side character and remember this is about David not qade, and de-3007 is an ion and when I was thinking about it I thought that she could use the different cores seeing as qade and David did steal a lot of weapons and equipment. ill explain it later.

now please review and if you have any ideas about what you would like in this story please suggest them and ill try to do it. thank you for reading