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so where did we leave this at.

oh yeah well I had just "landed" my ship in that bloody Forrest.

well after I landed I undid the straps on the pilots seat and rolled to the floor almost vomiting due to the bad trip I just had.

after I stoped gagging I got up and went into the larger than possible interior of the ship that we had stolen to see qade ripped in two, I wasn't panicking purely because I had seen him be obliterated by a rocket and survive, but slowly putting him self back together and de-3007 in the corner slowly getting to her feet.

after I made sure that the where fine I made my way back to the bridge of the ship to find out where we where. when I got to the map system though I was very confused as it just had a error message saying that we where inside a star and that it couldn't find any communication satellite's any where.

that was very confusing as all communication satellites had a fifty light year broad cast range and the warp only had a max range of twenty light year's so I was very confused as to how I couldn't have any signal, next I went over to the radio to see if any of the planet was inhabited by intelligent creatures with radios. not surprisingly I found some but was surprising was the lack of a good firewall, let me elaborate, the firewall I found was one that was worse than the infamous Windows xp, now the worst firewall that almost every single person everywhere has would be able to keep out a descent hacker for over an hour, but this a hacker would just laugh and move on as it was so shit.

so naturally, i hacked it, and I can't even hack a drop ships computer that's how bad there security was.

what I found was quite surprising it seemed that where I was wasn't where I thought I was. now when I looked at what was basically this planet internet I couldn't find any Interplanetary uplinks so I couldn't contact the millita.

what I did find was that there was a planet map I could download to the ship so I did that. now when I looked at the map I was surprised to see that there was only four cities on the entire planet. I also found out that I was only a few dozen miles away from one of the cities. I later found out that it was called vale. so then after that I decided that to get help I should probably go there and considering that there was no other worldly contact combined with the shity firewalls I could pretty accurately assume they weren't apart of the imc.

who are the imc you ask, well the full name is the interstellar manufacturing corporation and they have been oppressing the people of the frontier for years.

now where where we, oh yeah so as I got back to the storage bay to tell qade and at what the plan was I found that they had already cleaned up so all the weapons where carefully shackled on the walls and the equipment strapped down, now they where just talking in the middle of the room.

"so I just checked and there is intelligent life on this planet" I told them all.

"and the weird news is" asked qade

"well this thing is, they don't have any good security on there version of the internet and second there are no uplinks to off planet servers meaning there is no contact with the millita or the imc and third even the radio can't pick up any communication satellite's and that thing can contact any where in the entire frontier." I told them all

"did it say what the planet's name was by any chance?" asked qade

""as a matter of fact it did and before you ask it was remnant." i replied

qade then proceed to crawl into a ball in the corner and shut down for a few minutes. when he turned on a half hour later me and de tried to get him to say what was wrong but every question we asked was met with a stone cold silence and after a while we decided to just give up and try to figure out a plan.

"so what's the plan then" asked de (de will be referred to as demon as it is a reference and tell me if you get it also it is a fanfiction.)

"well first I want to activate some of the Spectors and set them to guard mode, lethal countermeasures authored, second to go to the near city and try and get help. now demon you stay here with the stalkers whilst me and qade go and infiltrate the city, I say infiltrate because this could still be a very out of the way Imc planet that is so of the records that they need to not have the uplinks and they could be using a signal blocker."

I got an assortment of agreements from them both, even the godly qade seeing as he wasn't all powerful he just was very powerful, and he could die, but that wasn't permanent.

so with that me and qade made our way to the city through the Forrest not seeing much other than the occasional woodland creatures but at about half way to the city when we came across a black and red Fox, at first it just looked at me surprised then came closer until it was right in front of me it was surprisingly cute considering the colour scheme.

when it got close enough I just had to reach down and start playing with it cause if a little creature comes over to you its like impossible not to, when I moved my hand it yiped and hoped away.

"hey qade can you understand it."

"yeah of course I can understand just about everything. and also it asked why you weren't afraid."

"now why would I be afraid of you little Fox."

in response it yiped a few more times and qade translated.

"well it says that all humans fear it and all the fear and hate and all negative emotions somewhat hurt them so when it didn't sense any fear or hate or anything of the sort and the fact that it didn't hurt it came over to see if you where real."

"now now little Fox I won't hurt you I only hurt people who hurt others but if you don't hurt anyone I won't hurt or hate you. now we're a little lost so if you would could you please take us to the city near here."

And with that the Fox begun getting skittish and started yiping again.

"um David he says that if he takes you to the city he'll be killed." qade informed me

"ok so Fox were not from this planet and we aren't going in through the front door so don't worry we won't let any one hurt you."

And with that Fox calmed down and then started trotting in the general direction of the city.

now ill leave the next part of my story until the next time we meet.

line break.

so yes Fox is here and I thought that it would make a bit of sense if the negative emotions don't something to the Grimm cause if you are just attracted and can sense them why would you attack people and yes cannon can kindly go fuck its self in regards to the Grimm.

it's because the Grimm (except Salem, yes that's the theory I'm going with) are actually my favourite characters I mean you penny and Pyrrha fans have nothing on my sorrow I mean my favourite character is killed nearly every episode.

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