"Well thank you for you offer but I have to go do some stuff."

"very well just make sure that its not something illegal."

"ozzy when have I ever done that,wait don't answer that, bye."

"well that went well." qade said sarcastically.

"yeah yeah, now I think we should start with some bigger fish now that we have a better boat."

"well what one should we go after, there's the ace of spades the nigga you just got roasted, the ones that use flamethrower, and the wf. those are all of the biggest ones." neo told us all.

"well the wf is the worst of them all considering that the basically committed terrorist acts."

"ok so what's the plan to take them down a few notches." asked demon.

"well first we do our usual routine qade and i will gather info upfront whilst neo will try and get closer to them and infiltrate the organization and Fox does what he wants and demon your the back up."

with that we all split up to do our thing.

line break.

Well sorry guys but I need pull out for a little bit ozzy needs a cover and since I agreed to those terms I have to go.

at beacon.

when I got to the school I went to the class because I had been told what the subject was, Grimm biology.

now when I got near the class I used a pulse blade to check how many people where there now to my relief there was only about ten people.

now when I used the pulse blade I had a upgrade that let me hear what they where talking about.

and what they where talking about was me or more specifically my allies, the white death, (yes it's very cringe) now that didn't really bother me seeing as no one knew what I looked like cause I never left anyone alive.

now this was pretty funny seeing as they where talking about how to stop me killing people. which was fucking hilarious.

so with that I decided to enter and introduce my self.

(note David wares his helmet and combat suite everywhere as it is both badass and versatile, he also wares the pulse blade out fit.)

"hello class now as you can probability guess your teacher is out at the moment so i have to teach you about some thing I have no Idea about. so if any one has any assignments or the sort you can do them but if you want we could talk about what some of you where talking about just before I came in, the red reaper, now yes before you ask my helmet has built-in audio receptors. now I'll let you decide."

after that the majority of them all came down front only about two stayed at the back.

"ok now what questions do you have about the white death."

"who where the people they killed." asked a blond girl.

"each and every one of the people they've killed where either convicts that had escaped or where gang members, now one example would be Anita sarcision of the church of feminism she was responsible for building a wall around a community and throwing out all of the peaceful kekistanis."

"now what else."

"does anyone know who they are."

"no, any thing else."

"why are you wearing that armour."

"thermite accident, next."

"what do you mean thermite accident."

"what I mean is that its none of your fucking business."

it went like this back and forth, with less hostility of course, for about a hour until it was the end of class which was coincidentally the end of the school day as well.

back at the house.

when I got back no one except demon where home so I decided to go on hacking spree completely going against Ozpin's orders and in the process managing to find out at least a sixth of atlases most top secret secrets.

now all there ideas where redundant and had been proven to not work by either the imc or the millita a long time ago but not to say it wasn't a step in the right direction.

after a while both Fox and qade came through the side door to the ship.

"hey how'd it go, find anything out about the wf." I asked

"not much but apparently a robot and a red Fox just walking about asking questions about terrorists attracts the wrong type of attention most notably from those defence droids."

"well that sucks now what did you find also you might want to take a cloak like not go invisible but a actual cloak next time you go out, and as much as I don't like it we should really get Fox a dog Collier."

"ok but Fox really doesn't want one and I found the locations of some wf bases, so we could go "check them out" if you would like."

"ok but let's wait until neo gets back then see what she has got done so far seeing as we haven't seen her in a day."

it was a couple of hours later when neo came home and Fox had fallen a sleep on the couch curled in a ball and I was right there in Dream world with him.

now when she came in and saw us like that she just had to take a picture of us curled up on the couch most likely for blackmail.

so after I had tried and failed to get the phone off her I eventually gave up and decided to move on to more important matters.

"so neo what have you been up to lately."

"well I managed to get work as a body guard for one of there high ranking workers and you will never guess who it is."

"ok, who is it it can't be anyone that important."

"drum role. Roman torchwick."

"wait why would the wf work with a human."

"don't know but I do know that he is the one collecting all the dust for them but I don't know what they plan to do with it seeing as he seems to be on a need to know basis."

"ok, well how about we, or should I say me and de, go cause some troubles for them, now don't answer that cause that's what we are doing, now go do what ever your "employer" wants you to do."

with that she left and I went to get ready.

line break

before any thing. fucking give me reviews i need them to know about what people think and what sort of mistakes and inconsistencies in this shit show that is masquerading and a story.

now time for that explanation on the titan core ability thing.

well the way ions works is its built in and demon, is a ion.

the scorch one is because of wrist mounted thermite launchers.

northstars one is caused by a built in booster pack that enables it to hover and then the missile packs on its back launch the well missiles.

ronin's sword core is cause the sword is super charged with arc energy,

tones is just lazer guided missile launchers.

legions one is a built in aim bot in its big-minigun.

so with enough time and upgrades all, except legions one, could be used on the same titan, the reason I say not legions one is because I personally prefer the forty millimetre tracker cannon that tone uses and so at will be using that or the rail gun that northstar uses.

now sorry for the shorter chapter it just wasn't coming to me this chapter.

also I am going to change at-3930 name seeing as it it very confusing when saying it in a sentence.

edit at-3930 has been changed to de-3007 or demon because if you turn the 3 and the 7 sideways you get m and n so demon.

now qade out.