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Chapter 2: 50 Shades of Purple

-Lady Tsunade's office-

It's been a week since Naruto and Tayuya had confessed their feelings for each other and since they took each other's virginity and the two lovebirds couldn't be any happier and they were even more inseparable than before. Today was a sunny day in Konohagakure and we see Naruto and his beloved Tayuya walking into the village. We see them headed towards the Hokage's office to report in for another completed mission. This time it was a C-Ranked one to deliver several Iwagakure citizens safely back to the Land of Earth.

Upon entering the Konoha main gate what better way to celebrate another completed mission by eating at Ichiraku's together? Well, after they report to Lady Tsunade first and get that paycheck. The two of them walk up to the door and knock on it together.

''Come in.'' Tsunade said from the other side and the two comply.

''Hey Baa-chan, me and Tayu-chan came here to report that the mission was successful and there were no problems.'' Naruto said smiling.

''Great, here's your payche..wait did you just call Tayuya what I think you called her?'' Tsunade questioned with raised eyebrows.

The blonde and redhead blush furiously, knowing that there wouldn't any point in hiding the relationship they both sighed and explained everything to the Sannin. Tsunade couldn't help but smile at this.

''Ah, young love, I hope you two used protection'' She said with a wink earning more blushes from the couple.

On the sidelines however Shizune was crazy jealous of Tayuya, despite being thirty-one years old she had a crush on Naruto.

''C-c-congrats you two!" She stuttered with eyes closed.

''Thanks Shizune-nee chan!" Naruto shouted.

''Yeah, thanks Shizune.'' Tayuya said.

The four of them then conversate for a half hour. When Tsunade was about to dismiss them Naruto decided to tell Tsunade what he thought about the CRA. Despite that he'd be the biggest man whore in Konohagakure...fuck that in the whole world he gave it some thought and decided that having a big family wouldn't be too bad. Tsunade was just staring at Naruto with an eyebrow raised. Normally it would take a lot to get Naruto to listen to her or even change his damn mind. She then decided it would be better to flat out ask him why he was suddenly so interest in CRA.

Naruto scratched his head before letting out a mischievous laugh before speaking. ''Well...after we had sex Tayuya told me she wouldn't mind sharing me with other women. So I guess we can have that CRA with me for my mother's sake.''

Turning to look at the redhead Tsunade gave her an astonished look. ''Really now Tayuya? You want to share him with other women?'' She asked earning a nod from the Chunin, ''Alright then, I'll have Shizune get the paperwork ready and I'll send an ANBU to retrieve you to start the process okay Naruto?

''That sounds like a plan, how long would it take to have CRA in effect?'' Naruto asked

''Not long, if we rush through it we'll have it all done by the end of the day. Oh and that reminds me Naruto I forgot to tell you that your father has an estate if you're interested in owning it.''

''My dad had an estate?!''

''His dad has an estate?!''

''Of course you blonde brat! It's the Namikaze estate located in the outskirts of the village! Perfect place to raise a huge family you know?'' Tsunade laughed, ''So are you or not?''

''Well, I don't think I'll take it right now baa-chan.'' Naruto said getting a disappointed look from his girlfriend.

''Alright then, just let me know okay?'' Tsunade said before shooing them away, ''Now I'll guess I'll be seeing you two later, however I do have one thing to talk to Tayuya about so Naruto can you please wait outside?''

''Oh fine then.'' Naruto said before making his exit.

Half an hour later the door to the office opens and Tayuya walks out with a seductive grin on her face. Seeing that grin Naruto couldn't help but ask what Tsunade had talked to her about.

''Uh, why that grin Tayu-chan?''

''Oh nothing! Just some dirty stories from Lady Tsunade's sex life is all!'' She said waving him off.

''Oooookayyyy...let's go get some ramen!'' The blonde declared.

-Ichiraku Ramen stand-

''Oh man Naruto-kun, this is some good shit!'' Tayuya exclaimed as she ravages her fifth bowl of ramen.

Naruto was staring at his girlfriend in shock, they both got their orders at the same time but before Naruto could even pick up chopsticks Tayuya had already devoured hers.

''Damn, I thought I was a fast eater.'' he thought sweatdropping.

''Mmmm! More old man!" Tayuya said to Teuchi.

''You got it!''

From the doorway leading to the backroom of the shop Ayame was staring at Naruto and Tayuya in pure jealously. Ever since she met Naruto when they were just kids she always liked him. Probably even more so than that Hinata girl he brought that one time. Hell she noticed the Hyuga's shyness and stuttering from just being next to Naruto.

''Fuck! Naruto has someone else! Why didn't I make my move sooner?' She thought, ''I wondered how our child would look like too..and all that time masturbating to his pictures too. Oh well at least I can still do that.''

''Damn slow down Tayu-chan!'' Naruto shouted to no avail.

So after about an hour of trying to best each other to see who could eat more ramen and who could eat it faster our couple paid for the meal (Mostly Naruto since Tayuya makes him) They decided to head on home for the rest of the evening.

The two of them then walk holding hands in silence. Tayuya turned to her boyfriend and whispered into his ear ''You know Naruto, eating all that ramen got me so hot and bothered. So what do you say to a night of us just playing with each other?''

Naruto's meat scepter slowly started to become erect when suddenly a figure jumps in front of them. It was an ANBU with a cat mask and long purple hair.

''Sorry to interrupt, but Lady Tsunade had ordered me to retrieve Naruto this instance.'' She said in a stoic voice.

''Aw man, baa-chan is always sending ANBU to retrieve me at the worst moments.'' Naruto said annoyed.

''Don't worry sweetie, I'll be waiting at home.'' Tayuya said winking at the ANBU.

Turning to face the ANBU the two of them begin walking towards the Hokage's office until they enter through a dark alley.

''Huh? What's up ANBU-san? Why are we going this way?'' Naruto questioned.

''Oh, it's a shortcut.'' The ANBU replied.

''Oh I see.'' Naruto said before walking ahead of the ANBU.



Just then Naruto's world goes black as something hit him hard in the back of the head.

-Unknown Person's Apartment-

We see the unconscious form of Naruto slowly open his eyes. ''Ugh, damn that hurt!'' The blonde shouted before trying to sit up, he is suddenly pulled down and is once again laying on his back. ''What the fuck?!'' He shouted before looking up to where his hands were. What he saw made him shiver. His hands were bounded to the bed frame via chakra handcuffs. ''Okay who's sick game is this?''

Looking down he also noticed something. That something was that he was completely naked. ''Woah! What is going on here?! Am I in some jail or what?''

''No Naruto, you're not in jail, just my room.'' A voice said.

Recognizing that voice as the purple haired ANBU he couldn't help but get really annoyed.

''Okay ANBU-san what the heck are you planning here?'' He asked looking around the dimly lit room.

Just then the same ANBU emerges from the shadows. She walks over to the wall to turn on her light and what Naruto saw next baffled him. The room was filled with a fuckload of BDSM material from whips, chains sticking out of the wall. And some form of rack where it looks like a person would be tied and chained to.

''Oh shit...'' Naruto said before turning to face the ANBU, ''Just what are you doing? Why did you knock me out jerk?''

The ANBU walks up to the bounded blonde and places a finger on her lips. ''Shhhhhh, everything will make sense in due time Naruto.''

[Let the lemon begin!]

Before he could protest the ANBU removes her cat mask and what Naruto saw gave his ramrod an almost instantaneous hard on. The ANBU's face was very attractive, she had brown eyes that seemed to have a look of sadness and longing in them.

Seeing her tied victim's hard on she couldn't help but blush at the size of the beast with her pussy moistening instantly. Quickly regaining her composure she clears her throat before speaking.

''Naruto there's no need to call me ANBU-san, my name is Yugao Uzuki, and I was ordered to do this by Lady Tsunade.'' She explained.

''Oh that baa-chan! Wait, do what with me ANBU-sa..I mean Yugao-san?'' Naruto asked.

*Flashback to Tsunade's Office*

Naruto had just exited the office leaving only Tsunade, Shizune and Tayuya. A fourth person suddenly shunshins into the room and it is revealed to be the cat mask wearing ANBU.

''You called for me Lady Tsunade?'' The ANBU asked.

''Ah Neko, you've arrived. Very well then let's talk about that...CRA and Naruto..''

Tsunade had explained in the next half hour her evil master plan where she had notified Tayuya and Neko that Naruto wishes to have the CRA enacted upon him.

''So in conclusion I want Neko-chan here to fuck Naruto and make that brat the biggest man whore in all the land.'' Tsunade said with the most evil smile she ever had.

''The thought of having so many nieces and nephews is...kind of sexy.'' Tayuya said.

''It has been awhile for me since Hayate's death...I'll go to him then Lady Tsunade.'' Neko spoke softly.

''Very well then, Tayuya go and head to the ramen bar with Naruto an Neko will take him after you've finished okay?'' Tsunade said.

Shizune remained silent throughout the conversation, since she was a virgin and never even kissed a man before she thought that she should have a crack at Naruto as well. ''What about me Lady Tsunade?''

Tsunade raised her eyebrow at the medic. ''Oh is innocent little Shizune eager to get some of Naruto too? Isn't that sweet.'' The Sannin said getting a blush from the medic.

Tayuya couldn't contain her laughter. ''Pft, as if Shizune can handle my man!''

''W-w-w-what do you mean Tayuya?'' The blushing Shizune asked.

''Naruto...well he's...blessed...'' Tayuya answered blushing herself while twiddling her fingers.

''Oh? Do tell us.'' Tsunade said curiously.

*Flashback end*

''I'll simplify it for you so even you're knuckle-headed brain can understand. For the CRA you are to pretty much bear children with many women to restore a clan, so I'm going to get knocked up by you. Got it?'' Yugao said sternly.

Seeing the blonde stare at her with a deadpan expression she elaborated. ''Lady Tsunade wants you to fuck a lot of women and have lots of children.''

Naruto grimaced slightly at that...''What about Tayuya? We could've at least let her know first!"

''Shhhshhh, it's okay Naruto she is in on this too.'' Yugao reassured, ''She did say that having lots of nieces and nephews wouldn't be bad.''

Naruto's dick got even more hard hearing that. ''Well, baa-chan wants Naruto to fuck as much women as I please and Tayuya actually wants to go through with this as well? Then what are you waiting for Yugao? Come get this dick.'' he said huskily.

Yugao then proceeds to take off her vest and her pants leaving her in her purple lingerie that matched her elegant hair. Naruto was amazed, her figure was really curvy, she had a toned stomach, D-cup sized breasts.

''Hot damn.'' He whistled.

Yugao then walks over to the bed and takes Naruto's headband off her drawer. Straddling him she then wraps it around his eyes blindfolding them.

''Hey what the heck!'' Naruto exclaimed.

''Settle down Naruto, you'll like what I'll let you do next.'' Yugao said in a lust-filled voice.

''Oh yeah, what would that be?''

She then lowers her body where her mouth was right next to his ear.

''Take off my bra and panties with your teeth.'' She whispered in a tone that sent shivers down his spine.

She then places her bra covered breasts in front of Naruto's mouth, feeling the soft mounts pressing against his face he then opens his mouth, sticking out his tongue he then using it to pull in the laces and after a few minutes of struggling he finally was able to get a nibble on them. Shaking his head side to side he unlaces the bra and tosses it aside.

''Good boy Naruto, now on to my soaked up panties.'' Yugao said before getting up and basically positioning her wet panties on Naruto's face.

Naruto took a moment to take a nice whiff of the wet panties. ''Damn Yugao, you smell great.''

''Found it.'' He said before taking the lace into his mouth and undoing the knot causing the wet panties to fall onto his face.

''Good boy, now let me take charge from now on.'' The Jonin said as she gets off of Naruto and moves over in between his legs. The massive meat scepter all hard for her.

''That's the most delicious looking thing I've ever seen.'' She thought in amazement.

''Um, what are you going to do to me Yugao?'' The blindfolded cuffed up blonde asked.

''Just be quiet and let me play with you.'' The Jonin said before reaching towards the ramrod of a dick and gently tracing the shaft with it from bottom to top.

The tingling sensation caused Naruto to shiver at the ANBU's gentle touch. ''Shit Yugao...stop torturing me..''

''I'll do what I feel like Naruto.'' Yugao said before wrapping her fingers around his girth. ''My my Naruto, I never expected the knuckle-headed ninja to be swinging around a log in his pants. Hope you don't mind me tasting it and remember I'm in charge here so call me mistress Neko now instead of by name do you understand?''

''Y-yes mistress Neko!'' Naruto shouted in distress.

Yugao then opens her mouth and slowly inserts the meat scepter inside her warm mouth. The sheer wetness and tightness of it making Naruto groan loud. The groan only made Yugao more eager and she wraps her other hand around the dick and furiously blows him while giving him a rough hand-job. The sound of his pre-cum sloshing in Yugao's hand.

''Oh shit, mistress Neko you're amazing!'' Naruto got out between pants.

Yugao was pleased to know that she was pleasuring the blonde, withdrawing the penis form her mouth she then smothers it in between her boobs and just as she did with her hands and mouth and bobs up and down at such a fast pace that the Chunin was practically moaning out loud.

It would be about 10 minutes before Naruto felt the sensation of his testicles readying up a gallon's worth of cum.

''Oh shit..mistress...Neko... I'm about to cum.''

''That's right Naruto, mistress Neko wants you to cum.'' Yugao said picking up the pace and in no time flat the blonde screamed out her name as he thrusted upwards.

It took Yugao by surprise when the dick was shoved into her mouth and she got what she wanted. The second Naruto's prick went into her mouth a huge load of spermatozoa shot into her mouth striking the back of her throat. The sheer force of the ejaculate filling her needy mouth to the rim making her cheeks puffy. Naruto's cock then halted it's launch and Yugao was left to relish in pleasure.

''So tasty.'' She thought as she swirled the cum in her mouth before swallowing it all, ''That was easily the best cum I've ever tasted Naruto. Now I think you've suffered long enough.''

Yugao then lays on her back beside Naruto. She then reaches for his shoulder and flips him over where it would have him lay on her frontside.

''M-mistress Neko?..What's going on?'' He asked confused.

''What do you think? You're going to fuck my brains out until you cum in my needy cunt and inseminate me. Understand? Or do you not want to?'' She said in a bossy manner, ''Also the missionary position makes it easier for the man to impregnate the female.''

Before the blonde could speak up Yugao had reached downwards and grasped his penis to guide it into her wet beyond belief orifice. The head just touching the opening.

Grabbing her bed frame with both hands to brace herself for the upcoming cock onslaught Yugao gave Naruto a kiss on the cheek. ''You may begin pounding me slave.'' She whispered into his ear.

Without warning Naruto reared his hip back and thrusted his entire 17-incher so deep into Yugao's pussy that he pierced her cervix and poked her uterus.

''H-h-h-h-holy...sh-sh-shit!'' Yugao squealed as Naruto began thrusting in and out of her.

''Oh god...so tight Yugao..'' Naruto groaned.

''Damn right it's tight! I haven't had sex since Hayate!'' Yugao screamed in pleasure.

''Well get ready Yugao because I'm going to reshape your pussy and fuck you so hard that you'll be limping for weeks.'' Naruto said before he began an all out assault on the purple Jonin's tight needy pussy with enough force that the bed creaked so much it might end up breaking.

'Oh Kami I've never been filled like this before Naruto! So much bigger and better than Hayate! Yes yes yes ah!'' Yugao got out between screams.

Naruto continued to pound into the ANBU kunoichi at an even faster pace that it looked like he was going to break through the floor of the room. The sound of their pelvises slamming against each other being the only noise besides Yugao's screams.

''Oh god Naruto please don't fucking stop!''

''Urghh...Oh man your pussy is so fucking tight!'' Naruto shouted as he began grinding his meat scepter in her.

''Awwwwggggghhhh! That feels so good! OH KAMI I'M C-C-C-CUMMING!'' Yugao shouted at the top of her lungs as her pussy began spraying juices at a high velocity. A literal torrent of liquid spraying all over Naruto's battering ram.

Yugao's high-powered orgasm did it for Naruto and soon enough he felt the semen within his testicles preparing to launch into his new lover's desperate womb. ''Ugh, here comes my baby making cum Yugao! Fucking take it! Suck that cum with your pussy until I can cum no more!'' Naruto screamed as he increased his pace.

''YES, GET ME PREGANT, MAKE ME A MOTHER!" Yugao managed to get out before she came again all over his cock

That did it for Naruto. With one final and really powerful thrust he managed to get his penis straight through her cervix and the glans penis rubbed against her uterus.

''Agh! It's here! Fucking take all my cum mistress Neko!'' Naruto screamed as he dick spurted out a massive load, at least five gallons worth of sperm that flooded the Jonin's needy uterus.

The sheer force of his ejaculate making Yugao groans and moan in sheer pleasure. ''Oh Kami yes I can feel it! So fucking warm!''

After a few more spurts Yugao's vagina couldn't take in anymore and the excess sperm began to seep out. His orgasm dying down Naruto collapsed onto Yugao and both were breathing heavy from the intense sex.

''Yu-yugao can you undo these cuffs now?'' Naruto panted.

''Alright, but only because you were amazing.'' Yugao said before the cuffs vanished.

Naruto then sat on his knees and goes to remove his headband and blinks several times he looks downwards and sees the excess sperm puddle in front of Yugao. ''You want to take care of that?''

Looking over her belly she spots the puddle and scoops up the extra sperm and inserts it back into her vagina and places a palm in front of the opening as if to prevent more from escaping. ''Naruto, come cuddle me you stud.'' Yugao ordered

Naruto smiles and nods and goes to embrace his new lover and soon exhaustion takes over and he falls asleep.

Yugao places her head on his chest when she suddenly feels a tingly sensation in her belly, smiling she kisses Naruto gently on the cheeks before falling asleep herself.